Southwest trip with Mary from Austraila


The details below are a true record but the names of people have been changed to protect their identity.

The numbered points are only there to force the map generating program to reflect the actual route taken and need not necessarily have anything to do with the text.

Day 1 - Monday May 10

9:44 Left the house, but I have several jobs to do before we leave town. False alarm, false start, hats and pee stop
0.0 9:53 Off again now
1.0 11:00 On NE-2 going east on our way now towards Nebraska City.
44.1 11:47 Turned off NE-2 onto US-75 south.
12:17 Leaving Auburn. Drove up the brick road to see the court house which is now complete, that is the restoration or repair work they were doing
87.0 12:45 I turned onto NE-8 to go towards Falls City After Salem going towards Falls City we stopped to has a look at historic sign for oil in Nebraska.
100.0 1:04 Falls City.
110.2 1:20 Pulled in at Rulo but it being Monday it’s closed.
118.7 1:43 Just crossed the 40th parallel into Kansas and now we’re on KS-7 going south.
137.0 Junction of KS-7 and US-36.
2:06 There’s some kind of road construction because everybody is stopped waiting for directions to go somewhere and there’s somebody out by a stop sign in the middle of the road with radio.
152.1 2:27 Leaving Kansas, going onto the bridge over the Missouri River at St. Joseph.
218.3 5:11 Pulled up outside Hallmark at the Crown Center.
222.0 5:38 Parked at the plaza.

The day’s total - 222.0 miles
Trip Total - 222.0 miles

Day 2 - Tuesday May 11

And we’re leaving Nancy’s to go and spend a day Kansas City and Independence.

The day’s total - 0.0 miles
Milage not recorded today
Trip Total - 220.0 miles

Day 3 - Wednesday May 12

9:32 Leaving Nancy’s after a lovely breakfast and took some pictures of Muffon and Nancy and the house.
220.0 GAS - Kansas City, MO - $0.989/gal - 17.186 gallons - $17.00
233.2 9;45 Leaving I-35 at Exit-220 to go to the Kansas visitors center.
234.4 9:50 Stopped at the Kansas information center.
10:06 Leaving the information center, very attractive building and I took a picture outside of it with the wagon being pulled by bullock .
320.9 11:29 Leaving the interstate for US-50 near Emporia.
326.7 11:58 On the outskirts of Emporia just past the Kansas turnpike exit.
341.0 Chase county and the Bluestem pastures of Kansas historic sign. Two pictures, one of the historical marked which includes another marker for the wheat centennial from 1874 to 1974 on the Turkey Red highway. I also took a picture just looking across the landscape.
12:02 Leaving.
388.3 12:50 Stopped just outside of Walton Kansas for a historic marker about the red turkey wheat. One picture of the sign.
12:53 Back on the highway.
394.5 US-50 joins into US-81 and I-135 south for a short distance.
396.0 1:01 Leaving I-135 to continue you on US-50 to Hutchinson. This is in Newton and we’ve noticed that the land is starting to flatten out a lot by this time. Still lots of trees around and still lots of ponds or small lakes
427.6 1:32 Junction with KS-61 and we’ve turned onto KS-61 to go into Hutchinson, I hope we’re going the right way.
431.1 1:39 Stopped at Applebee’s in Hutchinson
2:29 $16.57 for lunch We’re about to leave
432.4 2:33 Food 4 less in Hutchinson.
2:56 Leaving to go back into town and then on our way.
433.7 3:00 Back at Applebee’s and turning onto KS-61.
437.0 3:07 Back at the junction with US-50 where we turned off to go into Hutchinson. Now we are heading west on US-50.
438.0 3:09 Cross the Arkansas River.
445.3 3;16 Parting of the ways, that is US-50 and KS-61. I’m finding this part of Kansas quite different from what I had expected, it’s flat but rolling and far more trees then I ever thought I’d see. There have been a lot of oil pumps along this route. Also we are seeing the sprinklers being operated on some of the fields other fields have crops in. Some are still bare waiting to be planted.
518.2 4:25 Historical marker The Battle of Coon Creek.
4:29 Leaving after 1 picture.
518.6 4:30 Crossing the Arkansas River.
521.5 4:35 Stopped at the rest are in Kinsley 1,561 miles from New York City and from San Francisco.
4:46 Pee stop and watering hole now we’re leaving.
521.8 4:47 Junction with US-56 Dodge City is now 38 and we’ll be separating from US-56 near Dodge City.
529.1 5:18 Offerle 3 pictures of the mural on the side of the Offerle café.
4:57 Leaving.
549.6 Historical marker the road to Santa Fe, a picture.
5:22 Leaving.
551.4 5:24 US-50 leaves US-56 before reaching Dodge City. We just straight ahead here. Having left Dodge City behind we are following along the valley of the Arkansas river and coming down to the valley are gentle rolling hills rather then the flat country we had previously.
566.7 5:40 Santa Fe trail tracks. I changed films from the first one onto number two. Number of pictures with flowers and signs and the last one was looking across the Arkansas river to a rather good looking farm.
566.8 6:07 Back on the road. Since leaving that last spot, we’re staring to see quite a number of yuccas on the hillside and along the road side.
588.2 6:50 The Indian and The Buffalo historical marker.
6:53 Leaving and we’re just going to go back to the Best Western Red Barron Motel to see if we can get a room here in Garden City.
588.6 6:55 Stopped at the Best Western, no rooms at the Red Baron, no rooms at the Motel 9, so now we’re going on but we got a room at The Wheatland which she has arranged for from the Motel 9. Very nice young lady who was very helpful.
609.0 GAS - Garden City, KS - $1.159/gal. - 16.390 gallons - $19.00

The day’s total - 366.6 miles
Trip Total - 588.6 miles

Day 4 - Thursday May 13

We’re ready to leave from the motel now and drive through Garden City on business 50 to join up with US-50 on the west side of town.
7:50 On the road. I’m feeling pretty trilled this morning, oh yes, a free breakfast
614.2 8:03 Out of Garden City and turning onto US-50 the end of business 50 IBP a big plant, but we’re not sure what it is and then there was a big natural gas place and there’s all kinds of pumps through the fields or the crops and another big building, Interstate Gas Transmission , so besides the feed lots, which are large, and the crops, there’s your natural gas and possibly oil.
631.3 8:23 Stopped at Santa Fe Trail ruts 1821 to 1872, a historical marker.
Pictures of the sign and several trying to show the ruts. There’s a number of pairs of Canada geese around here.
8:44 Leaving having walked in the ruts or across the ruts.
632.4 Picture of the irrigation pipes.
8:49 Leaving.
635.3 8:52 Entering Lakin.
637.2 Historical marker Chouteau’s Island
8:58 Leaving. This was right near the Colorado Interstate Gas Company.
641.1 The countryside has changed quite drastically now there is still some crops but there are lots of fields clumps of grass and yuccas and it looks totally different than what it did a Garden City or even Lakin.
650.0 9:12 We’ve just crossed into Mountain Standard Time, that means the time is now 8:12.
662.2 8:25 Stopped in Syracuse for a lovely mural on one of the walls along the main street.
8:29 Leaving.
677.7 8:47 A picture of the tree line of the Arkansas River with what used to be Mexico on the other side.
678.4 8:48 Leaving Kansas and entering Colorado.
679.2 8:53 Rest area and point of interest. Welcome to Colorado sign also a sign about the uses of the waters from the Arkansas River and some interesting details another one about the cowboys and the cattle drives.
9:03 Leaving.
683.0 9:07 Welcome to Holly El. 3,397 feet.
688.9 9:14 Crossing the Arkansas River.
693.1 Granada El. 3,484 feet.
709.7 9:36 Entering Lamar Colorado El. 3,622 feet.
710.8 9:40 Stopped at the Colorado Welcome Center this is in Lamar.
10:22 We’re leaving the Lamar Welcome Center after a 70 year old lady was very helpful and loaded us down with so much literature it’s going to take us the whole holiday to read it and we have to watch that we don’t add too many tons to our vehicle if we keep this up.
711.8 10:25 Crossing the Arkansas River.
730.7 10:44 Entering Hasty and we’re going to be turning off here to go to the big reservoir on the Arkansas River. The John Martin Reservoir.
735.9 10:55 We’re at the other side of the reservoir and it almost looks like desert like country sagebrush, growing lots of sagebrush and in parts it almost looks sandy. Saw two vultures as we can back across the dam, but they disappeared below the road and just disappeared.
741.0 11:11 Back on this side of the dam but turning around to go down to the bottom of the dam.
743.2 11:33 Stopped for a snack.
11:40 Leaving after our snake of yogurt, banana, and my flax seed.
745.3 Leaving after picture of the mauve flower right down low on the side of the road.
747.2 11:52 Back on US-50.
761.6 12:07 Crossing the Arkansas River.
761.9 12:07 Entering Las Animus El. 3,901 feet.
771.3 12:20 First view of snow on big mountains as we came over a rise.
780.6 12:36 Entering La Junta El. 4,066 feet.
786.6 Swink El. 4,118 feet.
791.8 12:50 Rock Ford El. 4,178 feet.
801.3 1:01 This must be Fowler we’re going through now. no it’s Manzanola that we’ve just gone through. Fowler is still 9 miles ahead.
805.8 1:06 Just crossed the Arkansas River again.
809.4 1:10 Entering Fowler El. 4,341 feet.
829.4 Crossing the river again this is near Avondale after crossing the river, we’re crossing a wide valley ehich obviously is under water at times as lots of garbage stuck in the fences and you can see where the high water mark has been,
838.5 1:39 Entering Pueblo El. 4,695 feet.
847.6 1:58 Stopped in the old historic district of Pueblo $14.50 at Nic’s Italian Restaurant The worst meal was supposed to be a chicken caesar salad and all it was, was lettuce and dried bread broken up with two pieces of chicken which you need a magnifying glass to see,
3:10 Leaving, about to enter I-25 to go north
876.3 3:35 Entering Fountain 5,546 feet.
890.3 3:49 Exit I-25 at US-24 west Manitou Springs El. 6,212 feet.
896.4 Pictures Garden of the Gods, one straight on the road and one looking up towards the mountains,
903.0 5:47 Leaving Garden of the Gods.
903.7 5:50 Entering Colorado Springs El. 6,035 feet.

The day’s total - 315.1 miles
Trip Total - 903.7 miles

Day 5 - Friday May 14

We’re leaving Colorado Springs tonight we will be meeting May Taylor in Taos. We don’t know yet exactly which route we will be taking,
910.4 7:18 We are now in the Garden of the Gods th sun is shining beautiful blue sky.
913.6 7:48 Stopped in the main parking lot and we’re going to go for a little walk now.
8:33 We went for a wonderful walk from the main parking lot and we’re ready to go a bit further,
916.1 8:52 Leaving the Garden of the Gods visitors center.
919.7 9:01 Insta-cash at Norwest (Wells Fargo). I’m so glad we went through Garden of the Gods because the Gods smiled down on me this morning and gave me a Norwest (Wells Fargo) bank.
9:05 Leaving Norwest (Wells Fargo).
926.9 9:29 Stopped at Safeway on the south end of Colorado Springs.
9:37 Leaving from the Safeway parking lot. Nevada Street through Colorado Springs going south runs into CO-115 which is the road we are taking now to go to Canon City.
959.0 10:14 Leaving CO-115 and turning onto US-50 west.
962.8 10:19 You are entering Upper Arkansas River Valley sign. Picture of the sign.
967.0 10:25 Entering Canon City El. 5,332 feet.
978.1 10:41 Turned off US-50 to go into the Royal Gorge, which is 4 miles.
979.2 10:44 Pulled into a place where I think we can get a train to go to the Royal Gorge
10:49 Leaving because this wasn’t what we wanted, it doesn’t include everything, we have to go another 3 miles.
981.7 11:02 Leaving. A little detour we made to a higher point from which we had a wonderful view down into the deep canyon with the Arkansas River running through it also the railway line. The last picture I took up here was possibly could be a view of Pikes Peak but I’m not sure.
982.5 11:06 Parked the car at Royal Gorge.
1:19 Pulling out from the parking lot, had a wonderful time and we got senior rates $9.50 instead of $12.50, so that was a big saving and I went down the inclined railway and I went across the cable car as well, both most enjoyable. We’re now going to line up to drive across the bridge.
982.6 1:21 We’ve entered the gate and now we’re gong down to the bridge and across the bridge.
983.0 1:25 Arrived at the other side if the bridge.
1:32 Leaving.
990.4 1:56 Just come out of the park road onto US-50 and we are crossing the Arkansas River.
999.7 2:07 El. 5,332 feet back at Canon City.
1,001.3 2:11 Stopped in Canon City to get gas.
2:21 Leaving after getting gas.
1,002.0 GAS - Canon City, CO - $1.189/gal. - 16.818 gallons - $20.00
1,005.8 2:33 Entering Florence El. 5,178 feet.
1,009.6 2:37 Junction with CO-67.
1,011.0 2:38 CO-67 turning south now off CO-115.
1,018.5 Just seen our first antelope.
1,018.8 2:48 Stopped for a historic marker Hard Scrabble.
1,020.8 2:53 The junction with CO-96 and now we’re turning onto it to go west. CO-96 and is called Frontera Parkways Scenic Byway. The road is winding around through the mountains, there rushing water at the side of the road and according to this we’re just leaving the San Isabel National Forest, cause all the hills were covered in lovely trees. The road is also climbing at lot and you can tell the difference with the car as it climbs, the altimeter also shows we have climbed considerably since leaving the valley or the plain.
1,031.0 3:08 We’re parallel with some tress that have snow in amongst them 2,680 meters, Mary just read from the altimeter. The road actually climbed up through rocky canyons and now we’re traveling through a valley
1,035.7 3:12 We came over a rise and we have a whole row of snow topped peaks ahead of us. Mary said it was 2,800 meters just as we can over the ridge, when we had this long string of mountains spread out before us.
1,041.6 3:19 Entering Silver Cliff City El. 7,982 feet.
1,045.4 3:24 Welcome to Silver Cliff a Colorado mining engineer legend.
1,046.3 3:26 Entering Westcliffe El. 7,888 feet.
1,046.7 3:27 Stopped in Westcliffe to get some drinks out, I also want to check this millage thing with my glasses it’s either.
1,047.0 3:31 Ready to continue I’ll see if these are any easier to read now. We are now running along the valley parallel with the mountains
1,063.9 We’re still in the valley, a very strong wind blowing and there are a lot of snow fences along the roadway or in the fields just back of the road.
1,066.9 3:53 Stopped at the gateway to Wolf Springs Ranch.
3:55 Leaving.
1,070.5 4:00 Stopped for a picture of the mountains. National Forest route 559.
4:04 Leaving I took one picture down the dirt track towards the mountains and then we studied the map and planed our next section as to which way we were going to go.
4:13 Entering Gardner.
1,086.8 4:23 A point of interest Sheep Mountain, a surprising discovery.
1,104.2 4;46 Come to a stop sign and we’re turning south, We’re going south on business I-25 into Walsenburg.
1,105.3 4:48 Entering Walsenburg El. 6.185 feet. We have the junction with US-160 here in Walsenburg.
1,106.4 4:51 Turning onto US-160 which is a scenic byway and is called Highway of Legends The last two mountains I took a picture of with lines were called Spanish Peaks. Tow picture of a rock wall below one of the Spanish peeks. Took two because the wind is blowing so strongly, I’m not sure I was able to stop the movement of the camera so I tried it twice.
1,121.0 5:11 Leaving.
1,123.1 5:16 Two more pictures, again one of the Spanish Peaks but it was from a scenic view and there are lots of those rock walls.
1,133.0 5:28 Entering San Luis valley. We just went over the summit and I’ll have to check the book 9,413 feet, Mary saw the sign, I missed it feet not meters. Lots of pine trees and then there is quite a few Aspin and they don’t have any leaves on them yet.
1,140.9 We’re still winding down hill from the pass just a long, long descent CO-59 CO-159 is what we’re looking for to go south from US-160 and then we go onto NM-522 which will take us south to Taos.
1,143.4 We’ve dropped 400 meters since the top.
1,152.2 5:47 Welcome to Fort Garland.
1,152.9 5:48 Turning onto CO-159 Taos 78 miles. We have mountains with snow on them ahead of us now as we go south.
1,167.9 6:03 Entering San Luis El. 7,965 feet. This is Colorado’s oldest settled area. After leaving San Luis it’s like high desert, lots of flat land covered with sagebrush and in the distance layers of mountains and over to another side snowy mountains absolutely fascinating area.
1,186.1 6:21 Welcome to New Mexico Welcome to the Rio Costilla Valley.
1,204.5 6:38 Entering Questa El. 7,500 feet. Leaving Questa, we’re in among the pine trees. When we crossed the New Mexico border, the highway became NM-522 in New Mexico.
1,219.2 6:55 Entering Arroyo Hondo.
1,219.7 6:57 Turning off NM-522 to go into May’s.
1,220.1 6:58 Back at the highway, it’s hard to see the sign and we went passed it, pulled into where we could turn around.
1,221.8 7:01 We’re turning into Sandia Canyon private road.
1,223.3 7:09 Arrived at Taylors.

The day’s total - 319.6 miles
Trip Total - 1,223.3 miles

Day 6 - Saturday May 15

1,232.6 Entering Taos.
1,236.1 1:35 Leaving the garage. We drove through town looking for the cheapest gas we could find, all the same $1.289 per gallon. We’re on the south end of town now and we will be turning around and going back to May’s place and there for th rest of the evening.
1,248.0 GAS - Taos, NM - $1.289/gal. - 10.861 gallons - $14.00
1,259.5 Turning into Sandia Canyon.
1,261.0 5:38 Back at May’s.

The day’s total - 37.7 miles
Trip Total - 1,261.0 miles

Day 7 - Sunday May 16, 1993

1,261.0 7:52 We’re leaving from Taylors to go on a day trip back into Colorado. We had a false start while Mary went back to get some batteries for her camera
8:02 Leaving this time, but that was great the Mary found out about here batteries We left the house.
1,262.2 8;08 We’re out at the highway now NM-522 going north back into Colorado.
8:14 Stopped for the first historic sign, Can’t go very far without stopping, but this is the Lawrence Ranch.
8:16 Leaving Took a picture of the historic sign it’s D. H. Lawrence, the novelist the sign will explain everything.
1,275.3 8:26 Entering Questa El. 7,500 feet.
1,292.8 8:47 Leaving after a picture of half a gate, that is one of the great big wheels that are on the one side of a gateway entering into a property You are leaving New Mexico Hasta la vista.
1,297.1 8:52 So now we must be in Colorado,
1,314.0 9:11 Entering San Luis Oldest town in Colorado established April 5th 1851 El. 7,965 feet.
9:12 Stopped in San Luis, two pictures, the oldest ditch in Colorado, the sign before that the picture of the ditch.
1,316.1 9:27 Leaving San Luis.
1,330.7 9:42 Entering Fort Garland Leaving from Fort Garland in Fort Garland. CO-159 comes to an end at US-160 here in Fort Garland, We’re going to turn west towards Alamosa.
10:03 Leaving Fort Garland.
1,335.0 10:07 Entering Blanca El. 7,746 feet Blanca Peak elev, 14,836 feet is to the north of the road.
1,341.1 10:13 Leaving US-160 to go onto CO-150 this is to go into the Great Sand Dunes National Monument which is now 16 miles Very interesting country, very wide expanse of wide valley surrounded by mountain peaks with snow on them. The valleys are covered with very low shrubs mostly sagebrush.
1,343.1 10:16 Stopped for Mary to take a picture of area and I may do so as well, two pictures one looking down the fence and one looking straight down the road.
10:19 Leaving to continue on this straight towards the Great Sand Dunes.
1,352.3 10:29 Pulled in by some markers which give a lot of information about the valley, two are looking across the valley to the other range also Mount Banco which is the forth highest peak in Colorado and one looking up towards the sand dunes.
10:37 Leaving.
1,356.9 10:43 Entering Great Sand Dunes National Monument, two pictures.
10:45 Leaving.
1,358.9 10:50 Stopped two for panorama view and sign.
10:52 Leaving.
1,360.2 10:59 Arrive at visitors center.
We’re parked at the visitors center at the Great Sand Dunes National Monument. We’ve just watched a wonderful movie describing how the dunes were formed and all about the winds and now we’re going to go for a drive up into the dunes .
11:26 Leaving.
1,363.5 11:49 We’ve arrived at the point of no return.
12:04 Leaving to return from the point of no return.
1,364.3 12:16 Leaving after two more pictures of the dunes. Lots of people walking across the flat area towards them but some of them are on horse back as well and they just look like ants.
1,364.4 About to ford the creek on the way back.
1,365.9 12:26 Stopped near a picnic table. Had a lovely lunch a little windy but otherwise very nice.
1,366.0 1:05 Leaving from having parked by the river, taken several pictures of the water flowing down causing all kinds of currents, very interesting just to watch it,
1,366.3 1:08 In the parking lot opposite the Great Sand Dunes Wilderness. It say entering Great Sand Dunes Wilderness, Where man himself is a visitor does not remain. The visitors center is 8.175 feet or 2,292 meters so that’s a good one to check our things with. At the parking lot I took my shoes and socks off and went across Medano Creek and crossed over to the other side and you can climb up to the dunes, the high dunes 8,691 feet.
1:32 Leaving the parking lot to return to the visitors center.
1,367.3 1:36 Back at the visitors center.
1:59 We’re leaving the visitors center and now we will be heading out of the park and heading more homeward.
1,370.5 2:08 Leaving from a sign, two pictures of the sign and more pictures of the dunes and the mountains in the background.
1,370.8 2:09 Exited the National Monument, we’re now on CO-150.
1,377.2 Taking a picture of the mountain, panoramic view Blanco Peak El. 14,345 feet.
2:20 Leaving.
1,386.5 2:29 Junction with US-160. This is where CO-150 ends, so we’ve been on the whole length of CO-150 Yard sale, we actually saw a man starting to unload stuff at the gate to a ranch or big property, and now coming back, he’s got lots of stuff spread out.
1,391.6 2:35 Back at Blance.
1,392.6 Picture of Mount Blanca or Blanca Peak from the east side of Blanca.
1,393.6 Picture of Mount Blanca with the irrigation pipes in the foreground.
2;45 Entering Fort Garland.
1,396.9 2:46 The junction with CO-159, this is the route we came up and now we’re going to go ahead to La Veta Pass staying on US-160.
1,412.3 3:00 La Veta Pass 5 miles ahead.
1,417.0 3:05 We’re at the top of La Veta Pass North La Veta Pass summit, El. 9,413 feet, 20 miles to Fort Garland, 27 miles to Walsenburg two pictures.
3:07 Leaving.
1,426.6 3:19 Turned off for La Veta. Stopped at main street in La Veta road to US-160 to the left.
1,430.4 3:26 We’re going to turn right and hopefully yes it is, it’s CO-12 which is what we wanted and we’re going up through the main street. There’s a wagon up on the roof here at a restaurant. Twisted juniper posts holding the roof up. Could see the church bell for the snow, Murals on fences and walls, rather a nice little town. Going past the 1899 Inn, old stone building. We’re on another byway oh, this one is The Highway of Legends , we’ve been on a part of that before
1,434.3 3:35 Stopped for a rock wall.
3:38 Leaving.
3:42 Leaving after 2 more pictures and the road’s clear.
1,436.0 3:45 Another picture with two humps and the snow on the mountains behind also looking humpy.
1,436.7 Changed over to a regular lens for the pieces of rock going up the hillside.
3:50 Leaving.
1,438.5 3:54 Cuchara River Just crossed, it’s not very wide but it’s a rushing stream and n ow we have some donkeys in the field.
1,441.6 4:00 Entering Cuchara.
1,441.9 Cuchara a neat little town wooden buildings, lots of signs for different things, took one picture, two pictures at Timbers Restaurant , The Guys on one side, The Gals on the other side. Above the restaurant ‘s entrance it says Timber’s and has two elk antlers above the building. Cuchara Colorado El. 8,650 feet.
4:07 Leaving We just passed an entrance to a ski resort which accounts for all the lovely lodges and beautiful restaurants and there’s snow right at the side of the road here. We’re driving with snow right to the road and the aspens are very knurled looking trees from the hard growth with winter weather. We are climbing at the present time.
1,447.1 We’re getting into some very thick snow where it’s just sort a melting around some of the small evergreens otherwise it’s thick Cordova Pass ,must be the pass we’re going, here it is, no Cordova Pass is 6 and I think you have to turn off to get there.
1,447.8 4:19 We’ve just reach a point where we are going to be going down now so this could be Cordova Pass although it did say 6 miles so we’re at the top of something. I’m just going check the map. We’re at 3,000 meters, 9,750 feet. I think this must be Cuchara Pass which is El. 9,941 feet. Cordova Pass is actually on a gravel road off to our left and that is a 11,500 feet.
4:20 We are now on our way down. Having crossed over the pass, there’s not nearly as much snow on this side as there was on the other side as we went up towards the pass.
1,454.5 4:30 Just passing a dam at the side of the road, we came around a hairpin bend and there were snowy peaks in front of us again and there is also one of the rock walls as well. Thee road is going to go down to the end of the dam and then around the end and then down the other side. There’s a lot of fisherman all around the end of this lake. People are standing on the edge, on the roads and even wading out into the water with their fishing lines and here’s somebody with a little tiny catamaran of some kind with a seat between the two floats.
1,456.1 We’re leaving the lake now 8,775 feet was then elevation of that lake.
1,457.3 We’re just passing another lake now This is Monument Lake, this one, it has a name.
1,460.4 A wild turkey just flew across the road in front of the car.
1,461.9 Came around a corner and there is another of these big rock walls running through straight ahead of us this one, but it’s following over the top of the mountains.
1,462.6 A vertical picture of the rock wall that we noticed as we came around.
4:45 Leaving This was just as we were coming into a little town, no name, but lots of gateways into ranches, lots of houses scattered through the trees. This was the township of Stonewall (Gap???). Very appropriate name because of the big stonewall that virtually crosses the road, or the road goes between the gap in the wall. Since leaving Stonewall the road is winding through a valley along with a racing stream, the route of the stream is meandering but the stream isn’t.
1,467.3 We passed pasted a mine and there was an overhead track coming down from the mountainside which would be bring the ore down to the works whatever. The rushing stream is tumbling over rocks as rushes downhill.
1,473.6 4:59 Entering Weston.
1,479.6 There’s a lot of homes on each side of the road but I didn’t see any sign telling what town it was. The homes are strung out right along the roadway.
1,480.5 5:08 Entering Saqundo.
1,481.7 5:09 Entering Valdez. After passing that mine we came to an area where there was a lot of rocks in layers but instead of the vertical ones previously they were horizontal and it appeared as if there were coal seams running through them and now over to the right there’s a lot of black areas again which looks as if there’s coal in it, so maybe that was a coal mine even that we passed.
1,487.9 5:16 Just passed the entrance to Cokedale, a national historic town.
1,491.2 5:19 Turning off at Trinidad Lake suppose to be a picture area here lets hope it’s not too far off the road Trinidad Lake State Park, we just pulled of the side of the road to fill up or thermos flasks with juice before going on.
1,491.5 5:26 Back at the highway.
1,492.9 5:28 Entering Jansen.
1,494.2 5:30 Entering Trinidad also has a national historic area, city limit El. 6,025 feet. Mighty Miners at the Trinidad high school and there’s also a little coal truck loaded up with coal so our suspicions that it’s coal all through here is correct.
1,495.5 5:33 Entered I-25 south.
1,509.0 5:47 The top of Raton Pass and just come into New Mexico leaving Colorado behind. Raton Pass was only 2,400 meters 7,800 feet. It’s a quick descent from the Raton Pass and as you come down you can lookout onto broad flat plain with individual mountain peaks just raising out of the plain.
1,521.3 6:00 Leaving the interstate to take US-64 west to Taos. Taos is 90 miles.
1,524.6 6:02 Crossed the Canadian River.
1,525.8 A large herd of antelope to the south of the road. Large because there were too many to count.
1,527.7 More antelope.
1,533.5 More antelope.
1,535.0 Quite a number of antelope among the cattle, some were standing feeding, others were laying there. Ahead of us we have layers and layers of mountains, there’s also clouds hanging fairly low almost as if it’s rain falling over them, whilst at 45° is sunshine and fluffy white clouds shimmering in the light.
1,540.1 A lot more antelope, one would think you’re in Wyoming with the number of antelope we’ve seen.
1,541.1 There were some antelope right along the fence and as I came along their heads sort of bobbed up as if they could hear my whistles and then they started to move off away from the fence and while I’m talking there’s another large group of antelope to the south, there really are a lot through here and I’m get sick of telling you that there are so many antelopes, I probably won’t mention it again maybe.
1,549.9 We just passed a small heard of buffalo now and there’s more back further in the field, so actually there’s quite a lot of them there.
1,550.6 More buffalo.
1,551.6 A lot more buffalo and it’s not a very high fence here either not like the one where the buffalo are in Badlands National Park. There is an electric fence PONIL I think or Mary thinks.
1,555.4 6:33 We’re coming into Cimarron El. 6,430 feet.
1,555.6 Cimarron historic sign JILL A little bit more of the Santa Fe trail. After leaving Cimarron the road heads into the mountains leaving the flat high prairie behind.
1,560.8 6:42 There’s a sign for Cimarron Canyon and the road is winding around as we enter the mountains, maybe it’s going to go up through the canyon.
1,565.3 We’re driving along a road winding through the canyon and all along the side of the road are land sides and rock falls from, I guess the melting snow and the road is quite muddy as well which means there has been times when the road has been closed. We’ve come out in the open a bit now, so we could still go through another canyon judging by the mountains ahead, but we’ve come through one safely.
1,568.3 Some deer feeding at the side of the road. Tall ponderosa pines are right down to the side of the road and we’re virtually going through another canyon it’s closed in the road and the rushing stream. I think this must be the Cimarron Canyon because it’s had the sign up Cimarron Canyon State Park.
1,571.7 Palisades Sil, it’s along the Cimarron River. We are at El. 8,000 feet.
7:02 Leaving The Cimarron River is rushing also here but it’s not that big from memory I think we must be fairly near the source of it. This is a really beautiful drive, we’ve just been throughly spoiled today with the great verity of different and beauty spots we’ve seen.
1,574.3 A deer at the side of the road. Didn’t seem to be too fussed about our going by.
1,577.9 7:14 Entering Eagle Nest elev, 8,218 feet.
1,578.9 7:16 Entering Eagle Nest Gateway to the Enchanted Circle, This is also a ski area besides having the lake because there’s ski rentals and lots of advertizing for people going skiing , We just passed the junction for the road to Questa but we’ve decided we’re going to stay with US-64 and go all the way into Taos on this one because the other one looks as if it could go up quite high through the mountains and it goes towards the ski area as well. This trip has been full of surprises The road is following along sort of the west side of the lake now, and after Eagle Nest we’re in another beautiful valley, seems to be quite a lot of homes and there’s cattle grazing everywhere. We’ve seen two dead elk along the road, wildlife, that’s not very wild anymore.
1,590.9 Slow speed as the road enters or leaves the valley and winds up into the mountains between the trees again and it’s very curving.
1,592.7 7:35 Reached the crest and now we descend again into Taos 2,800 meters and there’s a sign for a cow on the road as we go down 9,100 feet.
1,602.9 7:51 Entering Shady Brook. We’re following a fellow that just is going so slow it’s pathetic . Mary says he’ll go backwards if he goes any slower. We’re on the outskirts of Taos now, I think Ranchos de Taos old town historic one mile with the historic Taos Inn, so we’re not quite there yet.
1,609.8 8:02 Town limits of Taos.
1,610.4 8:04 Turning on the main street through Taos.
1,621.0 8:23 Arrived back home.

The day’s total - 360.0 miles
Trip Total - 1,621.0 miles

Day 8 - Monday May 17

We’re going to be leaving Taylor’s in Taos and taking a circuitous route to Taylor’s in Albuquerque.
9:00 Left May’s and have driven down to
1,624.1 Herb’s in Arroyo Hondo.
9:13 Leaving there.
1,634.4 9:27 Stopped outside the Taos gallery next to the cachina lodge to photograph a statue.
10:04 We stopped and filled with gas and we’re on the south end of Taos. As soon as the light changes, we’ll be turning onto the main highway and heading out of town.
1,637.0 GAS - Taos, NM - $1.289/gal. - 15.514 gallon - $20.00
1,646.5 10:16 Stopped. This is our first stopping point outside of Taos and I’ll take a picture looking back along the Rio Grande gorge.
10:20 Leaving.
1,651.4 10:28 Stopped at the Rio Grande gorge visitors centers.
10:35 Leaving, the place was closed but we did used the place.
1,652.3 10:38 Stopped at a way sign pull off 2 pictures.
10:41 Leaving.
1,653.0 10:42 Stopped again Pictures of rafters.
10:49 Now we’re ready to leave.
1,676.1 11:18 Española El. 5,590 feet.
1,679.8 11:29 Entering Santa Clara Indian Reservation.
1,680.6 11:30 Turned off the highway, that is NM-30.
1,681.2 11:32 Back at the highway.
1,681.4 11:34 Tony Roller Studio. The historic marker for the Pueblo of Santa Clara is right near the gateway of the potter Tony Roller.
11:49 We’re leaving now ready to continue on.
1,684.9 Just as we’re entering the San Ildefonso Indian Reservation, took a picture of a flat top hill. We came to a very large junction in the road, one to Santa Fe and one to Los Alamos, so we took the turn to Santa Fe first looking for this particular pueblo.
1,690.8 12:04 Turning into the San Ildefonso Pueblo.
1,692.1 12:09 Stopped at the visitors center. We spent some time at the Martinez store and watch a movie one the Rio Martinez. It was absolutely fascinating.
1:40 Leaving from Martinez Galere.
1,693.6 The Babbitt Trading Post, very interesting information here about potters and signature series prices etc. also hummingbird feeders, and there’s just so many hummingbirds, they’re fascinating to watch.
2:19 Leaving to return to the highway now.
1,694.2 2:22 Back at the highway NM-502, back to the intersection and then on to Los Alamos. Approaching the junction of NM-30 and NM-502. This a huge junction out in the middle of no where for two state highways.
1,696.0 2:24 Back at the junction, It’s a huge highway going into Los Alamos, 3 lanes going up and it’s like going through rocky canyons with big rampart type walls.
1,701.0 2:31 Stopped on the road on the way up to Los Alamos, a huge canyon to the side, beautiful vistas of the canyon.
2:36 Leaving that is when we can nose into the traffic. These pictures were taken at mile 5 on AZ-502.
1,702.6 2:40 Welcome to Los Alamos El. 7,200 feet, established 1943.
1,705.1 2:44 Stopped in Los Alamos.
4:04 We had wonderful meal and I forgot to make note of the name of the restaurant and we’ve left from going to the post office, We’re on our way now.
1,712.9 4:17 Just saw NM-4 sign for the first time and I think we came over a crest of a very long climb, no I think we might still be going up we’re at 2,600 meters (8,530 feet) and we’re still going up.
1,714.7 4:21 I think we might be at the top 2,650 meters which is about 8,694 feet roughly. It was a lovely climb up with tantalizing views every now and then between the trees.
1,718.9 Val Grand a giant coulder a picture of the sign and one view of the valley.
4:31 Leaving, The size of the valley is hard to hard to imagine until you see the little dots of the animals on it and then you get some idea ofr how immanence this is.
1,720.3 Stopped again for grand valley.
4:35 Leaving.
1,734.8 4:54 We’re driving in a canyon we stayed on NM-4 but there was another road going off but I forget the number of it I’ll have to see if I can find it on a map, because this is gorgeous through here,
1,736.9 5:02 Leaving 2 pictures of the rocks in the canyon. The second picture would be looking towards Battleship Rock.
1,739.6 We’re under the 2,000 meter (6,561 feet) elevation now and still going down.
1,741.0 5:08 Stopped for a historic marker.
5:16 Leaving Soda Dam.
1,741.1 5:16 Entering Jemez Springs El. 6,306 feet.
1,741.9 Red rocks of Jemez State Monument.
5:20 Leaving.
1,741.9 5:21 Entering Jemez Springs, There are mineral baths, mineral springs quaint little restaurants a darling little town with this wonderful red cliff as a backdrop. This is just an amazing drive because Jemez Springs is in a canyon and we have very high rock walls on both sides, one of them has a lot of red in it in spots.
1,745.8 5:29 Pictures showing the mark between the white and the red rock. It looks as if we will soon be out of the canyon although it may continue for some time just not such high cliffs.
1,749.5 It’s now become quite a bit lower on either side of the road.
1,750.5 The junction with NM-485 I think it was so I can check on the map approximately where we are, where we have been.
1,751.5 The cliffs to the left there’s a long, long line of them and the color is absolutely brilliant in them. This is entering the Jemez Indian Reservation,
1,752.4 2 pictures just the brilliant, brilliant red rock, this is on the Jemez Pueblo.
5:46 Leaving.
1,754.6 Entering Jemez Pueblo and all the places have their little outdoor ovens. This is quite a large township here, they all have their ovens all the way through.
1,758.6 Entering San Ysidro.
1,760.0 5:57 Junction with NM-44 this is the route now into Bernalillo . After turning onto NM-44 we could see Sandio Mountain.
1,780.7 6:19 About to enter Bernalillo.
1,780.9 6:20 Entering Bernalillo El. 5,050 feet.
1,783.2 6:23 Junction with I-25.
1,802.7 6:47 Arrived at Furrs in Albuquerque to do some shopping.

The day’s total - 181.7 miles
Trip Total - 1,802.7 miles

Day 9 - Tuesday May 18

We’re going to be going from Albuquerque out to Gallup here tonight.
1,836.0 293 miles to Flagstaff.
1,852.2 8:58 Making our first stop at a scenic viewoverlooking Laguna Pueblo El. 1,700 feet.
9:08 Leaving.
1,871.3 9:23 We’re just crossing the lava beds, and it really is lava because I’ve taken a closer look this time.
1,876.6 We’re still crossing lava beds.
1,881.9 9:33 Exiting from the highway to have a rest stop.
1,882.4 9:34 Stopped at McDonald’s.
9:44 Leaving to return to the highway.
1,882.8 9:45 Back on the highway.
1,915.8 10:13 Exit-47, it’s not the one I wanted get straight back onto the highway.
1,916.0 10:14 This is the place I want, Stopped Continental Divide El. 7,275 feet 2,170 meters. Rainfall divides at this point.
1,916.3 10:18 Back on the highway.
1,930.0 10:30 Left the highway for the sign to Red Rock State Park, just so we can get some pictures from the highway or from this other road. Changed film, several pictures flowers, rocks, cliffs.
1,931.0 10:41 Leaving highway.
1,935.4 10:48 Turning onto NM-566 going toward Red Rock State Park.
1,936.9 A picture of some rock formations.
1,937.6 We’re going to turn around at this point and go back, took pictures of Mini Capa Doica but that doesn’t mean anything to me, except it’s in Turkey and Mary seen it.
1,938.5 Picture of Church Rock.
1,939.4 Another view of Church Rock.
1,939.9 Rock swirls a number of pictures
1,940.3 More swirly rocks and a sand dune.
1,941.1 11:17 Back on the highway, not the man highway but the side road and I just noticed a big huge pile of sand in front of the red rock.
1,944.3 11:21 Entering Gallup El. 6,510 feet. We’ve entered Gallup on Route 66.
1,947.9 11:28 We’re in Gallup and I’m not going to put everything down for every place we stop, but at the moment we’re at the Hotel El Rancho which is a national historic site.
1,948.8 11:36 Parked in downtown Gallup.
1,953.1 11:56 The Ranch Kitchen.
1:21 Leaving The Ranch Kitchen.
1,955.1 1:26 On our way back into town stopped at Ortegas Indian Market.
2:07 Leaving Ortegas.
1,956.6 2:15 Stopped for gas.
1,958.0 GAS - Gallup, NM - $1.239/gal. - 12.104 gallons - $15.00
2:23 Leaving and we’re going to get onto NM-602 and go towards Sooney.
1,960.3 2:27 Leaving Gallup.
1,974.0 We just passed where a man was plowing a small plot and somebody was walking along behind dropping the seeds in. The country side coming south from Gallup is quite different from what we saw to the north, the rocks are yellow, there seems to be more trees, not necessary big ones although there are some Ponderosa Pine but lots of juniper, sagebrush.
1,987.8 3:00 Junction with NM-53. That was the end of NM-602 or the beginning.
1,990.0 The cliffs look as if they were terraced as they eroded for the various strata as you go up the cliffs, it just looks as if it was in terraces.
1,991.9 Again they’re three people hand sowing the seeds. The road is actually following a valley through between rocky cliffs on both sides.
1,998.7 Welcome to Ramah Valley. There’s a canyon off to our left with layers of red and white or pink and white on both side or the canyon.
2,006.0 A picture to the north looking s some rock formations that look like Grecian urns As we drove on the shape of the urns I was talking about the Grecian pots and we just stopped with entering El Morro National Monument just ahead, we’ve got very tall yellow cliffs with the desert varnish showing up a bit on them.
2,011.2 The historic marker.
2,026.2 3:49 7,882 feet Continental Divide.
2,026.8 Just passed the entrance to the ice caves and the volcano cone and the ground is quite black all through here.
2,040.1 Mount Taylor need one say more.
2,051.2 4:15 We’re back a Grants about to enter I-40 east.
2,065.3 4:28 Left the highway to got to Acoma.
2,075.9 We’ve stopped near a historic marker overlooking the valley towards the Acoma Sky city, Bought a piece of pottery and now we’re going to continue on going down into the valley and taking a different route back to the highway to go to Albuquerque. I’m going to be back in the morning.
5:05 Leaving.
2,079.5 5:14 Leaving from near the visitors center.
2,091.0 5:27 Junction with I-40, there was no ramp there the traffic was just barreling along the highway particularly a big semi-trailer I didn’t want to fight with.
2,129.8 5:59 Albuquerque the next 17 exits.
2,142.8 6:12 Left the highway for Carlisle that is 57 minutes from leaving Acoma.
6:16 Furrs.
6:35 Back home.
In Ansley is actually quite a pleasant park where there are washroom facilities and picnic tables near a beautiful pond.
2,136.0 2:15 Stopped in Broken Bow Since leaving Anscelmo although to the south west it looks as if the sky was clearing up and the sun was shining it got quite dreary weather again drizzling rain and the clouds hanging quite low.

The day’s total - 333.3 miles
Trip Total - 2,136.0 miles

Day 10 - Wensday May 19

My birthday thank you LP for the beautiful watch you bought for me .
7:27 Leaving May and Roy after a wonderful stay.
2,198.0 8:20 Leaving the highway to go into Acoma.
2,203.7 Looking towards a mesa I guess standing up by itself but to the right hand side of it we can just see the buildings of Acoma.
2,210.0 8:41 Arrive at Acoma.
10:34 Leaving Acoma now and going to head east or back to the highway and east for a short distance. It’s been an absolutely amazing morning I’m very thrilled that we came it was only because me insisting that we did come Remember the date September the 2nd , it would worth while being on that day because that’s when they have their ceremonies and they encourage visitors and there’s no charge to go that day. No photos so no carrying camera. The mesa that I photograph on the way in is called the Enchanted Mesa, I also took photos of it from the Acoma Mesa. Hilary Clinton is going to be visiting the pueblo tomorrow ad our guide Orlando is the guide that has been chosen to show her around so as Mary said, we had the best guide of all the guides
2,221.6 10:49 Entering I-40.
2,239.9 11:05 Exit-126 to go south on NM-6 This road will take us to Los Lunas. Our guide belonged to the Roadrunner family not the Antilope family which was another group he spoke about quite a bit. The Antilope were the boss family. Four colors red, yellow, blue and white, the yellow was the east. The white was the west. The, red was south and blue was the north an d those are some of the colors that show up in the rocks as well and a lot of their religious things are based on four. He also talked about coming from the earth and so when people die, they’re replanted and will come back again from the earth. We are traversing a broad expanse of relatively flat land not totally. Big mountain in the distance in front of us cliffs well back from the road, lots of color through out. The straw in the adobe is a gold color, the mica windows would reflect the gold coloring because they used mica for their windows and this would show up as being gold for Coronado seeking the seven cities of Cibola.
2,267.0 We’re just noticing little heaps of black again which is lava rather interesting how it’s seems to disappear for awhile and then crops up again and the field or area to the north of the road we’re is just covered in hillocks of this black lava material.
2,268.4 Came over the top of a hill and there’s a broad valley between us and the mountain range ahead and the line of trees which be following the Rio Grande River. Along this New Mexico 6 route we’ve started to see a few wild flowers blooming, cause we’ve been surprise not to have seen more previously. The valley appears to have a lot of smog in it.
2,272.0 11:40 The junction with I-25 , however we are going to go across into Los Lunas and cross the river and follow a state road south.
2,274.7 11:46 Crossing the Rio Grande very big wide river here.
2,275.7 11:48 The end of NM-6 turning on to NM-47 south. The field are quite green and we suspect that it’s irrigated from the Rio Grande.
2,280.8 12:05 Turning onto NM-304 flowing along the river, we can’t really see the river other then the trees which let us know it’s there, but it’s fairly well build up all the way along one community joining onto the next one. The road is now a little higher above the valley, we’re on the east side and looking into the valley, you can see at the tops of the trees but there is still a lot of houses and at the same time we’re passing quite a developed industrial area.
2,291.7 A roadrunner just ran across the road Mary said to say it three times quickly ROADRUNNER RAN OUT ROADRUNNER RAN OUT ROADRUNNER RAN OUT . You can really see the difference that water makes because we’re going through dry desert type country at the same time as seeing the green fertile fields Veguita just a little tiny township and we should be turning off shortly This is Las Nutrias so didn’t turn off at Veguita. The places here could be Australia it is so dry looking such as going through Cooke on the Nullabor plains reminds a bit of that at the moment.
2,299.9 12:23 Stopped in Las Nutrias. According to the map in the historical marker we are following El Camino Real which goes all the way to La Plaza in Albuquerque Absolutely barren around the houses and they’ve cleared all the sagebrush away would almost be better if they let it grow right up to the houses then it not quite so barren.
2,303.2 12:36 The junction with US-60.
12:39 Leaving and going on US-60 west after taking picture of New Mexico Boys Ranch sign. This US-60 is the same route I’ve been on in parts of Arizona. We’ve crossed at least two channels since turning onto this highway.
2,304.1 We’re going to cross the Rio Grande and we’ve crossed three more channels since crossing the river there are also fields that are built up so that separate sections could be flooded it also looks very salty looking lots of white showing through.
2,306.3 Entering Bernerdo.
2,306.7 12:44 Junction with I-25 south Even wide river beds have no water in them, another remainder of Australia. We’re going to be leaving the interstate at Exit-150 in Socorro.
2,330.7 1:07 Left the freeway.
2,332.4 1:13 Stopped in Socorro in the historic area.
2,333.0 GAS - Socorro, NM - $1.129/gal. - 15.06 gallons - $17.00
Tape failed, no more information for the day

The day’s total - 197.0 miles
Trip Total - 2,333.0 miles

Day 11 - Thursday May 20

2,559.0 GAS - Alamogorda, NM - $1.159/gal. - 9.490 gallons - $11.00
Tape failed, no more information for the day

The day’s total - 226.0 miles
Trip Total - 2,559.0 miles

Day 12 - Friday May 21

3,009.0 GAS - Deming, NM - $0.969/ gal. - 18.057 gallons - $17.50
Tape failed, no more information for the day

The day’s total - 450.0 miles
Trip Total - 3,009.0 miles

Day 13 - Saturday May 22

3,156.7 Stopped briefly to take a picture huge vista that we can see from here but we are still going up hill so we haven t reached the top yet for being on top of the world.
3,157.3 We maybe at the top and it’s 2,100 meters 6,825 feet and
3,157.4 Yes we are going down now.
3,157.5 4:32 Stopped.
4:36 Leaving took pictures looking into the distance from the opposite side of the ridge The road is sort of going across the ridge and there are distant vistas in either direction.
149.2 The road is still virtually running along a ridge with the deep valleys on either side of it they’re a little further away than they were but it’s still more or less along the top of the ridge. The road down is going through a pine forest beautiful tall straight ponderosa pines. Looking down from the edge of the road, the sun shining the trunks of the ponderosa pines was a very pretty sight also on Mary’s side of the road and there was a clump of blue and white lupines that the sun was just catching rather pretty as well. Actually, there’s quite a lot of lupines growing along the side of the road so maybe they’re one of the wild flowers that will live where the pine trees are.
3,165.8 There’s still a lot of trees but we’ve come out to more open canyon than when we were driving through the deep forest. I should also mention that there was a thunder storm with thunder and lighting while we were up at the cliff dwellings and then when we were coming down we did get a bit of a sprinkle.
5:02 Stopped and I’m going to walk back to something I saw coming down the road. Wonderful stamen on a agave flower almost ready to open up just beautiful I only hope my pictures come out because the sun kept dodging behind clouds while I was trying to take it. I had to walk back to it because there was nowhere to park near it
5:12 Leaving This is a magnificent drive but it’s very difficult to describe because the scenery is changing all the time and we’re in and out of the forest. It’s a very winding road goes on and on and it’s up and down as well. Driving through Pinos Altos there’s old buildings dating around 1860 and the old fort.
3,172.0 The downtown of Pinos Altos. Pinos Altos was a mining town that produced 8 million dollars worth of various minerals back in the 1800s.
3,177.1 5:29 Entering the city limits of Silver City El. 5,938 feet.
3,179.2 5:34 Turning onto NM-90 According to a bank thermometer the temperature is 82° Suddenly we’re out of the mountains and into dry country with sparse vegetation , not sure what these trees are all have been losing their leaves but that’s what’s sort of covering a lot of the hillside there’s also back to some yuccas no more pine trees. I like to know what these other trees are that were losing their leaves back in the mountains are still with us . It’s been a very interesting and most enjoyable day and we have to just drive to get to Tucson.
3,189.0 The road is going down hill with cutting to the left of the road with different colored yellows in them, some very bright and ahead are the slag heaps of the Tyrone Mine Big slag heaps and the road is really going right through the middle of the mine.
3,198.0 Mary’s just remarked about a view to our right which looks as if your looking up to Mount Lofty sort of three different peaks and all the aerials on the top and I agree with her.
3,209.5 Looksas if we’re almost down, broad expanse of flat plain with misty mountains on the horizon. Dreamworld land of enchantment distant watercolor it is it’s just like watercolor very soft beautiful. The very distant mountains look as if they are just hanging there or floating and just noticed some more over beyond the distant ones. I’m just enchanted by the mountains I don’t know how to described them all the rugged tops and just floating there layer after layer Well we’re almost into Lordsburg and then we’ll be getting on the interstate. It’s been a magnificent drive and I throughly enjoyed every moment of it. I just feel sorry for Mary cause I keep dragging her off on these wild, wild detours Mary said “Ah yes she hates all that doesn’t she ah yes never takes a picture ah yes “.
3,220.0 6:19 The junction with US-70 west. We actually don’t go into Lordsburg but I’m not sure how long it is before we get on to the interstate from here.
6:20 Stopped momentarily Poor Mary id having conniptions or whatever that word is a u-turn. Mary said “It’s far easier to drive with YOU and get your hair curled than to go and have it permed” .... We did an about turn a u-turn and the road drops off about feet one each side on both sides not just Mary’s side so we do have to go back towards Lordsburg..
3,222.6 6:23 Lordsburg city limit El. 4,245 feet. The mountains in the distance look almost mystical until we start to get closer to them and then you can see the shadows of the various ravines .
3,246.3 6:46 Entering Arizona, we’ve left New Mexico I don’t think we’re going back there for a little while. Just a sign for blowing dust for the next 30 miles, so it’s no wonder the mountains are so hazy.
3,263.7 Passed an orchard of pecan trees. As we came into Arizona, the valley to the left slightly lower than the road had a lot of green in it, green fields as if some sort of cultivation was being done and this certainly is at various points along here there is also a lot of bare land and this is where the dust would be coming from but the land looks reddish color where as the dust looks more of a white color.
3,271.3 A sign for pecans, walnuts and wine and there’s a huge orchard to our right of nut trees must go on for at least half a mile. On the south side of the road there’s a large orange grove. The summit at Texas Canyon, I was looking to see if there was a sign here because on the map last year there was or the year before there was something special about this spot, we went into the rest area, but there is no sign, lots of huge rocks here.
3,316.4 7:45 Sort of like a devils marble area, it’s very, very sudden and unexpected, just gorgeous rock formations, check that map for information.
3,319.6 Beautiful ocotillo in flower, there’s lots of ocotillos in flower, particularly in the medium. In spite of the sun it’s still a magnificent drive.
3,357.3 8:19 Entering Tucson city limit and the last little bit of sun is slipping behind a mountain. Tucson is still 21 miles but we’ve entered within the city limits.
3,358.0 The sun has gone.
3,385.2 8:46 Leaving the interstate in Tucson.
3,390.5 8:59 Arrive at the Travel Lodge Suites.

The day’s total - 381.5 miles
Trip Total - 3,390.5 miles

Day 14 - Sunday May 23

3,398.0 GAS - Tucson, AZ - $1.129/gal. - 16.828 gallons - $19.00
9:22 We’re leaving the gas station in Tucson to go back to the Desert Museum,
3,405.2 9:36 Arrive at the scenic view at the top of Tucson Mountain Park.
10:00 Leaving Gates Pass scenic area.
3,410.4 10:15 Arrive at the Dessert Museum.
3,418.4 4:18 We’re just leaving from Signal Point picnic area having walked up to the top to see the petroglyph. We’ve come back into town, we took I-10 south to Grant Road and we’re just waiting to turn onto Grant Road right at the side of the freeway.
3,437.0 5:08 From here we go up Mount Lemon. Begin reverse lane ahead got no idea what that means.
3,444.0 We’re still traveling along Grant Street going east and just saw a beautiful jacaranda tree in flower.
3,448.7 5:27 Turned onto the Catalina Highway 800 meters is what we’re starting off at on Catalina Highway here 2,600 feet.
3,455.7 5:39 First vista point 1,100 meters 3,575 feet. We’ve decided that we’ll come back here in the morning, the evening is just too sunny and the sun is in the wrong direction, so we’re going to head back down nowm get supplies and have an earlier night and going to see if we can get an extra night at the motel and we’re going to get the washing done, or Mary is going to do the washing.
5:41 Leaving.
3,472.5 6:12 Stopped at the corner of Sunrise and Swan, there’s a Safeway here.
6:57 Leaving that was a big shop.
3,484.0 7:12 Back home for the night.

The day’s total - 93.5 miles
Trip Total - 3,484.0 miles

Day 15 - Monday May 24

We’re just leaving from the motel for a day trip to Organ Pipe Cactus Nation Monument.
3,484.0 GAS - Tucson, AZ - $1.129/gal. - 4.426 gallons - $5.00
3,484.0 Leaving from the gas station in Tucson.
3,495.2 A crested quail ran across the road in front of us This was shortly after passing the turn off to Old Tucson Desert Museum and Saguaro National Park.
3,496.6 Came around a corner and there’s a mountain ahead of us with bright buildings on top of it and I’m wondering if this is Kit Peak, I didn’t notice it the last time we drove out here until we were right below it.
3,499.0 Stopped and took a picture of Kit Peak in the distance.
3,504.1 Another picture towards Kit Peak.
3,523.7 9:41 Stopped at a roadside table below Kit Peak.
9:42 Leaving.
3,525.5 9:45 Turning off on AZ-386 to go up to Kit Peak.
3,527.9 1,100 meters (3,608.9 feet) and we’ll see what it is when we get to the top.
3,528.8 El. 4,000 feet.
3,530.6 Picture looking up to the telescope.
3,532.0 El. 5,000 feet. There are ironwood trees growing up here and they’re in flower with their pink flowers.
3,534.3 We saw two animals go across the road, we have to inquire what they are.
3,535.1 El. 6,000 feet.
3,537.1 El. 6,750 feet.
3,537.4 10:11 At the top.
11:35 Leaving to continue down, it’s an 8% grade for the next 10 miles Picture coming down the hill of the MDM observatory not sure if I got the RGT Rich Guy Telescope. Besides ironwood there’s palo verde we’ve seen ocotillos, soltols, and then there was a small bush called snowberry which I hadn’t heard of before but Mary said it has a white fruit similar to raspberries on it.
3,549.8 12:06 Back at AZ-86 and we’re turning to go west towards Sells.
3,568.0 12:26 Entering Sells El. 2,674 feet established 1909.
3,586.4 12:48 Stopped by a large saguaro cactus.
12:51 Leaving Just the right level saguaro flower for us to get good pictures of it . Today has been a beautiful drive with the palo verde in flower also the pink blossoms on the ironwood trees the bushy cholla don’t appear to have any flowers on them but they look like small trees there’s also prickly pear cactus with blooms on it and of course the saguaros and absolutely wonderful shapes in the saguaros, it would be fun to spend a bit of time wondering around looking at them making up comments for them. There are also vultures flying overhead.
3,592.7 Just past an organ pipe cactus, not a really tall one but it had buds on so let’s keep our figures crossed.
3,609.4 1:18 Stopped for road work again.
3,629.7 1:41 End of AZ-86 this is the junction with AZ-85 and we’re not going to go south.
3,634.3 1:47 Entering Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.
3,651.4 2:08 Arrived at the visitors center. Unknown birds kept chirping at us through our meal and now that we’re back in the car a beautiful cardinal and also a woodpecker can to check out where we had out lunch and have gone off thinking that we’re very mean.
3:25 Leaving the visitors center.
3,653.8 A picture at number 3 point of the Ajo Mountain Drive that we’re doing It’s the Ajo Mountains between the saguaro cactus.
3,654.5 Number 4 creosote a picture looking towards the mountains. When I asked the ranger at the visitors center about the two animals we’ve seen up Kit Peak and I described to her, she was very, very excited and said we were extremely lucky to have seen them, The animals were called coatimundi.
3,655.8 Number 5 organ pipe cactus on the hillside and a stand of saguaro with mountains behind.
3,656.2 A view above the saguaro cactus to part of the mountains where there are a lot of caves or holes back into the yellow oka rocks.
3,656.5 Number 6 nurse tree and a picture of an organ pipe cactus.
3,656.7 Number 7 an organ pipe cactus finishing up with a picture of the mountain with the moon above it.
3,657.2 Number 8 chain fruit cholla.
3,657.4 3 pictures, one looking over a cactus and a mountain, second looking into the was and the arora with an organ pipe and one looking back towards the mountains looking west This was at number 9.
3,657.8 Is number 10 new film looking along the road to the mountains we’re going to take into the south into Mexico, the grey moss which turns to a lush green after rains and a young organ pipe cactus.
3,658.6 Number 11 the first one was some mountains framed in the cholla and I finished up with the rock formations without any plants in.
3,658.9 Number 12 is prickly pear didn’t stop.
3,659.6 A length wise one with cholla, saguaro and a rock sticking up in the air.
3,659.8 A very nice specimen of organ pipe.
3,660.5 Number 13 arches one picture with saguaro cactus in the arch another picture or maybe mesquite but we’ll check it later.
3,660.8 This is number 13 now sign, arch and moon. There are ironwood trees flowering in the vicinity of number 13 also.
3,661.1 Looking up a canyon.
3,661.7 A picture of Dog Mountain.
3,661.9 An agave flower.
3,662.2 Number 14 didn’t take any pictures here.
3,662.5 Estays Canyon picnic are a number 15 we’re not going to stop here either number 15 is supposed to be the halfway point,
3,662.9 Ironwood in front of a couple cactus.
3,663.0 Ho hover number 16 picture of the rather interesting ho hove plant and one of the cactus.
3,663.3 A mountain view of unusual rock formation number 17.
3,664.0 Mexicans jumping beans suppose to be dark green plant but we’re not sure which ones they are so we’re continuing.
3,664.3 Number 18 Dears Peaks Picture of Dears Peak and one in the opposite direction.
3,664.7 Number 19 the ocotillos I think we’ve got enough pictures of ocotillos so we won’t take any more here.
3,668.4 Number 21 we were going to give 20 amiss anyway This is Teddy Bear Pass. Number 21 Teddy Bear Pass and the teddy bear cactus had flowers on them pretty exciting.
3,668.8 Number 22 and we’re not stopping for pictures here either.
3,669.6 Back at the 2 way traffic where we went off and it divided to go one way.
3,671.4 Back at number 1.
3,671.7 5:59 Back at AZ-85, we’re turning north now to go up through Why, Ajo and up to the interstate.
3,693.1 6:23 Entering Why.
3,693.4 Just past the junction with AZ-86, we’re gping on AZ-85 north . I was interesting when we stopped to have lunch there were a couple of different birds that cam over to the front of the car and were pecking the insects off the front of the car and in even got right inside the grill at the front.
3,703.9 6:35 Entering Ajo El. 1,740 feet, founded in 1854 beautiful of oleander in several here in Ajo and I’ve also noticed two of these Jacarandas here in flower. Gila Bend El. 735 feet founded 1872.
3,744.7 7:19 Turned to get on I-8.
3,806.3 8:09 I-8 coming to an end and the junction with I-10. It’s very busy, lots of trucks on few feet before I enter.
3,856.3 8:52 We’ve just left the freeway.
3,860.9 9:02 Arrive opposite our motel.
9:15 Home.

The day’s total - 376.9 miles
Trip Total - 3,860.9 miles

Day 16 - Tuesday May 25

7:59 Stopped at the service station.
3,868.0 GAS - Tucson, AZ - $1.129/gal. - 15.948 gallons - $18.01
8:09 Leaving after filling with gas This is ARCO AMPM which appears to have the cheapest gas in the city. El. 775 meters (2,542.7 feet) as we’re driving along Speedway we’ve already come up a little bit as if we’re getting into foothills.
3,879.3 8:33 Turning off Speedway onto Houghton that is 11.3 miles from Speedway since we got gas.
3,882.2 8:38 Going up Catalina Drive now to go to Mount Lemon. Going up here is a scenic route going up to Sky Island.
3,887.2 8:46 Badbat Duag vista point.
8:48 Leaving, we just had a look out from the lookout over the city which is very extensive, it was too late to take pictures because the is too high in the sky but it was great to see it
3,888.4 EL. 4,000 feet Molino Canyon lookout.
3,889.2 8:53 Stopping here, picture of a canyon and two of a beautiful pink flower.
9:04 Leaving.
3,890.3 9:08 Arrived at the self service area my Golden Age pass could be used for this so Mary’s putting the $5.00 back in our wallet.
9:12 Leaving.
3,892.5 5,000 feet.
3,893.8 9:20 Seven Cataract’s Vista Point one picture showing downtown Tucson and Thimble Peak one would need to be here when the snow is melting or there has been heavy rains to see cataracts with the water flying, because it’s quite dry at present.
9:24 Leaving. There’s a lot of different wild flowers blooming along the roadside, we still have to look through the wildflower book to find what some of them are but I can recognize some mallow and quite a lot of flax.
3,896.7 6,000 feet.
3,898.6 9:37 Windy Point Vista The plaque on the rock is a dedication to a man name Hitchcock who through his efforts make this road that we’re traveling possible. It’s a wonderful vista point and I’ve taken pictures on both sides of the road,
3,899.0 9:56 Stopped at Geology Vista Point by the road winding up the fins, pine trees and stacked rocks and balanced rocks.
10:03 Leaving.
3,901.0 We’re in among the pine trees now.
3,901.1 EL. 7,000 feet.
3,902.1 10:10 San Pedro Vista Point no pictures here back at the previous two vista there were a lot of arbutus around, now we’re into the pine trees and the firs.
10:12 Leaving I wonder what kind of surveyors found their way up here and then what the road builders had to do to get up here as well because it’s even more incredible than going up Kit Peak.
3,904.3 10:18 Palisade’s Visitors center stopped.
10:35 Leaving The visitors center, I think was at 7,925 feet Our little thing goes up to 2,400 meters which is 7,800 feet.
3,906.2 EL. 8,000 feet Aspin Vista Point.
3,907.6 10:32 A view of the opposite direction from Tucson, but it’s very pale and fogy or misty no pictures.
3,908.5 8,000 feet again and we’re going down again, we went down last time from the 8,000 feet.
3,909.3 10:45 Turning off for Ski Valley, which is the end of the road.
3,910.7 10:48 Arrived at Ski Valley Mount Lemon Arizona.
11:19 Leaving for the return trip down the mountain.
3,922.8 Going through the rocks along the road on the way down . Littering highway is unlawful and here is Arizona, I think the have the worst roads I have ever seen in any state.
3,927.0 11:59 Stopped for a pile of rocks.
12:04 Leaving and it’s just a short distance before the Seven Cataract’s pull off the rocks are simply stacked up on top of each other and you don’t notice them so much from here as you did when Mary first pointed then out there is also Indian paintbrush growing on the side of the road.
3,928.3 12:07 Stopped to walk back to some red flowers long thin red bells and an old stump.
12:11 Leaving these red flowers that I have taken are all somewhere area of the 5,000 foot elevation Back at the 4,000 foot level and we now have the saguaro on the hillside so there’s a complete change Flower Decked Spring Bonnets.
3,938.7 12:30 Turning off Catalina Highway onto Houghton Road.
3,947.1 12:59 Leaving from the visitors center to take the drive through the Eastern Saguaro National Park.
3,947.5 Views across to Mount Lemon and the road going up picture of cholla, Mount Lemon, prickly pear cactus , paella verde and the plant with the little gray balls on. This is a really beautiful drive through here, a lot more flowers than we’ve seen before, different kinds of cholla each with different colored flowers.
83.3 Another picture, in fact two looking towards Mount Lemon between the saguaro cacti. There’s a lot of ocotillo in the area and in fact on one side they’re losing their leaves and on the other side they still have them. The road is following along a ridge so you have two slops going away from it which would give you the two different types of growth or blossoms or leaves, what ever. Cresol is what I took a picture of before with the little white pearly balls on it.
3,952.6 Brilliant yellow flowers on the prickly pear. While we were at the visitors center we saw a haballina . A gamba quail which I call crested quail because I could never remember the real name, a rock squirrel, all these things were seen through the window from by the ranger’s desk in the visitors center.
3,955.3 2:00 Back where we began the 8 mile loop road through Saguaro National Park.
3,955.7 2:03 Saguaro’s Corners restaurant. We had beautiful meal at this restaurant at Saguaro’s Corners and we were sitting by the window watching birds, I counted 7 different kinds, there was also a coyote, though it was rather miserable looking one and a squirrel. The meal was excellent. The menu showed things that were suitable for people who are watching their diet and it was absolutely delicious.
2:44 Leaving, It was a grilled chicken breast, some jello, I had raspberry sherbet, Mary had cottage cheese and it was severed with lettuce, a couple of sliced tomatoes half a hard boiled egg. We turning off Old Spanish Trail onto Escalante and we’ll be going down to Houghton. The restaurant even had cloth napkins, very, very nice place.
3,957.8 2:48 Turning onto Houghton when there’s a gap in the traffic.
3,967.2 On Valencia, we passed a junk yard for Air Force planes an helicopters.
3,973.9 3:13 Turning off Valencia onto 6th Avenue.
3,977.8 3:22 Arrived at San Savior Mission.
4:12 Leaving from the mission San Savior Da Bac.
3,978.9 4;15 Junction with I-19 going south.
3,988.4 4:23 Exiting I-19 at Exit-75, Beautiful trees to the left and to the right in the bottom of this valley.
3,991.2 4:29 Arrived at the Pecan Store.
3,992.1 4:46 Stopped by the Santa Cruz River and the pecan orchard Leaving after taking some pictures of the pecan tree.
4:52 Leaving Exit-80 is coming up in 1 kilometer (0.6 miles) and the pecan trees are still in the valley so t’s very extensive area of pecan trees. This distances in South Tucson are all in kilometers so there’s nothing in miles at all. Between the Ajo way and getting onto I-10 east to El Paso, there’s gum trees down the medium and on both sides of the road.
4,009.9 5:11 We joined into I-10 for a very short distance and then exited. Drove around a bit looking for 4th Avenue, because I wasn’t sure whether it was avenue or street and we’ve driven on both or those and we did find it. Trying to think it was just south of University on 4th Avenue.
4,021.6 5:52 Stopped outside the supper market again, opposite our motel.
6:01 Leaving, we drove up Oracle Road looking for the AAA for tomorrow, which opens at 8, we stopped at the Post Office just north of our motel, mailed Mary’s post cards and now she’s trying to find what time the Post Office opens in the morning, I must remember to go to Norwest (Wells Fargo) Bank tomorrow I should get another $100.00 I think.
4,024.3 6:16 Back at the motel.

The day’s total - 163.4 miles
Trip Total - 4,024.3 miles

Day 17 - Wednesday May 26

Leaving from the Travel Lodge Suites on Oracle Road in Tucson..
4,024.6 7:49 Stopped at the Post Office.
7:51 Leaving from the Post Office.
4,024.8 7:54 Leaving from the Norwest (Wells Fargo) Bank.
4,027.6 8:00 El. 2,640 feet and I think we were entering Oro Valley.
4,038.7 Looks as if we’re finally out in the country, there’s been pockets of all along the way north of Tucson and there’s hardly a saguaro in sight. Oracle Road is AZ-77.
4,047.2 8:24 Turning into Biosphere-II.
4,049.8 8:29 Arrived at Biosphere-II.
12:30 Leaving the Biosphere , we had a wonderful visit learned at lot found it most interesting and had a very, very tasty lunch at the Audo Canada Restaurant Dick was our tour guide and we felt that he was very good and enjoyed it when he was telling us every thing He was a scientist whose speciality was gases but he explained everything very well I thought and I think I’ll be interested in reading more about it was well.
4,052.5 12:36 Back at the road AZ-77 have to back track for about 6 miles.
4,057.8 12:43 Turning onto AZ-79 north this will be going towards Florence.
4,072.0 We’re seeing Saguaro cactus again.
4,081.9 1:11 Tom Mix monument someone who is remembered from 1880 - 1940 In memory of him Sounds as if he might have been an itinerant story teller there’s quite a mixture of cacti along the way but the cholla is quite high and all along the route the palo verde have been blooming, they look they look absolutely beautiful with their pale lemon blossoms we’re only about 12 miles out of Florence and there are some iron woods flowering now,
4,093.5 1:25 Leaving AZ-79 to go towards Coolidge most unusual building on the corner had a tower and was kinda leaning over.
4,099.4 Crossed a channel full of water or an irrigation ditch just before that there were fields of alfalfa and just before that there was flat land that was cleared pretty well and just needed a bit of wind to stir up a willy willy Here we haven’t quite arrived in Coolidge yet, but I think we’re getting closer to it, hay has been cut there’s cattle there’s fields that are under water here so it’s quite development area, agriculture development So this is in the area of Green Valley which is shortly before we get to Coolidge There’s a house here with palm trees, oleanders and some citrus trees quite unexpected after the desert we’ve been driving across.
4,103.3 A field of rye or barley we’ve got a little difference of opinion here, I’m not sure that barley is grown that much whereas rye is grown more often on the other hand I haven’t been to Coolidge Arizona before so who knows. A very nice ripe crop no matter what it is it doesn’t matter.
4,104.2 1:37 Entering Coolidge.
4,107.3 1:47 Arrived at Casa Grande.
2:58 Leaving from Casa Grande.
4,111.6 To the south of the road is a field of corn which is up about 3 feet tall. Since leaving Casa Grande we’ve continue to go through at lot of agricultural areas still. Before reaching Chandler on the outskirts of Phoenix there’s a lot of agriculture fields of green, I don’t whether it’s hay or what it is but certainly quite lush looking.
4,140.6 3:42 We’re down to Warner Road which is on the north end of Chandler.
4,156.3 4:18 Arrive at the Desert Botanical Garden.
6:01 Ready to leave the Desert Botanical Garden.
4,170.2 6:31 Arrive at Mesa Inn Best Western on Main Street a half a mile east of Stapley
4,170.3 At the motel and now we’re going off for supper.

The day’s total - 146.0 miles
Trip Total - 4,170.3 miles

Day 18 - Thursday May 27

4,177.0 GAS - Mesa, AZ - $1.269/gal. - 14.182 gallons - $18.00
9:07 Leaving the gas station and going on our long drive now through Superstition Mountain El. 1,715 feet.
4,182.1 9:17 Entering Apache Junction.
4,184.0 9:21 The junction with AZ-88 Salt River Lakes and Roosevelt Dam is where we’re heading for and shortly after that we’re out in open country which is miles and miles from the center of Phoenix however I can still see groups of houses in areas that have been development
4,187.5 9:28 Stopped on the outskirts of Apache Junction to take a picture of the sign.
9:31 Leaving.
4,188.5 9:33 Gold Field ghost town Superstition Mountain Gold Field 1893.
9:55 Leaving General picture and one of saguaro flower Gold Field established 1893.
4,190.1 9:58 Starting of Apache Trail historic road,
4,192.1 10:07 Leaving a nice orange colored mountain and a saguaro cactus against the skyline.
4,193.6 Two pictures looking over a valley with lovely rock formations in the background.
10:17 Leaving the color of all the rocks is really a gold color really with the sun shining on it, it looks quite golden.
4,196.0 Gold rocks and two kinds of cacti.
10:27 Leaving.
10:30 Stopped at Canyon Lake vista all this are is in the Tonto National Forest One picture at Canyon Lake vista.
4,201.8 10:47 Entering Tortilla Flat.
11:10 Leaving Scum on the water lying in the rocks of Tortilla Creek. The rocks have got round hollows in them as well probably from when water does rush down bring pebbles and things from further up stream.
4,205.5 11:20 Stopped at a wayside stop agaves and ocotillos with the mountains and some really beautiful views.
11:31 Leaving the hills in this area are covered with ocotillos, agaves, prickly pear and a few saguaro cactus Everything is flowering, it’s just magnificent. I can’t get over how many of took two pictures at right angles to each other with ocotillos in both of them and mountains in the background and We’re at a 1933 benchmark El. 2,858.944 feet and it’s the US Coast and Geodetic mark and the elevations is above mean sea level
4,207.2 11:43 Leaving from this benchmark spot this spot is also where the pavement ends and we have gravel road for 22 miles Just amazing rock canyons all along the way, both sides of the road. It’s really wonderful to see so many agaves coming into flower and when I think of the one lonely one that we saw on a distant mountain when I was with Anne and we didn’t know what it was then and it took me three years to find out what the plant was and here I am amidst hundreds of them.
4,209.1 11:50 Stopped.
12:02 Leaving Picture of the canyon the road we’re going to take and the prickly pear cactus with a lot of flowers.
4,210.7 12:13 At the bottom near Fish Creek, canyon, creek bed, road winding up cliff faces.
12:20 Leaving.
4,216.2 13:37 Apache Lake vista, no pictures just because of the power lines.
4,216.5 12:40 Leaving after one picture after looking down on the lake and the cliffs above the lake and that was Apache Lake.
4,220.3 A one lane bridge over Pine Creek, now we’re going up again, this should be called the Grand Old Duke of York’s Road I think because one minute we’re up and the next we’re down. A picture of the road where we come from and a picture of the road where we have to go.
4,221.2 12:57 Leaving that’s after the road from where we’ve come from and now where we’re going.
4,224.4 The green water of Roosevelt Reservoir we just come on to it and now driving along side the water slightly above it well, I don’t know maybe 40 feet above it.
1:14 Leaving.
4,226.3 A picture of the lake with the road twisting along side of it and interesting rocks in the distances.
4,227.1 Arrived at bitumen road AZ-117 and Roosevelt Dam is ahead of us.
4,227.6 1:18 Pulling into Theodor Roosevelt Dam interpretive overlook finished up with a clump of yellow flowers.
1:30 Leaving.
4,228.7 1:34 The junction with AZ-188 which goes to Payson this would this would be a well worth while way to come from Payson the next time we come down here.
4,230.3 1:37 Stopped a Roosevelt Lake Visitors Center.
4,230.6 1:53 Back on the road after leaving the visitors center.
4,240.2 2:05 Turning off the highway to go into Roosevelt Lake Resort we’re looking for the restaurant there.
4,240.7 2:06 Stopped at the resort. El. 2,252 feet.
2:49 Leaving from the restaurant We had quite a nice lunch at a table along side the water with ducks and geese a babbling up tails nearly all.
4,241.2 2:51 Back on the highway.
4,244.9 2:56 Junction with AZ-288 which goes to Young.
4,249.7 A sign for a 9% downgrade This steep downgrade was from 2 miles we’re winding in between the hills looks as if we’re going to be right down to the bottom there’s quite a number of solt holes (52)on Mary’s side and there are saguaro marching up the hill on my side. Once we come down to the bottom there’s sort of a fairly flat piece from the middle of the valley and there’s just a lot of horses here There are some cattle but there’s a tremendous number of horses.
4,251.8 This is just before coming to the sign for Globe which is 12 miles Also 12 miles from Miami, lots of signs along the road so we’ve the wilderness behind, there are signs for eating places, gas places, lodging
4,259.6 3:20 Junction with US-60 just west of Globe.
4,261.7 3:24 Miami El. 3,411 feet founded in 1907.
4,263.2 Phoenix is 80 miles It won’t be quite that far to Mesa so we’re half around.
4,266.0 El. 4,000 feet.
4,274.2 Devils Canyon.
4,276.7 We suddenly came into a big huge canyon.
3:46 Stopped for a moment.
4,277.4 3:52 Entering a tunnel.
4,278.2 We’re going to be crossing a bridge over Queen Creek Says no Loitering I don’t know where you could It was like a big arch over a canyon.
4,279.0 3:54 Entering Superior founded 1882 El. 2,888 feet.
4,287.5 El 2,651 feet Gonzales Pass and there’s the plains of Phoenix laying out in the valley ahead of us The pretty bluey colored mountains ahead of us again just sort of floating in the distance We’ve past three half houses As we come down onto the plains there iron woods are all in flower lots and lots of them.
4,293.7 Junction with AZ-79 south to Florence and Tucson.
4,322.0 4:42 We’re off the freeway on Gilbert Road and we’re looking for Sam’s now.
4,332.5 5:11 We’ve final found Sam’s.
5:44 Leaving.
4,339.9 6:06 Back at the motel having been up and down round about up and down Looking for stuff and not finding stuff and then finding stuff

The day’s total - 169.6 miles
Trip Total - 4,339.9 miles

Day 19 - Friday May 28

7:53 Leaving from the Mesa Inn Best Western We’re going to be heading north now it was 104° in the shade yesterday and the day before apparently was 98° but it felt like 110° to us out in the open desert particularly at Casa Grande We had to go a couple of block west on Main Street to Stapley now we’re going north on Stapley to McKellips to get onto the loop road to Scottsdale and then we’ll take it from there./td>
4,349.1 8:11 Exiting the AZ-202 loop on Scottsdale Road after a hair raising drive from McKellips onto AZ-101 onto AZ-202.
4,364.0 Frank Lloyd Wright studio Taliesin West.
8:51 We’re leaving now to continue on our way.
4,381.5 9:24 Carefree Highway we’re getting off of Scottsdale Road here and turning west on Carefree.
4,393.2 9:38 The junction with I-17 north leaving Carefree Boulevard Beautiful drive through the hills north of Phoenix traveling on the interstate lots of ironwoods in flower and the pink softens the color of the green because there’s actually a lot of bushes or shrubs that are doing very well on the hillside some are in flower.
4,417.0 10:01 El. 3,000 feet.
4,418.2 10:02 We’ve reached the top of a very long climb.
4,438.2 10:20 El. 4,000 feet 1,200 meters on our altimeter.
4,450.2 10:30 El. 4,000 feet again and this is just before entering the Verde Valley we’re still on part of the 7 mile downhill from reaching the top of the mountains. The Verde Valley is quite green and looks quite fertile.
4,454.7 10:34 Crossing the Verde River and there is some water in it.
4,459.9 10:39 We’re entering Coconino National Forest Exit-293 going to Montezuma Well, we’ve left the interstate.
4,464.6 10:48 Arrived at Montezuma Well.
11:12 Leaving El. 3,585 feet at Montezuma Well.
4,468.6 11:22 The junction with I-17 Sedona is 15 miles, Oak Creek Canyon 25 miles, Flagstaff 45 miles.
4,471.4 You just come around a corner having traveled across just ordinary plain country and suddenly there’s all this pockets of red and the high red cliffs.
4,473.5 El. 4,000 feet again.
4,474.0 Pictures of the red rock cliffs.
4,474.4 One picture.
4,476.3 Red rock and white cloud.
4,477.7 Pink flowers change film dead tree against skyline.
4,479.0 11:59 Entering Sedona city limits. Sedona founded 1902, El. 4,500 feet.
4,480.9 12:04 Stopped at the chapel.
12:20 Leaving picture of the big monument cliffs the rounded rocks Mary and I have adopted new names for ourselves Huff and Puff and Limp Along.
4,484.5 12:34 Stopped at the Artesania Plaza.
1:29 Leaving.
4,484.7 1:31 Stopped at Tlaquepaque.
1:54 Leaving.
1:59 Stopped for gas.
4,498.0 GAS - Sedona, AZ - $1.279/gal. - 14.855 - $19.00/td>
2:06 Leaving from getting gas and new we’re going to go up Oak Creek Canyon.
4,503.6 2:20 El. 5,000 feet The drive through here is absolutely awesome and more so than I remembered from 20 odd years ago.
4,511.3 El. 6,000 feet.
4,512.3 As we came around a sharp bend there were a lot of California Poppies out in bloom.
4,513.4 Turned off the road to come into the scenic view spot.
4,513.6 2:40 Stopped.
3:01 Leaving.
4,513.8 3:02 Back on the highway going towards Flagstaff now AZ-89A is the number of the highway we’re on We never saw any more of the California Poppies at anywhere where we were able to stays since coming from the viewpoint we’ve seen some small irises don’t know if they’re wild ones or ones that have gone wild also yellow lupin. Oak and maple trees predominate canyon for the canyon Oak Creek Canyon that is and pine trees after you reach the summit.
4,522.2 3:16 Flagstaff El. 6.906 feet founded 1882 just entering the outskirts.
4,522.8 3:17 Entering I-17 north and it’s 2 miles to I-40 from here.
4,525.0 3:19 Leaving I-17 for I-40 going east There’s a little tine bit of snow up on top of the San Francisco peaks From the east looking in the rear vision mirror there’s quite a bit of snow on the top of the peaks.
4,543.9 We’re actually getting some rain now, quite a heavy shower but only for a short distance.
4,562.5 3:51 Exiting at Meteor Crater Road.
4,568.7 4:00 Arrive at Meteor Crater This is not called Barringer Crater because he was the man who worked out how it all happened we went out and looked the crater, we’ve been into the museum actually it’s been developed into a very nice area compared with what it used to be 1 mile in diameter.
4:46 Leaving.
4,574.5 4:55 Back at I-40.
4,597.1 Crossing the Little Colorado River and there was a little bit of water in it but it was quite wide with sandbars.
4,618.7 El. 5,000 feet and this is just before Exit-280 before we get to Holbrook the Geronimo Road.
4,628.0 5:42 We’ve left I-40 Holbrook El. 5,080 feet, est. 1882.
4,628.6 5:43 Comfort Inn.
4,628.8 Econolodge.

The day’s total - 288.9 miles
Trip Total - 4,628.8 miles

Day 20 - Saturday May 29

We’re in Holbrook, Arizona and we’re going to go down to petrified forest.
7:11 Leaving the motel and driving into Holbrook from the east on business I-40.
4,637.9 Stopped at the service station to get some coolant.
7:19 Leaving from there.
4,638.6 Crossing the Little Colorado River it has a few tiny pools of water in it.
4,639.2 7:22 Turned onto US-180 to go to petrified forest this road is the one I think we were on coming from Carlsbad Caverns National Monument so we’ve been on US-180 before on this trip now we’re going in the opposite direction from last time Since turning onto US-180 the land has been quite void of trees there’s little tiny shrubs that are only about a foot high and not close together they’re all scattered so it’s very desalt looking one wonders what the few cattle about find to eat in part there’s just nothing but ground not even little bits of shrub One could be on the border of the Great Victoria Dessert.
4,656.3 7:39 Turning off US-180 to go into the petrified forest.
4,656.7 7:42 Leaving after a picture of the entrance sign into the National Park. Park El 5,000 feet to 6,285 feet.
4,658.8 7:47 Arrived at the Rainbow Forest Museum.
8:43 Leaving.
4,658.8 Stopped at the gift store where there was a pubic phone so I could make arrangements for a booking for tonight being a long week end everybody seems to be on the road and we do have to consider this in our travels.
9:01 Leaving.
161.4 9:03 Stopped at the Long Logs Trail.
9:42 Leaving.
4,660.1 9:48 Leaving from the visitors center again I came back to report people who were desecrating the site by walking all over parts that they shouldn’t be walking on and clambering on the logs.
4,667.5 Turning into Jasper Forest.
4,667.9 10:03 Entering Jasper Forest.
4,668.3 10:12 Back at the main road trough the park.
4,669.0 Turning into Agate Bridge.
4,669.1 10.14 Agate Bridge.
4,669.2 10:23 Back at the main road after seeing Agate Bridge. The yellow plum flower was taken at Agate Bridge.
4,671.3 10:27 Turning off for Blue Mesa.
4,673.4 Badlands two pictures with the log sitting up on top.
4,673.9 Dandritick drainage and two of Blue Mesa.
4,674.3 People on the trail down in Blue Mesa also some of the logs and the strata.
4,676.5 10:49 Back at the main road and now driving to Painted Desert.
4,678.0 One picture of teepee.
10:53 Leaving.
4,679.2 An antelope.
4,686.0 We just passed of the top of I-40 and there’s more sagebrush in the area and a little ticker than what we saw further south.
4,687.2 11:07 Lacy Point changed film at Lacy Point one at the end and one at the beginning of the new one.
11:12 Leaving.
4,684.6 11:13 Wipple Point, Wipple Point view off the point the sign and the orange mellow flowers.
11:16 Leaving Nizhoni Point no pictures here.
4,689.0 11:20 Stopped at Pintado Point sign and one picture.
11:25 Leaving.
4,689.7 Turning into Chinde Point.
4,690.0 Origin of dinosaurs and tree.
4,690.4 11:35 Back at the main road.
4,690.5 11:36 Turning into Chacini Point and the lodge.
4,690.6 11:36 Stopped in front of the lodge Painted Desert Inn pictures inside and out if was constructed in 1924 became of National Historic Landmark in 1988 Restoration is taking place to bring it back to its appearance in 1940.
11:51 Leaving.
4,692.6 11:56 The visitors center had lunch here a nice lunch of sweet and sour chicken with rice and vegetables.
12:38 Ready to leave now.
4,693.5 12:40 Entering I-40 going east towards Gallup.
4,714.4 12:57 Leaving the interstate at Chambers and from here we’re going to be going north on US-191.
4,715.7 1:00 Stopped for gas.
4,717.0 GAS - Chambers, AZ - $1.399/gal. - 7.868 gallons - $11.01
1:06 Leaving after getting gas.
4,719.0 1:09 El.6,000 feet after getting gas there was a lot of sagebrush better looking that we’ve seen previously now withing a few miles there are junipers scattered over the hillside looking out to the east or both sides the hill sides are practically all green now covered with juniper trees quite a forest.
4,752.5 1:42 Arrived in Ganado This is also the junction with AZ-264.
4,753.2 1:43 Turning off the highway to go into Hubble Trading Post National Historic Area.
4,753.5 1:47 Arrived at the trading post.
3:08 Leaving the Hubble Trading Post.
4,753.9 3:10 Back at AZ-264 and we’ll be turning west.
4,758.8 As we come down into the valley where US-191 leaves AZ-264 and goes north the valley is very green surrounded by red cliffs. There’s obviously been quite a bit of rain through this area because it’s been very green and makes it much more pleasant than just dry grass.
4,794.6 3:52 Starting the descent into Keams Canyon.
4,795.3 Down in the canyon now and turning off for Tubba City.
4,797.3 El. 6,000 feet All along the entire route there have been lovely orange flowers growing on both side of the road and I’ve been dying to stop and take a picture but there’s no where to pull over and the other thing is there’s an extremely strong wind blowing and the flowers are really bending over horizontal so they wouldn’t stay still for a picture anyway.
4,805.9 It is fairly sand here around Polacca and with the strong wind there’s a lot of dust blowing To the south of us there are some land forms sticking up on the horizon which looks similar to those that you could see from the highway near Winslow.
4,813.0 The junction of AZ-87 from Winslow As we come through Ohnno Valley Canyon there are little villages on the top of all the mesas In this same area we’ve come up from the plain and we’re winding our way up the cliff side very, very rocky in all directions.
4,815.4 4:17 And we’re not quite at the top yet but I’ve found a place to pull off so I can take a picture of this really rocky area Pictures of the road that we came along and the villages on top of the mesas because there were more than one.
4,815.7 Shungopavi after we reach the top having got through this canyon.
4,816.5 We’re on a ridge between two canyons.
4,818.5 We’re going to go down into a canyon again so this village really is on the top of the mesa again and our road goes right through the middle of it.
4,819.2 4:32 Leaving, two flower pictures.
4,824.2 We’re on the way up again from the bottom of a canyon and a little critter ran across the road tiny little thing also there’s lots of sand out to my left here This is really a fascinating drive for us today up and down these canyons and seeing all these rocks and the house build on the top and yet there’s still villages build down in the bottom of the canyon as well.
4,826.0 We’re on the top again You can look down on Old Oraibi it is it’s build on top of the mesa and looking from there you looking down on the flat lands and again the things on the plains the pieces sticking up as you come up from Winslow.
4,826.7 The road is following around the rim now I don’t what you call it now a rim because below this rim are the flat plains The flat plains goes for miles and miles and miles.
4,830.0 Bacavi and Hotevilla and we’re right on the top about to go down again There are ruins of some places and yet people still living in other homes for quite some distance now there’s actually been habitation right along the road. After the last comment speed on that road increased and other then the odd house here and there we’re not getting the clusters of homes any more.
4,846.6 Came around a bend in the road and there were the San Francisco Peaks in the distance ahead of us.
4,849.2 Over a hill and looking down onto canyons in the flat land Just magnificent to see all this stuff Since coming up the last time we’ve been a long fairly straight stretch of undulating road but there are huge canyons going off our right now.
We’re traveling towards to the city when the last tape finished I was just in the process of saying that the cliffs that we’ve been driving through have been of a fairly uniform color however this canyon that we’re seeing off to our right now, has a lot more color in it and quite changeable some of it white and then more color in them as well and there goes Nebraska There’s some much color along side the road the orange flowers are very prolific and there’s a very pretty grass that has a pinkish color to it and then a much taller one that is golden color also there’s the odd patch of various kinds of flowers which we can’t distinguish as we go along here there was one that looked a bit like a lupin but they’re in much smaller patches The building at the Hubble Trading Post was called the Hogan but they didn’t use the G sound it was something else.
4,866.6 Around a corner and we have a plain and a canyon spread out before us as the roads starts to descend again.
4,869.8 We have to descend into the canyon because the buildings to the city which is 6 miles away so are on the other side We have white cliffs and red cliffs I can see the road on the other side going around the base of the cliffs before it winds back up on the top There’s quite a lot many sand dunes through here and the way the winds blowing it’s blowing across the road There’s a lot of cultivation down in the valley here you can see flat fields as you come down into the bottom which have been worked for farming Crossing the Moenkopi Wash so that’s what comes through that particular canyon.
4,872.2 5:36 Leaving picture of the pueblo of Tuba City Maybe this is Moenkopi and not Tuba City yet The sign at the road pointed into the village said Moenkopi We going to bypass Tuba City because we’re at the junction with US-160 which is the road we have to take and there are traffic lights here.
4,873.5 5:38 We’re going to be turning on to US-160.
4,881.0 We’re coming down a steep hill with very colored bad land cliffs all in layers each layer a different color strata colored.
4,882.5 5:51 The junction with US-89 and Page is just 66 miles from the turnoff.
4,886.6 A picture of the cliffs There’s beautiful coloring in the lower rounded hillocks I don’t know what to call them it’s chocolate brown and blues and whites and then we have the much higher cliffs with pinks, oranges, reds The road is following right along at the base of these high cliffs for quite a number of miles.
4,896.9 A picture looking back along the cliffs and the road from which the direction we’ve come.
6:10 Leaving We went through a place called The Gap and decided it was a gap in the cliffs and then after that the cliffs were very jagged on top and we still have them followings us as we continue to travel along this road but they are more jagged at the top.
4,908.1 The cliffs are still with us.
4,914.4 We still have the cliffs with us the road going around a corner and I’m not sure if they will continue after this A picture looking back to where we come from and one looking straight into the cliffs Just after getting back on the road there were a lot of yellow plumed flowers like the one I took a picture of back in petrified forest by Agate Bridge.
4,917.3 6:35 The cliffs are still with us The cliffs looks as if they should be running out because it comes to an end and you can’t see it beyond there so it’s going to be interesting to see what happens if we go around a corner and it’s still there Those big cliffs in front of us we can’t see them though it’s so hazy we just really see the outline of them There are more as we turn the corner The cliffs around the corner seemed to be more rugged again and different from the last lot we had.
4,922.6 6:40 The junction with US-89A to the north rim that’s 23 miles from Page that we’ll have to back track Staying on US-89 we are going to scale the cliffs This is just unbelievable.
4,926.4 6:45 El. 6,000 feet Having scaled the cliffs we’re again on a fairly straight road across rolling plains.
4,934.0 Entering a big cutting and we’re going down hill and ahead you can see all kinds of formations across to the other side The road is descending around the cliffs so tomorrow morning when we return we will be climbing up and then going down again.
4,936.3 El. 5,000 feet.
4,943.4 Page El. 4,300 feet founded 1957 Welcome to Page Arizona.
4,948.6 7:42 Econolodge.

The day’s total - 319.8 miles
Trip Total - 4,948.6 miles

Day 21 - Sunday May 30

We’re in Page Arizona and we’re heading off for the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.
6:38 Left the motel unable to go to the office which was supposed to be open at 6:30 so we’re just going down here to have a look see if there’s anywhere we can get petrol.
4,957.0 GAS - Page, AZ - $1.369/gal. - 10.591 gallons - $14.50
6:51 Leaving from the motel after returning the key and getting my $20.00 back.
4,958.4 6:53 The junction was US-89 south.
4,978.7 El. 6,000 feet.
4,978.8 7:18 Stopped at the top of the long hill down the cliffs for the cutting through the cliffs.
4,979.5 7:26 Stopped at the scenic overlook.
7:28 Leaving it’s a 3 mile 6% downgrade as we go down the side of the cliffs we came up yesterday The junction with US-89A to the north rim Fredonia and Kanab Utah.
4,982.4 7:33 Turning on to.
4,989.1 7:41 Stopped in the bottom of the valley for a picture of the cliffs, cliffs and the pinkish grass.
7:44 Leaving.
4,989.5 Another picture of the cliffs.
7:47 Leaving.
4,990.5 El. 4,000 feet That’s a drop of 2,000 feet since we’re up at the top of the cutting coming out of Page and this road is pretty much running parallel with the road that we were on going up to Page and coming back from there.
4,995.1 7:53 Stopped a beautiful view towards the cliffs.
8:00 Leaving.
4,996.2 8:02 Stopped at the Colorado River.
8:18 Leaving we’ve both walked across the Colorado River on the old Navaho bridge which was and Mary took a picture from the middle.
4,996.6 8:20 Entering the little village of Marble Canyon Now we’re traveling back along the cliffs so we’re really having quite a time here. We went along the cliffs going into Page, back along the cliffs this morning and looking at the cliffs of the opposite side now we’re going back the other way close to the cliffs on this side.
4,997.6 Cliffs with chocolate brown layer and purple flowers This is absolutely beautiful and what a pallet of colors in the cliffs just gorgeous as we drive right along at the base of them.
4,999.9 Vermilion Cliffs so this is not too far from where we took our pictures of the cliffs, it was in between Marble Canyon and Vermilion Cliffs,
5,002.8 We’re still at El. 4,000 feet.
5,005.1 8:39 Leaving from big giant boulders.
5,005.2 Cliff Dwellers just a little community again there’s a motel here and a gas station.
5,009.0 It almost looks as if the cliffs might run out cause we can’t see around the corner and we have been traveling along straight stretches of road across very gently rolling but fairly flat country at the base of the cliffs The two carlilie parallel lines of cliffs have really separated quite a bit, they were much closer up at Page now it’s a very wide open valley There are still some cliffs but they sort of turn the corner where I thought they would end and our road sort of going more or less straight ahead.
5,012.2 Jacob Lake is just 25 miles now the road has curved to follow the cliffs but we’re not up close to them any more Mary has just put if very beautifully she said it’s just magic and it is, it’s not just the cliffs that are full over color it’s the whole landscape with the soil, changing color and the different color of the plants and the flowers and the grasses.
5,014.6 El. 5,000 feet.
5,015.7 8:52 Stopping for a historical marker San Bartoloan This historic interpretive area was about the Escanlante Expedition however I took mostly pictures of the flowers and the cliffs here There’s a great variety of grasses here as well when you look at the top of all the different ones.
5,015.9 9:06 Back at the main road The cliffs on the left aren’t as steep or as rugged or as colorful I suspect it’s juniper that is creeping down them but the tops are all quite dark with the covered in the forest that we’ll be going into Though very different the two lines of cliffs appear to be closing in as the valley narrows The scenery is so magnificent that we haven’t thought about our little altimeter lately.
5,023.0 The road is going up and we’re just passing a chain up area for trucks to put their chains on to get up this road he valley is closing in to the right of us because we’re going to start climbing into the rounder cliff side.
5,024.3 Pulling off at the start of the Kaibab National Forest This is what we’re entering now, this is the start of the long climb up the cliff and I took a picture to show where the valley is closing in and the two different kinds of cliffs on each side, they’re a lot lower than they were back further but at least they’re closer here.
9:18 Leaving.
5,025.8 9:21 Stopped at the scenic view one picture looking towards the sun showing the cliffs and the road we came along.
9:23 Leaving.
5,028.3 El. 6,000 feet.
5,031.0 Round a corner and we’re into the Ponderosa Pines up until that point from the scenic view on we were in juniper country we’ve seen lupin and the lovely red paint brush and the pale blue of the wild flax.
5,037.1 9:40 Arriving Jacob Lake El. 7,9821 feet 2,375 meters on our little thing This is this AZ-67 south to the north rim but I’m going across by the store first to see if I can find a telephone to make arrangements for our accommodation for tonight
5,037.2 9:41 Stopped in Jacob Lake.
10:03 Leaving from the Jacob Lake Inn It has the elevation here at the Inn as well 7,925 feet and I spotted New York while I’m doing this.
10:04 We’re leaving now to go down to the north rim.
5,043.0 Noticed a deer walking through the woods.
5,050.6 El. 8,840 feet 2,650 meters.
5,053.5 A deer in meadow.
5,056.4 Two tiny little patches of snow just below the trees before the meadow.
5,061.0 4 deer over near the woods on the other side of the meadow. We’re continuing to see small patches of snow among the trees every now and again.
5,062.4 Passing the Kaibab Lodge where I tried to get accommodation but we’re glad we didn’t and the gas here at the gas station now ranges from $1.53 to $1.729 per gallon.
5,063.9 A large group of deer do you call them herds have to check that Actually we’re seeing quite a number near the edge of the woods on the other side of the meadow to the right of the road One picture looking across the meadow towards the forest with the deer in the distant foreground farthest foreground I’m being prompted.
10:45 Leaving When I got level with the deer I took a second picture of them.
5,067.8 10:49 Stopped by the entrance sign.
5,068.0 10:56 Through the entrance gate we had to wait quite a while here long cue to get through.
5,076.4 11:10 Turned off for Imperial Point.
5,078.0 11:13 Stopped for a snack break.
11:23 Leaving after snack.
5,081.5 11:31 Turn off for Imperial Point.
5,084.5 11:37 Arrive at Imperial Point.
11:56 Leaving with car from Tennessee next to us.
5,087.2 12:02 Back at the turnoff and now we’re going out to Cape Royal.
5,100.3 12:30 Cape Royal.
1:46 Leaving.
5,108.2 2:03 Stopped at Encantota Viewpoint.
5,114.4 2:20 Back at the junction this is where one road goes to Point Imperial the other to Cape Royal.
5,119.7 2:29 Junction with the main road from Jacob Lake visitors center is now 3 miles south from here.
5,122.7 2:37 Arrived at the Grand Canyon Lodge.
4:20 Leaving from the north rim lodge area to head out Kanab now My friend wet her pants she says dividing water between the two of us because we needed our water for the return trip.
5,136.2 There’s a couple of deer still there I did think we’d see any coming out at this time of the day but maybe it’s time to come out again there’s little groups of deer at the edge of the forest all along the meadow which is following along the road.
5,163.4 Just past a fire tower which we didn’t notice on our way out.
5,164.5 5:14 Back at the junction with AZ-89A Now we’re turning onto AZ-89A that’s the way we came this morning and now we’re going in the direction of Fredonia.
5,172.8 We’re just about out of the pine trees, there’s still some but we’re getting a lot more junipers now also in the distance you can see they cliffs but they’re in Utah and I wonder if one of those is the Escalante Cliffs El. 6,700 feet at this point.
5,175.5 5:27 Stopped at the scenic lookout.
5:33 Leaving the La Fevre Overlook El. 6,700 feet.
5,176.8 El. 6,000 feet.
5,178.4 Leaving the Kaibab National Forest.
5,180.7 We’ve got sagebrush on both sides of road odd juniper here and there and in the distance to the right one cliff after another of different colors sometimes white, sometimes red.
5,183.5 El. 5,000 feet.
5,193.1 5:52 Entering Fredonia El. 4,671 feet founded 1885.
5,197.7 5:58 Entering Utah we’ve just crossed the state line and we’re on the outskirts of Kanab so time now is 6:58.
5,200.9 7:03 Arrive at Parry Lodge.

The day’s total - 252.3 miles
Trip Total - 5,200.9 miles

Day 22 - Monday May 31

The beginning of the fourth week of our trip we’re in Kanab Utah and today hoping to see Zion, Bryce and on to Torrey.
8:34 A long trip, we’ve stopped for gas.
5,204.0 GAS - Kanab, UT - $1.389/gal. - 7.197 gallons - $10.00
8:41 Leaving from the gas station.
9:01 Leaving rings of grass cacti about to bloom goats bred and of course the coral sand as well.
5,219.2 An embankment of cliff roses in flower.
5,220.8 9:10 Leaving US-89 and turning on to UT-9 to go to Zion Park.
5,228.9 A solid bank of cliff roses in bloom.
5,233.0 9:22 Stopped at the entrance to Zion National Park.
9:28 Leaving.
5,233.6 9:30 We entered the fee area.
5,233.9 9:32 Mesa Checkerboard Overlook.
9:38 Leaving.
5,234.2 Picture of the rock and also picture of the painted Indian Paintbrush.
5,234.6 Finished up with pictures of the Genson here.
9:48 Leaving The yucca have their new stems up but aren’t out in flower yet.
5,235.4 Arch with swirls beehive swirls and an old pine tree on the cliffs.
5,236.7 9:57 Stopped flower pictures finishing up with the white and yellow cliffs high up against the sky.
10:04 Leaving.
5,238.9 We’re stopped in the traffic waiting our turn to go through the tunnel whist waiting here the traffic coming through had a car from New Hampshire This is first day of the forth week and that’s the first time we’ve seen a car from New Hampshire.
10:18 Seeing off to go through the tunnel.
5,241.0 10:24 This is as we zig zag down the talus slope below the tunnel cliffs with yucca and yellow flowers.
10:27 Leaving The tall white flowers look similar to the penstemon so maybe they’re another verity of penstemon.
5,242.0 10:32 A new film the road winding down the cliff.
10:35 Leaving.
5,243.4 10:39 We’re turning off at the confluence of Pine and Virgin.
5,245.0 10:43 Stopped at a viewpoint Court of the Patriarchs the Sentinel along with Weeping Wall and then several of the three Patriarchs which hopefully join together.
10:55 Leaving.
5,249.6 11:09 Stopped at the end of the road for a walk along the Virgin River I am so dammed pissed off we’re walking up to the end and I took the wrong film with me and exposed one so I’m really upset about it however time is going on and I guess we have to be satisfied we had a wonder walk not quite to the end and the scenery changed as we went along because we got into an area where the walls were dripping with water and all kinds of flowers where growing maiden head firms Colombins shooting stars and other flower that I haven’t identified also paintbrush/
12:15 Leaving.
5,255.6 12:29 Back at the intersection we’re going to do the 1 mile up to the visitors center at this point Turning we immediately cross the Virgin River.
5,256.4 12:32 Stopped at the visitors center two picture 1 vertical 1 horizontal maybe will join together.
12:48 Leaving Crossing the Virgin River again.
5,257.2 12:50 Back at the junction and now we’re going to be heading out to US-89 El. 1,275 meters (4,183.1 feet) and we’re already a third of the way up and it’s El. 1,375 meters (4,511.2 feet) and we still have another hairpin bend or maybe two before we get to the tunnel. Tunnel length 1.1 mile completed in 1930.
5,260.5 12:58 Stopped for the tunnel we’re stopped at El. 1,450 meters (4,757.2 feet).
1:08 We’re on our way.
1:13 The end of the tunnel.
5,267.1 1:23 Left the park.
5,267.6 1:26 Actually this is leaving the park the other was the ranger station where you paid your fee to get in it’s $10.00 to get in except I have my pass Yesterday was $20.00 to get into Grand Canyon.
5,279.7 1:40 Arriving back at Mount Carmel Junction.
5,279.8 1:40 Stopped at the Thunderbird Restaurant.
2:19 Leaving from the restaurant.
5,279.9 Stopped at the Food Mart Stopped for milk but could only get 2 % so just got a small one.
2:24 We’re ready to proceed Muddy Creek little township Now Orderville the bottom off the valley here is irrigated with either crops or hay growing all kinds of rock shops because the rocks in the area are absolutely magnificent there’s also a lot of B&Bs all through.
5,292.0 I notice a little stream to the right running water and a fisherman which is quite a contrast from what we were seeing a couple days ago with all the dry washes in Arizona The valley looks very lush and green and there’s actually ponds, little stream running through and yet all the hill sides are multicolored with the rock sand then there’s lots of trees as well and the color of the cliffs can be seen through the trees.
5,305.5 Came round a corner in the road and you could see snow on the mountains away way in the distance it’s probably the continuations of the Wasatch Range.
5,309.4 We just crossed over Assay Creek which is quite full with water and there are three or four men standing in the green grass standing along side this twisting creek with fishing rods so they where fishing in it.
5,314.1 Some lovely log type cabins at a motel here in Hatch A car just went past with an old fashion water bag hanging on the front of it I remember we always had one of those when we use to go traveling ourselves and even on hot days it would keep cool The junction with UT-12 a scenic route it’s coming up shortly and we’ll be turning off on it to go out to Bryce Canyon.
5,322.3 3:09 Turning onto UT-12 scenic byway.
5,324.8 3:13 Stopped next the entrance to Red Rock Canyon.
5,325.0 Stopped again 2 pictures Just as we’re entering the Dixie National Forest and I see something else I’ll be stopping a little further on.
3:16 Leaving.
5,325.1 3:17 Stopped again.
3:22 Leaving over all picture, one of flowers and then just one of the formations with people climbing up the hill.
5,325.4 3:23 Stopped at another scenic turnout two balanced rocks and another of a dead tree.
3:25 Leaving.
5,327.0 3:28 I stopped between two small tunnels.
3:30 Leaving one picture.
5,331.4 El. 7,619 feet at the summit We were leaving the Dixie National Forest at that point but I think we’ve come in and out of it through the rest of the trip unless it’s a different national forest.
5,334.8 3:39 Stopped at a scenic turnout.
3:41 Leaving one picture towards the Escalante Cliffs.
5,335.7 3:42 Turning into Bryce Canyon this is on UT-63.
5,339.5 3:53 Entered the gate.
5,342.8 3:57 Stopped at Paria Point Paria Point picture up to yellow flowers yellow type flowers.
5,343.8 4:15 Stopped at Bryce Point.
4:37 Leaving Bryce Point which is an El. 8,300 feet.
5,346.5 4:43 Sunset Point.
4:58 Leaving from Sunset Point parking lot took a number of pictures.
5,349.0 5:05 Leaving the Bryce Canyon Park.
5,351.5 5:08 Back at UT-12 stopped to turn east to go to Torrey.
5,356.1 5:15 Entering Tropic.
5,358.4 The houses of Tropic are just beginning.
5,359.0 We past a sign The Escalante Grand Staircase so we’re not quite sure what it’s referring to maybe it would be interesting to find out what it does mean.
5,369.4 One picture from the car Mary just had a beautiful description a marble edifice that’s the picture I took.
5,376.4 5:39 I stopped for the cliffs Mary going to fill the cups the cliffs a red flower but there are lupin and yellow flowers growing as well but I only took the red flower.
5,378.6 El. 2,300 meters (7,545.9 feet) and this is where we’re going to start to go down a bit.
5,378.7 5:48 Stopped just over the crest of the hill A landmark in history a photo of the historic sign and it’s pointing out Powell Point which is the pink cliffs we’ve been looking at El. 10,188 feet The elevation of Powell Point Now we’re back in the Dixie National Forest.
5,395.8 6:10 Entering Escalante. Escalante was established in 1876.
6:14 Leaving Escalante Torrey is 65 miles.
5,401.7 6:18 Pulled into a scenic lookout.
6:20 Leaving.
5,406.6 6:26 Stopped just after we came down the hill but not all the way down and the whole country side before us is canyons, cliffs reds, yellows and the road we have to travel is straight ahead of us way down at the bottom.
6:33 Leaving after having put a new film in the camera I don’t know how many today.
5,410.0 Took a picture at the bottom of the hill at the top of the hill.
5,410.3 6:40 Stopped at Boynton Overlook two pictures one looking over the overlook and one looking down the road.
6:42 Leaving.
5,411.3 6:45 Crossing the Escalante River this would be the river we’ve been seeing as we’ve been driving up here it’s also the bridge that you’d see in the picture I took from the overlook.
5,415.7 6:56 Stopped at the top of a hill at a scenic overlook Take a Deep Breath Overlook picture finishing with a green field in the distance.
7:01 Leaving from here After leaving that last scenic overview stop Take a Deep Breath you drive across a ridge which is the width of the road only and it drops off immediately without any shoulder.
208.1 7:10 Entering Boulder and this is where all the green fields are there’s cattle grazing, lots of trees looks lovely.
5,429.5 El. 2,000 feet we’re back into aspen and tall pine trees at this time of night we better watch for deer and bears.
5,434.2 7:28 We’re still climbing but there’s a pull off at 2,800 meters (9,186.4 feet) There’s a pull off on the road and we can scan the horizon much of the country we’ve driven through and then further over to our right at this point are layers of mountains with the lovely blue that you get of the mountains.
5,434.4 3 deer at the side of the road just in among the aspens just lifted their heads as I went by We’re at 2,800 meters (9,186.4 feet) to get to the scenic overlook we have to go down a little bit and I think maybe we won’t do that The aspens on the north side of the hill are just getting their leaves and here’s another deer he’s just looked up and he’s taking off into the woods so he’s probably heard my whistles.
5,436.3 7:33 Stopped at Steep Creek Overlook El. 8,250 feet I don’t know if that sounds right, I’ve just looked at it and forgotten already.
7:36 Leaving 2,850 meters 9,100 feet There’s lots of deer and they’ve been on both sides of the road and when I come along they turn away from the road.
5,437.4 7:38 El. 9,400 feet the summit and Mary has 2,900 meters Another group of 4 deer one was on the road but went off and the others turned away from the road
5,439.0 There were 3 and the rest and the rest and the rest everywhere the deer.
5,440.3 7:43 Stopped at a pull off looking across to a dam and some beautiful red cliffs A lovely surprise stopped for rocks and there’s elk here.
7:46 Leaving Lower Bose reservoir would be in the picture.
5,445.7 7:55 As I was saying there was a babbling creek at the side of the road with the water rushing over the rocks Larb Hallow overlook.
7:58 Leaving 2 pictures 2,700 meters (8,858.3 feet) and we’ve an 8% downgrade now.
5,447.5 A 10% downgrade.
5,453.4 We’re pretty well down now on a flat valley and looking back to the mountains we can see quite a lot of patches of snow at the higher levels Coming up to the junction with UT-24.
5,459.6 8:18 Turning onto UT-24.
5,461.9 8:21 Stopped outside the Rim Rock Motel.
5,465.0 8:27 Arrive at the Chuck Wagon Motel 40.

The day’s total - 264.1 miles
Trip Total - 5,465.0 miles

Day 23 - Tuesday June 1

We’re at the Chuck Wagon Motel in Torrey Utah and we’ll be going through Capitol Reef, Hanksville, up to I-70 and into Grand Junction today.
7:52 Leaving stopped at the motel bakery to pick up a coffee and now we’re going to get gas and them we’ll be on our way.
7:58 Stopped for gas.
5,468.0 GAS - Torrey, UT - $1.389/gal. - 12.957 gallons - $18.00
8:05 Leaving from the gas station.
5,470.1 8:09 Entering Capitol Reef National Park going to take a picture of the sign.
8:10 Continuing there’s a lot of yellow plum flowers in bloom shortly after entering the park.
5,471.1 8:12 First stop of Twin Rocks.
8:15 Leaving and we’re still giggling we went to sleep giggling last night.
5,473.0 8:19 Chimney Rock I changed the film and the last picture for Chimney Rock Trail is pretty under the ledge there.
8:47 Leaving.
5,473.7 8:48 Turned off for Goose Necks.
5,474.6 8:51 Arrived at the Goose Necks Point Last picture at Goose Necks was of some little holes worn in the rock.
9:12 Leaving.
5,475.4 9:15 Panorama Viewpoint.
9:26 Leaving.
5,475.5 9:27 Back at the main road.
5,477.1 9:31 Arrive at the visitors center.
9:45 Leaving from the visitors center to go on the scenic drive there’s Montana parked there now.
5,479.5 9:51 Stopped at the Capitol Reef scenic drive entrance fee station another $4.00 saved.
9:55 Leaving.
5,480.2 The Striped Cliffs in deep, deep reds and browns stop #2 beautiful colors in the cliffs and then there’s a tallas slope and then grey rock we’re the petrified wood apparently can be found and then red below that 2 pictures all right the next stop is for the Grand Wash and I think we might try to do that on our way back but we’ll go to the end first,
5,483.7 10:10 #7 Slick Rock Divide 3 pictures north, south and north again.
10:16 Leaving.
5,488.1 10:35 Arrive at the end of the road there’s an arrow pointing to the Golden Throne which is 2 miles away El. 5,400 feet here, there El. 6,500 feet wonderful flowers all kinds of things all along the trail.
10:59 Leaving.
5,488.6 11:04 Stopped for a view of the Golden Throne.
11:07 Leaving.
5,490.0 Change the film picture of cliffs and yellow flowers.
11:20 Leaving There’s also red bells similar to what we’ve had previously and I’m looking for a nice flowering miniature yucca as well.
5,490.3 Back on the pavement which is the end of the road for a lot of people.
11:24 Stopped for the Egyptian Temple.
5,491.0 2 pictures of the don’t know which is the Egyptian Temple probably the back one but the front looks as if it could be more so because of the columns in the dark red.
11:26 Leaving.
5,491.2 A telephoto of the corner column.
5,492.4 11:31 Back at Slick Rock Divide 2 pictures 1 north and 1 south.
11:33 Leaving.
5,494.5 2 pictures 1 directly looking down the road to the cliffs which include the brown and the bluish grey and then one to the left of that looking right down along the valley.
11:42 Leaving.
5,496.6 11:46 Back at the pay station.
5,498.2 11:51 Back at UT-24 we’re going to go east Picture of the castle as we turn out onto the highway and Hanksville is 37 miles and we’re going to try and have lunch there.
5,499.8 Picture of a big creamish dome took it because it maybe Capitol Reef That was Capitol Dome.
5,503.1 We’ve been seeing a lot of tamarisk along the road in flower but at that particular point it was just a mass of color of beautiful pink.
5,504.0 Orange flowers.
12:06 Leaving there’s been a lot of the flowers a mile or two back but this was a lovely mass of them at a pullout for a change .
5,506.0 Caught a glimpse of the Henry Mountains and there’s little patches of snow on them.
5,507.1 Leaving Capitol Reef National Park.
5,533.7 12:41 Welcome to Hanksville was established 1882.
5,534.3 12:43 Turned off for the BLM office.
5,534.8 12:44 The BLM office.
5,534.9 12:52 Stopped at a gold working place there’s an information over here that we’ll find out exactly what it is Woverton Gold Mining Mill.
12:56 Heading back to the main road and to Red Rock café
5,535.1 12:57 Leaving a new house with a fence or wall being made with bales of hay and these will be covered with cement and make a very nice wall.
5,536.0 1:00 Stopped at the Red Rock restaurant in Hanksville.
1:47 Leaving from the Red Rock restaurant.
5,536.1 1:47 The junction of UT-24 and UT-95 Ut-95 goes down to Lake Powell and UT-24 on which we have been traveling now goes up to near Green River Coming out of Hanksville there are individual rock formations.
5,552.5 We past one where between it and the road there where a lot of sand dunes in a pretty coral color The colors are absolutely beautiful with the coral sand, the tufts of grass, sagebrush, gently rolling sand dunes and then to the west the continuous line of cliffs and rock formations There’s also lots of flowers out big clumps of yellow daisy type flowers, the orange mallow, white flowers some other white ones this is just ahhhhhhh.
5,555.4 2:06 Goblin Valley I remember someone taking pictures there and bring them to camera club we just past the turn off to Goblin Valley keep that one in mind for future reference because that was a fantastic area and it’s 24 miles south of the junction with I-70 We could be very easily be in this area 2 days from home traveling on I-80 and then I-76 into Denver and then catching I-70 so it’s a 2 day trip to get here and then spend time here This road is basically following along the backside of whatever you want to call it I’m sure of what we can see of canyons and high points it’s probably steep cliffs on the opposite side from where we are,
5,565.5 We came over a raise and now we have interesting rocks on both sides of the road all different colors the color of the entire picture is just magnificent I would call it a soft sort of color with the greens complimenting all the color of the soil and the cliff faces.
5,569.4 Picture looking over to the west.
5,573.3 We’ve come down into a valley and now have formations on both sides and they have more of the striping or the strata in them than the other cliffs have The bushes are bigger tamarisk in flower not as many wild flowers The road ahead is going up again onto I presume the plain or plateau and we’ll be back to flowers again maybe no we’re going to continue through this landscape for a while Mary thinks it’s plum color and I think I agree with her and grey or gum leaf green color gum leaf grey there’s not enough words to describe the beauty of this area the beauty and the grandeur.
2:31 Almost on the junction of I-70.
5,578.7 2 pictures one of a red craggy cliff and one of the kind of cliffs we’ve been watching all along the valley.
5,578.8 2:32 On the entrance for the interstate US-6 which goes through Lincoln is in 2 miles goes up to Price goes to Price and on to Salt Lake City.
5,592.4 2:44 Crossing the Green River and it looks as if it’s running a banker.
5,595.1 350 miles to Denver Traveling along the interstate the scenery here probably is wonderful to some people but it’s a little bit ordinary after the wonderful stuff that we’ve seen although there are high cliffs and little mounds and everything it’s probably the most boring thing we’ve seen in several days.
5,610.2 2:59 Leaving the freeway for a rest area.
5,610.8 3:00 Rest area picture of the La Salle Mountains I-70 going east and a close up of the flowers growing on the trees here which had a very sweet smell to them,
3;09 Leaving.
5,611.5 3:11 Back on the interstate.
5,611.9 3:11 Exit-182 for US-191 south to Mohab we had lovely views coming north on UT-24 looking east towards the La Salle mountains and now we’ve got them to our south from the interstate.
5,660.9 3:51 Entered Colorado Lovely green valley with colored cliffs in the background for quite a long distance and fairly thickly populated with food blocks or small farm areas maybe hobby farms too spread out for a town and yet it doesn’t look as if there’s enough land with each place for a person to make a living.
5,676.0 We now have a river adjacent to the highway probably the Colorado River also running a banker.
5,677.5 Crossed the Colorado River.
5,679.9 4:07 El. 4,498 feet Entering Fruita Exit-19.
5,680.3 4:08 Stopped at the Colorado welcome center.
4:32 Leaving from the visitors center.
5,681.3 Crossing the Colorado River on the way up to Colorado National Monument We’ve just entered the Colorado National Monument.
5,683.0 Entrance I’ve taken a picture of Rim Rock Drive and we’re going to head into the park now.
4:42 Leaving this spot.
5,683.8 3 pictures one of the road coming into the monument, one looking towards Grand Junction and one looking across the Colorado valley.
5,686.2 We’re within a mile of the visitors center now one picture over the river with juniper and sagebrush Kansas has just gone past.
5,687.3 I turned around just a few hundred yards up the road and came back here Fruita Canyon view 3 pictures looking right down the canyon out onto the valley and then the last of the three shows the balanced rock and towards Grand Junction with the Colorado River.
5,687.7 Visitor center closed picture of John Otto the trailblazer for this area.
5,688.3 A picture looking down to the valley again with a wall in front of it.
5,688.9 Independence Monument a wonderful monolith which can be viewed easily from this Independence Monument.
5,689.4 We’re now at Grand View 1 picture another view of Independence rock.
5,690.6 Monument Canyon no picture because everything is looking straight into the sun.
5,691.3 Coke Ovens Overlook a wonderful juniper tree at the end of the fence down here which I really enjoyed seeing Lots of cliffs roses in flower along here but they have a creamer colored flower which is different from the ones that we saw at Capitol Reef this morning.
5,696.6 Fallen Rock Overlook 1 picture.
5,699.4 Red Canyon Overlook and it talks about a canyon in a canyon, Canyon in a canyon 2 pictures this is a Red Canyon Overlook.
5,702.2 Cold Shivers Point.
5,702.2 Cold Shivers Point what give you cold shivers are the people who walk out over the edge where they’re hanging right over, I think that’s the cold shivery part I did take 1 or 2 pictures plus a lizard.
5,705.5 6:43 Leaving the Colorado National Monument.
5,708.5 Entering the outskirts of Grand Junction.
5,709.0 6:48 Junction with Broadway 26 3/4 Road.
5,717.5 7:17 Sandman Motel Best Western Inn Grand Junction.
5,718.3 7:35 We have a room at a Best Western not the Sandman but the Best Western Horizon Motel.

The day’s total - 253.3 miles
Trip Total - 5,718.3 miles

Day 24 - Wednesday June 2

We are at the Best Western Horizon Inn and going to be around in Grand Junction before heading east on US-50.
5,718.7 9:27 Entering I-70 west to go to Fruita.
5,731.0 9:41 Arrive at the visitors center I was able to find a lot of things that I can send to Morris and I think it will be very helpful for them and I’m sure they’ll find that interesting.
9:59 We’re now ready to leave to go back into Grand Junction To return to Grand Junction we’re taking CO-340 which passes the entrance to the Colorado National Monument I’ve just seen 19½ Road we saw a funny one yesterday I think it was and I mentioned it 26 3/4 Road that one was right in the city this one is out in the country between Fruita and Grand Junction We’ve just past 21 1/8 Road so it’s a grid system and it’s got to be a specific distance between the roads.
5,705.7 A sea of poppies there’s lots of roses shrub type roses in flower just masses of blooms.
5,742.3 10:22 El. 4,600 feet pop. 41,000 entering Grand Junction Now I was talking about poppies I think when I suddenly interrupted myself no roses deep, deep red and also yellow covered in blossoms.
5,743.2 Junction with the rod from Colorado National Monument where we came out yesterday or last night.
5,744.7 10:28 Stopped near Main Street and 6th.
12:13 Leaving.
5,745.6 12:18 Stopped by the Western Colorado Botanical Gardens.
1:33 Leaving.
5,746.7 1:41 Stopped for lunch Had lunch at Jitters it was $16.52 and I was thinking that’s interesting because the $8.26 each for coffee, quiche, salad plus tax and tip which is very reasonable for such a lovely meal We’re parked at the corner of 5th street and Main and we’re about to leave and I think we’ll see if we can get out of town this time around but it’s been lovely staying here we throughly enjoyed the garden and the people here are wonderful gift shop, in the restaurant everywhere we’ve been they’ve been very, very nice.
2:28 We’re leaving.
2:32 Stopped to get gas.
5,747.0 GAS - Grand Junction, CO - $1.199/gal. - 11.675 gallons - $14.00
2:38 Leaving from the gas station.
5,747.6 2:40 Turning onto US-50 east.
5,748.2 Crossing the Colorado River again Just past B½ Road We had a lovely visit in Grand Junction it was just a lovely stop over The lunch was delicious and we both had quiche Mary had a vegetarian and I had one with mushrooms in Mary got the broccoli one and then he came with a side dish of salad and Mary had the bean salad and I ordered the tabooli and then we took half each of each others so it made a very, very combination for our lunch.
5,763.8 I saw a flash of lightning we’ve got very heavy dark clouds to the south of the road.
5,770.8 Staring to get some rain spots some of the hills are almost blocked out by the rain so we’re really driving into this most of it is slightly to the south but I think also we’re going to have some ahead of us Well the storm caught up with us and we’ve been driving through some very heavy rain the worst of the rain are the strong winds.
5,781.0 We’re get closer to the line of snow clad mountains.
5,785.6 3:27 Entering Delta El. 4,961 feet.
5,785.7 Just crossed the Gunnison River There are some lovely murals in Delta and I particularly like the one at the corner where the sign for the Norwest (Wells Fargo) bank was done in the reddish browns and it had the hills and some Indians teepee it was very well done It was interesting at on e point along the road there was a truck in front going along and you could see the spray coming up from the wet road but the wind was so strong that it was blowing sand across the road at the same time.
49.5 Entering Olathe El. 5,346 feet The sky to the south is black again it’s not raining at the moment and we’re actually driving in sunshine because you can see that shadows of the cars on the road.
5,804.6 3:49 Entering Montrose home of Black Canyon El. 5,794 feet One of the things which has interested me this time is that we still have bare cliffs following to the north of the highway the same type that we had back in Utah and the book cliffs as we came across the border into Colorado which is different from most of the other surrounding mountains The junction with CO-347,
5,815.0 4:04 Leaving US-50 for Black Canyon of the Gunnison.
5,820.5 Entering Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Monument.
5,821.8 4:19 Stopped at Tomichi Point Last two pictures at Tomichi Point were taken from the same spot at about 90°.
4:23 Leaving.
5,822.1 4:24 The visitors center We watched a half hour movie because it was raining and we decided that this was the best thing to do when we came out the rain had stopped but there was hail stones lying everywhere.
5:14 Leaving to go on up the south rim.
5,822.5 A dear on the road and its antlers were only about half grown they were all covered with the fuzz on them mule dear we also found out that the very sweet smelling tree that we had seen is a Russian Olive.
5,827.0 5:31 We’ve have reached High Point.
5:39 Leaving High Point The sun disappointed me LP it didn’t come when we come to the top.
5,827.6 View looking through the canyon with the river and grass and yellow flowers in the foreground.
5,833.7 6:00 Leaving the park and the rain is just teaming down well we sure have had a verity of weather today some sunshine, clouds, rain, dust storms, hail, wind storms we were better off drinking at Jitter’s we’ve driven down out of the fog we can actually see the hills now and it’s just lightly sprinkling at the moment doesn’t mean it’s the end of it but when we get down to the main road turn west to go back to Montrose we may drive into better weather.
5,837.7 6:10 Junction with US-50.
5,838.8 We could almost be in sunshine soon.
5,843.4 Entering Montrose for the second time today.
5,844.6 6:19 Arrived at the Western Motel.

The day’s total - 126.3 miles
Trip Total - 5,844.6 miles

Day 25 - Thursday June 3

We’ll be leaving from the Western Motel to travel east on US-50 going up to Gunnison and on to Monarch Pass.
5,847.0 1,900 meters (6,233.6 feet) so that’s an easy number to remember.
5,850.5 8:06 Passing the tun off to Black Gunnison.
5,857.0 2,400 meters (7,874.0 feet) which I assume is Sarho Summit there wasn’t a sign for it but we’re on our way down now Over the hill and around the corner and there’s mountains ahead of us looks very pretty but the sun is behind us so it has that blue look and there are clouds lower than the tops of the mountains what I meant was that the sun was behind the mountains so you can’t see the face of them just blue color.
5,861.5 8:20 Entering Cimarron and it is 2,125 meters (6,971.8 feet).
5,862.3 8:21 Crossed the Cimarron River with water in it we crossed that somewhere else or LP and I crossed it so that means another river I should search to the source This must be a different Cimarron River I think because we haven’t crossed The Divided yet and this is rushing westward so I’ll have to check that out too It’s more than a babbling brook it’s a rushing river.
5,865.0 Healthy looking cows grazing on a grassy meadow with trees along the river a very large flock of sheep got their lambs as well sheep both side of the road and it’s grassy meadow and it just looks beautiful with the dew glistening in the sunlight.
5,867.0 2,250 meters (7,381.9 feet).
5,868.0 Saw a couple lamas in the field and you could see his breath so it must be cold outside we’re getting up towards the Aspin now.
5,870.8 8:32 The summit 2,650 meters (8,694.2 feet) we are getting closer to the clouds being around us so closer to the mountains that are shrouded in cloud we have a brook at the side of us and this time it’s flowing with us quite rapidly too.
5,872.7 Entering a canyon and there’s room for the road and the guard rail and the river or brook along side of us it’s going so fast I’d call it more than a brook I think Narrow winding canyon lots of Aspin very rocky cliffs vertical the stream is on the other side if the road now and I’m not quite sure where we crossed it from the base of he can yon we’re on our way up again We’re above the clouds here at one part.
5,875.2 We’re at 2,600 meters (8,530.2 feet).
5,875.7 We’re at the crest 2,075 meters (6,807.7 feet) and now we’re going down 2,600 meters (8,530.2 feet) and all we can see ahead at the moment is cloud and we’re on our way down 8;450 feet and there’s more to come.
5,878.0 Came around a corner and got a view of the lake you can see boats on it leaving their wake.
5,879.2 Just entering Curecanti National Recreational Area.
5,880.6 8:45 Stopped at the corner of the road that goes to Crawford and the north rim of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison sage is growing up here at these levels so it an amazing plant grows down in the desert regions of Arizona and here it is in the mountains of Colorado This reservoir is full by the Blue Masa Dam and I took two pictures This was at an El. 2,350 meters (7,710.0 feet).
8:48 We’re leaving and going back on the highway US-50 Gunnison is 26 miles.
5,881.6 Blue Mesa Lake it’s on both sides of the road now where crossing over it the lake.
5,882.4 Entering Sapinero Can start to see the snow on the mountains of the ones that we’re coming to we saw snow on mountains earlier surrounding the valley when we first left Montrose those mountains where the San Juan Mountains.
5,885.1 8:54 Stopped at the Dillon Overlook Dillon Panicles anatomy of mesa and the road crossing the lake again.
8:58 Leaving.
5,885.7 Crossing the lake again.
5,890.9 El. 2,300 meters (7,545.9 feet) we may be going up again but not sure it’s just that there’s a passing lane which usually indicates going up and we’ve left the lake maybe a false alarm actually we haven’t lost the lake it just sort of went away for a few minutes over to a canyon or somewhere because we’ve got it back again.
5,896.8 Entering the Gunnison River Canyon.
5,899.4 9:16 Stopped for road construction there’s a one lane road ahead it’s at El. 2,300 meters (7,545.9 feet) and we’re still in the river canyon which actually is quite wide it’s not one of those narrow ones but the Gunnison River is racing along beside us.
9:17 We’re off again El. 7,475 feet De scale da toste that’s Mary looking it up to find the meters to feet the DE scale is getting used a lot more today than it has been used on any other day.
5,901.1 The canyon opens out in to a wider valley now Here we are the 3rd of June and we just past two beautiful trees that are covered in blossom just shows you how much later spring is up here in the mountains.
5,905.0 9:25 The river is running a banker here we’re just crossing the Gunnison River Seen more blossoms, there’s blossom everywhere.
5,905.2 9:25 Entering Gunnison the blossom Gunnison city limit El. 7,703 feet.
5,907.2 Just leaving Gunnison Canyon City is 121 miles that’s just a bit of information on the way but as leaving Gunnison there was a sign Monarch Pass open We’ve just left Gunnison and we have half an hour to get to Dillon ha, ha, ha.
5,923.0 We’re on a straight stretch or road to the right it’s very damp there’s a river rushing through doing ox-bow bends and there’s little island of wild flowers On the other side it’s dry desert looking with stunted sagebrush growing no trees Quite different for one side of the road to the other.
5,924.2 We’re starting to rise up so maybe no not yet, we’re going to follow the valley a bit further Every so often I get a view in the rear vision mirror of a long line of snow covered peaks There’s a lot of cattle and we see a lot of horses as well People must be able to make a reasonable living through here because the farms are not separated by miles they are relatively close together the meadow looks really beautiful because its got dark and light green grasses in it and lots of yellow flowers so it’s quite variegated it really looks lovely.
5,930.8 Just after making that last comment the meadow is becoming narrower and I think we’re going into the mountains now and leaving the meadow behind Mary said there are little dark heads on the grass that look as if the could burst into flower I can’t look quite that closely and keep an eye on the road too Mary insists that I watch the road I’m dependent on Mary for the finer details.
5,933.1 We’re into a valley now the aspens have their leaves on them the slopes to my left have very few trees and the ones to my right are covered in a forest.
5,938.9 10:01 We’ve just past sign which is not lit up but I noticed that it said chains required so we must be on our way up now El. 2,600 meters (8,530.2 feet) by Mary’s thing down here are my right.
5,940.0 Entering the Gunnison National Forest El. 2,700 meters (8,858.3 feet).
5,940.8 10:03 Monarch Pass summit is 7 miles from here.
5,943.9 10:07 Stopped at a pull off El. 2,950 meters (9,678.5 feet) picture looking back.
5,945.8 10:15 We’re on out way Monarch pass. Mary said we just reached the elevation of about 10,400 feet, and we’re not up to the top yet.
5,946.4 Just saw the snow among the trees. Even when we look in the valley there’s snow.
5,947.8 10:19 Monarch Pass elevation 11,312 feet, the continental divide and it is 3,400 meters, (11,154.9 feet) you see I worked it out at 39 inches it is over that so when you get to over 11,000 feet you gpt tp add all those extra inches on.
10:51 Leaving from Monarch Pass, The aspens on this side are just really starting to get their leaves a few up the hill a bit didn’t have any at all and others are just starting as we go down.
5,952.9 11:00 Stopped for road work, got a long slow run down hill because we’re behind a truck. The babbling brook has become a rushing stream.
5,961.0 We’re more or less down from the mountain now and we have beautiful meadows out to our right again and cattle and it’s 2,425 meters (7,956.0 feet),
5,965.0 11:21 The junction with US-285 to Leadville and we go straight ahead to go to Salida and we are just entering Poncha Springs elevation 7,469 feet and the highway 285 to Leadville is the one we will be taking but I want to go on bit further and then turn around and come back.
5,968.8 11:26 Entering Salida El. 7,036 feet and it’s 73°.
5,971.8 We’re on the east side of Salida and caught the first view of the Arkansas River or least that’s what I assume it is because it is suppose to come down from Leadville.
5,972.4 11:32 Starting Big Horn Sheep canyon. This is the railway river and road canyon.
5,980.0 Down to about 2,075 meter (6,807.7 feet).
5,990.8 12:00 Leaving 2 pictures, one looking downstream and the other one looking upstream.
5,993.1 12:04 Entering Cotopaxi and I’m going turn are here and head back up. Cotopaxi started 1876.
5,993.7 A view of the red rocks of the canyon with the snow on the mountains in the background.
6,015.9 12:35 Re-entering Salida. Turning off to have a look at the historic district first.
6,017.4 12:40 Stopped in the historic area of Salida.
12:46 Leaving, very impressive and lovely little town.
6,018.3 Back at the junction of US-50.
6,018.9 12:51 Stopped at Chinese restaurant in Salida for lunch.
1:35 Leaving.
6,022.8 Re-entering Poncha Springs from the east.
6,023.3 1:41 Junction with US-285.
6,023.7 1:42 US-285 leaves US-50. From Poncha Springs the road descends into a beautiful valley. This will be the Arkansas river, I’m sure running through here and backdrops the snow capped mountains. Christmas 1806 historic sign with Mount Chavano in the background 14,229 feet,
1:52 Leaving.
6,032.0 Saw a number of Lamas.
6,036.2 Passing Mount Antaro an other one of over 14,200 feet. A very broad fairly flat valley. Lots of long horns off to the left now. There’s a lot of cattle though here and horses have had their folds, cows their calves, when we saw the sheep earlier they had all the lambs. It’s very green and really looks good country and we are slowly raising.
6,037.9 It’s 2,400 meters (7,874.0 feet) now, from time to time, we come quite close to the river. There’s been a dam built across half the river in this spot and a channel from the river leading into it, rather a neat idea.
6,044.5 2:09 The junction with US-24 from Colorado Springs.
6,045.7 14,197 feet passing the sign to Mount McPherson.
6,046.2 2:11 Welcome to Buena Vista El. 7,954 feet.
6,046.5 2:12 Stopped in Buena Vista to get gas.
6,051.0 GAS - Buena Vista, CO - $1.139/gal. - 12.292 gallons - $14.00
2:18 Leaving from getting gas. Buena Vista incorporated 1878. Back 3 or 4 miles we passed Mount Yale which was over 14,000 feet. I just seen a sign for Mount Harvard.
6,057.5 El. 2,575 meter (8,448.2 feet).
6,058.2 El. 14,420 feet Mount Harvard.
6,063.8 2:33 Stopped near Tiger Lily creek, 1 picture looking up stream. A man I spoke to said this was part of the river that they run using kayaks.
2:37 Leaving.
6,066.6 El. 2,725 feet.
2:43 Leaving.
6,067.7 Entering Granite, Leadville 17 miles, Climax 30 miles.
6,075.3 Stopped for 1 picture of 1 mountain.
2:56 Leaving.
6,077.2 2:58 Crossing the Arkansas river. It’s getting little now after parts of it we have seen Mount Massive 14,421 feet Colorado’s highest peak.
6,079.0 3:01 Stopped several pictures, one looking down the valley Mount Elbert, Mount Massive ending with a little yellow flower not dandelion although they seem to be quite prolific here too.
3:12 Leaving have to do a bit more research for the flower. It’s in the Sawatch Range. This is spelt different from Utah because this is SAW theirs is the Wasatch, Mount Massive was the last of the mountain pictures I took.
6,083.2 3:19 Entering Leadville On top of it all El. 10,200 feet. Leadville. That’s on a sign back there, see what this one says Leadville city limit El. 10,152 feet.
6,084.2 3:21 Entering.
6,084.8 3:23 Stopped by historic sign.
3:26 Leaving.
6,085.4 3:30 Arrived at the information center.
6,085.5 3:37 Stopped in the main street.
3:54 Leaving We’re going back along the road we came up towards turquoise lake.
6,089.4 4:02 Turning off US-24 for Turquoise Lake.
6,097.8 4;24 We’ve crossed over the dam wall and turned around, if we had continued the road up, we go to Hackaman Pass. There’s a sign over there for that and this is where we turned around.
6,097.9 1 picture looking across to Turquoise lake and the mountains.
6,098.0 A vertical picture of a little trickle.
6,101.9 4:38 Stopped back in Leadville to make a phone call.
4:45 Leaving from the telephone, driving through the main street of historic Leadville and the going out the other end.
6,103.5 4:50 The junction CO-91 leaving US-24.
6,105.0 Just crossed the Arkansas river. The sage brush is still hanging in along with more mountain type trees.
6,106.5 3075 meters (10,088.6 feet).
6,112.3 3265 metera (10,711.9 feet), The river is still down at the side of us.
6,112.8 5:05 Stopped Still flowing the main source of the Arkansas river, there’s lots of little rivulets coming into it all the way along. This one has snow coming right down to the water’s edge and in fact the water is flowing under the snow.
5:07 Leaving.
6,112.8 Crossing the Arkansas river, when I say crossing there are actually signs at the side of the road stating that it is the Arkansas river we are crossing.
6,113.2 After crossing the river, to the left was a frozen lake and then a bit more further up and you can see the water flowing between. We’ve just crossed a drain coming out from the other side now and flowing into these frozen lakes so virtually we have seen the start of the Arkansas river.
6,113.9 The top of the valley looking down on the frozen lake and where we’re stopped here there is rushing water coming from up the hill where they’ve used pipes to stop the erosion.
5:12 Leaving and we are raising fast and are up among these snowy peaks now, but not above the tree line. This look as if it’s the top of the pass I forget what the name of it was. When we started up here it is , truck stopped of it
6,114.6 5:13 Fremonth Pass El. 11,318 feet. There appears to be a huge lake, which is still frozen over in front of us.
6,115.3 Entering Summit county and leaving Lake county and there’s this huge lake out here to the left of the road.
6,125.1 The junction with I-70.
6,125.4 5:30 Joining into I-70 That’s Exit-195 where we joined, As we joined I-70 there was a sign to watch for rocks on the road and then shortly after that a sign saying this is avalanche area. There’s a tumbling river right at the right hand side of the interstate.
6,132.2 5:36 Leaving the interstate and I see Holiday Inn right in front of us. 9,097 feet is the elevation of Frisco that we’ve entered just as we got off the freeway.
6,132.7 5:39 Arrived at the Holiday Inn, we don’t know if this is the right one or not yet. Daffodils are in flower. We’re going to have a picnic lunch and go mad in the dinning room tomorrow night maybe, we’ll see, just maybe.

The day’s total - 288.1 miles
Trip Total - 6,132.7 miles

Day 26 - Friday June 4

We’re in Frisco and we’re going to just do a day trip today/ The daffodils are flowering here in Frisco. They’re at the front of the Holiday Inn while Mary goes to tell them we’re staying the extra day. Noticed the aspens haven’t got their leaves, so the spring is late. Summer must n e a short season. The sky is clear blue today all over and the snow on the mountains is just glistening.
6,143.6 9:26 El. 9,600 feet This is Breckenridge 2.900 meters.
6,145.6 9:29 Parked in the public parking area.
11:29 Leaving the parking lot. Got our lungs and legs working says Mary. It was a lovely walk up one side of the street and down the other and very interesting and well kept town.
6,147.3 11:33 Park at the ski parking at peek 8. Lift #5 with a slide underneath it. Welcome to peek 8.
11:46 Leaving.
6,148.3 11:49 Stopped at an overlook looking down on Breckenridge township. Looking down over the town from this viewpoint.
11:53 Leaving.
6,154.9 12:05 Turning onto Swan mountain road.
6,158.6 12:14 Pull off to take some pictures. Houses built on a rocky ridge.
6,159.8 Summit cove Stopped to get a picture of the houses on the rocky ridge looking over the lake and the snow capped mountains behind.
12:24 Leaving.
6,162.5 12:34 Parked in Keystone. We’re stopping here for lunch. Micasha restaurant in Keystone for lunch, beautiful food and one picture of the lamps.
1:52 Leaving A basin ski area and they’re actually people skiing here still and seeing people with snow boards as well. They were a lot of people skiing there.
6,168.7 2:05 Stopped at a pull out where we can see the skiers coming down the ski slope Pictures at a basin ski area from the road looking down on it, it’s not very often you get to take pictures looking down on ski slopes and one looking along the valley we come from.
2:09 Leaving. This road is climbing up above the tree line and the edge of the mountain top has the over hang of snow like you get on houses after the snow storms.
6,170.7 2:14 We’re not at the top yet, but I stopped again picture showing the over hang of the snow.
6,170.9 The embankment of snow on the edge of the road.
6,171.4 2:19 Stopped at the Loveland Pass El. 11,990 feet. This is also the continental divide. Another 10 feet and it would be 12,000, so if you walk up 10 feet you’re at 12,000 foot elevation. The wind is so strong that it’s rocking the car. There is a man walking across the road with two snow boards, a small one and a big one, he also has one child with him.
2:27 Leaving.
6,175.1 A Loveland ski area and the chairlift goes right across the road and has a net under neath it so anybody falling off doesn’t land on the cars below.
6,175.6 2:37 Driving under I-70.
6,175.8 Junction with I-70, but there is a long stream of trucks it is going to be hard to join in.
6,176.9 2:39 El. 11,013 feet, Entering Eisenhower Memorial Tunnel.
6,178.6 2:41 Out of the tunnel 7% downgrade for the next 8 miles. It’s a long run down to Dillon from the Eisenhower Tunnel. We’re going to be exiting in a moment ro go into Dillon. Silverthorne El. 8,790 feet.
6,186.7 2:50 This is Exit-205. And we’ve left the freeway, come down to a stoplight. Entering Dillon El. 9,136 feet.
6,187.0 2:52 El. 9,156 feet.
6,187.9 2:58 Stopped at Starbucks in Dillon.
6,188.0 3:18 Now outside the city market food and pharmacy.
3:46 Leaving. Was a lovely grocery store and I had fun with the instant machine, you strain your own stuff, you put your bills in a slot, change comes back.
6,192.9 3:57 Parked at the beginning of Main street in Frisco. Cross-country skiers, big horn mountain sheep and a dandelion.
4:10 Leaving.
6,193.3 Turned around in the main street stopped here for a while and then we’re going back down.
4:55 Leaving the west end of the street, but we’re going to go about half a block and then I’m going to get gas.
4:56 Gas.
6,137.0 GAS - Frisco, CO - $1.079/gal. - 6.484 gallons - $7.00
5:01 Leaving.
6,208.8 5:09 Back at the motel. May go out again later on so I will not round it off for today yet.
6,209.6 3 pictures of lake Dillon. This is where I drive away from the motel out on the Dillon dam road.
6,210.4 6:14 Back at the room.

The day’s total - 77.7 miles
Trip Total - 6,210.4 miles

Day 27 - Saturday June 5

Leaving from the Holiday Inn in Frisco and we’ll learn about where we are going as we get there.
6,215.5 8:00 Passing Main Street Frisco and we’re going south to Breckenridge and then onto Fairplay, where we turn off on a different highway.
6,223.0 8:09 Breckenridge 9,600 entering.
6,226.5 8:15 Blue River city limit El. 10,000 feet and there’s patches of snow on the hillside among the trees. The stream that we crossed over just before coming into the city limits was Blue River. Houses built in among the trees, some almost hidden, there was one with about a five foot bank of snow against the wall.
6,230.5 El. 14,265 feet Mount Quandary just passed it.
6,231.9 We just came round an S bend at 10 mph ahead of us is a snow covered mountain without any trees on it. The small stream at the side of the road going downhill is actually is going under ice.
6,234.6 8:29 Ride on top of the continental divide Hoosier Pass I wonder if someone from Indiana came through here, cause the Indianaers are called Hoosiers. Hoosier Pass El. 11,542 feet. My views of the mountains after the signs are one towards Dillon and the other towards the South Plat water shed which would be the Atlantic.
8:37 Leaving from Hoosier pass.
6,235.1 8:38 Stopped for view looking the valley. This valley is supposed to be the water shed for the South Plat river. One view looking down in the valley with the town in the distance, the mountains beyond, this being the South Plat water shed.
8:40 Leaving Incidently we’re traveling on CO-9 is the route we’re taking at the moment and that’s all the way from Frisco.
6,239.8 8:47 Entering Alma El. 10,578 feet. This would be the little town that we were able to see from Hoosier Pass. The speed has changed from 50 mph to 65 mph and we are in a valley and all we can see is hills with a few smaller mountains it seems, so it looks as if it could be bye bye mountains.
6,245.3 8:53 Entering Fairplay city limit, El. 9,953 feet.
6,245.4 8:54 Stopped on the outskirts of Fairplay to get a picture of the South Plat River. Two pictures, one looking upstream and one looking across.
8:57 Leaving.
6,245.7 8:58 Stopped at Saw Park city, it’s a restored 1880's town. One picture looking up the main street with the historic museum mining town.
9:03 Leaving.
6,246.3 9:05 The junction with US-285, we have turned on to US-285 we will be going, according to this north. Denver from here is only 85 miles.
6,248.7 9:09 Red Hill pass, but it doesn’t tell us what the elevation is quickly I need Mary to look at our own machine 3.100 meters and now we’re going down, 10,075 feet, coming around the corner as we go down hill, there’s a magnificent vista of a green valley, distant mountains.
6,251.6 As we go up a hill on my side of the road there’s some Wyoming snow fences I haven’t seen those in quit a long time.
6,255.0 We’re in the middle of vast alpine meadows surrounded by mountains, cattle are grazing. Strait ahead a great cloud bank billowing up over the mountain tops, little rivulets, bigger ones racing along, long snow fences to my side of the road. Except for the clouds bellowing over the mountains, the sky is clear blue, sun shining, absolutely a beautiful morning, there’s a stream racing along parallel to the road, and now there’s another one joining it coming from the north and we’ve just driven over it, it’s meandering through the meadow, but in it’s meander s still going very fast.
6,260.7 9:23 Entering Jefferson, no elevation given here 2,975 meters (9,760.5 feet). We’re going up to Kenosha Pass. Some beautiful horses and a least half a dozen with their little folds, must b e very young lying down next to them. As we rise up to the pass, we can look back over Mary’s side of the car over the valley, it just goes on and on and it’s all green, being fed by little streams coming down from the hills and mountains, lots of cattle and horses, just a beautiful view.
6,265.0 Turned back for just a very short distance to a pull over to get a view of the valley.
6,265.2 9:29 Stopped for a view of the valley. Pulled off the road where really with the stunted aspens. South Park Valley, looking out over the valley to the distant mountains.
9;33 Leaving.
6,265.5 9:34 Stopped again.
9:38 Leaving after pictures of the aspens, the road started to go down hill again. This is certainly a long run down.
6,270.0 Just passed the sign on the other side of the road that said that the Kenosha pass was 4 miles to the summit, when we went up to it from the other side it was 2 miles to the summit. The road is still going down and the little stream has become a river. The water is just raging along East Portal Roberts tunnel, don’t know what that means. Roberts tunnel outlet. There was water rushing under a bridge just now.
6,273.1 9:48 Entering Grant turn off from here to Guanella pass and Georgetown. We’re now only 59 miles from Denver.
6,275.0 9:50 Entering Santa Maria. Once again the map has lived up to it’s dotted line, just realized that we’re still actually going down hill. There’s just so much water everywhere.
6,278.0 We’re actually just gone up a little hill but it appears we will be going down again. Peak hour traffic just a constant stream Colorado cars going in opposite direction. I just realized it’s Saturday so they’re all off for the weekend going up to the mountains. We are so close to Denver and everybody is just pouring out of the city.
6,279.6 9:55 Still going down fairly steeply and we’re just entering Shawnee.
6,280.5 Just crossed the river, it’s not wide but certainly a big river rushing along.
6,281.0 Mary just saw a red wing blackbird, a bird we haven’t seen for quite some time
6,281.4 The road went around a corner into a narrower section like a canyon with cliffs up on my side and the river racing along on Mary’s side, now it’s opening out and there’s a little village here. It’s quite rocky with steep rocky cliffs in this area. We’ve got the river right along side of the road and it’s white water for sure, white all along the way. We can watch the river tumbling down and the road is descending pretty well at the same rate as the river is.
6,284.1 10:01 Entering Bailey El. 2,450 meter. There’s a wide divided street here with a median in the middle and tow lanes each way in Bailey about 8,000 feet and
6,284.5 now we’re going up Crow hill Denver is now only 46 miles. Car changing gears as it climbs Crow hill,
6,286.5 10:05 The top of Crow Hill 2,650 meters (8,694.2 feet) and there were traffic lights as we came over the hill there.
6,291.0 10:10 Entering Pine Junction.
6,294.7 10:17 Stopped to get directions.
10:18 Leaving, we have to go back 4 miles to Pine Ridge and then turn off there,
6,297.8 10:23 Back at Pine Junction.
6,298.0 10:23 Junction with CO-126, we’re now on that. From the junction we’ve been going downhill through a narrow valley/ a winding road, winding around as the valley winds. It’s very peaceful through here.
6,304.0 10:34 Entering Pine Valley and there’s a big river here, that’s winding around forming ox bows or billabong a turn off for Sphinx park, this huge rocks sitting on top of each other lilacs are out here. Wonderful rock formations and there atr some huge boulders , fairly precipitous rock faces which look like they could come rolling down anytime and there’s another flat rock area that has water seeping over it. Working it’s way over it and glistening in the sun. This to use is a river and it’s winding back and forth across the valley in very sharp curves at times. One of these days it will cut across I’m sure because it’s flowing so fast it must cut into the embankment.
6,306.4 10:40 Stopped in this valley to try of get a picture of the rushing river. Rushing river and blueish purple flower purplish blue flower.
10:48 Leaving. The river is right at the very edge of the road now and it’s just tumbling along, very fast, white water rafting for sure,
6,307.0 10:50 There’s a sign here that goes to South Plat 11 miles so we think this river may possibly go to the South Plat Buffalo Creek El. 6,634 feet.
6,307.2 Crossing the creek now so what we’ve seen is Buffalo Creek heading towards the Plat. So that would be, as Mary just said a tributary of the South Plat. Really exciting stuff, Actually I’m not so sure at the moment because we just seen an other sign point up a road with a smaller creek saying Buffalo Creek and I wondering if the first sign we saw is actually is the name of the town we’re coming into Big Buffalo Creek.
6,308.7 Buffalo Creek. We’re entering and area where all the trees have burned, there has obviously been a bush fire here. At the side of us the area is dry and sandy looking as if it been a river or certainly gets water rushing down it at times, just like a river except it’s a dry, dry bed. Since crossing the river we have been raising up and we’re still going up. There’s a lot of people around here with bikes and there have been hikers so I guess it’s quite a recreation area.
6,311.4 10:57 We’re at the top of this particular raise and coming around a corner we’ve got higher mountains including one very big snowy one ahead probably Pikes Peek. Passing a lot of flowers, that ah, what color Mary fuse color.
6,313.6 11:01 Scenic overlook, as far as scenic overlook go this is not much of one, you can just see Pikes Peek or whatever it is peeping over the tree tops, when you back down the road, otherwise there’s not much to see. I took one picture only of the flower which we think is a water growing penstemon, low bush penstemon which means the other one we saw was not one so I’ll have to do some more research,
11:09 Leaving. Just after leaving the pull out, we’re on a long 8% downgrade descent down to Deckers.
6,319.0 We’re still going down and suddenly it says 30 mph and now 20 mph and the road narrowed The valley has just come to join the road, that’s why it’s so narrow. It’s a very little creek at the side of us now and the road is narrow and plants right up to it and trees hanging over. There was a campground in the canyon and picnic tables, cars parked all over the place for hikers I guess. Gill trail,
6,319.0 We’re going up hill again a bit and the creek is away down the bottom below Mary and is running into a big river which could be something south. The road is still high on the cliff and the river below, but the valley has widen out, we’ve just gone over another crest after raising up the hillside and now going down again, there’s a lot of dry rivulets. South Plat River wigwam club view.
6,322.4 11:24 Stopped in Deckers, to see the South Plat River.
11:35 Leaving and we’re going to follow CO-67 in the opposite direction from where we want to go just for short distance as it follows the South Plat River.
11:37 Stopped to turn to go back. There are fisherman all along the way, their limit is two trout, 16 inch minimum.
6,323.1 11:39 Stopped by the South Plat. Artificial flies and lures only and it is two trout, 16 inch minimum.
6,323.4 11:44 Back a Deckers and now turning on to CO-67. WOW what a stop and the little store has everything including cooking implements and the lilacs at the side of it were just coming into bloom.
6,325.0 Two eagles flying over head and we’re into cottonwood trees through this area, We have really had quite an exciting drive so far this morning such a variety and things that didn’t even expect such as the headwaters for the South Plat river and then later on the river it self.
6,327.0 There’s lots of big craggy rocks on the mountainside on Mary’s side of the road as we come along here now. The cuttings made for the highway are of reddish colored rock. The route we are doing now is quite pretty without any necessary outstanding features about it, sort a winding around pine trees, craggy rocks, now and again there are some places rushing streams, just small ones are tributaries of something bigger
6,337.0 Pikes Peak coming into view, coming in from this side Pikes Peak certainly dominates the country side.
6,338.8 Passing the Manitou Lake picnic grounds. From the campground there is a beautiful cycling path paved path I think it looks like at the side of the road. There’s lots of picnic and camping grounds along here. Pikes community and South Meadows, lots of places for people to come out to and camp or just to come out and ride their bikes. The whole area is pine forested and very little growing underneath the pine trees, few bits of grass not much else. Red Rocks campground now and the cycle path is still going on, it has somebody running along it.
6,342.6 The trees are well back from the road now and there’s grassy meadows.
6,343.0 12:11 Entering Woodland Park El. 8,465 feet.
6,343.9 A very nice golf course off to the right.
6,346.0 12:15 The junction with US-24.
6,346.1 12:19 Actually we’re not quite at the lights. We’re stopped waiting doe them to change green. US-24 goes to Buena Vista, if we go the opposite way from the way we are going. Buena Vista is where bought gas on our way up to Dillon. Some lovely store fronts here through this town on very neat well kept Main street. Looks as if we are going to run down the canyon to Manitou Springs from Woodland Park. Coming though this canyon, Pikes Peak is hidden from view.
6,353.4 12:27 Lust Colorado El. 7,500 feet pop. 2.
6,354.5 12:29 Entering Cascade. Pikes Peak road and North Pole it the next right.
6,356.0 We’re certainly into the red cliffs now , which is the color of the formations that the Garden of the Gods, that’s not too far off.
6,356.9 It run down all the way from Woodland Park. We come down 2 miles of 4 to 7 % grade and the next mile is a 7% grade. We’re in a narrow winding canyon with red rock on both sides and we’re going to exit US-24 for the business US-24 at Manitou Springs. We have a really rushing stream at the right of us now.
6,358.0 12:33 Entering Manitou Springs, and this is also where we’re leaving US-24 for the business section,
6,358.4 12:34 Manitou Springs city limit El. 6,412 feet.
6,360.7 12:42 Arrive at Alpine motel.
6,361.9 The Mason Jar.
6,362.0 1:54 Leaving after lunch from The Mason Jar.
6,367.6 2:10 Arrive at the admission gate to the Seven falls and south Cheyenne canyon.
6,368.1 2:34 Parked and I think that this is as far up the canyon we will be driving.
3:26 Leaving. After leaving the seven falls, we’ve turned onto the North Cheyenne canyon road. This road passes at the base of the needle which I took a picture of from the other road going into seven falls. This is a wonderful drive, climbing up through a canyon, winding around continuously with the roar of the mountain stream tumbling over the rocks along side of us.
6,371.8 View looking up the creek.
3:51 Leaving.
6,372.0 3:52 Stopped again. This is at the Helen Hunt Falls El. 7,240 feet where I took one picture of the Helen Hunt Falls.
4:00 We left there.
6,372.6 4:02 Starting on the high drive, which is a gravel road, but that’s nothing new for us.
6,372.9 A view down onto the plains, El. 2,425 feet, we just come down from the top of the high drive.
6,373.8 The road down,
6,374.2 Stopped on a hairpin bend, can just see Garden of the Gods from here, and it’s really a steep hairpin bend. Hopefully a couple panorama pictures of the bend.
4:18 Leaving.
167.5 There’s some small yucca growing on the side of the road, they seemed to have got lost, I think.
6,374.6 A tree that has had all of the soil taken away from its roots. As we get nearer the bottom, we are actually twisting through a narrow rock gorge.
6,375.5 This is an other canyon that we’re in. A rushing stream crossing back and forth from one side to the other, it’s on my side now, getting much deeper in the gully, it’s just an amazing drive.
6,376.0 At the bottom of the hill, where the sign for th opposite direction says do not enter.
6,377.2 Just turned onto 26th street.
6,377.5 Stopped in a pull over on a bend for flower pictures. 2 pictures, one with a paint brush in on one side of the road, and the pale blue penstemon on the other side of the road.
6,384.9 5:05 Stopped at the trading post in the Garden of the Gods it was established in 1900.
6:09 Leaving.
6,386.9 A stop along Ridge road. 2 pictures, one looking out over rocky pieces coming out of the ground and one looking up to the mountains which we drove earlier.
6,386.9 Leaving the Garden of the Gods park.
6,388.9 6:33 Back at the motel we are sorting the 28th day of our serious trip.

The day’s total - 178.5 miles
Trip Total - 6,388.9 miles

Day 28 - Sunday June 6

7:55 Leaving from the Alpine motel in Manitou Springs.
6,396.7 Just passed the turn off for Academy Boulevard, and that’s because the Air Force Academy is supposed to be somewhere around here.
8:17 I guess we’re getting to the outskirts of town although we still have houses around.
6,398.8 8:19 We’re out of town now, looking in the rear vision mirror is a magnificent view looking back to Pikes Peak with the city at its base.
192.4 8:21 Stopped to take a picture looking back, we turned around and we’re outside the Durango Motel.
6,401.4 The last view of the mountains, Now we’re on our way east out to the parry.
8:24 Leaving and traveling east on US-24. There aren’t any foothills, the land is a parry almost immediately, slightly rolling and suddenly I imagine you just come up to this huge mountain, Pike Peek is 14,110 feet high and it just looms up of the parry.
6,403.3 Just could resist one more view. Looking across the parry and the town to the mountain.
8:32 Leaving blue flowers along the side of the road, that will be those penstemon that we were looking at yesterday.
6,404.6 Starting to see yuccas.
6,406.0 Antelope at the side of the road, cattle grazing on green pastures.
6,407.1 Entering Flacon lot of blue flaxes at the side of the road.
6,416.4 Entering Peyton, the flaxes are really beautiful and quite thick along the road, the odd patch of red Paintbrush.
6,425.8 9:00 Entering Calhan El. 6,507 feet.
6,435.5 Entering Ramah El. 6,094 feet.
6,439.9 9:15 Simia El. 6,029 feet. In this area it’s hillier or more rolling then it is nearer to Colorado Springs.
6,441.8 A lone antelope in a field with cattle, but a little apart from it. We also saw two others after the one I photographed.
6,446.6 Entering Matheson and they don’t give the elevation.
6,454.2 Just went over a rise and now you can’t see the peak of Pikes Peak anymore, up until now every time you got onto a high point you could just see the top of it showing up in the distance. Another lone antelope. I would love to see a whole heard of them closer to the road.
6,456.4 There’s a large crop with an antelope in the middle of it, his head is just sticking about it on my side of the road, and a field all plowed ready for working on the right hand side, Seems to me to be a little late to be getting anything unless it’s being left fallow for this season.
6,460.3 I can see Limon and the interstate. There’s yucca’s growing all through here and seeing more antelope. Just we’re coming into Limon there was a falcon flying over head.. Rolls of hay all put together in a long row to make a windbreak or could work as a fence. Now we’re coming close to the long row of trees which have been following the river or the creek all through here. There is a bit of water in the creek as we cross over it.
6,463.0 9:38 Entering Limon actually we’re in the area that’s close to I-70, with all the usual McDonalds, Arvy, etc, etc. This road can be closed in winter because there are gates across it which means if the weather is bad you can ‘t enter it.
6,463.5 9:39 The junction with I-70.
6,475.0 Passing the exit for Genoa, Big grain elevators and trains so we’re starting on this usual parry scene,
6,486.4 10:00 5,228 feet Arriba, So we are coming down. You can see for miles all the way around, forward, backward, left, right. It’s still all pretty green for the beginning of the summer and we’re just sailing along on I-70, very smooth running.
6,497.5 10:09 Flagler the boyhood home of Herald Ballin (7:38). We’re just passing the exit for that now. Large grain elevators. Approaching Seibert and there are just huge elevators here and a lot of cattle grazing on the green pasture.
Stratton Exit-419. There’s a Best Western here and other lodges as well. There’s a magnificent building over here called the Clairmont Inn, that really looks a beautiful spot.
6,523.4 The other side of the town vast fields with crops and now we have back to the big irrigation systems, that have the little hoses hanging down to spray at the lower levels. Looks to be very rich farming land around here and I would say that the people are very prosperous.
6,539.0 10:43 Exit-437, Cheyenne Wells, but that’s not the name of the town, I don’t think, that we are actually going pasted , there was another.. Burlington, That’s the exit for Burlington, plus a number of other places. Mile 440 since Utah border. Burlington market co-opt. Happiness is a croak of beans is a sign on a very large building there and a little before that I thought that the crop I could see out to the right was soya bean crop. Mary and I commented on how nice the farms look, neat and tidy, not a lot of scrap stuff lying around, old motor vehicles, farm machinery, everything seems to have been cleaned up.
6,552.0 10:53 The last mile post was 449. Leaving colorful Colorado, entering Kansas Welcome to Kansas. The first exit is for Kanorado, and there’s two sets of big elevators here. Goodland is only about 16 or 17 miles from the border.
6,555.8 One Kansas farmer feeds 128 people plus you, is what the sign said we just passed.
6,559.5 10:59 Leaving the interstate to go into the welcome center.
6,559.8 11:00 Stopped at the visitors center.
11:24 Leaving from the center.
6,559.9 11:24 Back on the interstate.
6,569.1 11:33 Passing the main road into Goodland with its huge grain elevators, there seems to be 4 sets of them or 3 sets and another one which is just a tower. Thar last exit was for St, Francis and Goodland and there is another exit for Goodland ahead. The oasis on the plains is the sign for Colby which is 28 miles hence and that’s where we’re going to stop of lunch,
6,604.9 12:06 Going exit at Colby, the oasis on the parry, Exit-53.
12:08 Stopped at the Sirloin Stockade in Colby.
6,605.7 1:11 On our way again, except we’re going to be stopping for gas.
1:15 Stopped for gas.
6,599.0 GAS - Colby, KS - $1.099 - 14.556 gallons - $16.00
1:22 Leaving from getting gas.
6,599.4 1:23 Back on I-70.
6,619.2 Oil pumps working to the south of the road and the embankment is ablaze in yellow with that tall clover that flowers with the yellow.
6,624.5 There’s still oil pumps to the south of the road Hays is 54 miles from the Quinter turnoff, so I’m not sure how far we are going to go before we get to Hays.
6,650.0 Just before coming into Quinter, there’s a feed lot and then behind that was a field with quite a lot of lamas in it.
6,651.8 2:09 Exit-107 at Quinter. Now we’re going to be going south to Castle Rock Road and they’ve got the arrow going the wrong way, they got it going in two different directions, Turning south of GO-509 in Gove county.
6,654.7 Changing onto a gravel road and there’s lots of yucca in flower at the intersection just there and some out in the field.
6,666.5 2:29 Turning on to GO-466, That’s 4 miles ahead now, this is a real roller coaster road, straight ahead but up and down, and there’s little pockets of bad lands here and there otherwise it’s mostly wheat but some corn.
6,670.8 2:35 Turning onto GO-80, We’re going in to see Castle Rock The GO stands for Gove go(1454).
6,671.5 Yellow cliffs and parries beyond and a purple and orange flower.
6,671.8 The first picture of Castle Rock.
6,672.5 Close up to Castle Rock and flower pictures ending with princess poudin.
6,673.1 Stopped for Cober rock.
3:44 Leaving now from several walks that we’ve done at the base of the badlands.
6,674.3 3:49 Back where we turned in. We are driving through acres of Kansas wheat land. Hence no fences on either side of the road. The edge of the road is thick with young sunflowers. There’s water in the river, There’s lots of yuccas in flower, really a lovely drive compared with the interstate even it is a gravel road.
6,684.4 We’re still driving south There’s a number of oil pumps in the area wont be long before these fields are waves of golden grain.
6,691.4 We’re about to cross a train line, there are oil pumps quite a number of them and a huge elevators to our right, and since there’s no lights here, we better make sure there’s no train coming.
6,691.8 4:14 Arrived at a bitchamum road we’re turning east. We think we’re on KS-4.
6,696.4 4:20 Entering Arnold unincorporated this is at the junction CR-531 and we are on KS-4, cause they finally got a sign for it. This is a very pleasant drive.
6,701.6 Entering Ransom, two sets of elevators.
6,703.6 4:29 Junction with US-283. The Gale, the farms houses and adjacent buildings and gardens al look very tidy and neat looking. It’s nice to see that rather then a lot of garbage lying around.
6,710.7 4:37 Entering Brownell.
6,715.5 Still lots of oil pumps.
6,716.0 Just seen our first rock posts. We’re certainly in post rock country now, we see then all over the place.
6,723.6 4:50 Entering McCracken.
6,728.5 Post rocks, fields with crops and a grain elevator in the distance and a big bank of white clouds. We’re coming to the junction US-183 And this is, I’m not sure what town we’re in.
6,740.5 5:14 Turning on to US-183 south. Welcome to La Crosse, We’re right here, barb wire post rock country and here we are in La Crosse now.
5:19 Of course all the museums are closed.
6,741.7 We’ve parked in the shade while we decide what we are going to do, go back to a little park where this is a historical marker and then go on our way. We totally missed the time line changed from mountain standard time at least mountain daylight time to central daylight time occurred along I-70 just before Exit-36 so everything from that time is actually an hour later then what we thought it was.
6:22 We are now on Lincoln time.
6:25 Leaving to go to the little park now.
6,742.9 Howard Barnard sign and welcome to La Crosse sign.
6:31 Leaving to drive north back to La Crosse and on north. From here Kinsley is just 43 miles south and Kinsley is the center of America where it is 1,563 miles to New York and to San Francisco I think it is, Mary and I both took pictures there, it’s only 22 miles to Hays. Approaching a little town now has a huge church with a tall spire Liebenthal St. Joseph’s church, beautiful stone church done with the yellow stone, looks lovely.
6,755.0 Crossing the Smokey Hill river. The oil pumps are still with us in the middle of grain fields.
6,764.9 6:56 Entering Hays.
6,767.5 7:03 Arrive at the Hampton Inn.

The day’s total - 378.6 miles
Trip Total - 6,767.5 miles

Day 29 - Monday June 7

Leaving from Hays for the last leg to home.
7:37 We left the Hampton Court Inn Motel. We’re on US-183 going north in Kansas and will continue up that into Nebraska. We’re driving through crop land again many of them are golden as they ripen.
6,777.7 Over a hill and either we’re coming to a river valley or the land is certainly not flat here, it’s much more rolling then I thought I’d find in this part of Kansas. The road does drop down in a bit of a valley and there are yellow where they cut the hill away for the road there’s also working pumps in the area.
6,781.5 Crossing the Saline river and this river must have been quite big at one time because of the valley that it’s cut out.
6,789.0 Coming out of the valley of the Saline river we’re back into fairly flat country again, acre upon acre of grain fields, sone of them really quite golden now others still turning, I think we have a small town coming up ahead.
6,790.1 8:01 Entering Plainville.
6,800.4 Looks as if we are going to descend another river valley here The cutting here has the same color as the cliffs at Castle Rock.
6,802.9 8.18 Entering Stockton. There were two bridges we came across coming into town, one-way traffic because of construction being down on the bridges. It was the Solomon River, Solomon River valley were Stockton is. That was the south fork of the Solomon River.
6,812.4 Crossed Bow creek and there’s water in it, I’m wondering if we have got away from all the crops now because there don’t seem to be as many but there’s cattle around grazing, so it’s more like grasslands. There is still some crops but not to the extent there were a little further south.
6,820.3 Crossing the Solomon River, that’s a good river. There’s a little town here, but we don’t know what it is(Glade???). After crossing the river, because Phillipsburg is still 5 miles ahead, so this must be a separate little town. Large field of young corn on one side and a ripened wheat field on the other side of the road.
6,825.5 Entering, there is no sign for entering Phillipsburg, but that’s where we are now, we’ll be stopping up here when we come to the junction US-183 and US-36. US-36 goes to Marysville and over to St. Joseph.
6,825.9 8:43 The junction with US-36 and we’re joining it for a short way. Now turning the corner it says welcome to Phillipsburg, market center of the north central Kansas area.
6,826.8 8:45 Turning off US-36 to continue on US-183 north to Alma Nebraska. Phillipsburg is a big area and now we’re passing an oil refinery. It’s only 25 miles to Alma Nebraska.
6,845.0 Leaving Kansas come again, Nebraska the good life, home of arbor day.
6,846.0 Crossing Parry dog creek with water in it.
6,850.5 Starting to cross Harlan County Lake had on the side of the road, is crossing the lake, right through the middle of it, it’s huge off to Mary’s side and more swampy on my side with dead trees.
6,851.0 Republican River. stating to cross that, it’s all part of the lake.
6,851.5 9:11 Entering Alma.
6,852.6 9:15 Been driving around in Alma looking for the courthouse, now found it, another courthouse for Harlan country, courthouse here in Alma.
9:20 Leaving, very nice little town, even has a motel.
6,853.7 9:23 Turning onto US-136 east, There was a sign for the Harlan dam 9 miles, so it’s quite a big lake. This route is starting out as a very winding route, especially after the straight road we’ve been on. There’s lots of coves and points found it before we came into Alma and I wondered what in the world they were taking about until I saw the big lake now we’re getting the same thing on this side road going into it, This road is going up and down because there’s coulee with I guess small creeks that at certain times of the year all flowing towards the reservoir, or dam or lake.
6,857.8 Just passed a fence with boots on posts.
6,860.9 8:39 Stopped for boots on posts, 3 pictures.
8:39 Leaving, we actually went about a quarter of a mile down the road turned around and came back and that so distances are a little bit out.
6,862.4 Republican City pop. 199 There’s a turn here to go to the Harlan reservoir. There have been a lot of cuttings made for this road to go through here, we’re traveling straight at the moment but up and down through coulee or across coulee and then there is also a lot of cuttings so it’s very rolling or hilly across the south part of Nebraska here.
6,872.2 Entering Bloomington pop. 229.
6,876.2 Franklin 1,112.
6,876.9 9:58 Stopped for the Franklin Academy Historical marker.
6,877.6 10:04 Franklin county courthouse.
10:07 Leaving. This is a very pleasant drive, there’s lots of trees around because of all the coulee and creeks that lead down to the Republican River, because basically we are following parallel to the river but slightly north of it.
6,887.6 10:19 Entering Riverton pop, 162 Crossing the Thompson creek as we come into the little town, it’s got a lot of water in it Webster county welcomes you to Cathaland.
6,890.7 10:23 Stopped for road work just after the sign to welcome us to Cathaland.
6,892.9 Mary’s just looked at the altimeter and said we’re just under 500 meters (1,640.4 feet) at this point, is a little different from the 3.000 meter (9,842.5 feet) that we were at earlier on our trip.
6,893.6 Entering Inavale unincorporated so they don’t even have the population up.
6,899.7 10:35 Entering Red Cloud 1,204. Junction with US-281 coming up.
6,900.5 10:37 Junction with US-281.
10:38 Stopped in downtown Red Cloud.
6,901.0 11:41 Leaving from the Webster county courthouse in Red Cloud, Going to go back on the highway now and head east.
6,954.7 12:40 The junction with US-81 All along the way there has been masses of the purple fetch, sometimes it is quite thick along the road embankment and then you go for some miles and there won’t be any and then it comes back again, really looks quite colorful.
6,974.0 1:01 Crossing the Little Blue river.
6,974.4 1:02 Entering Fairbury 4,335 Beatrice 27 miles now.
6,999.5 1:28 Welcome to Beatrice pop. 12,354.
7,001.5 Crossing the Big Blue river.
7,001.9 1:35 Turning on to US-77, the Black Crow was closed.
7,002.8 1:38 Stopped at Runza in Beatrice $6.38 I think that was about our cheapest meal we ever had.
2:04 Leaving Runza.
2:12 Stopped for gas.
7,010.0 GAS - Beatrice, NE - $1.099/gal. - 16.375 gallons - $18.00
2:20 Leaving for the last leg.
7,039.4 Crossing Salt Creek.
2:50 Entering Lincoln 191,972.
7,043.4 2;59 In the garage.

The day’s total - 275.9 miles
Trip Total - 7,043.4 miles