#CDE3CB 1999 Volume 3

North Central trip with Mary from Austraila


The details below are a true record but the names of people have been changed to protect their identity.

The numbered points are only there to force the map generating program to reflect the actual route taken and need not necessarily have anything to do with the text.

Day 32 - Thrusday June 10

0.0 9:20 Leaving joined NE-2 to Nebraska City
44.0 10:21 Stopped at McDonald’s in Nebraska City to get coffee.
10:32 Leaving McDonald’s.
46.7 Crossing the Missouri river and we’ll be entering into Iowa.
10:36 We’re now in Iowa.
49.9 10:39 The junction with I-29.
59.8 10:49 Leaving Iowa and entering Missouri. Left the highway for the tourist information center here in Missouri.
73.9 11:02 Stopped It’s a very grey day today, dark clouds coming and going, raining heavily at times, almost stops at other times, so it’s going to be one of those kinds of days.
74.0 11:17 Back on the highway after having stopped at the information cen ter or welcome center. For the past 10 miles or since leaving the visitors center, the fields with the crops in are all under water so just shows how much rain there as been, some of the fields the crops are up more than others, but you wonder how much they’re going to survive with the heavy that has been falling today,
106.2 It’s still raining slightly but there’s now some blue or bluish sky showing through.
125.8 12:03 Leaving I-29 for I-229 to downtown St Joseph.
133.7 12:12 Stopped at the casino in St. Joseph. We’re going to have lunch here.
1:13 Leaving to return to the highway.
134.4 1:15 Back on I-229. It is now a warm sunny day.
141.6 1:23 Rejoin I-29.
169.2 1:47 Left I-29 for I-435 east to St. Louis.
191.2 2:07 Crossed the Missouri river east of Kansas City.
193.5 2:09 Crossing the Blue River.
200.4 2:17 Leaving I-435 for MO-350 to go to Lees Summit.
209.1 We’ve got a cavalcade of police motorcycles and cars. I don’t know how many motorcycles there were there and then some cars with lights on and then two police cars following behind. We are now on US-50 east. I guess MO-350 just turns into US-50 at Lees Summit and it all happen at the same time as the police cavalcade went by, so that would be the same time, the same millage.
261.0 We’re driving towards a black sky, you can see where rain is falling, there’s lighting flashes. Above me if I look out to my left, I still got some blue sky, but we’re driving into storm.
268.1 3:27 Pulled over to the side of the road caused the rain is coming down so thick you can’t see where your going still lots of thunder and lighting.
3:29 Pulled back into the traffic to move on slowly.
274.5 3:41 We’re in Sedalia. Just about out of the rain, much lighter sky ahead. The thermometers are between 79 and 81 degrees and the window, on the outside keeps fogging up.
275.5 3:45 Stopped to get gas in Sedalia.
276.0 GAS - Sedalia, MO - $1.059/gal. - 17.942 gallons - $19.00
3:59 Leaving to continue on US-50 east. This is a very wide street going through Sedalia, two lanes each way and turning lane in the middle, lots of trees down both sides of the road and in front of the houses as well, which also looked particularly nice.
279.5 After getting gas, the highway becomes two lane one each way. This is strange because we had a divided highway for US-50 all the way to Sedalia and now for the 56 miles or at least Jefferson is only 56 miles ahead, and it’s the capital and now we’re down to the small road.
291.0 The road goes through rocky cuttings. It’s becoming quite wooded now in fact deep forest. This area of US-50 is more of what I thought it would be all along the way rather then the long distance between Kansas City and Sedalia, that was more like freeway.
302.0 4:32 Stopped in Tipton.
4:35 Leaving Some very nice houses along the street here in Tipton along US-50. We’ve seen miles and miles of lovely pink clover on the embankments both before and after Kansas City, and we’ve seen pink cone flowers and now we’ve just seen some queen Anne lace.
309.0 The road is becoming quite hilly, the road is winding around and a lot of woodland Jefferson City was 33 miles from Tipton I think and that is on the Missouri River, so this is sort of typical kind of country side coming towards on of the big rivers, because the Mississippi river has the same type of thing, rolling hills on each side. The woods are a mixture of deciduous trees and conifers.
310.7 The sky is starting to look dark ahead again.
311.5 A number of houses, open area now out of the woods, big field with the hay cut but not gathered up into bails yet. I guess this is California Pop. 3,465.
312.5 4:48 Entering California.
325.0 Starting to rain again.
327.8 Start of the divided road to go into Jefferson City.
329.5 Everything is very green there are wooded areas separated by open fields where there are rolls of hay.
331.7 Jefferson City City Limit. St Louis is 131 miles.
335.5 5:15 The dome of the state capitol can be seen above the trees straight ahead of us.
336.6 Freeway conditions can to a sudden stop as US-50 goes through Jefferson City and we’re stopped for traffic lights and the state capital is out to about 11 o’clock on my side.
337.5 5:26 Out of the traffic jam in the city. We appear to have freeway conditions with use again.
346.5 Stopped because the left lane ends, beautiful looking countryside and very, very nice homes or farm houses, they don’t look like farm houses.
348.0 Crossing the Osage river, which is huge and there’s a new bridge being build across it.
351.2 5;46 Stopped to make a phone call about accommodation, couldn’t book anything ahead unless they’re about 6 o’clock.
367.5 Distant vistas across the hills in both directions left ad right so the road is going along ridge.
368.5 Just entered the village of Useful.
388.5 6:42 Rosebud Pop. 380.
411.0 7:09 Union Pop. 6,048,
413.6 7:14 We driven through Union and there is not a sign of a single motel, we’re going to be on the interstate very soon, 4 miles. We’re check the map and have a look at a few things here.
7:16 Leaving.
417.9 7:21 The junction of US-50 with I-44.
423.6 7:27 Leaving the freeway at Grey Summit.
424.4 7:29 Stopped a at motel, we’re going to check it out first.

The day’s total - 424 miles
Trip Total - 424 miles

Day 33 - Friday June 11

We’re in Grey Summit Missouri at Best Western Diamond Inn, We’re about to leave to go into St, Louis.
7:39 Leaving The chicory is in flower.
425.2 7:40 Junction with I-44. St. Louis is 36 miles. Driving towards St. Louis there are large cuttings as the road goes up and down, it’s hilly and wooded The hills coming into St. Louis are shrouded in mist, clouds are hanging low. Actually there are clouds hiding the mountains off to my left and I think there’s some mist as well, it’s mostly cloud. We probably won’t be able to see the arch ahead of time like you can coming from the other direction, because it is so hilly and because of the low clouds. The forest appear to be mainly deciduous trees.
454.7 8:08 Just entered the city limit of St. Louis.
456.8 First view of the arch and the large building of downtown.
460.5 8:14 The junction with I-55 which turns into I-70 to go downtown.
462.7 8:18 Parked the car in the parking lot under the freeway.
464.5 10:13 On the freeway, we missed our chance now to go to Memphis or Chicago quite a same thank goodness.
482.8 10:33 Crossing the Missouri River.
483.1 10:34 Entering St. Charles still on the freeway but we’re going to be getting off in a moment.
483.5 10:34 Exit the freeway, that is I-70. This has a very long street, it’s all old bricks, beautiful buildings, the entire length, I don’t how far it would be but it’s a very long street.
486.0 10:47 Stopped now, found a parking spot on the main street in St. Charles. Ready to leave wind is coming up, sky is black behind, and looks like another thunder storm today.
11:23 Ready to pull out now.
487.0 11:27 Back on I-70 with a thunder storm happening ahead. I think it must rain in St. Louis all the time, these terrible thunder storms, because this is one yesterday, one today and the one last time and the lightening is just streaking every where.
492.6 11:35 Pulled up at the side of the road, the rain is coming down in sheets and blankets and you can’t see anything ahead at all.
11:40 The rain has eased off a little bit and can see a few thing ahead, such as flags flying and poles and things.
11:42 Taking off again, It is still raining but quite as heavy now. Making slow progress. Thunder and lightning still all around us.
495.4 Both sides of the road are strewed with bits off the trees, and there’s bows down and branches all over, the other way, the traffic is very slow because they’re dodging branches on the opposite direction, so we were lucky we stopped where we did.
496.4 I can still see the traffic all backed up on the other side due to the debris on the road and it’s backed up as far as I can see down the hill and up the other side.
497.5 The traffic on the other side has thinned a little bit but it’s still a little, well maybe it’s starting to pick up speed as well.
505.4 12:03 Left I-70 to take US-61 to Hannibal.
508.1 Can see some blue sky to the west now.
524.8 We just drove out of light sprinkle into heavy rain as if it was just a wall suddenly starting. The rain is so heavy it obliterates everything.
526.9 Out of the heaviest of the rain although it is still raining and it looks as if it might be alternating between patches of rain and heavy rain.
531.5 We can see some blue sky again and there’s just a few spots falling, can see the line of the heavy clouds but not sure which way they’re moving weather they’re going to be following us or not. We’ve passed cornfields.
534.5 Ripening crops. This is quite different from, the side of the road as we went along US-50, there didn’t seem to be anything for people to be doing while living on. It’s still raining very heavily out to my left, number of miles over I think.
543.5 We’ve driven into sunshine now and yet when you look over, it’s as black as black where the storm is.
549.4 12:49 Entering Bowling Green. From US-61 we got onto US-54 going into Louisiana. Teens what’s your future going to college or starting a family.
559.2 12:59 Entering Louisiana Pop. 3,967. Turning off on NN to go into the business district of Louisiana. After leaving the downtown section we’ve driven along a street that is absolutely beautiful with lovely homes, garden, well kept places and tress hanging right across the road forming a canape, just a beautiful street to dive down, probably a very nice town to live in.
562.0 Driving into the old part of town, just lovely homes, they’re some that need a little bit of repair, do well with a loving hand, others which have already had the loving hand,
563.2 1:11 Stopped in Louisiana at a restaurant, this is immediately after crossing the Mississippi river and entering Missouri from Illinois Beltane’s at the bridge in Louisiana. A nice restaurant, sat in the corner by the window and could watch the traffic coming to a 4-way stop, one coming north on IL-79 and US-54 going east into Illinois.
2:12 We left the restaurant, can across the road to get gas and also to make some phone calls to try to book in and haven’t been able to do so.
564.0 GAS - Louisiana, MO - $0.999/gal. - 12.008 gallon - $12.00
2:28 We’re leaving the gas station to continue on MO-79 to Hannibal. Whilst we were in having lunch another sever thunder storm passed over and the rain just tumbled down, maybe the storm isn’t moving as fast ass we thought it was because we’ve got the storm clouds in front of us, we thought they be long gone by the time we had lunch and came this way.
569.3 MO-79 is a Missouri scenic byway and we’re passing a cemetery. The beautiful yuccas in flower among the grave stones with rather nice headstones. After coming out of the hills by Louisiana, we drive through the river flats for quite a way, and there’s lots of crops, a few cattle and Mary’s just remarked about the number of levees that kinda surround the fields to keep the water out rather then having ditches to bring water in
578.0 We came up the flat country into the hills that come along the river and then we’ve come up into the hills through rocky cuttings.
578.6 A scenic overlook but we decided to continue on instead of going up to it.
580.0 Another scenic overlook. You can just get glimpses of the river valley through the trees and these scenic overlooks go up hill so you be standing on the top of the cliffs looking down on the river. Steam rising off the hop road is making it quite foggy.
592.6 We come right down to the water’s edge now just after leaving Ilasco. Just a double railway tracks separating the road from the river and there are large barges moving on the river.
594.2 Just passed Sawyer Creek and down comes the rain again.
594.6 3:07 Entering Hannibal Pop. 18,004. There’s literally a river flowing down the street. We’ve turned onto US-36 at the moment.
599.8 3:24 Pulled into the Travellodge. Terrible rain storm again.
600.4 3:39 We’re driving down Bird street, Having stopped at the Best Western and got a room and it’s just beautiful homes all along here.
600.8 3:42 Parked on a property of Rock Cliff Manion.
5:05 Leaving Rock Cliff.
602.7 5:13 Parked at Molly Brown’s birth place and museum.
5:41 Leaving.
602.8 5:44 Back at Best Western.

The day’s total - 178 miles
Trip Total - 603 miles

Day 34 - Saturday June 12

We’re going to be leaving from Hannibal to go north.
606.8 10:33 Stopped at the Missouri information center, this is after we left the motel and went up from Cardiff hill to the lighthouse,
10:48 And I picked up the great river road pamphlet which is something I was looking for in fact it may be exactly what I was looking for. They had it in a bookstore downtown for $6:50, here they gave it to me.
607.0 10:48 Back on US-61 going north.
608.8 Back at the intersection with US-36 where we came out this morning from downtown Hannibal or maybe I should say the waterfront of Hannibal because I’m sure this is all part of Hannibal that we’re driving around in now, the other part is the old historic area.
614.0 Blue sky and we’re driving in sunshine.
619.0 11:04 Entering Palmyra Pop. 3,371. Palmyra is a name that is used considerably through the States, there’s a Palmyra in New York state where Joseph Smith was suppose to have had his vision and now there’s a Palmyra here not too far from Nauvoo and there’s Palmyra in Nebraska which is part of the trail system but not necessary the Mormon trail. So the great river road, really you don’t see anything of the river because it’s away over, fields and trees and I don’t think there’s one on the other side either, so I hardly call it a great river road. We’re passing through some beautiful farm country but also wooded areas where the woods are very, very thick. We’re on the Avenue of the Saints, that started at the turn off for Taylor and there’s a road that goes across to the river and Illinois at Quincy and all the area is very flat and low lying now and we’re not driving through hills the we were
635.8 End of the divided highway and now it’s two-way traffic.
648.0 The black clouds are back again. The country through which the road goes varies considerably, at times we’re in heavy wooded hills and t other times flat plains, like river flats with crops, farms, lovely homes.
659.8 11:44 The junction with US-136 coming in from the west.
668.3 11:54 Crossing the Des Moines river and this is the division between Missouri and Iowa.
668.6 11:54 We just crossed the river and now we’re entering Iowa. Immediately after entering Iowa we come into Keokuk and we’re driving through the town now awaiting until we get the turn off to cross over river into Illinois.
671.4 11:59 US-136 leaves US-61.
671.7 12:01 Stopped at the stop light immediately prior to entering a bridge which crosses the Mississippi river. This bridge curves near the beginning of it, there is also another interesting on e that has picnic tables on and is no longer in use so it must be an old bridge. There’s a large weir across the river also locks here,
672.0 12:02 and we’re just crossing the Illinois state line.
674.5 Coming around a bend, the road is right at the edge of the river now for a short distance, it’s just beautiful to be traveling by the river. Some beautiful house on the hillside on the right hand looking out over the river. The road is called Purpose??? Knob.
675.8 12:08 Pulled off onto a roadside parking area, there’s picnic tables and suppose to be an historic sign up here so I’m going to this.
12:23 Leaving. It was a beautiful butterfly flitting around in the tree, I think it’s a Lyndon tree but I’m not positive.
677.5 12:27 Leaving took one picture of the barges going down stream. When the road rises up from being right by the water and goes over a hill it is going through a tree tunnel because the trees are over hanging from both sides of the road and ten it goes down again to be back by the waters, it’s just a beautiful drive and what Mary and I both think is a real river road.
684.4 12:38 Nauvoo, El. 1,100 feet, just entering.
686.2 12:51 Back at the main road after having driven around amongst some of the historic houses.
686.7 12:53 Stropped in Nauvoo for lunch.
1:45 Leaving after having lunch at Grampa John’s café, very nice meal and the stuffed pepper was absolutely delicious so much so I could have eaten a second one because it was really only half a one rather than a whole one. Since leaving Nauvoo, the road has been away from the river and going through rather attractive countryside.
695.0 There was a brief glimpse of the river as we’re coming into Niota so I think we’re coming back onto the water or near the water. It was just a fleeting glimpse of the river.
702.0 Junction IL-9 and looking to the left to the end of the street maybe just a block away the Mississippi river. This was in, I forget what little town it is now, but when I look up the map I can check it out because it was with IL-9 and the one we’re on which is US-96 Dallas City. Just passed a beautiful stone mansion that looks a bit like a castle and is still in Dallas City.
704.3 Starting to see the river through the trees now.
705.6 The land is very flat now, quite a long way, hills back to the right so this is like river flats.
716.0 A backwater with a lot of large white birds that look a bit like herons.
717.5 I can see the wires that look like sails for the big bridge crossing the river to Burlington Iowa
719.0 2:31 The junction with US-34 this is the road that goes through Lincoln, we’re just going to turn east on it to go across the bridge into Burlington and then we’ll turn around and come back out again. There’s lots of backwaters and low lying area before you get to the river. This is a beautiful bridge Gulfport is on the Illinois side of the bridge and Burlington on the Iowa side.
721.1 Starting to cross the Mississippi River into Iowa from Illinois.
722.8 2:38 Stopped in Burlington at Mosquito overlook.
724.9 2:55 The Iowa welcome center in the port of Burlington.
3:11 Leaving from the visitors center,
727.0 One picture of the bridge across the Mississippi River.
3:25 Leaving.
727.6 3:29 Crossing the Mississippi River again on this beautiful bridge and this brings us back into Illinois again.
729.8 3:31 Back at the junction with Carmen Road. Here in Illinois we’ve seen many fields of corn that are under water probably from the heavy rains because there’s been so many thunderstorms.
736.0 3:39 We turned off Oquawka and to my side of the road there are four huge big elevators and then looks like acres of roofs for something so I don’t know what kind of a farm this would be.
739.4 3:43 Turned off at the Henderson covered bridge Henderson county covered bridge over Henderson creek which is flowing quite swiftly.
739.6 3:54 Back on the highway.
741.7 Oquawka El. 1,500 feet We’re following IL-164 which is marked as the Great River Road signs.
747.0 Welcome to the Big River State Forest and we have beautiful pine forest. Up until entering the forest the road was straight passing through beautiful crop land and since coming into the forest, it seems to be narrower and winding around however, as I’m talking there’s an open area again with corn fields so maybe it’s intermitted the forest because the headquarter were 5 miles ahead from where we entered it. Beyond the corn field are pine trees.
750.1 This seems to be an area we they cut down all the grass and everything and it looks quite sandy to the right of the road reddish or pinkish sand. There’s sand showing through on the other side too, so it is quite sandy. Now I see a fire tower.
750.8 Big River State forest and this is the headquarters with the fire tower.
754.0 Coming into Keithsburg again another glimpse of the mighty river. Just saw a great blue heron flying across a backwater as we were leaving Keithsburg. We saw the river in Keithsburg, we drove down the street and up on the levee went north one block and down off the levee again.
761.1 4:23 Junction with IL-17.
763.6 4:27 Leaving IL-17 and turning onto a road to Muscatine.
779.6 4:47 Junction with IL-92.
785.3 4:54 Turning off IL-92 to Rock Island.
789.3 A raccoon at the side of the road it was just creeping up through the grass.
791.5 5:02 Another junction one arrow pointing to IL-92 to our right to go west and now we’re going into east IL-92 to go into Moline.
792.3 By the river, it’s to my left.
796.5 Altitude is 150 meters (492.1 feet) in the town of Andalusia.
801.7 5:15 Traffic lights back in the big smoke, this is turning into RockIsland and Davenport It’s also the Great River Road still and IL-92 east. Leaving IL-92 to take the toll bridge for US-67 north.
807.3 Crossing the bridge 50 is the toll for the bridge now.
807.8 We’re back in Iowa.
819.4 5:44 Entering Le Claire. After crossing river into Davenport we followed River road which is also US-67 into Bettendorf and on along the river.
820.7 Driving under I-80.
822.4 5:49 Stopped near the Twilight, which is the boat we will be getting on in the morning.
822.0 5:50 Stopped to take a good look at the boat.
5:55 Leaving Now we are going to return to the motel which is near the Iowa welcome center by I-80.
824.0 6:00 Arrive at the Comfort Inn.

The day’s total - 221 miles
Trip Total - 824 miles

Day 35 - Sunday June 13

We’re leaving from the Supper 8 motel to go sown for the boat Twilight.

The day’s total - 221 miles
Trip Total - 824 miles

Day 36 - Monday June 14

Cruse on the boat Twilight.
829.0 GAS - Le Clair, IA - $1.059/gal. - 10.383 gallon - $11.00

The day’s total - 5 miles
Trip Total - 829 miles

Day 37 - Tuesday June 15

We’re leaving from the Supper 8 in La Claire.
7:43 Left motel, we’re about to go on I-80 going west.
832.2 7:47 Joined I-80 west.
842.1 7:57 Exit-295B leaving I-80 for US-61 north.
856.9 8:11 Passing under US-30 the Lincoln highway. On the boat trip we were told that the Lincoln highway was the first highway that linked the east and west coasts.
858.1 8;12 Is actually they thing, the signs are misleading back further and I think that they had an exit for it sooner and instead of going under it we just went over it. Ever since leaving the interstate , we been traveling through farm country, everything is very green, lots of different greens depending on the crop that is being grown, very nice farm houses. Well kept farm buildings and silos, just a beautiful farming area in the entire way.
903.9 9:01 First traffic light on the outskirts of Dubuque.
904.3 The junction US-52.
906.0 9:04 Exit from US-61 in Dubuque.
907.5 9:08 Arrive at the Iowa Welcome center in Dubuque by the Mississippi River museum.
9:41 Leaving from the visitors center.
908.8 9:49 Stopped at the end of Fenelon place which is on top of the hill.
10:12 Leaving after having gone for a ride on the little cable car to the bottom of the hill and back again Marshall park,
914.7 10:27 Dubuque Arboretum and botanical gardens turning into.
915.2 10:29 Stopped at the botanical gardens.
11:12 Leaving from the botanical gardens.
922.0 At Tandum, the tire place to get the tire fixed.
12:46 Leaving after getting the tire fixed, it had a nail in it and this is a Tandum which used to be Goodyear
925.5 12:57 Back at 32rd street where we came out from the botanical garde, now we’re proceeding north US-52 and a store road or a county route 3.
928.8 1:02 Tuning off US-52 north and 3 west going to Balltown,
930 - 931 We’re driving along a ridge at the moment so we’re looking down on either side on beautiful farm country, very nice homes, everything very green. We’re definitely on a farm road lots of white farm houses, we got tractors pulling machinery one going the way we were going one turning back the other way, saw a corn crib half fill with corn there. There’s crops, there’s cattle gorgeous.
933.2 Driving through Sherrill, a lovely old building that almost looks as it could have been a hotel at one time called the barn very, very nice little town. Old stone house with a widows walk in front, and a stop sign, There are so any farms and they are al very close together must be very, very prosperous and productive area,
939.3 1:21 Stopped in Balltown Iowa where we’re going to have lunch Breitbach Iowa’s oldest bar since 1852 A lovely lunch buffet excellent vegetable soup, nice salad and the fish was excellent . In fact the whole meal was very good, I loved the carrots which they have cooked whole cut into inch and a quarter cut diagonally and then have them some kind of dressing with finely copped onion and maybe a b it of green pepper
2:02 Leaving.
939.4 2:03 Stopped for a picture of the farming area and we can see the river in the distance as well.
2:06 Leaving , the road is still running along a ridge and there’s a fairly steep drop away to the farm land on our right and the river beyond and no garde rails . It is the great river road part of one of them.
954.3 2:26 Re-joining US-52 north.
954.6 Crossing the Turkey River.
959.3 2:32 Guttenberg a historic river town.
960.3 2:35 I‘ve stopped in Guttenberg.
2:41 Leaving.
961.8 Leaving Guttenberg on X56 still the river road since Guttenberg the size of farms seems to have increased considerably to those that we were passing through earlier , there’s still quite a lot around but not quite as thick. There are patches of wood intermingled with the farms also the road is beside curving is up and down it goes winds up a hill and then goes down usually fairly steeply with a rock wall cliff at the side like the palisades.
977.8 Passed a wild turkey on the side of the road.
978.8 3:08 Welcome to McGregor established 1837 also the junction with US-18 business district.
979.2 Join with US-18 through McGregor.
980.7 3:12 Entering Marquette.
981.2 3:14 Another junction with US-18 and we go up onto the bridge across the Mississippi river Some quite nice looking buildings in Marquette as well Crossing the river, we’re across the river so should be in Wisconsin now,
982.4 We’re actually in the middle of the river now the rest was backwaters,
982.6 3:16 Entering Prairie du Chien Pop. 5,657.
982.8 Now we are in Wisconsin.
983.0 3:17 Wisconsin travel information center. 1673 Wisconsin’s second oldest community that is Prairie du Chien. Turning north of Marquette road in Prairie du Chien and this is also WI-35 and the Wisconsin great river road.
985.2 3:39 Passed Cabelas They really are a growing business.
995.3 Passing the lock and dam this is before Lynxville on my left and to the right are high rocky cliffs.
998.0 3:55 Entering Lynxville, Pop. 153 we’ve been following along the eastern bank of the Mississippi river This is a lovely drive along the water’s edge with the rocky cliffs coming down. It’s not a continuous row of cliffs because there are coulee or valleys or canyons or whatever you want to call it in between each hill which has a cliff face by the water.
1,005.8 4:05 Ferryville Pop. 154.
1,006.4 4:07 Stopped in Ferryville by the Ferryville cheese retail outlet.
4:10 Leaving it was just a grocery store.
1,013.3 Entering De Soto Pop. 326. We’re seeing a lot of the pink clover again at the side of the roads and also since Dubuque there’s been a lot of spider wort Mary noticed the name Bankrupt bluff and that makes me realize that bluffs is what I should be calling these cliffs that we have at the side bluffs rather then cliffs.
1,023.8 Genoa Pop. 266 at one of the locks on the river and then the river has widened out again as it seems to do priors to every lock or every dam.
1,030.1 Soddard Pop. 775.
1,030.6 4:44 Stopped to see if we could get coffee.
4:50 Leaving.
1,036.6 4:57 Entering La Crosse Pop. 51,132 We lost US-14 and US-61 and we’re on US-53 going through the city north towards I-90.
1,046.0 5:25 Joining I-90 to cross the Mississippi. We’ve crossed Black river, crossed another waterway, we’ve passed the La Crosse airport and we still have the Mississippi to cross yet and now we’re crossing another waterway.
1,049.0 Crossing the Mississippi river and this is on ly one section of it, it’s not the main channel yet.
1,049.2 The main channel is now
1,049.3 and have just entered Minnesota.
1,049.8 5:29 Stopped at the rest area, Dresbach information center after just crossing over the river. There’s a lock there
5:40 We are leaving It doesn’t close till 6 o’clock which is fortunate as most of the seems to close at 5 or 5:30
1,054.8 5:45 Exit the interstate which we entered as soon we left the information center. We’re now on US-14 east and US-61 north.
1,070.7 6:02 Winona Pop. 23,599.
1,074.8 This is where US-14 departs and goes west to Rochester. We are now following US-61 north, which is the great river road in Minnesota.
1,102.8 6:37 Wabasha Pop 2,384 Established 1830 and is also the home of the film Grumpy Old Men.
1,115.9 6:53 Entering Lake City Pop. 4,391 home of lake skiing no water skiing ,l birthplace pf water skiing get it right birth place f water skiing and this is on lake Pethin. Which is wide section of the Mississippi River
1,119.1 7:03 Arrived at Lake City Motel in Lake City. None of the motels in the last city had any vacancies or nothing with two beds, so we’re continuing on now.
1,131.5 7:25 Red Wing Pop. 15,134.
7:30 Days Inn Red Wing
7:36 Pulled up in from of our room 132 at the Days Inn in Red Wing.

The day’s total - 303 miles
Trip Total - 1,132 miles

Day 38 - Wednesday June 16

We’re leaving from the Days Inn Red Wing, Minnesota.
8:09 Leaving from the motel.
1,135.4 8:18 The top of manorial park on Manorial drive.
8:23 Leaving. A beautiful park on top of the bluff, grassy knoll at the top nice and open, the rest is wooded with little areas for picnics with picnic tables off at different points, the road is covered under a canape in parts so it’s lie going through a tunnel and it’s just beautiful.
1,137.9 8:35 Exiting from the park now. I haven’t changed my mind about Minnesota being a very prosperous looking state, beautiful looking farms well kept, neat, clean, tidy and lots of outbuildings for storage of hay and other food for dairy cattle.
1,163.4 9:11 Entering Hastings, Pop 15.445 the elevation is 200 meters, 656.2 feet. There are huge elevators here, Sign falls of the Vermillion river and there it is right there, perhaps we should go have a look at it. The sign on the elevators is Con-agra, so it’s the same company as the big ones in Omaha.
1,164.9 9:14 Stopped in a little park by the Vermillion falls, going yo see what this is about and it’s right next to Con-agra. Interesting little spot. With the waterfalls and historic marker about floor mill on the Vermillion river and the old stone wall has been incorporated into the Con-agra place now
9:25 Leaving.
1,166.5 9:30 Starting on the bridge across the Mississippi River.
1,168.1 Junction US-61 with US-10 and US-10 is the road we want when we leave the city. Immediately after leaving Hastings we cross the river and then came into Cottage Grove and since then a number of houses has increased, there’s been views looking across towards the at least the industrial area of the city so obviously we are right in the big city now.
1,179.8 9:47 Entering St Paul. Pop. 272,235 The highway is right along the river again, you can see the city out my side, there’s two domes, a white one and a green one, we don’t which is which yet.
1,182.8 At this point I noticed that there’s many more railway lines separating the road from the river.
1,184.2 9:53 Stopped at a scenic overlook, unfortunately, the city is around the corner from the overlook and it’s looks over the river and the industry. You can see the water towers of lots of different suburbs.
9:56 Leaving.
1,187.3 10:00 We got off the interstate.
1,188.1 10:05 Parked outside the state house.
1,198.5 11:21 US-10 west leaves I-694 at 42B.
1,201.2 11:26 Stopped for gas.
1,202.0 GAS - Mounds View, MN - $1.069/gal - 15.9000 gallons - $17.00
11:32 Leaving to continue on US-10 west, we’ve been so use to saying 10 north and now it’s 10 west. We’re going through Blaine at the moment, it has a population almost 39,000. So some of the suburbs have populations round 8,000 or something like that but added altogether the St Paul Minneapolis metropolitan area is huge.
1,219.5 Coon Rapids now 53,000. The houses are thinned now and I would say we’re outside the metropolitan area by now.
1,225.7 12:03 We’re back by the river coming into Elk River. Welcome to Elk River.
1,250.2 Entering Clear Lake, Pop. 315.
1,258.1 12:40 Stopped at the St Cloud rest area and travel information center.
12:49 Leaving. An Iowa jeep being pulled by a motor home with a sign in the back I go where I’m towed to. That reminds me of the one we saw with an Alaska car behind it.
1,259.0 12:51 Entering St Cloud Pop. 58,253.
1,261.5 Left US-10 to go on MN-23 in St Cloud.
1,262.4 Crossing the Mississippi River, There’s a street here 19 1/2.
1,265.1 1:05 Stopped at O’Hara brothers at 33rd and 3rd for lunch and there’s a Norwest (Wells Fargo) bank opposite with instant cash, which I don’t need.
2:12 Leaving after having a very nice lunch. This is a very busy town lots of major highways and cars all over the place on all of them lined up for the traffic lights.
1,267.0 Sauk River.
1,268.4 2:20 Crossing the Mississippi River bridge of Hope.
1,270.3 2:22 This is the end of MN-15 and the junction US-10.
1,285.6 Crossed Platt River.
1,299.8 2:51 Crossing the Mississippi River which is full and quite wide here by comparison with St Cloud. The country side has changed again, more woods around and not as many farms, They’re probably farms back behind what we can see but makes me think more of what parts of Ontario looks like driving along here now.
1,317.0 And before this and since then I can’t get over how much like Ontario a lot of this looks. There’s one major difference, it’s a divided highway with two lanes each way.
1,336.0 Came into Staples. The divided highway ended as we can in to town and coming the other end doesn’t appear to continue as a divided highway. There’s piles of long line of train trucks here full of coal.
1,337.8 Back to divided highway again Coming into Aldrich Pop. 70,
1,352.7 3:45 Wedena Pop. 4,242.
1,353.8 3:47 The junction with US-71, this is were we’re going to turn north leaving US-10 behind.
1,387.3 4:27 Park Rapids Pop. 2,976.
1,408.4 4:52 Leave US-71 for MN-200.
1,408.6 4:53 Leave MN-200 and turn on to Hubbard county 123 and immediately enter Itasca State park. After the road we’ve been driving on, which was starting to get quite boring, this is very pretty, the trees are much bigger. This is because of the state park and they also covering over the road. It’s really very pretty. It’s a mixed forest with different kinds of pine trees as well deciduous trees.
1,409.8 4:56 Stopped at the information and entrance to the park. $4.00 for a day pass into the park.
5:00 Leaving.
1,410.2 First view of Lake Itasca.
1,411.3 Peace Pipe point, one picture looking out over the lake.
1,411.8 Picture of the road through the forest.
1,414.8 5:18 Arrive at the Mississippi headwaters parking lot. I walked across the Mississippi River.
6:04 Leaving from the parking lot at the headwaters and now we’re going to head out of the park north to get up to US-2.
1,415.9 6:10 Turned back on MN-200.
1,416.5 Crossed the Mississippi River, it’s like a little creek. Saw a lovely deer at the side of the road, pop its head up when it heard me coming and remained glued to the spot rather than rushing crossing the road.
1,426.0 Zerkel we leave MN-200 and follow MN-92 north, 15 miles to Bagley which is on US-2. I traveled US-2 across the north of Lake Michigan in Michigan and then Mary and I traveled US-2 across Washington from Sand Point Idaho, I’ve also done some of US-2 in Montana, in fact I went right across Montana on US-2 couple a years ago so gradually filling US-2 as well as US-50.
1,440.5 6:37 Entering Bagley, Pop. 1,388.
1,440.8 6:38 The junction with US-2. Turning west on US-2 now.
1,450.9 400 meters (1,312.3 feet).
1,457.2 6:54 Entering Fosston Pop. 1,529.
1,470.8 7:10 Leaving the US-2 to go up to check out a motel up the road here.
1,471.1 7:11 Stopped at the motel Win-e-mac.

The day’s total - 340 miles
Trip Total - 1,471 miles

Day 39 - Thursday June 17

We’re in Erskine Minnesota. I’ll be heading west on US-2 going to the center of the North American continent.
1,471.5 7:46 We’re on the US-2 and Erskine is coming up.
1,471.9 7:46 Erskine Pop. 422 Looks like a whole I don’t know 2,4,6,8 about a dozen or so and the rest it’s a whole train that’s divided up into sections along the railway line all from Canadian Pacific railway grain cars.
1,486.0 Sign at the side of the road was keeping your eyes open for moose instead of deer, the usual sign. Shortly after Erskine the country side changed when we could say we’re really out on the parries now, it’s a lot flatter, lot less trees and more to see.
1,489.0 We’re at 300 meters (984.3 feet) at the present time.
1,492.9 8:07 Historical marker about the ridge that we just came over being the eastern shore of a glacial lake.
8:13 On our way again after having changed a film.
1,500.7 8:21 Crookston Pop. 8,119 we’re also coming to the junction with US-75 which is the road that goes down through Nebraska City.
1,501.9 Crossing the Red Lake river, this is in Crookston, It’s quite flat around Crookston, it’s also very green. There’s lots of rows of trees that have been planted, I don’t know what kind they are dividing fields or properties there’s a Crookson campus for the University of Minnesota A lovely entrance to the campus with the university sign set out in flowers, looked quite an interesting town.
1,515.7 8:41 Leaving the highway to go into the rest area.
1,516.1 8:43 Stopped at the rest area and information center.
9:20 Leaving.
9:21 Back on the highway. One very interesting we learned from the gentleman at the information center was that the country we’ve been driving through is planted with sugar beets and he gave us an excellent pamphlet telling us about it and showing how it is processed as well.
1,525.7 Entering East Grand Forks Pop. 8,658, this is on the Minnesota side of the river, there’s a huge factory in the town, which is probably for the processing of sugar beets and there’s a Comfort Inn which we wouldn’t stay at even if we were destitute.
1,527.9 9:35 Red River the north and entering North Dakota. We are immediately in Grand Forks when we’re across the river.
1,530.4 9:42 Stopped in Grand Forks for gas.
1,531.0 GAS - Grand Forks, ND - $1.099/gal. - 13.646 gallon - $15.00
9:50 Leaving Discover the spirt North Dakota peace garden state. We’re traveling very slowly for road construction and there’s actually no construction going on but our side of the road has been tarred and has the pebbles put down, there’s water on both sides of the road and sometimes in the center median area, lots of cattails and red winged black birds and Mary spotted a yellow headed black birds as well, there’s actually quite a lot of them. When we started on this left hand lane for the road work it said it was going to be for 11 miles so when we get to th end of it I’ll take the mileage on that. There’s also regular black birds with no colored markings on them.
1,580.0 10:48 End of the road work.
1,580.8 Lakota 10 miles, Devils Lake 36 miles, There’s a lot of water around, lot of ducks and other birds,. The countryside, the appearance is enhanced by the rape seed which is in flower, brilliant yellow color.
1,590.7 Passing Lakota, which is just off the highway. Since Lakota the land hasn’t been quite as flat as it was, it’s gently rolling countryside now. It’s interesting that Mary and I both feel exactly the same way about being out in the wide open spaces where you can see for miles and miles across farm land, but rather than being in behind banks of trees where you can’t see anything.
1,610.0 Passing a part of Devils Lake, which has not outlet, that is no way to the sea or no rivers or no creeks. It’s a big lake.
1,614.0 11:21 Welcome to Devils Lake.
1,616.3 Turning off the highway to go south on ND-20 to go down to Fort Totten.
1,618.0 There’s a large levee which has been put in to save the town from flooding, and the lake is pretty high at the moment and we’re starting out on a road across the lake.
1,619.0 There’s trees in the lake including conifers. At that point, we just passed a house has had ro build its driveway up cause it’s water on both sides, there’s a lot of water in the lake.
1,621.3 11:33 Stopped at the junction of ND-20 and ND-57. ND-57 is closed, which is the route we were going to take, so we are going to turn around and go back to Devils Lake, in the mean time, I think we’ll take a picture while we’re here. From this point, taking pictures of the road, through the lake, looking west you can hardly see the other side of the lake, it’s so big.
11:37 We’re leaving to go back into town.
1,623.6 11:31 Stopped on the way back into town for more.
11:47 Leaving.
1,626.2 11:51 The junction with US-2 continuing west 1,444.7 Devils Lake water’s level about 450 meters (1,476.4 feet) on our thing
1,637.0 For a picture of an old wooden house, yellow flowers in front of it and trees around it.
1,638.4 Water both sides of the road and in the medium as well, this has been happening quite frequently. Just seen a sign for water on the road and material on the road, that’s because they’ve build the road up.
1,646.3 The water is right up to the edge of the road here.
1,646.5 Junction with US-281, and this is the road where we would have come in if we’ve been able to go around Devils Lake, At that point the water was literary lapping the edge of the road. Just to confound all those people who so easily get bored driving across the country we are throughly enjoying ourselves . There are just so many lakes here in North Dakota some of them quite large, You even come up a hill and there’s a lake up there too, there’s island in it. It doesn’t matter weather you’re up or down or half way up or half way down, there’s lakes at every level. We’re getting pretty close to Rugby now and we have water right up to the road again. Welcome to Rugby, geographical center of North America.
1,682.5 12:48 Entering Rugby.
1,683.4 12:53 Rugby information place.
12:58 Leaving from the visitors center to go across to the restaurant.
1,683.5 1:00 Stopped at the restaurant.
1:51 Leaving the restaurant, It’s the Hub restaurant and motel right opposite the marker for the center of the North American continent.
1,683.7 1:53 Stopped at the geographical center of North America in Rugby North Dakota.
2:04 Leaving from the center and going over to the museum now.
1,683.8 We passing by the Hub shop restaurant motel where we had lunch and just going across to see what this museum is about before we leave.
1,684.0 2:06 Stopped outside the museum.
2:11 We decided against going to the museum it appears to be very much the same as maybe Minden in Nebraska and a lot of the other museums around It was also $5.00 per person and even with a dollar each off it’s still quite expensive for seeing something you can see else where.
1,684.3 2:12 Back on US-2 and turning west now to go to Minot and from there we’ll take US-83 south Since leaving Rugby we’ve seen quite a number of cattle in different areas.
1,706.5 This is near the turnoff of ND-14 There’s just a tremendous amount of water everywhere again a way, way back into the fields from the road and you can see even where there’s extra water where they’ve been trying to plant crops and the wheel marks of farm machinery.
1,743.9 3:08 Entered Minot and we stayed on US-2 instead of taking business 2.
1,744.8 Crossing the Mouse River for the second time.
1,747.9 3:13 Junction with US-83 to Bismark Having left the interstate ??? in Minot I don’t know we seem to be back on US-2 again I don’t know what’s happened to US-83 we’ve missed the turnoff We found ourselves back on US-2 going west and so now we have to get off again to find this US-83 to Bismark.
1,750.0 Leaving US-2 east for another shot at this.
1,750.4 3:18 Now of US-83 south It’s quite hilly around Minot hilly than we’ve had anywhere else today.
1,763.5 Still quite hilly and we still have lots of little lakes on both sides of the road.
1,765.8 3:33 Leaving US-83 to go on ND-23 Will be traveling west and New Town is 56 miles This is a 2-way traffic road but quite good surface at this point it’s straight ahead, up and down like a roller coaster and we still have the lakes and I just saw a yellow headed black bird so we still have those and the red winged black birds and there’s been lots of ducks and water hens and so on all the water ways as we been coming through so that there’s something to look at all the time This is really very interesting it’s still quite hilly but the hills are rounded and except for being beautifully green fairly bald there’s a few odd trees here and there but otherwise it’s just wide open spaces.
1,790.4 3:56 Entering Berthold Indian Reservation.
1,792.0 We’re up to over 600 meters now 1,968.5 feet.
1,793.2 Just seen an oil pump This is the first one I’ve noticed in North Dakota and now I can see a collection point here and I can see others off in the distance.
1,795.4 Some cattle and actually lots of oil wells and collection points Looking north from here towards Plaza which is 3 miles to the north it’s just a broad expanse of green with some oil pumps in the distance no fences just goes on and on and on.
1,804.5 Sign for the Lewis and Clarke trail mind you they put these up where ever there’s a road that’s closest to the route that they took from New Town where the Missouri River is about 17 miles now got a couple kinks in it by looking ahead but maybe before long we’ll see the water and in fact I think I can see it now of the lake formed by a dam across the Missouri River yes I can see it and beyond that you can see hills for the first time since just the first time period We come this way to drive over a long bridge across the Missouri River which can’t be see because it’s all dammed up into a great big lake however it’s still exciting to see so much water Since the first glimpse of the water the amount of water has increased it’s quite an expanse here and bugs a hitting the windshield like crazy The bugs are trying to dodge the all the birds that there are around and they’re catching the windshield instead or we’re catching them.
1,814.5 Just after the junction with one of the Dakota roads I can’t remember what it was the road is getting closer to the water and as we go up and down some lovely views that junction was 6 miles from New Town (ND-8) Just saw some pinky purple flowers at the side of the road There haven’t really too many wild flower at all but the grasses are beautiful with colored seed heads on the top that vary considerable from place to place.
1,820.2 4:24 Entering New Town Before coming into New Town we kind a left the big lake on the Missouri River, drove through the town and Now we’ve got water on our right which looks as if it could be part of the lake which we still have to come to Car in front of then was going extremely slowly put out and past it and as I past it there’s an Indian girl driving with a bottle of beer up to her mouth drinking it. It’s no wonder there are so many accidents in or near the Indian reservation.
1,824.1 4:30 Stooped at a scenic over look with this bridge over the Missouri River it’s unbelievable the amount of water here and wind
4:52 Leaving.
4:54 Starting to cross Missouri River.
1,825.1 Start of the bridge.
1,826.0 End of the bridge so that 0.9 of a mile across The place on this side of the river is called Four Bears.
1,832.3 5:04 We’re leaving ND-23 and turning onto ND-22 going south to Killdeer and the Lewis and Clarke Trail signs are still with us on this road as well.
1,834.7 Says we’re going down a hill maybe not like they were in Colorado but just before this I spotted a little bit of bad lands which is similar to what we see in Theodor Roosevelt Park in much greater quantity in fact the road is going right down into a gully and then probably climbing up the other side This road is up and down and round about through the hills which we could see from the lookout above the bridge on the other side of the lake Every now and then I see a pocket of wild flowers that is other than the yellow clover so maybe we might be lucky enough to get some wild flowers in the national park when we go there.
1,841.0 We’re up to about 720 meters (2,362.2 feet) now That is higher than Mount Lofty The road is descended now into the hills and the cliffs or the hills facing the road are very much the badland type cliffs very pretty with the strata bands There’s all sorts of badlands canyons as you look out to my left is a bit on the right but more to the left which would be towards the lake.
1,858.0 2 mile hill down and a glimpse into the badlands The colors are soft but really beautiful with blues and yellows and greys and different shades of all of those and at the bottom the road goes through the valley or the canyon with lots of valleys going up from it between at the hills Our day of driving across the parries has suddenly changed we’re no longer in flat country.
1,861.2 Leaving Fort Berthold Indian Reservation and
1,861.3 We’re crossing over the Little Missouri Scenic River and it runs right through this badland area after crossing the bridge the road climbs back up to the top and here’s some horses on the hillside quite big ones.
1,881.1 5:54 Entering Killdeer Thank you partner for stopping at Killdeer Happy trails That’s the sign as we’re coming out of town
1,882.6 5:56 Junction with ND-200 this goes out to it’s the road we want to take tomorrow.
1,913.5 6:28 Entering Dickinson.
1,914.6 6:32 Junction with I-94.
1,915.4 Stopped at Budget Inn to check for a room.

The day’s total - 444 miles
Trip Total - 1,915 miles

Day 40 - Friday June 18

We’re in Dickinson North Dakota El. 780 meters (2,559.1 feet).
7:37 Leaving the motel we have to stop for gas before we go very far.
7:38 Stopped for gas.
1,917.0 GAS - Dickinson, ND - $1.199/gal. - 16.677 gallons - $20.00
7:49 Leaving from the gas station.
1,917.3 7:50 On I-94 going east.
1,997.7 8:05 We’re in Central Time zone which is 9:05 and we’ll be in this until we turn around and go back the other way I didn’t change the clock before but when we go back I will change it because that’s easier to keep track of everything.
2,006.1 9;13 Stopped at the scenic view overlooking the city but there’s too many clouds so we’re just going on.
2,010.7 9:19 Crossing the Missouri River.
2,011.6 9:20 Leave the interstate at Exit-157.
2,014.0 9:28 Stopped on the grounds of the state capitol in Bismark.
2,014.7 9:42 We’re on State Street also US-83 we only stopped for a short time in the grounds of the state capitol.
2,039.5 The sun is starting to come out it maybe the clouds are dissipating somewhat we’re US-83 which is a divided highway Everything is still very green and modally around Driving east to Bismark we noticed that there weren’t as many good areas for growing crops and what field there were had a heap of rocks in them so that people ha gathered up the rocks and stacked them together out of the way and we wonder whether the whole area was rocky.
2,050.1 We’re driving along side of the river now that’s below us the Missouri River that is.
2,052.5 10:19 Entering Washburn.
2,054.1 Left US-83 to go into the interpretative center.
2,054.5 10:22 Lewis and Clarke Interpretative Center.
10:35 We left to continue When we leave US-83 we’ll be turning on to ND-200.
2,070.7 10:51 Leaving US-83.
2,077.0 Water on both sides of the road.
2,081.0 11:02 Starting to cross the Garrison Dam.
2,081.5 11:05 Stopped near the first part of the dam where the spillway is.
11:15 Leaving to continue across the dam On this side of the dam is a hydro electric station.
2,083.8 The end of the dam on the other side 1 picture at the end of the dam.
2,083.9 11:21 And now we’re on our way turning off ND-200 onto CR-37 Mercer County to go to Knife River.
2,102.2 I think this must be the Knife River we’re crossing if it’s not we’ll find out when we get to the visitors center.
2,104.4 11:44 Stopped at Knife River Indian Village Visitor Center.
12:52 We’re about to leave from the Knife River Indian Village Visitor Center and at this point we need to change time to mountain time so now it’s only 11:52.
2,104.5 11:53 Back on CR-37 going south now almost after immediately turning south we come into Stanton.
2,106.9 11:58 Turning onto ALT-200 this is a North Dakota road and now we’re going west to Killdeer.
2,111.6 12:02 Just jointed SD-200 we were on the alternate route One of the things we’ve noticed while driving around on the back roads in North Dakota are the number of wind breaks that have been put up with rows of trees and in some cases I don’t know whether it would be 30 feet, 50 feet apart, maybe 50 feet apart rows and rows of trees then there are crops or strips of crop in between the rows of trees.
2,138.9 The hay children and John Deere tractor at the corner of Mercer county road 5 and ND-200 it’s near the welcome to Golden Valley.
12:34 Leaving.
2,161.0 Passing an oil pump this is as we get back towards the western part of the state and eventually to the badlands.
2,173.5 1:08 Junction with ND-22 and we’re going to go down into Killdeer.
2,175.1 1:13 Stopped in Killdeer Lunch at the Buckskin Bar.
2:08 Leaving after a very nice lunch Thank you pardner for stopping in Killdeer happy trails, well this time we did stop we stopped for our lunch and it was very, very nice.
2,176.3 2:10 Turning back onto ND-200 and it’s 20 miles to the junction with US-85 and from there we’ll go north to the north unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.
2,190.3 Another oil pump and another one ahead of me and on Mary’s side storage tanks probably for the oil too.
2,192.1 Entering Little Missouri National Grassland.
2,193.7 Entered the area where there’s badland type country starting now it’s got quite a bit of reddish coloring in it.
2,196.1 2:30 The junction with US-85 turning north this is the Canam Highway which goes down to Belle Fourche and Spearfish in South Dakota Country side around here goes on and on for miles rolling bare hills bare except for green grass a few trees here and there but mostly bare open prairie.
2,209.3 The road is going down a little bit and then up again it’s sort of as if we’re getting into badlands Suppose to be rough road for I think 5 miles or something Mary doesn’t think it’s very rough.
2,215.4 2:45 Stopped at a scenic view.
2:55 Leaving from the scenic view point there were view both ways both sides of the road.
2,214.3 Leaving the Little Missouri Grassland.
2,214.5 We’re just starting to cross the Little Missouri Scenic River.
2,214.7 Entering Central Time Zone.
2,215.2 Turning into the north unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park $5.00 per person.
2,215.5 3:02 Parked outside the visitors center I thin we’ll go for our drive first and then come back to the visitors center afterwards.
2,218.2 Slot formation just before stopping there we saw a very large buffalo heading up the hill too far away for photos but it was a big boy.
2,220.0 Cannonball Concessions.
2,224.3 Bentonitic clay.
2,225.0 Land and Grass.
2,227.9 Edge of a glacier and mallow.
4:00 Oxbow overlook.
2,229.1 End of the road.
4:12 Leaving Loving view looking down on the Little Missouri River and there’s a lot of small delicate wild flowers in among the grass.
2,234.6 A family for wild turkeys could see one and then the head of another one popped and then I could see the chicks as well but now they’ve disappeared in the grass Mary noticed two other turkeys on the hillside so I tried to see if I could get a picture of those.
2,234.9 River bend view.
4:46 Leaving from the river view overlook.
5:05 Back at the visitors center but it closes on central time and not mountain time.
2,242.9 5:08 Back at US-85 Belfield 52 miles.
2,243.4 Entering Mountain Time zone and crossing the Little Missouri River.
2,262.0 The turnoff to Killdeer which is 21 miles and we now continue on US-85 south down to Theodore Roosevelt south unit is on 45 miles away so that’s Medora.
2,293.5 5:59 Turning off US-85 for the junction with I-94 Medora 17 miles.
2,302.4 6:07 Painted Canyon visitor center Exit-32.
2,302.9 Arrive at the viewpoint.
6:16 Leaving.
2,303.3 6:17 Back on I-94.
2,308.5 6:22 Leave the interstate We’re going into Medora.
2,310.6 6:26 Arrive at the Medora Hotel.
2,315.0 GAS - Medora, ND - $1.259/gal. - 16.7 gallon - $21.00

The day’s total - 400 miles
Trip Total - 2,315 miles

Day 41 - Saturday June 19

Sending the day in Medora Even on the boring bit I’ve enjoyed being bored

The day’s total - 0 miles
Trip Total - 2,315 miles

Day 42 - Sunday June 20

We’re still in Medora and going to spend a bit more time here.
9:06 Leaving from the Medora Hotel.
2,356.6 9:11 Entered the park and we’re going to drive right round the park today.
2,395.0 12:34 Saying good bye to Medora we’re on our way now to go back to a car from Nebraska to the interstate this will be I-94 going east again but only as far as US-85 We had an absolutely wonderful time here in Medora.
2,396.8 12:36 The junction with I-94.
2,410.3 A group of antelope to the north of the road.
2,411.2 12:50 Leaving the interstate for US-85 we’re actually only 19 miles from Dickinson where we spent the night three nights ago I think it is This is also where we joined the interstate a couple of days ago to go into Medora.
2,411.6 12:50 We’re turning on to US-8 south and there’s an oil pump here in Belfield.
2,444.8 Sign pointing out El. 3,506 feet White Butte highest point in North Dakota.
2,445.3 1:23 Entering Amidon.
2,445.5 1:24 Stopped in this little town.
2:20 Leaving after an extremely nice lunch I had a grilled chicken breast with some almonds on it and a bit of salad very nice pickled apple and there was a soup and salad bar as well/
2,468.1 2:43 Entering Bowman.
2,470.0 The end of Bowman they’re redoing a whole piece of road so we were taken off on a little side road.
2,486.0 3:03 Just left North Dakota and we’re now in South Dakota.
2,513.2 3:29 Entering Buffalo Pop. 488.
2,514.2 3:32 Stopped at a roadside table near Buffalo This park was just on the south side of Buffalo
3:36 Leaving to continue south A historic sign about the first white people through here also US-85 is 1,588 miles through 5 states The coned shaped hills that are bare of any growth show all the strata rings stand out on the rolling grass lands and it really lets you know how much soil millions of years ago has actually been eroded away to leave these hills standing there and this has been fairly continuous all the way down but particularly so since Buffalo that we’ve noticed it There’s a lot of this thick yellow flowered clover growing everywhere and it’s creating quite a patchwork with the brown soil and the eroded knobs or cliffs and then the green grass and the black cattle it’s really very beautiful we have also seen a number of flocks of sheep with their lambs there’s a lot of calves with the cattle as well.
2,543.8 4:25 Stopped for cloud pictures.
2,575.9 El. 1,000 meters 3,280.8 feet so we’ve come up quite a bit without realizing we come up.
2,577.7 Over a hill and we’ve got Belle Fourche ahead before us against the backdrop of the Black Hills with the highest point just off center to the left Since checking the elevation we’ve been coming down hill into what looks to be a broad river valley which of course it would be the Belle Fourche River runs through here.
2,582.2 4:45 Entering Belle Fourche.
2,583.1 Crossing the Belle Fourche River so the El. 950 meters (3,116.8 feet) here in Belle Fourche so that’s 50 meters (164.0 feet) that we’ve dropped coming down in the river valley Drunks tend to drive compact cars that’s a sign at the side of the road just as we’re leaving Belle Fourche.
2,594.8 5:01 Entering Spearfish Pop.6,966.
2,595.3 5:02 Stopped at Safeway in Spearfish.
2,597.1 5:31 Turning onto Spearfish Canyon Road that is east US-14A this is out of Spearfish right near the golf course
2,597.1 5:38 Stopped for a picture in Spearfish Canyon 1 picture.
5:40 Leaving.
2,603.4 5:47 Bridal Vail Falls.
2,604.5 A deer at the side of the road.
2,609.1 We’re up to 1,500 meters (4,921.3 feet) now.
2,610.2 6:06 We stopped at another viewpoint.
2,610.4 Entering Savoy.
2,610.8 6:13 Leaving There’s Dames Rocket flowers in bloom along the creek.
2,616.1 6:24 Junction of US-14A with US-86 north.
2,623.1 6:34 Entering Lead.
2,625.7 6:40 The junction with US-385 as we head to Deadwood.
2,627.0 6:58 Parked at the motel.

The day’s total - 312 miles
Trip Total - 2,627 miles

Day 43 - Monday June 21

9:00 Leaving from the Cedar Woods Motel in Deadwood, SD We stopped for gas before leaving Deadwood
2,629.0 GAS - Deadwood, SD - $1.249/gals. - 15.21 gallons - $19.00
9:12 We’re leaving from the gas station.
2,629.6 Turning onto US-385.
2,654.8 9:50 Stopped at Petola Lake.
2,665.9 10:17 The junction with US-16 west.
2,668.9 10:21 Entering Hill City Pop. 650.
2,672.7 10:29 Stop for road work.
2,673.0 10:32 Turning onto SD-87 to go onto the Needles Highway This is the Norback Highway.
2,678.8 10:46 Turning onto the Needles Highway.
2,678.9 The entrance to the park $6.00 we got two labels I don’t know if it’s $3.00 per person or $6.00 for the car or what.
2,679.5 10:53 Park the car at Sylvan Lake We got back to the car and the cover wasn’t there so I’ve lost the cover off my very expensive lens which I’m a bit upset about Mary and I have walked back along the trail to where she thought I lost it and we couldn’t see it anywhere so it looks like it’s gone.
12:26 Leaving.
2,680.5 12:31 Arrive at Sylvan Lodge.
2,680.8 1:21 Back on the highway and we will be re-entering Custer State Park fee area again.
2,682.8 1:30 Stopped at the Eye of the Needle.
1:43 Leaving from the tunnel by the Eye of the Needle.
2,683.9 Cathedrals Spires.
1:58 Leaving from.
2,696.1 2:46 The junction with US-16A.
2,697.5 2:49 The junction for SD-87 for Mount Coolidge Bluebell lodge etc,
2,700.7 2:59 Arrive at the top of Coolidge Peak You can see where Crazy Horse is the Needles, Honey Peak which isn’t what we saw from Sylvan Lake not the first part anyway and also Mount Rushmore can all be seen from here also the Badlands was rather hazy.
3:14 Leaving 1,850 meters (6,069.6 feet) up here at the Coolidge Peak.
2,702.4 3:23 Back at the main road There’s a fire tower at the top of Mount Coolidge and now it’s 1,700 meters (5,577.4 feet) back at the road.
2,706.4 3:34 Entering the Wildlife Loop Hot Springs is 24 miles from here Deer look like mule deer just as we came into the park all I could see was their ears sticking up above the grass For lunch at Sylvan Lodge today we had buffalo slides which were very nice We are seeing a number of deer in the distance but so far that’s all.
2,724.3 4:31 Back at US-16A leaving the Wildlife Loop.
2,726.4 4:36 Leaving SD-36 to continue on US-16A the Iron Mountain Road to Mount Rushmore.
2,730.3 4:44 Stopped for the borrows.
4:53 Leaving.
2,732.0 Leaving Custer State Park Keystone is 12 miles.
2,742.8 5:28 Junction with SD-244 to Mount Rushmore.
5:38 Leaving Mount Rushmore they want $8.00 now for parking which is absolutely ridiculous.
2,745.1 A mountain goat.
5:43 Leaving.
5:57 Back at US-16 and US-385 this is where we went past this morning and now we’re on the same road we went along.
5:58 We’re still sitting here cause there’s road work.
2,753.7 6:02 Passing the turnoff that we went on to go to Sylvan Lake Most of the cars wanted to turn up to Sylvan Lake and they let us go pass there still road work all along here.
2,759.3 6:14 What seems to be the end of the construction.
2,759.7 6:15 Stopped near the entrance for Crazy Horse.
2,764.3 6:28 Entering Custer El. 5,318 feet.
2,765.3 7:34 Leaving to go back to Crazy Horse from Custer.

The day’s total - 138 miles
Trip Total - 2,765 miles

Day 44 - Tuesday June 22

We’re in Custer in South Dakota at the All American Motel and we’re now leveling to continue south.
2,775.3 8:15 On US-385 going though Custer we did a little detour about a mile out of town on US-16 and then came back in to turn down on US-385 Throughout the Black Hills there’s been a lot of Dame’s Rocket in flower as we left Custer there were a lot of daises and then after that the embankments just full of the fax along with the grasses so there’s this blue everywhere which is absolutely beautiful we’re at the southern end of the Black Hills but there’s still a lot of out crops of the rock similar to what you see when you’re high up in them.
2,788.0 Entering Pringle Pop. 96.
2,794.4 8:44 Entering Wind Cave National Park just after SD-89 split off from US-385 went through an extremely rocky area again and since then to the entrance to the park the road has been quite winding.
2,795.1 The junction of SD-87 with US-385 There’s a lot of buffalo out my side and there’s no fence between them and the road here Penstemon in flower along side the road as well as lots of the common yellow I really should look up what that yellow stuff is it’s in the clover family I believe but it’s the most predominate of all the flowers every where you travel.
2,800.0 A buffalo walked across the road.
2,800.8 9:00 Leaving Wind Cave National Park.
2,804.0 It’s just a patch work of color but I’m really noticing it with the red soil, green grass, yellow flowers, purple flowers, blue flowers, the dark of the trees just a magnificent patch work.
2,806.2 9:06 Entering Hot Springs Pop. 4,325.
2,809.0 The southern end of Hot Springs.
2,813.8 Crossing the Cheyenne River This is the river where there’s a rest area on I-90 before you get into Rapid City.
2,813.8 The yucca are our in flower cause in some of the other parts we’ve been they’ve been in bud and not in flower also a lot of sunflowers but just the small ones not the great big high 6 foot ones also the white evening primrose After leaving Hot Springs and coming to the junction with the main road down from Rapid City which bypasses the Black Hills the countryside is more of a rolling prairie.
2,830.3 Entering Oelrichs Chadron, Nebraska is 32 miles.
2,830.5 9:39 Stopped by Oelrichs historic sign There’s a sculpture here of a cowboy and a cow made out of iron I guess it’s black I didn’t take a picture because I think I have pictures of it from last time I was here
9:45 Leaving.
2,837.1 A big heard of cattle on one side black in color and on the right it’s just a sea of yellow in fact both left and right is all yellow All the cars are from Nebraska.
9:53 Stopped for a see of yellow.
9:58 Leaving and while here I discovered that my film wasn’t going through the camera and so I’ve missed a few pictures.
2,843.0 10:02 Nebraska the good life home of Arbor Day we’re back in our own state.
2,858.7 10:18 The Fort Pair Fort Laramie Trail.
10:20 Leaving we’re coming up to the junction US-20 but we’re going to go east into Chadron before we take US-20 west it’s just 3 miles.
2,859.2 10:22 The junction with US-20 Mary and I traveled on US-20 for a short distance out of Sioux Falls at the end of our trip 4 years ago before we turned south to Lincoln This must be the pine ridge country because there’s a ridge of hills with pine trees on it We’re going to be coming into Chadron.
2,861.6 10:25 Welcome to Chadron it’s got old carts and everything around it with flowers in.
2,866.1 10:30 Arrived at the fur trade museum Absolutely wonderful museum, a tremendous amount of stuff in it and explains so much about the early days before even the explores because the fur traders are to one who really open up the country.
11:47 Leaving and now we’re going to turn west and head on out from here but it was very worthwhile making the detour and now we’ve got loads of purple flowers with lovely long stems compared with the shorter stuff we’ve seen with the purple.
2,869.0 11:51 Entering Chadron from the east.
2,870.1 11:55 Stopped in downtown.
12:02 Leaving.
2,870.2 12:03 Parked in from of Dawes County Courthouse.
12:07 Leaving.
2,871.1 12:10 Stopped at the North-West Nebraska information center in Chadron.
2,871.5 12:20 Leaving Chadron at the junction with US-385 south we’re still with US-385 north but it will go off north shortly.
2,873.7 This is where US-385 goes north and where we can down before going into Chadron.
2,882.0 12:33 Stopped for road work the man in the front car has got out and is doing exercises in the middle of the road.
2,884.3 12:42 Left from getting through the one-way road from the road construction.
2,889.0 12:48 Buete country historical marker.
12:51 Leaving.
2,893.7 12:56 Crawford Pop.1,115.
2,894.0 12:57 Turned onto Main St. in Crawford.
2,895.4 1:04 Stopped in Crawford for lunch very nice soup and salad at the Frontier Restaurant and Mary says we’re still ahead financially so that’s good and I agree.
1:54 Leaving.
2,896.0 1:56 Back at US-20.
2,896.8 1:58 Stopped at the historical marker for Crawford.
2:01 Leaving.
2,898.1 2:05 Leaving a picture looking up to the bluffs above Fort Robinson.
2,900.4 2:13 In front of the brick barracks at Fort Robinson and we’re just leaving and we’re just leaving we pulled off because there’s a thunderstorm ahead and I thought I better close the windows 6 AM to 9 PM there’s a café open here.
2,900.6 2:15 Back on US-20.
2,909.9 2:25 Decided to turn around and run away from the storm because it really is quite nasty.
2,922.8 2:39 Back at the Crawford information sign and at this junction we’re going to leave US-20 and we’re going to follow NE-2 and NE-71 this is taking us to Allinace and Scotts Bluff a different way.
2,934.0 2:54 A picture of the storm clouds.
2,940.5 We have a coal trail to my left and it’s doing a U-turn.
2,940.6 We just crossed the Niobrara River it’s just a little creek at this point.
2,944.5 Just missed a deer crossing the road.
2,947.8 3:10 The junction of where NE-2 and NE-71 part ways Allinace is 32 miles if we go on NE-2 and Scotts Bluff is 49 miles on NE-71.
2,981.5 The road come into quite a rugged area with exposed rocks that you see in the Wildcat Mountains and the road goes downhill as we get closer to Scotts Bluff this is NE-71 The yucca are all in flower also. Also noticing small sunflowers and orange melo at the side of the road.
2,993.3 4:02 We’re coming to a major highway as we enter Scotts Bluff We’re still coming to the major highway It’s going to be junction with US-26.
2,994.1 4:03
Junction with US-26 I’m just going to go straight ahead to Scotts Bluff National Monument.
2,996.2 4:09 Crossing the North Platte River which looks as if it’s running a banker it’s pretty full here and we’re going to be seeing it a number of times over the next day.
2,998.2 4:12 The junction with NE-92.
3,001.6 4:30
Parked at the top of Scotts Bluff blue beautiful blue penstemon is on the right hand side between two of the tunnels, the middle tunnel between the second and third going up.
3,003.3 5:28 Back at the visitors center.
6:21 Leaving from the Scotts Bluff National Monument.

The day’s total - 238 miles
Trip Total - 3,003 miles

Day 45 - Wednesday June 23

We’re at the Sands Motel in Scotts Bluff, NE and we’re heading down to Chimney Rock and on towards home
7:07 Leaving the Sands Motel As we leave the town there’s a thick fog not sure what it is right down over the land It’s like a low cloud right down on the ground in early morning cause we’ve come out of it and looks as if we’re going to go back into it again it’s just drifting around The road we wanted to cut across from US-26 to NE-92 was closed so and then the detour signs didn’t come up so I turned off on a gravel road which goes straight across towards the face of Chimney Rock so we’ll be able to get through this way.
3,029.9 7:37 We just crossed the North Platte River.
3,031.1 7:37 The junction with NE-92 finally after going around all kinds of back blocks We drove back towards Scotts Bluff decided it wasn’t Chimney Rock so turned around and we’re coming back down again.
3,044.7 8:00 Finally arrived at Chimney Rock we’re actually at the little turn around near the cemetery on the over look road fog is just lifting off the top you can see it now.
8:40 Leaving from here.
3,045.0 Just saw a buffalo and long horn.
8:43 Leaving.
3,045.5 8:45 The visitors center.
3,045.5 9:36 Leaving from Chimney Rock Visitors Center.
3,047.0 9:42 We’re on the main road and the junction of US-26 and NE-92 with 13 miles to Bridgeport.
3,059.0 9:55 El. 1,581 feet Entering Bridgeport.
9:57 Stopped in Bridgeport for gas.
3,060.0 GAS - Bridgeport, NE - $1.179/gal. - 17.812 gallons - $21.00
10:05 Leaving the gas station and this is also where we leave US-26 and go onto US-385 south it is also NE-92 east.
3,060.2 10:06-10:08 Morrill county courthouse.
3,060.6 10:10 Waiting at a railway crossing for a long coal train to go by this is on NE-88 having just left US-385 to go down to Jail and Courthouse Rock.
3,064.6 10:22 Leaving one picture across the fields with the sprinklers to Jail and Courthouse Rock.
3,066.2 10:28 Stopped at the base of Courthouse Rock.
10:58 Leaving.
3,069.0 We turned off NE-88 onto Mud Spring Road hopefully to get us back to US-385.
3,074.7 Some working oil pumps we’re still out in the back lots we don’t know where we are we continue down NE-88 till we came to turn off for Mud Spring we’ve been through East Mud Spring, West Mud Spring and we’re still somewhere we don’t know where.
3,076.7 11:18 Junction with hopefully US-385.
3,078.8 A sign US-385 so we did find the right road.
3,086.7 11:28 Entering Dalton Pop. 282 since leaving Jail and Courthouse Rocks the embankments at the side of the road have had the purple clover rather than the yellow clover.
32.6 Entering Gurley Pop. 198 Big elevators here.
3,096.9 11:39 Stopped for Discovery Oil Well Marathon Oil Company.
11:41 Leaving.
3,099.3 East Hunstman there was a trail line that went off at right angles to the one that is following along the side of the road we also past a train with 5 engines one of them being a CN and it actually had a caboose on it however Mary counted and there was only 88 cars I think she said so I’m not sure why there’s 5 engines an a caboose.
3,104.8 Junction with U-30 going west to Sidney.
3,105.7 11:51 Entering Sidney Pop. 5,959.
3,107.3 11:56 Stopped to have lunch Country Kettle Restaurant.
12:46 Leaving.
3,109.1 12:50 Back at US-385.
3,111.5 12:55 Cabelas do you think I should suggest that Mary bring here camera in I think it would be a good idea don’t you.
1:17 Leaving Cabelas but they did have any shoes to my liking.
3,112.7 1:21 Entered I-80 going east.
3,137.0 1:42 Exit-85 leaving the interstate for Chappell.
3,138.3 1:45 Entering Chappell Pop. 979.
3,138.5 1:45 Junction with US-30 turning east Leaving U-30 to go north on NE-27 to Oshkosh .
3,145.1 1:53 Oshkosh is 22 miles Ogallala is 33 miles from this point.
3,161.5 2:14 Suddenly the road is in flat farm land and is going through the hills or the ravines, coulee of the edge of the river valley it’s also quite rocky,
3,164.9 Stopped by Holloman Grave.
2:17 Leaving.
3,165.0 2:18 Crossing the North Platte River and it very full.
3,166.4 2:20 Entering Oshkosh Pop. 1,060 This is also the junction with NE-92 un US-26 Ogallala is now 43 miles away.
3,175.6 2:30 Stopped at the Battle of Blue Water.
3,179.5 2:36 Again crossing the North Platte River just before Ash Hallow Park We turned into the Ash Hallow Park and instead of going straight to the visitors center I’ve turned to the right come of to the rock school house first.
3,182.4 2:41 At the end of the road.
2:45 Leaving.
3,183.3 Back at the T-junction.
3,183.7 2:48 Stopped at Ash Hallow State Historical Park visitors center.
3:00 Leaving.
3,184.0 Back at the T-junction.
3,184.5 3:02 Leaving the park at US-26.
3,186.7 3:06 Stopped in Windlass Park.
3,187.2 3:19 Back on US-26.
3,210.6 3:43 Entering Ogallala Pop. 5,025.
3,212.5 3:51 Leaving from the Safeway parking lot after phoning LP There’s so much construction going on it’s hard to find your way around.
3,213.4 3:55 Crossing the north Platte River but there’s so much construction it’s hard to tell which way your suppose to go keep getting in the wrong lane.
3,214.0 3:56 Now we’re on I-80 going east.
3,236.0 4:14 Entering Central Time zone.
3,287.0 Crossing the north channel of the Platte River and we still have it on the other side of the road as well.
3,297.3 6:05 Exit-211 leaving the interstate at Gothenburg. Gothenburg Pop. 3,347.
3,298.0 6:07 Stopped at the Sod House Museum.
6:29 Leaving the Sod House Museum.
3,298.6 6:30 Back on I-80.
3,357.9 7:19 Leaving the interstate at Kearney.
3,359.6 7:24 Stopped at the Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant in Kearney to have some supper.
3,360.0 GAS - Kearney, NE - $1.159/gal. - 12.938 gallons - $15.00
3,360.0 8:33 Leaving the gas station we went from the restaurant to MacDonalds to get some coffee and the get gas and now we’re going to head back to the highway.
3,360.3 8:35 Opposite the Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant.
3,361.1 8:37 Back on the interstate the major storm that looked as if it just in front of us is now behind us.
3,363.3 8:39 Passing The Arch that they’re supposed to be putting over the freeway here in Kearney At this stage it looks like an arched covered bridge.
8:55 Lincoln 106 miles.
3,398.7 Crossed the Platte River.
3,401.3 Crossing the Platte River again.
3,402.2 Again.
3,491.5 10:33 Home.

The day’s total - 488 miles
Trip Total - 3,492 miles