Lincoln, Nebraska
Vancouver, British Columbia and return


The details below are a true record but the names of people have been changed to protect their identity.

The numbered points are only there to force the map generating program to reflect the actual route taken and need not necessarily have anything to do with the text.

Day 1 - Wednesday, July 2 - Lincoln, NE to Watertown, SD

0.0 12:10 Finally left home
5.2 12:21-12:26 Indian Hills Community Church - took pictures of the day lilies and tiger lilies. Sky quite blue and not a cloud in sight in any direction. A very strong wind is blowing.
39.0 1:00 A few soft clouds on the horizon to the north as I approach the outskirts of Omaha.
54.3 1:16 Traffic almost at a standstill (50 mph !!) ... roadwork ... appears as if all traffic reduced to one lane... when this sort of thing happens one can only be patient ... road construction in the vicinity of 13th Street ... major construction at interchange.
55.7 1:25 Traffic starting to move.
56.5 1:26 Crossing the Missouri river ... Iowa State Line.
56.9 1:26 Leaving I-80 for I-29 north.
57.9 1:28 Exit I-29 at Nebraska Avenue.
60.0 1:31 - 2:57 Ameristar ... very good buffet lunch - salad, catfish, ham, baked chicken and delightful marinated vegetables - yellow squash and zucchini plus others ... in fact it was an excBetht buffet ... with senior discount $4.47.
60.8 3:00 Back on I-29 and finally I am on my way, and I must say it is good to be having this break. I don’t know what is wrong with me these days, as I’ve been very tense and easily upset but now, maybe, with the open road in front of me I can get rid of all my adverse feelings and come back refreshed and ready to face life the way I should be.
There is a very strong wind blowing.
83.1 3:20 Exit for De Soto Wildlife Refuge and Blair, NE ... speed limit in Iowa only 65 mph.
116.7 3:50 - 3:58 Rest Area to get my water bottle and check the map - I still haven’t decided how far I am going nor which way yet!!
The countryside is still very green, the corn perhaps not quite as high as it is further south, particularly in Nebraska where it is already about 3-4 feet tall.
I-29 is going through the very wide fertile valley of the Missouri River. I have just noticed that I can see the hills to the east and the west on either side of the valley.
After lunch there were scattered white fluffy clouds and now there seems to be more cloud cover. There is still a prevailing wind from the west.
All along the way there are clusters of trees around prosperous looking farms.
I have just driven in the shade of a huge cloud.
I am approaching the exit for South Sioux City in Nebraska reached by US-20 west where Mary and I crossed the Missouri River on our way home, that is US-20 west and US-75 south.
Coming into Sioux City there is a large monument on a hill overlooking the Interstate, a needle-like monument (like the Washington Monument in Washington, DC) - not quite as big!
152.0 4:30 I can see the Missouri River and a sign, “WELCOME TO SIOUX CITY”.
The Interstate is practically on the banks of the river.
154.2 4:33 Just passing the exit for the downtown business area off to the right and the Belle Sioux City Casino river boat is to the left.
158.2 4:37 Crossing the South Dakota State Line.
165.2 Passing a huge feed lot ... 6 miles of single lane for roadwork.
192.2 The countryside seems to be changing a bit - is probably not as fertile and looks like some ranch country. Some crops have been planted but they are not very high as yet,
It is most unfortunate that there are so many billboards along this highway. Among all the billboards are those advertising all the attractions at Wall drug!! Without them the countryside would look very pleasant indeed.
5:20 The sky is practically cloud covered now.
232.5 5:10 Sious Falls the next 5 exits.
240.6 5:48 The junction of I-29 and I-90.
242.2 5:49 48 miles to Brookings which is on US-14 and 232 miles to Fargo, ND. I still have no idea which way I am going yet! ...some farms now appear to be dairy farms
248.5 Just came over the brow of a hill and I can see the interstate continuing straight ahead, up and down over hills for many miles
287.0 6:28 Ping! Just coming into Brookings.
288.1 6:29 Leaving I-29 to get gas.
289.0 6:30 - 6:43 GAS - Brookings, SD - $1.279/gal. - 17.413 gals. - $22.27
289.6 6:45 - 6:55 Stopped at the Best Western to see if I can book ahead to Watertown (Aberdeen would be too far because of the dark sky).
As I go onto the ramp to return to I-29 there is a gate at the side of the road which means this road could be closed at times due to bad weather conditions.
290.4 6:57 Back on I-29.
In Brookings I was unbelievably cold. I had heard on the news that a cold front had come through, and certainly there was no doubt about that!
291.8 Watertown 44 miles, Fargo 183 miles. Strong winds were still blowing.
All the way through the land looks very green and very prosperous, rolling continuously - very pleasant to drive through at this time of the year when it is green ... maybe not so nice when turned brown, although there are many, many clumps of trees (not like the open prairie in Alberta.
The Rest Areas in this part of South Dakota do not have the symbolic tepees made with the six-ton concrete poles!
320.2 7:22 I can see the road stretching ahead again. The contours of the land are very much like Alberta prairie, but there are lots more trees and many more farms - the farms closer together ... crops, hay, dairy cattle and beef cattle, too.
322.1 Watertown 14 miles, Fargo 153 miles.
Unfortunately because of the cloud cover, it is becoming dark a lot earlier, and if it weren’t for this, I could probably have made it into Aberdeen.
Listening to the radio earlier today there was some talk about using wind power and it was said that south Dakota was only second to North Dakota for windiest states in the US.
329.1 7:29 Very fine spitting rain, very, very fine, so fine it can’t be considered a drizzle!
334.1 7:33 Left I-29 for Watertown on US-212.
336.4 7:38 - 7:45 Stopped at Hy-Vee for milk and cereal ($4.53).
339.0 7:53 Arrive Best Western Ramkota Inn.

The day’s total - 339 miles
Trip Total - 339 miles

Day 2 - Thursday, July 3 - Watertown, SD to Williston, ND

339.0 7:08 Leave Best Western Ramkota Inn ... blue sky overhead and the sun shining whilst I was packing the car ... dark storm clouds to the west, north and south (the three directions I can see) - wind still blowing strongly ... three or four pelicans circling in the sky. Five pelicans in water at the side of the road.
340.5 7:15 - 7:18 McDonald’s for coffee (63¢).
341.0 7:20 - 7:22 Stopped by Perkins to take a picture of Conoco gas station or Cowboy Country Store.
341.1 7:25 Leaving Norwest Bank Instant Cash ... lovely brick clock tower with a large bell in it - looks like a centennial project
342.1 Left the road on a dirt track heading out to Pelican lake ... just want to come out here a short distance to see if there are any pelicans anywhere around. I am driving through a State Game Reserve to get there - like a slough with lots of bulrushes.
342.9 7:31 The water is very rough because of the wind. There are a few pelicans in the distance - too far to photograph.
As I started to drive away I noticed a whole group in the opposite direction and spent some time getting a couple of pictures of them (also had to spend time changing films),
7:46 Now I’m about to return to the town and head out along US-212 west. As I do so there is a very fine spitting of rain, too fine to be
I’m sure that before the day is over I will probably see a lot more rain as the sky has pretty well completely clouded over now and the clouds are fairly dark and there could be quite a storm.
Made one more stop for pictures but the 5 pelicans I originally saw flew off and I wasn’t able to get any pictures.
343.6 7:53 Waiting to enter the highway ... lots of traffic.
7:54 On US-212 west.
344.4 7:56 Passing the Best Western Ramkota Inn.
347.4 Sign for road to Pelican Lake Recreation Area - 5 miles ... means the lake is quite large. There appears to be lots of lakes in the area and a great many waterfowl or water birds ... have seen a couple more pelicans.
351.6 Just passed a sign for water over the road ... water not actually right over the road, but it certainly was right up to the road, so must have receded a little ... the road is winding around considerably, wending its way between lakes ... I have my cruise control set at just slightly above 65 mph, but i really have no idea what the speed should be because I haven’t seen any signs,
Still passing by many lakes ... water both sides of the road ... lots of ducks, pelicans and so on.
It does look as though I might be running into rain ahead.
357.1 8:09 Starting to spit again ... the soil is very black in these parts.
360.2 Speed zone ahead ... for a little township of Henry.
After the town speed limit sign 65 mph - the first time I have seen a sign, so must have missed it before ... lots of dark clouds around, but also a few small patches of blue sky ... perhaps the day will improve.
I am amazed at the number of trees there are ... people certainly have done a lot of planting over the years
The clouds ahead are looking very black again and .......
365.4 another sign for water over the road ... fortunately it is not over the road, but is right up to the very edge of the road on both sides
367.8 Three huge buildings on the south side of the road - as I pass I notice the name McCain Food Processing ... just noticed a long-necked white bird - egret maybe
Another slight drizzle ... it really is an enjoyable drive through lovely prosperous farming country and it is hard to understand how anyone could be bored by this ... both enjoyable and pleasant!
372.8 8:24 Entering Clark ... the road is now wet - had a heavy shower of rain. There are still dark clouds ahead but I haven’t experienced any heavy rain showers so far myself. Attractive looking town - main street goes to the north off US-212.
374.1 Other side of the town ... since leaving Clark, the land seems to be a little hillier ... maybe have left the lakes behind ... also the farming seems to have changed from crops and dairying to ranching.
378.1 Coming over the crest of a hill the view looks out over a broad plain again ... can see rain falling from a dark cloud in the north. The horizon seems to be endless here - could almost be called “Big Sky Country” as in Montana.
The soil is brown and not that rich black as it was in the lakes area ... Actually, looking to the north I can see two separate rain showers.
Approaching another town ... there have been several cornfields, but very poor quality - sparse and not very high.
391.2 8:42 Entering Doland ... the streets are named after presidents or other states.
391.6 8:43 Leaving Doland ... Redfield 20 miles ahead.
It is still quite cloudy but not as dark, also some large patches of blue sky ... quite a lot of water in the low-lying areas of fields.
396.9 The road south to Huron which is on US-14 - huge 20 ton pheasant (pheasant country - I remember that from the trip I did with Anna, daughter, in ‘93 ... also at this sign a notice informing drivers that US-281 south from Redfield is closed. I hope it is not closed to the north because that is the way that I want to go!
403.1 8:54 Just crossed James River and now on the north side of the road is Fisher Grove State Park as well as a well cared for golf course.
406.7 8:57 Crossing a slough and I can see some herons ... the road has been built a little higher here so water is not quite so close to the road
408.8 Passing a farm where there is a large flock of black-faced sheep ... at one of the farms earlier there were quite a number of pigs.
Coming into Redfield there is a billboard advertising a restaurant which has a salad bar in a bank vault.
410.7 9:01 Entering Redfield ... approaching the junction with and turning onto US-281 north to Aberdeen
412.4 9:04 Leaving Redfield - Aberdeen 40 miles.
416.5 Spitting rain again ... can see rain falling from a dark cloud to the northwest , but here it is just that very fine spitting!
Sign for Wheat Growers Association, so I assume, therefore, that I am in an area where wheat is grown ... the fine spitting or drizzle doesn’t last more than a minute if that
424.6 The countryside is very flat, barely undulating and I can see for miles farmhouses and trees in the distance. There are crops, healthy looking - maybe rye rather than wheat (?) - acres and acres.
Although the countryside is very flat there are lots of trees around homesteads as well as windbreaks. Some of the farmhouses are very attractive indeed.
Now I am seeing some wheat crops.
I didn’t take note when point US-281 became a dual highway - it was back before the sign that said Aberdeen was 20 miles - don’t know exactly.
442.4 9:32 Aberdeen 9 miles. ... I have crossed two streams with no names, therefore I don’t know if they were creeks or rivers.
Looking ahead there appears to be some huge elevators in Aberdeen ... road traveling along a large slough, mostly on the left, but some on the right ... lots of ducks and other waterfowl ... road is actually going through the middle of the slough.
448.5 Speed reduced to 55 mph.
450.6 9:40 Entering Aberdeen.
451.1 Turning onto US-12 East to go into Aberdeen.
452.5 US-281 turning north and I continue east on US-12.
453.9 9:48 - 9:55 Stopped at McDonald’s - good coffee (27¢) and pit stop ... there is a river running through town ... turning west on US-12 there are some magnificent houses along the street.
455.4 10:02-10:10 Stopped after turning off the highway and driving several blocks to look at the County Courthouse. Originally I pulled into this street to look at the dome I had seen earlier on an interesting building, which had attracted my attention to this street,thinking it would be a courthouse. Instead it was the First United Methodist Church. However, the courthouse was ahead at the end of the street.
Aberdeen seems like a lazy sort of town ... traffic doesn’t travel very fast ... 65°.
455.8 10:13 Stopped back at US-12 for a traffic light. The main street, at right angle to US-12, is one block west of the street where the church and courthouse are located ... it is a commercial historic district.
I decided to turn off at the next block and go back to take a picture of the street which has very attractive historic buildings along it.
457.2 10:23 Back on US-12 and driving west.
458.4 10:26 Back at the junction with US-281 South. Here there is a sign for Wall drug - still only 276 miles!
460.6 Left Aberdeen ... still a lot of clouds but the sky does seem to be brighter.
462.8 End of the dual highway and start of two-way traffic ... white birds with dark or black heads flying overhead.
A big sign 8 miles east of Ipswich - vote pro life - Stop abortion.
481.9 A working oil pump.
482.9 10:50 Entering Ipswich.
484.0 Leaving Ipswich ... Selby 53 miles.
Some of the crops which I am passing now look as if they are sunflowers and I believe that I read somewhere that there were sunflowers around.
The land is dotted with many, many sloughs ... the prevailing wind today is from the north ... tonight’s forecast is for temperatures in the 40's and low 50's.
497.5 11:04 Entering Roscoe.
498.5 Leaving Roscoe ... Selby 38 miles ... following an old Chevrolet truck at 40 mph in a no-passing zone ... certainly was an old farmer when I passed, though he didn’t look that old - only the truck was old!
More fields of sunflowers, but they have a lot of growing to do yet.
[I have traveled another section of US-12 previously - from Yakima to Randle when visiting Mount St. Helens].
509.6 Back into hilly country with lots of ponds or small lakes both sides of the road and I just seen a heron. It is as if every hollow between the hills has a small lake in it.
From Aberdeen the road was very straight, then as soon as I came into the hills it started winding around ... speed limit 55 mph - 88 kmph ... first time I’ve noticed a metric sign.
This is the intersection of the road for Tolstoy to the south and Eureka to the north ... also at this point the road is divided, a dual highway as we pass to the south of the town of Bowdle. Now there are lots of yellow daisy-like flowers along the side of the road.
514.3 11:20 Dual highway ends - two-way traffic again
514.8 Junction with US-83, where I plan to turn north to North Dakota, is 19 miles.
Farms a lot more spread out - much bigger holdings.
519.4 A llama farm.
523.1 Just passed a cyclist going in the opposite direction ... he had four saddle bags, two at the front and two at the back ... really into ranching country now.
527.4 More fields of wheat.
531.1 Divided highway again just as US-83 is coming up.
531.6 Just passed the southbound US-83.
532.0 Two-way traffic again ... now have US-12 west, US-83 north and SD-20 west all the same highway at the moment ... some rather dilapidated farms in this area and vacated farm houses falling down and old farm buildings.
All along the way there are quite huge grain elevators, probably near railway sidings.
534.9 11:39 Entering Selby, pop. 707.
537.7 Road divided because US-83 goes north.
538.1 11:43 Turning north on US-83 ... Mound City 13 miles.
I am amazed at the number of small lakes that there are through here. The side of the road hasn’t been mowed at all and it is really very pretty with yellow flowers and a variety of grasses
543.1 A huge slough area with big lakes and lots of ducks, also perhaps grebes (black). It is really quite amazing the amount of water everywhere, certainly different from what I had anticipated.
546.0 Land to the east has no fence along the road, just wide open even though there’s a crop growing there ... flock of sheep {differentiate between lakes and ponds and sloughs - sloughs have a lot of reeds whereas the others are more open waters}
550.8 11:55 Entering Mound City, pop. 89.
551.2 Leaving Mound City ... Herreid is 8 miles.
Because the road is continuously going across the middle of these small lakes I am wondering if they are connected with pipes (culverts) under the road!
557.8 12:02 Entering Herreid, pop. 488.
{Radio:- 7 people killed in severe storms in Michigan yesterday ... 5 sought shelter in a gazebo which was blown into the lake at St. Clair ... svere winds ... trees down and power outages ... flooding}
559.5 Leaving Herreid ... North Dakota State Line 7 miles ... pig farm ... some wild roses growing along the side of the road are in flower - beautiful deep pink flowers ... milkweed also in flower.
565.7 12:10 Entering North Dakota, my 49th state (only Alaska remains!) - stopped to take some pictures
12:13 Leaving, Strasburg 15 miles ... cyclist with saddle bags ... land undulating ... some crops ... cattle ... lakes continuously ... large black bird (too big for a grebe - similar to birds at the rookery along the Oregon coast) ... a Lewis and Clark sign under the US-83 sign.
It occurs to me that there are a number of living trees standing in the water at many of these lakes and that maybe the level of the lakes is much higher than usual. Otherwise the trees would have died if standing in water permanently. Last winter was very severe and maybe the melting snow has contributed to extra height of the water in the lakes.
579.7 12:26 Entering Strasburg ... actually US-83 bypasses the town to the west. Strasburg is the birthplace of Lawrence Welk.
581.3 12:27 50 miles to the juction with I-94.
581.8 Just passed the turnoff for Lawrence Welk’s birthplace.
585.9 Land becoming hillier - actually very attractive ... coming into a town or settlement that appears to be in a coulee surrounded by flat-top hills.
590.2 Entering this town this town - it doesn’t appear to have a name - probably Linton - speed limit 25 mph (you feel as if you could walk faster after the speed on the highway ... just passed the Emmons County Courthouse (patrol has someone stopped) ... now increased to 45 mph and now 65 mph.
Finally a sign for Bismarck - Hazelton is 15 miles, Bismarck 63 miles.
599.6 Again another area where there are no fences ... big hay rolls which come right out to the side of the road ... deep pink roses ... yellow flowers (some type of clover, I think).
I’m beginning to get hungry and no wonder, it is 12:48 ... breakfast was about 6:30 this morning, so that is about 6½ hours ago. Since then I have had two McDonald’s coffees and one apple!
605.3 Approaching Hazelton. The highway passes to the west of town ... pretty pink flowers at the side of the road (probably bindweed).
The farmhouses are smaller now, not as big and spacious, but still fairly well kept ... there is some crop out to the right - I think it might be flax as it is covered in blue flowers ... what I was trying to say, I guess, is that the homes are still looked after but are poorer looking than those seen earlier today.
616.0 I have just suddenly realized I have the feeling that the land is becoming at a higher elevation - rising up more than going down.
617.7 Just come over the top of a hill and there’s a huge lake, probably to the east of the road, called Long lake - Wildlife Refuge.
619.6 1:04 Moffit to the east of the road.
628.9 Bypassing Sterling to the east ... junction with I-94 coming up ... Bismarck 23 miles.
630.6 1:14 On the ramp for I-94 ... speed limit 70 mph.
637.6 I’m looking at all the debris that is caught up in the fence at the side of the road which means that the water in this slough or lake has been much higher, maybe as much as 3 - 5 ft higher!
641.4 1:24 Ping! - Will get gas in Bismarck. Land quite undulating and green with all the crops growing.
648.3 1:30 Bismarck next 4 exits ...64°.
649.0 Just came over the top of a hill and can now see the city.
652.9 1:35 Exit 159 - Leaving the Interstate ... traffic jam - bad accident involving several cars (fire truck ) ... first stop will be for gas.
653.0 1:40 - 1:49 GAS - Bismarck, ND - Sinclair gas station ... 364.4 miles since last gas fill up
- $1.299/gal. - 17.505 gals. - $22.74
Visitor Information opposite the gas station - parking lot of shopping mall.
653.5 1:57 - 2:42 Lunch at the Red Lobster ($9.00) - quite delightful. I had a garden salad, then shrimp and scallops with hot biscuits - all very tasty
655.7 2:51 - 3:10 North Dakota State Capitol ... drive to front of building.
656.6 3:15 - 3:22 Stopped at the bottom to take a few more pictures.
3:27 Leaving after a stop to see the statue “Bird Woman” - the Indian who was the guide for Lewis and Clark.
Impressions of Bismarck - a very flat city ... the only tall building, only one so called sky scraper, namely the State Capitol ... otherwise everything is very low key.
I need to turn onto I-94 with Billings, MT 421 miles from here.
658.1 3:31 On I-94 and driving west to the North Dakota Badlands - Theodore Roosevelt National park.
660.6 3:34 Crossing the Missouri River ... Bismarck located in the hills and valley surrounding the valley of the Missouri River - countryside becoming quite hilly again.
673.7 3:46 Entering Mountain Time - so now it is 2:46.
With the prevailing wind coming from the north it is much harder keeping the car on course whilst traveling in an east-west direction. My arms get quite tired whereas driving north on US-83 was much easier!
680.9 Just saw a little tiny patch of badlands-type erosion showing red soil.
681.7 2:53 Pulling off for a scenic view - have decided to keep on going as it was simply a view of a lake (very pretty, but not worth any pictures) ... clouds are more scattered, also white and fluffy rather than dark and there is a lot of blue sky.
Sign: “The World’s Largest Holstein Cow” - must be some huge statue of a cow!
South of the road near Salem, on a hill overlooking the road, is the big cow.
Exit 120 in 1 mile! Does this mean it has nothing else to go by? No town? No road name? No point of interest?
The countryside is even higher now and many of the hills come up to sort of points or knobs on top of the rounded hills.
709.2 There was one pointed hill that was entirely bare, erosion all around it like in the badlands, and all through here are odd little patches of badlands-type erosion.
Since Bismarck, and as I travel further west, the trees become more sparse.
Twin spires of a large church or cathedral on the horizon dominate the sky ... just passed the exit for Richardson, therefore the church is in Richardson.
752.1 3:59 Passing by Dickinson ... very slow traffic - have been for two sections - miles and miles at 50 mph because of road construction
It really makes a big difference when you can’t keep up your speed (70 mph) and seem to lose a lot of time ... oil or gas pumps in the area ... also the soil is now red in color ... sun is shining through the clouds on large fields of yellow flowers (canola) ... very few trees now ... a lot of hay has been cut
772.5 4:18 Exit 42 for US-85 ... north section of the National Park which is 52 miles. I am continuing on I-94 to the south section at Exit 27 ... still seeing a lot of active oil pumps along the road. Billings now 303 miles - 14 miles to go to the South Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National park.
779.7 Starting to see some of the badlands of this area.
781.7 4:26 Leaving I-94 to go to Painted Canyon Visitor center.
782.1 4:27 - 4:47 Painted Canyon Visitor Center.
782.5 4:49 Back on I-94 and continuing west to go into the actual park.
783.4 Pronghorn on the horizon to the south of the road.
789.9 5:00 Going into the National park - a 36-mile loop road which finishes back at the entrance, so I am going to do the loop and have a look before continuing on.
I’m really running very late in time and I don’t know what I should do about it at this stage!
793.1 Prairie dog town.
795.1 5:11 I think I’m going to turn around, but may stop for a few minutes to look at maps, etc. ... maybe I’ll do the loop in case I don’t do the North Unit.
5:13 So, I’m turning around again! ... some yellow coneflowers blooming at the side of the road ... cottonwood trees line the banks of the Little Missouri River ... junipers in the shaded areas on the slopes ... sagebrush in the open areas ... yellow cacti in flower ... these Badlands are quite different from those in South Dakota - these remind me more of the Badlands around Drumheller in Alberta and those along the South Saskatchewan River
824.2 6:13 Exit the park.
826.2 6:15 Back on I-94 and returning east. (I meant to remember to tell my sister, Jen, when I write that on two or three occasions there were oil pumps right close to the road - too bad that we didn’t see that when she and I were traveling
Exit 42 in 1 mile - the junction of I-94 and US-85.
840.7 6:28 Leaving I-94 to go north on US-85.
841.1 6:29 On US-85. This is known as the CANAM Highway, which comes up from Spearfish, SD (actually from Denver, CO), through Belle Fourche and north to the Canadian border. Theodore Roosevelt National Park North Unit 52 miles ... Driving through lovely farm country again.
846.7 A llama farm - many llamas.
856.4 Entering S. Fairfield.
857.0 Leaving S. Fairfield ... Entering Little Missouri National Grasslands.
858.9 Roadside thick with yellow clover flowers.
861.4 Fairfield.
861.5 Leaving Fairfield ... I think there was one building!
What a truly pleasant drive. The grasslands are to the west of the road; to the east it is ranching country with hundreds of head of cattle. I keep scanning the horizon for deer or pronghorns, but I haven’t seen any more since those several on the skyline near the South Unit of the park
872.2 20 miles to the North Unit - junction with ND-200 and now I am on The Old West Trail. The map has a dotted line along the road after Grassy Butte indicating that it is a scenic route.
The composition of the ground throughout this area is such that if an area is exposed to the elements, and without being held together by roots, the erosion that takes place forms badlands.
Large hawk on a fence post with something (maybe a bird) that it has caught.
876.9 Entering Grassy Butte.
877.4 Bypassed Grassy Butte ... It is a lovely drive through here and I really think that LP and I should do something like this on a 5 - 6 day trip.
I’m not sure why this section of the road is marked as scenic - I would have marked the whole thing as scenic ... I-94 west from here and this whole route ... white daisy-like flowers in bloom all along the side of the road as well as some of the clover, though not as much of that as there was earlier.
885.3 Speed reduced to 55 mph - partly, I think, because there is rough road for the next 18 miles. Immediately after that sign I came around a corner and am in badlands.
888.1 7:14 Pulling up for scenic view - actually very lovely, but too late at night for any pictures, so other than having a look, I’m just going to keep moving on ... also now a small variety of sunflowers blooming along the roadside.
890.7 7:20 Crossing bridge over Little Missouri Scenic River and entering central Time Zone, so now the time is 8:20 PM.
891.5 8:22 Entrance to North Unit Theodore Roosevelt National Park and I’ve decided that I am going to skip it and continue on - I will just have to come back again sometime! I feel that it is too late in the day to go in there especially as I am to get to Beth’s to morrow ... a big elk down the embankment at the side of the road
From what I can see from the road I’m thinking that perhaps I made a mistake going to the South Unit, but should have come straight up here! Oh, well! I will just have to come back!
Although the road is still rough, the speed increased to 65 mph once once it had left the badlands ... deer over on a hillside.
903.7 Speed reduced to 45 mph ... driving past a number of homes, but I haven’t seen a name for a town.
Now entering Watford City.
905.5 8:37 Williston 46 miles ... have just turned west with US-85.
906.2 8:38 Leaving Watford City ... speed increased to 65 mph.
912.3 Arnegard ... there seems to be an impressive looking building here - maybe it is a school ... but there’s not much else here ... Badlands Community Center
916.2 Still seeing oil pumps amongst the crops in the fields.
921.9 8:53 Williston 29 miles ... this is probably where US-85 turns north again.
924.2 Alexander ... 63° ... a Lewis and Clark museum here.
924.9 Leaving Alexander.
926.2 Coming over the top of a hill and there’s a fairly wide valley (more details later!). In the distance to the NE where there are cliffs and badland formations I can see the water of the Missouri River.
There are crops almost right out to the side of the road and some of the fields have no fences ... large bird at the side of the road - don’t know if it is a femaile pheasant or some other kind of fowl.
935.7 Now I can see the cliffs along the Missouri River off to the NE ... also a lot more oil pumps in this area as well.
I think Williston would be a good place to stop for the night ... that way I will have the sun behind me as I drive west in the morning - I’ll try to leave early if I can!
938.0 Another deer ... it’s getting to that time of day when they’ll soon be out and I will have to be careful driving - another very good reason for quitting at this time.
939.7 Over the crest of a hill with a sign: “Steep Descent” ... there is water everywhere and trees standing in water - obviously a lot of flooding of the Missouri River. As I drive down the steep descent there are cars coming towards me, so I assume that I can get through
940.7 I now have water on both sides of me ... the road is like a causeway more or less going out into a lake ... I guess it is only the river outside its banks. The area reminds me of that around Wangaratta when we went across the Hume Dam on the Murray River between New South Wales and Victoria (Australia) ... the expanse of water is quite unbelievable ... stopped for some pictures ... the mosquitoes are really, really bad!
943.8 Start of the bridge crossing the Missouri River ... so all the rest of the water has been outside the bounds of the river!
944.0 Across the river ... junction with US-2 is just ahead.
946.1 9:26 Junction with US-2 and I have to drive east 4 miles to go into Williston where I will try to find a motEl.
949.2 Taking Business US-2 into town ... drove into town and went as far as the railway station, then heading north on main Street - still can’t find the Best Western
952.3 9:39 El Rancho Motel (no longer a Best Western).
952.0 End of the day.

The day’s total - 613 miles
Trip Total - 952 miles

Day 3 - Friday, July 4 - Williston, ND to Spring Coulee, Alberta

952.0 8:12 Pull out from the motel and since I don’t know where US-2 is I’m retracing the route I came ... back through downtown on Business US-2
954.9 8:19 Out of town and now on US-2 west. I have previously traveled a section of US-2, namely in 1995 with Mary when we were on our way to Vancouver going through Leavenworth after leaving Yakima, WA
The pink roses which I saw yesterday were the Prairie Rose, which is North Dakota’s floral emblem.
It is a beautiful morning with the sun shining and very few clouds around - nothing like the dark clouds of yesterday.
US-2 leaves Williston as a dual highway.
961.4 8:25 Two-way traffic begins ... the countryside reminds me more of prairie, though there are still scattered farms, but no crops and it’s more of a brownish-greenish brown in color! I spoke too soon as there are now some crops - hay cut right to the edge - bales of hay along the road.
It may be July 4th, but there isn’t much traffic along this road - can see for miles but can’t see a single car in any direction ... there have been some cars, but not many.
972.2 Not a tree in sight.
972.7 8:36 North Dakota/Montana State Line ... stopped for a picture.
Speed Limit - Reasonable and prudent.
According to the map there was a change in Time Zones at the border from Central to Mountain, but there was no sign to indicate it ... an hour earlier now!
Just passed the mileage post for 665 which I assume means that traveling along US-2 I am 665 miles from the Idaho State Line. Hopefully, then, I should have less than that to go to get to Beth’s
976.4 Seeing the first two white crosses (†, †) ... I think Montana has always had more of these crosses than any other state.
976.7 †.
976.8 †.
977.0 †.
979.0 Oil pump ... lots of horses ... more oil pumps.
980.6 7:45 Bainville.
982.2 † † †.
985.0 † †.
986.7 † †.
987.7 † ... so many crosses - makes one want to be a more alert driver!
It is such a good feeling to be out here in the open spaces - so beautiful ... beauty that is rugged, good for the soul ... I don’t know how to describe my feelings, but I love these open spaces.
I am approaching a small town with lots of elevators.
993.6 †, † and Welcome to Cuthbertson ... sign for Regina, Canada.
995.0 Leaving the town ... it is quite hilly around here ... deep gullies or coulees.
997.4 †.
998.8 † ... sign for Range Cattle.
1,0008:0 4I have traveled 1,000 miles since leaving home.
1,001.1 †, † ... deep pink prairie roses in flower at the side of the road.
1,004.2 Cyclist traveling in the opposite direction ... to the south I can see a valley with lots of trees and eroded cliffs as a backdrop ... probably the valley of the Missouri Rver.
1,006.8 The road is quite straight, but like a roller-coaster ... what a fun road! ... wonderful view of the valley to the south - great visibility
1,011.3 †, † ... coming into a small town to the north - entering Brockton ... it has a backdrop of badland cliffs
1,013.5 Out of town.
1,013.9 †.
1,014.2 † †.
1,014.6 †.
1,017.1 † ... all these †’s make you wonder what kind of drivers, or what road conditions, or what was the condition of the drivers? So many wonders!
1,019.3 † ... the road is running parallel with a railway line, and there is a cattle train coming towards and passing me now ... the cars are empty, however. I guess that it’s not a cattle train but rather an auto train ... only the first cars were empty, but now the closed in cars are full of automobiles.
I have been on the road for over an hour and I’m really missing not having my coffee. I hope that one of these towns will have a McDonald’s - probably Wolfe Point if none before that.
1,023.7 †.
1,024.9 †.
1,025.3 †.
1,025.7 † † ... sign for the Old West Trail ... going through Poplar at the moment ... lots of signs for Fort Peck (Fort Peck Indian Reservation) ... crossing Poplar River
1,027.8 Wolfe Point 23 miles.
1,032.4 †.
1,032.8 Four holiday cyclists, all with packs on.
1,033.7 †.
1,034.5 †.
1,035.4 †.
1,035.5 †.
1,035.7 †.
1,037.1 †.
1,038.1 †.
1,038.5 †.
1,038.8 †.
1,042.8 † ... approaching Wolfe Point - I can see it in the distance and it looks like a town with a lot of trees. I think it is also the closest point that I will come to the Missouri River. It is the Missouri River Valley which US-2 has been following all this time.
After Wolfe Point US-2 continues to follow the valley for about another 35 miles (to Nashua), then veers north to Glasgow, heading away from the river.
1,044.1 † †.
1,044.4 † †.
1,044.6 †.
1,044.7 †.
1,045.2 † †.
1,046.3 † †.
1,046.6 †.
1,046.8 † †.
1,046.9 Entering Wolfe Point and I can see a McDonald’s ahead.
1,047.4 Ping! - good timing for getting gas.
1,048.0 GAS - Wolf Point, MT - $1.339/gal. - 17.5 gals. - $23.43
1,048.1 8:59 - 9:09 McDonald’s - $2.65 for two coffees and an egg McMuffin meal.
1,048.7 †.
1,050.0 †.
1,050.1 †.
1,050.2 † ... poking along at 60 mph! Boy! Does that coffee ever taste good!
1,056.2 †.
1,058.5 †.
1,060.8 †.
1,062.5 †.
1,063.4 †, † ... one might think this is a boring stretch of road - it is nothing like that, but rather beautiful prairie with the badland cliffs of the Missouri River to the south, a few crops - great variety of crops, some sloughs with water in them, sagebrush
1,066.3 † ... bypassing the township of Frazer ... road not as close to the river now.
1,066.8 Two more cyclists, strange looking ones, sort of lounging backwards feet thrust forward and the pedals on the front wheel - similar position and action of pedaling a pedal boat ... both are pulling small trailers packed with gear.
1,067.0 † ... this is also the Lewis and Clark Trail as well as the Old West trail.
1,069.9 †.
1,075.1 † ... also now 563 miles from the Idaho border which means over 100 miles covered in Montana so far
1,077.1 † † † †.
1,077.2 †.
1,080.3 † † †.
1,081.4 Cyclist.
1,082.3 † † ... this was near the turnoff for Fort Peck Dam Recreation Area.
1,083.1 † †.
1,085.5 †.
1,086.8 † ... for the most part the road surface is excBetht, quite conducive to being able to maintain a 75 mph speed.
1,090.6 A vulture on the side of the road pecking at some carrion,
1,092.3 †.
1,094.0 † ... also a sign for MT-24 to Canada ... I am now approaching Glasgow - fireworks trailers alongside the road.
1,095.5 Entering Glasgow, which is a larger community, the largest since leaving Williston this morning ... 83° according to the Norwest temperature gage.
1,097.3 9:54 Leaving town - Hinsdale 29 miles, Malta 71 miles.
1,099.6 Pictures of dinosaurs.
1,099.9 † ... the historic sign I just passed was titled “Buffalo Country".
1,103.9 † ... a great feeling being able to push the car up to 90 mph when passing someone. My only fear is a tire giving out when I reach that kind of speed, but otherwise wonderful - reminds me of going over 100 mph with Dick Kendall in his sports car back in my Alberta days (1958-60)
1,109.1 Sign for deer, I think the first I’ve seen ... this was as the road dipped into a coulee and I had been thinking there doesn’t seem to be much wildlife about, certainly not along this road,
1,114.1 Over the brow of a hill and there are badland cliffs again, like following along the river. From the map it would appear to be the Milk River (the same Milk River as in Alberta). Yellow flowers galore along the roadside, also some wild sunflowers.
1,119.1 A dead deer at the side of the road.
1,122.6 Crossing the Milk River - full, too. Until crossing the river the road was following through the middle of a broad valley, but now it is much closer to the hills on the south side of the river.
1,124.3 Entering Hinsdale.
1,136.1 †.
1,136.4 † ... I had been thinking that I was pleased that the number of crosses had decreased and wondered if there were so many back further because of it being near an Indian reservation!
1,137.3 Entering Saco.
1,137.4 The 500 mile marker for the ID border.
1,137.9 Leaving Saco ... road construction for the next 27 miles.
10:30 Havre 116 miles, so I should be there by about noon. The road appears to have a new surface with new lines down it, so I think they simply haven’t taken down the construction signs yet.
1,143.4 Robinson Ranch since 1891.
1,143.5 Three cyclists.
1,145.9 North of the road it looks like a water park with a huge slide - out in the middle of nowhere! Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs, or at least that is the turnoff for the road, but I can’t see anything about such a place on the map!
1,148.0 10:40 Turning around momentarily.
1,148.6 10:42 - 10:45 Stopped for some pictures of Historical marker re Cree Crossing. Hopefully I am making good enough time because I am going to drive out to see the “Sleeping Buffalo” ... Entering the township of Sleeping Buffalo ... I guess that was a waste of time - there is just a little town called Sleeping Buffalo and I guess the rocks are those they have out by the road. Sleeping Buffalo is a pretty little place and driving into it you get a lovely view of the dam on the Milk River.
1,151.6 10:52 - 10:57 Back at the information place on the highway - makes it impossible now to get to Malta by 11 o’clock
Haven’t seen one of these in years! - a big motor bike with a sidecar with a little hood and everything like a little car plus a trailer - very interesting!
1,160.1 Large lake out to the left, that is south of the road or more to the southeast as my compass indicates that currently I am driving south!
Some larger hills on the horizon - must be some range.
1,165.1 † † †.
1,167.1 Historical Marker - “Cattle Brands” ... on the outskirts of Malta.
1,168.6 Entering Malta.
1,169.3 Crossing the Milk River again ... Swift Current (Sask.) 142 miles north ... Havre now 89 miles, so probably, if I don’t make any more stops, it will be about 12:30 when I get there.
1,179.7 11:14 Leaving Malta.
1,172.4 A salty sort of area ... the soil look white and the fence posts are white at the bottom as if they attracted and are absorbing salt or alkali ... :Early Day Outlaws” Historical Marker.
1,175.3 †.
1,176.2 † † † † † † ... now there are two separate ranges of mountains.
1,182.2 † † †.
1,182.3 † ... this is where the road makes a curve round and up over a railway line before it straightens out again. The recommended speed was 45 mph - obviously people ignored the sign.
1,184.7 Traveling west at this point there is one range of mountains to the south ... also on the south side of the road an irrigation ditch with control gates - not much water in it at the moment.
1,185.9 Entering Dodson (therefore the range is south of here).
1,186.0 † † † † † † † † ... where there are large numbers of †’s all together it indicates an accident with mass deaths - rather nasty!
1,186.9 Harlem 30 miles, Chinook 50 and Havre 71 ... flock of sheep with lots of lambs.
1,188.6 Crossing the Milk River again and entering Fort Belknap Indian Reservation ... more sheep.
1,189.0 Cyclist ... sign - “Yes, there is a speed limit. Follow the road to life”.
1,194.2 Whole fields of yellow with wild sunflowers ... I really thought that I would have seen some antelope (pronghorns).
1,196.9 † ... cars with their lights on certainly make driving less hazardous when it comes to passing.
1,208.5 Cyclist.
1,209.5 Three cyclists.
1,210.6 Nez Perce trail ... road south to Hays with the mountains in the south ... also wildlife viewing area ... binoculars sign for buffalo viewing.
1,211.2 Crossing Milk River again.
1,212.2 †.
1,215.3 Chinook 20 miles and the other range of mountains is to the south.
1,216.9 †.
1,220.6 Bear Paw Mountains ... looking across to the mountains is really a very beautiful view though the lighting is not suitable for a picture.
1,222.9 † †.
1,223.3 †.
1,225.3 †.
1,225.7 †.
1,226.1 †.
1,228.9 Crossing Battle Creek, an old type bridge with metal superstructure.
1,232.4 †.
1,232.5 †.
1,234.2 † † † † † †.
1,234.4 †.
1,234.6 Entering Chinook ... Bear Paw Battle Field 15 miles to the south ... Historical marker - “The Battle of Bear Paw” ... more trailers selling fireworks just west of town.
1,235.5 Shelby 123 miles ... I think that I am making excBetht time.
1,238.6 12:12 400 miles to the Idaho border. Since it is after 12 noon, I think I’ll probably stop in Havre, take a look at the map ... also if there is an Exxon station with a food mart I’ll try to get a roll or something to go with my cheese for lunch.
1,240.8 Crossing Milk River. 13 miles before Havre the road is going through cuttings so the road is following the Milk River valley.
1,249.6 † ... Just before entering Havre the road went up onto the crest of the prairie and you could look down into the valley. It is very hilly to the south. Historical Marker title - “Havre”. The town is nestled in the valley and has lots of trees.
1,254.8 12:25 Entering Havre.
1,255.7 12:28 - 12:45 Stopped at a grocery store (49¢ bagel).
Havre, pronounced Haver, is quite a big town nestled in the valley, attractive old buildings lining both sides of the road.
1,257.1 † † † ... just coming out of town - speed limit 45 mph Highway Patrol has someone stopped going in the opposite direction. I guess that today they are out to make sure everyone obeys the rules! Some nice motels in town. Badland cliffs to the north along the river.
1,259.1 Junction of US-2 and US-87 to Great Falls.
1:00 Shelby now 101 miles, so I should be there in 1½ hours, that is 2:30 so making very good time to Beth’s.
1,259.5 †.
1,259.6 †.
1,261.9 †.
1,262.9 † †.
1,265.7 †.
1,266.4 † ... the road is winding across the prairie, some parts cultivated and with crops, but there are no fences on either side.
1,281.9 † † ... all along this way there is very little natural prairie ... it is all tilled land with crops growing or being left fallow.
1,284.3 †.
1,284.7 †.
1,285.6 † ... when I was stopped back in Havre I talked with a lady from Michigan who said they had driven on US-2 all the way from there.
1,288.5 †.
1,288.8 †.
1,289.8 †.
1,289.9 †.
Heading towards Shelby just after having left Hingham ... there is a range of mountains to the northwest - actually I have seen them for quite a while, but wasn’t sure what direction they were in!
At each little town along this route there are huge elevators ... interesting! The †’s seem to occur in or near towns and since the speed limit is so reduced - mostly to 25 mph, maybe people aren’t judging distances too well when other people are still traveling too fast!
1,294.6 Sign: RUDYARD Nice People Live Here ... Shelby now 62 miles.
1,298.4 Picture of the mountains to the northwest.
1,299.1 †.
1,300.7 Passing Inverness ... as I come over the top of a rise I can see the elevators at the next little town.
1,302.6 Pictures of yellow fields with mountains behind.
1,304.6 Turnoff for Joplin which was the next little town I could see from the last one.
1,308.7 The mountains to the right are The Sweet Grass Hills ... Historical Marker titled “The Sweet Grass hills” and I had been wondering if they were because in the back of my mind I was thinking “sweet grass hills of Montana” so maybe Milk River, Alberta, is not too far north from here!
1,310.4 A coyote just ambled across the road.
1,313.5 Entering Chester ... here there is a very nice Lions Park Rest Area ... I think I will stop and have a bite to eat.
1,313.8 1:44 - 2:07 A very nice break and now I’m ready to go on.
1,314.4 The turnoff for Fort Benton.
1,314.6 Shelby 41 miles.
1,315.7 Cyclist, and it is a woman by herself.
1,315.9 † † ... Montana highways are marked with the number shown in an arrowhead whereas the North Dakota road signs are an Indian head with the number
1,318.1 Over a rise ... railway line is straight, then the elevators are on the south side and the road has to go around them before straightening out again and continuing on.
1,319.8 † near the bend.
1,321.5 † † †.
1,324.4 Three cyclists.
1,326.1 Road curving to go around the elevators.
1,327.1 † on the curve ... some little animal scurrying across thr road!
1,328.8 †.
1,332.3 Galata.
1,333.2 †.
1,335.8 2:27 300 miles to the Idaho border.
1,338.1 Passing Devon - mainly just a railway siding with elevators.
1,346.5 Dunkirk ... only 81 miles from Glacier National Park, 10 from Shelby.
1,350.7 †.
1,353.7 “The only Boyd gets the worm”!! - Historical Marker just before coming into Shelby.
I am descending from the prairie into a large coulee where Shelby is located.
1,355.3 2:43 Entering Shelby. Last time when I was here, four years ago with Anna, there was a big accident as we came off the freeway. There is a Norwest bank here in Shelby.
1,356.8 Junction with I-15 north to Lethbridge.
1,357.1 Out of Shelby, Cut Bank 23 miles, Glacier National park 71 miles. The land is a lot hillier now - I guess heading towards the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and, of course, the elevation is increasing as well. I will stop for gas in Cut Bank and this should give me enough until I get back into The States en route to Vancouver.
LP’s jean leg has been an absolute boon - very easy to wear and saved my arm from sunburn - “Thank you, LP.”
1,368.4 Passing Ethridge.
1,372.7 Cyclist.
1,373.7 Cyclist.
1,375.9 Over the brow of a hill and The Rockies are on the horizon.
1,376.6 258 miles to the Idaho border.
1,377.6 2:57 Welcome to Cut Bank.
1,378.4 3:04 Entering Cut Bank.
1,380.0 3:05 - 3:15 GAS - Cut Bank, MT - $1.359/gal. - 15.5 gals. - $21.06
Police sitting around a corner ready to catch anyone exceeding 25 mph.
1,380.3 3:16 - 3:17 Stopped for pictures of Indian Trading Post ... junction with MT-213 coming up, that is the route that I have to take. There’s even a sign for Canada.
1,380.8 3:19 Turning onto MT-213 ... now I have no idea how much further that I have to go!
1,388.0 3:28 Junction of MT-213 and MT-214 ... I’m staying with MT-213 to Del Bonito.
3:30 Turning with MT-213 after taking picture of oil rig on the horizon. A prairie dog just ran across the road. Because it is afternoon and the location of the sun, the mountains are somewhat hazy, but it is still beautiful seeing the mountains on the horizon ... fluffy white clouds, blue sky, farming with green crops or hay between strips of fallow.
1,397.1 3:42 Leaving - I keep stopping for pictures. This stop was after coming around the corner from the previous picture ... another prairie dog scurrying across the road.
1,411.7 3:55 Junction with MT-444 coming north from US-2 ... field of mustard (or canola) to the east - brilliant yellow bounded by green.
1,419.5 4:03 Crossing the border into Canada.
1,419.6 4:03 - 4:18 Stopped for Customs and Immigration - the customs officer put on leather gloves and searched through everything. When he was done and said I was free to leave I asked him what he was looking for. His response was, “A woman of your age, traveling alone across a remote border is suspect!”.
1,421.8 4:20 Junction with AB-501 west ... a flock of sheep ... lots of prairie dogs didging across the road all along the way.
Driving down into a coulee which has a beautiful stream running through it - cattle along the sides.
1,429.8 4:30 The water is actually rushing along, so there is some white water ... looking at the map it is actually the North Milk River.
1,430.6 Stopped for a picture of a mother deer and a fawn.
1,434.2 4:35 Turned north on a gravel road, a very gravelly road which hasn’t been graded in some time! I came to a T junction and didn’t know which way to go ... I’ve gone further west so I don’t know if I turned off too soon or to late to go north to Spring Coulee ... I turned off one road too soon!
1,438.7 4:45 Now I am on the correct road and going north ... large eagle on a fence post but as soon as I slowed up to stop it took off ... same with second eagle ... then there was a deer off to the west and she’s ready to take off! There is a lot of wildlife about but very difficult to photograph ... lots of eagles or hawks
I think that I am kind of lost! I’m too far north so now I have to go 3 miles south, one mile east and two miles north to the T junction to Beth’s
1,453.3 5:12 Field of yellow canola (rape).
1,460.0 5:26 Arrive at Beth’s ... end of the day.

The day’s total - 508 miles
Trip Total - 1,460 miles

Day 4 - Saturday, July 5 - Spring Coulee, Alberta

Went on motor bike to ridge ... wildflowers galore.
1,460.0 ?
1,466.0 End of day.

The day’s total - 6 miles
Trip Total - 1,466 miles

Day 5 - Sunday, July 6 - Spring Coulee, Alberta to Libby, MT

1,466.0 9:08 Leave Beth’s ... some cloud cover over the mountains - can see Chief Mountain ... but not too sure what the weather is going to be like.
1,468.0 9:11 T-junction and turning north to Spring Coulee.
1,468.9 Pheasant wandering around on the road ... there’s still a lot of hawks sitting on fence posts.
1,471.1 9:16 - 9:18 Stopped at Spring Coulee Country Store to mail Beth’s letters.
1,471.4 9:19 Junction with AB-5 to Cardston.
1,472.9 Junction Alberta 5 and CR-820 ... the road has changed since I came with Anna in 1993, hence the reason I was confused trying to find Beth’s
1,484.4 9:33 - 9:39 Roadside turnout - picture of Chief Mountain.
1,485.3 Stop at Alberta 2 into Cardston.
1,486.8 Leaving Cardston on AB-2.
1,488.4 9:45 Junction with AB-501 for Del Bonito ... lots of cattle between Cardston and Carway (near the border) ... made a couple of stops for pictures between Cardston and Carway - pictures of “The Chief”,
1,501.1 10:03 Passed through gate, a gate on the border which closes at 11:00 PM and doesn’t open until 7:00 am next day.
1,501.4 10:04 - 10:06 Stopped at US Customs and Immigration ... looked at my passport to see my citizenship. He said, So you have proved you are a Canadian. Now what proof do you have for living in the US?” He did not notice my visa further on in passport!
WELCOME TO MONTANA ... lots of wildflowers at the side of the road, including lupines, roses, goatsbeard and gaillardia.
I am now traveling on US-89 south to St Mary, where I will take the “Road To The Sun” over Logan Pass.
1,507.1 10:16 Junction with the road from Waterton, the road which we would have come down last year - MT-17.
1,510.1 ✝.
1,511.0 10:20 Entering Babb.
1,511.3 ✝ ✝ ✝ ...8 miles to St Mary.
1,512.6 Crossing the swift flowing St Mary River.
1,514.8 ✝ ✝.
1,515.5 ✝.
1,516.9 Two cyclists.
1,517.0 ✝ ✝.
1,519.5 Entering St Mary.
1,519.8 10:31 - 10:44 St Mary General Store - $7.37 for cheese, meat and rolls.
1,520.0 10:46 Entering Glacier National park ... there is a lineup to the park entrance ... East Logan Pass Visitor Center is 18 miles from here.
1,520.3 10:49 On my way ... there is a lot of cloud cover today, but there is some blue sky ... it is a lot colder up here than it was on the prairie.
1,521.1 10:50 Rising Sun 5 miles, Logan Pass 17 miles, West Glacier 50 miles ... lots of wildflowers in bloom on Two Dog Flat ... the wildflowers on the mountain meadow form a carpet of color.
1,524.1 10:56 Stopped for Triple Divide Peak exhibit ... pictures of geraniums, mountains and roses, Indian and paintbrush.
1,525.9 Rising Sun is actually a campground, picnic grounds, restaurant and visitor services in general ... also the point where Mary and I turned around in ‘95 as the road beyond here was closed.
From here is where “The Road To The Sun” really starts.
1,526.8 11:06 - 11:11 Stopped - picture Wild Goose Island in St Mary Lake - leaving after two pictures.
1,527.1 11:17 Leaving again! I returned to the same spot because of blue flowers ... so glad I turned around - beautiful blue gentians - two pictures and one of another flower.
Saw a few more gentians. But none near where I could stop ... stopped again for sego lilies in flower ... all the flowers are so beautiful - red paintbrush, blue gentians, cream sego lilies ... stopped again but nothing to photograph ... a strong wind is blowing ... a lot of cyclists along the road,
1,530.2 11:33 Turned off for a slight detour.
11:42 Leaving ... at the point of turning off some pictures of gentian and two other flowers.
1,530.5 11:43 Back at the highway.
1,531.1 12:01 Leaving - stopped at Sun Rift Gorge and have taken lots of pictures ... bear paws in flower ... parking lot for next viewpoint totally full, therefore I can’t stop.
12:15 Leaving - waterfall on the other side of the mountain ... also sego lilies and gentians ... really interesting the large number of motor cycles and cyclists going through the park!
1,533.1 12:17 - 12:19 Stopped again - four pictures of rocks ... the weather seems to be deteriorating near the pass ... just passing sign for Gunsight Pass and the Jackson Glacier.
1,534.2 12:27 Leaving - violets, forget-me-nots, strawberries.
1,535.9 Large high snow banks at the side of the road.
1,536.7 12:40 Leaving after stopping for tunnels and waterfall.
1,537.2 12:42 - 12:44 Last stop before going through the tunnEl.
1,537.5 12:46 - 12:49 Stopped on the other side of the tunnEl.
1,537.9 12:50 Stopped again.
Snow bridges ... temporary sign: KEEP OFF. DO NOT PARK UNDER SNOW BANK ... the snow bank must be at least 20 ft high!
1,538.3 12:59 Stopped for snow bank, that is on the other side of it.
1,538.6 1:04 - 1:46 Logan Pass. Last time when I was here with LP it was too late to take any of the hikes or walks. This time I thought that I might walk out to Hidden Lake, but, after negotiating two patches of snow, I decided that it was too treacherous for me and I will have to leave it for another time!
1,538.7 1:48 Turning onto the highway to West Glacier.
1,539.3 West Glacier 32 miles ... huge snow banks ... water splashing right onto the road from waterfalls ... long stream of traffic descending from Logan Pass going west ... cool clear water splashing over the rocks ... the water for washing hands at the washroom where there was a tremendous lineup (half were closed for cleaning) was icy cold ... in fact there was a sign up to say that the water was icy cold - I think it must have been coming straight off the mountains!
1,541.5 1:56 - 1:58 Two pictures of cascading water in the valley below.
1,542.9 2:03 Stopped for a picture looking below, but I’m also going to return to the “Weeping Wall” after doing this and will turn around at the top again,
1,544.3 2:09 - 2:23 Back beyond the “Weeping Wall’ Now I am going for a walk. “What a racket!” ... just drove through “Weeping Wall” using wipers and now have a windshield fairly clean of bugs - only one or two very big ones left behind!
1,545.6 2:27 Back to where I turned around.
1,546.1 2:28 Stopped for Haystack Creek ... need to drive further down for pictures ... shooting stars in flower.
1,546.2 2:32 Stopped again - 5 pictures, one of the wall below and the road I will be on, two of the waterfall and two of the cliffs with the road going around
1,546.3 2:37 - 2:40 Stopped again - two pictures of Haystack Falls, also a fall I took earlier way across on the other side of the valley - “Bird Woman Falls” - 492 ft high.
1,547.1 2:42 - 2:45 Stopped for a picture of the road clinging to the cliff.
I have no idea how they even built this road with the precipitous rock walls on the edge of the cliff.
1,547.9 Two pictures looking back to Logan Pass.
1,548.3 2:50 - 2:52 Stopped - two more pictures looking back.
1,549.1 2:54 - 3:02 Stopped at the hairpin bend ... very strong wind blowing up the valley.
I’m down towards the bottom now and the mountains are just towering above me.
1,552.2 3:10 Crossed Logan Creek.
1,553.8 3:14 - 3:15 One picture looking up the valley.
1,555.7 3:19 - 3:29 Stopped for a waterfall - several pictures down and upstream ... columbines in flower.
1,558.7 3:35 - 3:43 The waterfall where Mary and I stopped two years ago.
1,560.6 About here I turned around to return to Sacred Dancing Cascades.
1,561.1 3:50 - 4:14 I walked back up the road quite a way - picture of water, a few flowers ... walked back past the car to the waterfalls ... now very overcast and I suspect that other than trying to take a picture of McDonald lake I wont be taking any more pictures today!
1,561.4 4:16 Back to where I turned around and it is starting to rain - quite a shower, but it may not last too long because there are white clouds and blue sky ahead ... quite a heavy shower and it is very muggy now.
1,563.7 4:19 - 4:23 McDonald Lake ... raining again ... 2 or 3 pictures down by the lake ... now the sun is coming out on the lake.
1,565.7 4:33 - 4:38 Stopped ... back in car ... here comes rain again ... another heavy shower.
1,570.9 Just about at the end of Lake McDonald.
1,573.1 4:44 Exit West Entrance of Glacier National Park.
Considering how cloudy it was this morning I have been most fortunate with the weather and I have had a wonderful trip through Glacier - probably the best I have ever had (except, maybe, the first time back in 1958 with the Kendalls).
1,573.7 4:45 Crossing Middle Fork Flathead River.
1,573.8 West Glacier.
1,574.0 Junction with US-2 ... back to white crosses (but I’m not going to bother counting them this time [In Montana before Beth’s - 94 crosses in the first 127.2 miles, an average of 1 cross every 1.35 miles, and 165 crosses in 374 miles, an average of 1 cross every 2.266 miles.]
1,584.4 Crossing South Fork Flathead River.
1,589.2 Flathead River.
1,589.7 Entering Columbia Falls ... another shower.
1,592.5 5:12 Junction MT-40 which goes over to US-93.
1,595.3 Whitefish River.
1,597.0 5:17 Junction with US-93 ... I am going to be turning north. Whitefish must be a ski resort area as I can see ski runs on the mountains ahead of me
1,598.0 5:19 Entering Whitefish - seems to be quite a large place.
1,600.0 5:25 Leaving Whitefish ... Eureka 51 miles.
Interesting sign : “Speed checked by radar” - Speed Limit Night 55, trucks 60 !! The road will be winding as well as going up and down through the forests. More than likely there will also be some lakes to be seen. There are white crosses along this road also ... the road follows a beautiful valley ... lots of daisies in flower. The mountains directly in front are the Salish Mountains. Actually the road runs between the Salish Mountains and the Whitefish Range ... cloud is partially covering the tops
1,611.4 Entering Stillwater State Forest ... cyclists along this road, too ... road now following along a large river.
The river seems to have disappeared again and it is raining ... not much traffic. White crosses along a straight stretch - no need for carnage!
1,628.5 Horse farm - beautiful horses ... the road is very wet, so there must have been a heavy shower.
1,631.8 5:57 Start of Dickey lake, onleft, a beautiful mountain lake with houses on the other side.
1,635.4 Murphy Lake to the right.
1,637.5 A large sawmill ... Plum Creek ... have been making good time up to this point and now I have a truck in front loaded up with all kinds of junk going at a snail’s pace!
Fortunately they have turned off. The mountains to the right are higher than those to the left. Mt. Locke is 7,190 ft and Green Mountain 7,830 ft ... there are several other all over 7,000 ft.
Have just passed a sign for a road off to the right - “Fort Macleod Trail”.
Another snail in front of me - an old white-haired grandma!
Coming into Eureka is very beautiful ... hillside covered with large rolls of baled hay, a house with a magnificent garden - just a carpet of flowers in the front of it.
1,648.0 6:13 - 6:14 Tobacco Plains.
1,648.3 6:15 Entering Eureka ... Kootenai National Forest ... this is a lovely looking town ... very interesting and probably quite historic ... interesting buildings ... the junction with MT-37 is in 1 mile.
1,651.2 6:20 Turning onto MT-37 ... Libby is 67 miles, so all being well I should be there by 8:00 PM or thereabouts.
Another contribution to the high death rates along the highway would be the non use of lights, particularly at dusk.
This is a more winding road than US-93.
Lake Koocanusa Area on the Kootenai River which runs between the Salish Mountains to the east and the Purcell Mountains to the west. I can just see the water through the trees. It is quite a large lake ... am driving alongside it now.
1,660.5 6:30 Picture of the lake ... road descends down a long hill towards a bridge over the lake.
1,663.7 6:36 Another picture ... the Koocanusa Bridge is under construction.
1,663.9 6:38 Leaving - picture of bridge ... MT-37 does not cross the bridge, but continues on the east side of the lake.
1,665.3 Libby 52 miles ... this is a beautiful drive along the lake, an extremely scenic drive as the road winds around the rocky cliff faces ... beautiful pine trees with reddish colored trunks in the forest ... very strong wind blowing up the valley.
Around another bend and the lake just keeps going, and going, and going!
The road drops down to almost water level, then climbs before going down again. Along the way there are a number of creeks flowing into the lake. I can see a road on the other side and wonder if that is the road you would take if you crossed the bridge which is under construction.
1,680.3 6:56 - 7:14 Scenic turnout near Sheep Creek ... 3 pictures - sign, lake and road ... leaving after a long chat with a woman from Sand Point, a very interesting woman on her way back from the Calgary Stampede ... lake still going around the valley.
1,685.7 7:22 Leaving after 2 pictures, one each way.
1,696.2 7:34 - 7:35 Another scenic turnout - picture about transportation.
1,697.1 The dam has just come into sight ... I am fortunate enopgh to have sunshine for this trip but for most of the way the road is wet ... the rain has preceded me, probably by only a short amount of time ... Libby Dam.
1,700.3 7:39 Turning onto the dam to drive across and have a look.
1,700.5 7:41 - 7:49 Stopped, then continuing across the dam ... now I am driving down on the west side of the valley.
1,702.5 Junction with the other road where I would have come out if I had crossed the river and not crossed over the dam. Maybe!!
Double rainbows in the sky, and there must be a road on the other side of the river because I can see a vehicle over there. That was not correct bridge across the bottom of the dam - location of powerhouse which could be reached from either side ... now coming up to an actual bridge across the river for MT-37.
1,704.7 8:00 Rejoining MT-37. Below the dam it is still quite a big river.
I am so glad that I chose to come this way because it has been a beautiful and peaceful drive.
1,710.8 † ... I think this is the first white cross I’ve seen along this stretch of road. Deer for the next 5 miles, so I will have to keep my eyes open.
Also I am catching a lot of bugs again and the windshield is getting quite bad - this since having all the bugs washed off at the “Weeping Wall”.
1,713.0 †.
1,713.3 †.
1,713.6 † ... I am still following the valley ... Libby is about 3 miles - situated in a valley with high mountains all around.
1,714.7 †, †.
1,715.2 †, † ... One mile to go and it is starting to rain again.
1,717.2 Crossing the Kootenai River.
1,717.2 †.
8:13 I am now in Libby.
1,718.0 8:14 Junction with US-2 to Sand Point.
1,719.6 Turning around to look for a motel in the other direction.
1,720.5 8:21 Driving east and entering Libby ... there doesn’t look to be much in the way of motels up here. I think I’ll have to turn around and return to town ... I think I saw a sign for Mountain Magic Motel??
1,722.9 8:26 Turn around again.
1,723.8 8:27 Entering Libby from the east.
1,727.0 8:38 Pulled into Budget 8 (Super 8 Motel) - got a room ... had dinner next door at 4B’s - combo hors d’oeuvres, mushrooms, cheese sticks, jalapeno peppers followed by BBQ ribs ($11.90 + $2.00 tip).
Back at the motel I went for a swim in the indoor heated pool.

The day’s total - 261 miles
Trip Total - 1,727 miles

Day 6 - Monday, July 7 - Libby, MT to Winthrop, WA

Clouds covering the mountain tops! I hope they dissipate as the day advances. Lazy morning - coffee and read in bed and took my time getting ready.
1,727.0 8:53 Leave the motel ... I went back through town to McDonald’s for coffee (.50¢ for 2).
1,727.0 9:05 Leave McDonald’s.
There are some murals on sides of buildings in Libby ... some sunshine and patches of blue sky.
1,729.8 Out of town and the road following the bank of the river ... the clouds are down in the valley now and some of the hilltops can be seen above the clouds.
There is a railway below between the road and the river ... the road is clinging to the sides of cliffs which have been blasted to make room for the road ... beautiful river ... hawk or large bird of prey sitting at the top of a tree looking out over the river ... large nests on top of power poles - two of them and maybe there’ll be more
1,737.4 9:19 Pulling out from the stop for the Kootenai Falls - I won’t stop here because it is a long walk and Mary and I did that in 1995.
I didn’t think there was any snow left on the mountains around here, but I just noticed some snow through the clouds on one of them.
1,743.0 9:25 Entering troy - noticed one nice little motel here ... and another.
1,745.1 Bonners Ferry 33 miles. However the mileage post indicates 13 miles so I surmise that I will be at the Montana/Idaho State Line in 13 miles!
I am seeing quite a number of crosses again, but am not keeping track of them.
1,746.5 Crossing the Kootenai River ... sign for a Chain-Up area in ½ mile.
Crossed the Yaak River just north of where it enters the Kootenai River - can actually see it flowing into the Kootenai from the road ... at this point the road rises steeply around the mountains and even has a speed limit of 35 mph
1,753.6 Chain removal area in ½ mile. In the chain removal area there are lots of fallen trees as if there has been a bad wind storm toppling them over - many have not actually fallen over but have been snapped off
1,757.7 Bonners Ferry 19 miles.
1,758.0 9:40 MT/ID State line and entering Pacific Time - now it is 8:40 ... Speed Limit 65 mph.
1,758.8 Sandpoint 50 miles.
1,760.2 Milepost 78 meaning 78 miles to the ID/WA border.
1,764.8 Little darker again - clouds lower over the mountains.
1,766.6 More broken trees,
1,767.5 Passing the Moyer River Overlook and entering Moyer Springs, pop. 415.
1,767.7 Crossing the river in a very deep canyon (I stopped at the Overlook with Mary in ‘95 and took pictures at that time).
1,773.4 Junction of US-2 with US-95.
1,774.5 Steep descent as the road goes down to Bonners Ferry - 6½% grade changing to 6% halfway down.
1,775.4 Entering Bonners Ferry, pop. 2,193.
1,776.0 9:04 Crossing the Kootenai River.
1,776.9 Ping! Time to get gas!.
1,779.0 9:03 - 9:12 GAS - Bonners Ferry, ID - $1.309/gal - 17.002 gals - $22.26
There are a number of motels here in Bonners Ferry so another time I could come this far and stay here.
1,780.7 9:15 Leaving Bonners Ferry ... Sandpoint 29 miles.
1,781.8 Just crossed a landslide area.
1,781.8 9:17 - 9:20 Stopped for a Geologic Historical marker. Landslide brought trees down across the road, which, of course, have been all cleaned up, but you can still tell that this is what happened.
1,784.7 Starting a 5% grade for 1½ miles ... the road has climbed from the Kootenai Valley and I guess I have crossed over the top and am going into the next valley.
1,792.0 5% downgrade ... McCarther Lake is to the right as I come downhill ... speed is 45 mph as the road is quite winding ... also a wildlife viewing area.
Sign: “Eat here and Get Gas. We have worms!”.
1,796.8 Passing a cyclist ... unbelievable the amount of stuff they can load onto a bicycle!
1,799.1 Sign: “Moose Area” ... I sure would love to see one.
1,800.7 Road construction - detour on gravel road - very slow.
1,807.0 9:49 Slow to 35 mph for road work again and a detour. Interesting - they look to be packing the road down with mulch before putting rocks on top! - never seen that done before.
Because of the construction there was not a sign for coming into Sandpoint.
1,807.9 9:50 Approaching the first traffic light ... actually 1 mile from the junction with ID-200 and 2 miles from Sandpoint. ID-200 is the way LP and I came in last year. According to one of the flashing lights the temperature is 65° ... am driving alongside a river or lake.
1,809.2 Junction with ID-200.
1,809.3 9:53 Entering Sandpoint, pop. 5,203.
1,809.7 9:54 - 10:00 Stopped at the park on Lake Pend Oreille where Mary and I had lunch (also Information Center) ... leaving to go downtown for Coldwater Creek ... street names here are all names of trees ... had to wait for a very long light
1,810.6 10:05 - 12:35 Parked in a shady spot, a public parking area - 2 hours free parking downtown - I was longer because of slow service at restaurant, but I did not get a ticket!
I went to Coldwater Creek, walked around the area - Trail walk - pictures: False Solomon Seal and pink flower, also 3 pictures of distant hills, one at 2, one at normal and one at + ½.. Then had lunch at Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant (rather slow!) ... lovely meal - Chicken Monterey (grilled chicken breast with green pepper, that is whole chili pepper on top of it along with sliced avocado and jack cheese melted over it, also Spanish rice, shredded lettuce and fresh salsa with lots of cilantro. (Lunch at Jalapenos - $10.25).
Now 69° and 28 miles to the Washington border ... the is highway extremely rough.
1,811.9 12:40 More or less out of town now.
1,812.6 Entering Dover,
1,813.4 Slowing down for more roadwork.
12:43 Stopped for flagman ... work on bridge over double railway tracks ... Spokane just 73 miles ... large lake to the left of the road.
Both before and since Sandpoint there have been a lot of logging trucks ... pleasant drive twisting around among the trees and lakes in the mountains, through the valleys. You can’t see very far and, though I am enjoying it, I’m not excited about it like I am when out in the wide open spaces you can see from horizon to horizon in any direction.
Lots of lovely homes all along the waterfront looking across to the other side of the lake. I am still driving along the lake.
1,826.8 and the lake is still going on - actually it is the Pend Oreille River. The high rock cliffs to the right show how the hill has been carved out for construction of road
1,830.2 Can look down the lake or river and see a long bridge which I think I may have to cross and soon after that I will go north.
1,831.2 There is also a lot of water on the other side of the roadm maybe back waters!
1,832.0 1:03 Entering Priest River, pop. 1,560 and crossing Priest River.
1,833.7 Oldtown 5 miles, Newport 6 miles.
1,836.5 1:09 Pulled off the highway to go into Allen Falls Dam and Viewpoint.
1,836.7 1:17 Back on the highway ... I parked in the shade but it still feels a lot hotter than 69°.
1,838.5 1:19 Crossing the Pend Oreille River.
1,838.7 Entering Oldtown, pop. 151.
1,838.9 1:20 Entering Washington - crossing the Idaho/Washington State Line ... saw my first Safeway store ... stopped here for a train at a level crossing.
1,839.1 1:23 Junction with WA-20, which I am planning on taking all the way to I-5 ... going north to Metaline Falls - WA-20 turns west at Tiger before Metaline Falls.
1,840.9 Mileage post 435 - I guess the distance to the coast from here!. From here the road follows the valley of Pend Oreille River, but the trees are blocking the view.
1,847.5 Just now got a glimpse of the river ... now I can see it and it is very wide. Highway is keeping a fairly straight course as it goes up and down over the hills.
1,853.1 Ponderay Paper Mill ... The valley is either very wide or there are a lot of valleys coming together at this point.
1,853.2 Crossed a river which flows towards the Pend Oreille River ... little township here of Pend Oreille.
Highway US-2 was an extremely busy road, but this one is much, much quieter. The valley is very wide and the road seems to travel down the middle whilst the river is at the base of the hills on the eastern side ... crossing an area which at present is flooded ... fortunately the road is well built up ... there are vehicle turnouts along the road - sign: “Delay of more than 5 vehicles is illegal”.
1,865.0 The road is now following the hills on the west side of the valley which seems to be narrower.
1,867.0 Except for the railway line the road is back close to the river again and the valley is closing in.
1,869.5 Quite a resort area - lots of cabins and cottages - boats along the river.
1,872.4 2:01 - 2:06 Heritage Marker on the right - “David Thompson” ... 13 miles to the junction with WA-31 where WA-20 turns west.
1,873.5 There are some really lovely places along the waterfront - holiday places, but like homes ... now on both sides of the river as well.
1,876.4 Turned around because I wanted to go back to a beautiful view.
1,877.4 Turned around again.
1,877.5 2:14 - 2:21 Motel and trailer park here - 2 pictures, one upstream and one downstream.
1,878.4 2:22 Back to where I turned around ...(399 miles to the coast).
Whole fields of white daisies along the way ... crossing a number of bridges over creeks running down to the river ... junction of WA-20 to Colville coming up.
1,886.8 2:31 Turning west with WA-20 in Tiger and immediately the road starts to climb out of and away from the valley. Previously the speed limit was 55 mph and now it is 50 mph with corners at 15 mph over the next 10 miles as the road climbs the mountain side. A car from Arizona - so I am not the only distant person taking the back roads!
Trees right along the road and almost joining to form a canopy over the road ... another 15 mph switchback - still climbing ... just came up behind a big huge transport going to Puget Sound, but fortunately on a small stretch of straight road another car and myself were able to pass!
Meadows covered in white daisies on top of the mountain.
1,891.2 Turning around for an Historical Marker - I know I’ll get caught behind the truck again but that’s just too bad!
1,892.4 2:40 - 2:44 Stopped at “Tiger Meadows Demonstration Allotment” ... Puget Sound truck just gone past ... 3 pictures ... there are quite a number of campers coming through.
Since leaving the meadows I have passed two lakes, one on each side (not right near each other) ... also the road is going downhill ... this is Thomas lake - nice to get a name at last one! Nice homes around it ... reduced speed for resort area.
1,903.0 2:56 - 2:58 Stopped for road construction, two cars in front of me and the Puget Sound truck. There is a big hole in the road and the traffic is being detoured around it by going off the side of the road - as dusty as dusty as all get out!
1,903.7 3:01 Stopped again by another flagman then moving slowly forward.
1,904.9 Colville 18 miles ... Tow people riding a bicycle built for two, with all their gear on it!
There are six of us going along at 20 mph behind this confounded truck. At a point where we could have passed on a hill, it just raced off ahead! Not a hope of catching him. He finally pulled over on a straight stretch of road and seven cars altogether passed him.
We are now on a winding road with 25 mph corners so we are lucky to have got past him. There are various signs along the road for boat launching ramps and fishing so there must be lakes tucked away behind the trees ... lots of wildflowers, particularly St John’s Wort, also some kind of vetch of a really deep purple color and it looks very lovely along the fences, twisting in and out of the fence posts and the wires.
Every now and then when I come over the top of a hill, there is a distant view of mountain vistas. Now I have just passed a whole field of that purple vetch ... another lake ... beautiful meadows now now that I am out of the forest ... also a beautiful looking home ... back into forest ... big hill going down into a township, probably Colville, situated in a big basin.
1,921.8 3:25 Entering Colville.
1,922.6 3:27 Junction with US-395 ... turn north at this junction ... continuing north on US-395 would take you north into Canada (Christina Lake in BC).
I love the designs on the hanging baskets on the power poles through this town - a different design to do with cowboys on each one - roping, rodeo, etc., cut from black metal.
1,923.5 Kettle Falls 8 miles ... 78° ... US-395 is a very busy road.
1,927.0 Slowing down for a one-lane road again ... there is such a long string of cars going north ... mileage post on the right hand side is 237 (wonder if this is 237 miles north of the Oregon border!) ... reduce speed to 35 mph - already doing that in this long stream of traffic.
1,930.7 3:39 Entering Kettle Falls ... this is a very busy town - Timber & Wood Products Division of Boise Cascade ... Kettle Falls Generating Station is the next left ... as I come down the hill I can see water of another reservoir.
1,934.2 3:44 Just crossing the Columbia River - F.D. Roosevelt Lake.
1,934.6 3:44 Junction where WA-20 leaves US-395 and continues west.
1,935.3 Republic 39 miles, Tonasket 80 miles ... milepost 341 ... getting glimpses of rushing mountain streams. Unfortunately there is nowhere to pull off the road for any pictures of the Columbia River - certainly a mighty river and very beautiful on such a lovely day as this.
1,941.6 3:53 - 4:06 Log Flume Heritage Site - Sherman Creek Logging Flume There are lupines, harebells, Indian paintbrush as well as numerous other flowers. WA-20 is a Washington Scenic Byway.
1,945.4 Chain-up area - trucks to put chains on at the side of the road ... long straight stretch of road ahead, but it is climbing. Actually I can’t see any reason yet for having chains, but maybe this was just an advance 1,945.4notice! We now appear to be going down again. Sign:
“Slow vehicles use turnouts for next 7 miles.” Another sign: “Vehicles must use chains when traction tires required.” Waterfall at the side of the road ... the road is climbing and there are many slow-vehicle turnout points ... my ears have just popped ... a long winding climb. Views of the mountains above show a lot of dead trees as if there has been a fire through here ... 1988 White Mountain fire - over 20,056 acres were burned
1,956.1 4:23 - 4:38 Turned off for a scenic view and went for a 10-minute trail walk ... took pictures.
1,956.4 4:39 Back on the highway ... still climbing.
1,957.2 4:40 - 4:44 Sherman Pass, El. 5,575 ft ... 2 pictures from the summit.
After coming over the crest of the summit there is a brief extensive view of the mountains, row upon row.
1,960.5 4:50 - 5:01 A roadside attraction ... pictures of dog, signboard and distant view.
1,965.4 6% downgrade ... away from the burned out area and road winding through forest.
1,967.5 5:10 Chain enforcement ends here ... just passed the 307 mile marker.
1,970.1 6% downgrade - long hill.
1,971.7 5:15 Tonasket 33 miles.
1,973.0 5:16 Entering Republic - beautiful main street with lovely old buildings - real Old West town ... very interesting.
1,974.3 5:19 - 5:24 Stopped.
1,978.5 Entering “Okanogan County - Agriculture, Mining, Timber, Outdoor Recreation” ... also Okanogan National Forest.
During the day I have had a lovely blue sky with fluffy white clouds, but now clouds are starting to close in over the sky ... it is quite amazing to be in the mountains and have such a long stretch of straight road - simply goes up and down but is straight for a couple of miles or more.
1,987.3 5:39 Wauconda Pass, El. 4,310 ft ... end of tape - too bad!!!!
1,990.5 Wauconda ... the sun is trying to poke through again ... 30 mph and 5% downgrade for 1 mile, almost like going into a canyon ... very winding with rocky cliffs ... opens out into a valley.
1,999.2 5% downgrade for 4 miles.
2,000.6 There are a lot of sprinklers working on the fields here irrigating something - a large area of sprinklers ... quite a lot of settlement around here ... the hills are fairly bare, a few trees on them, but I would say they have been cleared at some time or other and never replanted ... there is also a lot of cattle grazing ... also some sagebrush on some of the hillsides ... still cloudy, but the sky has brightened a bit ... I hope that it stays this way.
2,007.2 6:00 Now done over 2,000 miles since leaving home ... the hills have been getting lower, but I can see high hills in the distance and patches of snow on them as well. I guess these are some of the mountains I’ll be going into.
I don’t think this section of WA-20 as scenic as the first section.
2,008.9 Just passed milepost 267 ... the hills are becoming quite rugged and showing signs of lava or geology similar to and around Yakima ... lots of sagebrush.
2,009.3 Downgrade for the next 4 miles - trucks to use low gear ... road winding down through a canyon - hills very similar to those around Yakima or those around Grand Coulee Dam ... big steps of basaltic rock - down, down, down. Actually the rocks are not as dark and may not be basaltic, but just has that appearance from the distance ... Flashing light: “ALL TRUCKS MUST STOP TO CHECK BRAKES IN ½ MILE”.
2,012.0 Still going through this rocky canyon ... maybe I spoke too soon about the beauty of the area and it’s not being such a scenic byway! This is pretty nice, too.
2,012.5 6% grade for 1 mile.
2,013.0 Stopped for a picture before reaching the bottom of the hill.
2,013.4 6:08 Entering Tonasket ... junction with US-97 coming up.
2,013.7 6:09 Stopped at a stop sign at the junction with US-97, then turning south with WA-20 on US-97 to Omak ... US-97 is also the Cariboo Cattle Trail.
2,014.1 Omak 23 miles ... now there is a fast flowing river on the west side of the road, the Okanogan River.
US-97 is a much busier road than WA-20 ... orchards with propellers or windmills which are used to move the air around on frosty nights to prevent blossom from freezing (just like there is around Yakima) ... lots of fruit packing boxes.
The hills are bare except for sagebrush - a few odd trees here and there.
2,017.8 Crossing the Okanogan River ... high rugged rocky cliffs to the west and I think there must be a river between the road and those cliffs, but I can’t see it. No, there isn’t; all the same, it looks like a river bed has been there at one time. It is certainly fascinating. Some of the rocks are shear perpendicular coming down into this particular valley - perpendicular with a talus slope below them. The river is actually on the other side , although I still can’t see it. Turn off for Riverside and I did catch a glimpse of a bit of water at one spot -strange
2,028.5 Entering Riverside ... lots of fruit trees ... orchards. I guess basically that the river is not all that big at this point. I can see the trees lining both sides of it now.
2,029.9 Omak 5 miles, Wenatchie 103 miles ... the hillside to the left is almost completely rocky - very rounded rocks, almost like Bald Rock in New South Wales.
2,031.3 The river is right beside the road now, although it is winding back and forth across the valley - not that wide, but appears to be full and fast flowing ... a lot of settlement through the valley ... besides farming and fruit orchards, there is also ranching.
2,034.7 6:30 Entering Omak.
2,036.1 Crossing the Okanogan River again.
2,039.9 Passing the turnoff to Okanogan ... Burlington, NORTH CASCADES HIGHWAY next right - WA-20 to Twisp and Winthrop.
2,041.7 6:37 Turning with WA-20 off US-97.
2,042.0 Crossing the river and entering Okanogan.
2,042.5 Twisp is 29 miles, Winthrop 37 miles, Burlington 172 miles.
The road immediately starts to climb around the hills and, of course, wouldn’t you know it, there is a motor home going oh so slow in front of me! There are also two cars ahead which are trying to pass!
2,045.8 6:43 - 6:45 Curtis Sheep Slaughter ... stopping for the sign will let the motor home get ahead a bit. There are lots of wildflowers around, whites and purples ... also a sign - watch out for deer, and as it is getting late at night, I had better keep my eyes peeled.
Much as I enjoy the drive through the forest and the mountains, I still have a sense of freedom when I get into these open hills - not so closed in ... still passing some orchards.
Sign for Johnny Appleseeds which means apples are grown here ... road still climbing ... sprinklers all through the fields again ... road clinging to the hillside ... high rock cliffs off to the left ... deep valley to the right ... something very sweet smelling in the air - quite pleasant ... Wow! What a road!
2,054.6 6:55 Just caught up to another slow poke - just can’t believe the other car in front of me is not passing ... I pulled out and passed them both!
2,058.5 Road is climbing and after one fairly sharp bend I could look down on the road below.
2,059.6 It has just turned 7 o’clock and I have done just over 332 miles since I left this morning.
Oh! Oh! I can see the motor home in front of me! ... lupines and paintbrush flowering.
2,062.9 Round a corner and I can see snow on the range of mountains in front of me ... the sun is still quite high in the sky and trying to shine out from behind the clouds .. the motor home doing good time downhill - just fine!
2,064.5 Still descending from the pass ... I think I really have a treat in store for me tomorrow as I cross the Cascades - looks quite rugged.
2,065.5 Still going down but on a straight stretch so I was able to pass the motor home ... quite a lot of snow on the rugged mountains ... descending so far into the valley I won’t be able to see much more of the mountains
2,068.0 Still going down ... I keep thinking that I am down as far as it is possible to go, but am still going down! The road is entering another farmed valley ... irrigation pipes on wheels ... cattle.
2,070.0 8% grade down ... it is just gorgeous here.
2,070.4 7:12 Stop sign at T-junction ... WA-153 south to Wenatchie and WA-20 turns north and west to Twisp and Burlington ... Methow River.
2,071.1 Twisp 2 miles, Winthrop 11 miles.
2,071.8 7:14 Entering Twisp ... right at the bottom of the valley now and crossing Methow River, bridge built in 1931 ... sign for the Cascade Loop
2,074.4 Milepost 200 ... road following along the banks of the river - fast flowing.
2,080.0 7:24 Entering Winthrop.
2,080.3 7:25 Stopped at the Best Western Cascade Inn.
2,080.4 7:33 Parked for the night.
I went for a walk to the edge of town, that is just over the bridge and back. I went for a swim, but the pool was too cold, so I went in the hot tub for 15 minutes or so. After a shower I enjoyed a drink and some cheese and crackers before bed.

The day’s total - 353 miles
Trip Total - 2,080.4 miles

Day 7 - Tuesday, July 8 - Winthrop, WA to Vancouver, BC

Beautiful room at the Cascade Inn ... continental breakfast - English muffin with cream cheese and a homemade blueberry muffin ... packed car ready for leaving
2,080.4 8:23 Leave Best Western Cascade Inn (Winthrop) on WA-20 west ... Methow River valley ... the high mountains are in the clouds
2,081.1 The point to which I walked last night, so that was .7 mile each way - 1.4 miles.
2,081.4 8:27 - 9:05 Stopped in downtown Winthrop - walked up and down the street a couple of times, looking at the buildings and taking pictures.
2,081.6 9:14 Leaving! I stopped again for some more pictures.
2,081.6 Crossing the Chewack River just before it flows into the Methow River.
2,081.8 9:15 - 9:26 Stopped at the Methow Valley Visitor Center, a US Department of Agriculture Facility - a very nice visitor center ... picked up a lot of information (leaflets which will be handy - gave a $2 donation for a beautiful poster ... start of the North Cascades Scenic Highway.
2,081.9 9:28 Burlington 128 miles ... beautiful yellow flowers at the side of the road, the ones that look a bit like eggs-and-bacon - “Butter and Eggs” (Linaria vulgaris) - p. 437 North American Wildlife by Reader’s Digest.
9:33 The clouds may be breaking up a bit now.
2,086.3 Passed milepost 187.
2,087.2 Slowing up for a deer in the middle of the road.
2,089.6 Crossing the Methow River.
2,093.0 9:41 - 9:44 Stopped just before coming into Mazama for pictures(2) of approaching mountains.
2,093.1 9:45 Mazama ... no services for 74 miles.
2,095.3 Early Winters Creek, a rushing mountain stream.
2,096.7 9:50 Picture of a sign ... goats beard plants very healthy looking in this area.
The road is wet - don’t know if from dew or rain during the night and hasn’t dried off yet.
2,098.2 Passing two people using ski poles and going uphill on roller skis ... cloud covering the mountain tops as well as being down in the valley
2,099.9 Milepost 174 ... fireweed also in flower.
2,100.6 I seem to be running into a light sprinkling of rain ... the sun is making an effort to shine through the clouds, but I wish it would hurry up and get rid of them so I can see and enjoy the scenic beauty of the area. All along the road there are signs for various creeks, so when you look off to the side there’s a white rushing stream gurgling down the mountain side and cascading in waterfalls ... myriad of flowers blooming - paintbrush, mountain lilies, white flowers, lupines - red, white, blue and yellow.
2,104.5 10:01 - 10:17 Running around in drizzling rain taking pictures of flowers and mountains - thistles, larkspur, gentian, plants that look a bit like delphiniums, but the flowers have finished so I’m not sure what they are ... streams and waterfalls everywhere and snow up on the mountains.
The rain is just spoiling the day for me ... I can’t believe that I’ve finally made it onto this highway and this is the kind of day I get!
2,108.5 Remnants of snow banks at the side of the road.
2,108.8 Big snow bank ... water cascading over the rocks at the side of the road.
2,111.0 I stopped at a viewpoint for about 5 minutes.
2,111.2 10:32 Now there is snow among the trees.
2,111.4 10:32 Washington Pass, El.5,477 ft.
2,111.5 Turning off for Washington Pass Overlook ... snow still thick among the trees.
2,112.0 10:34 - 11:12 Well! That was a watery walk - beautiful trail through forest, sometimes clambering over glaciated rocks ($7.48 for book - “Cascades National Park”) Returning to the highway I was driving through cloud.
2,112.6 11:15 Back on the highway ... Newhalem 43 miles ... still raining and cloud on the road - descending for the next 3 miles.
2,113.4 Winthrop 32 miles east.
2,114.7 Two waterfalls cascading over the rock cliffs at the side of the road ... the beauty of the flowers is quite incredible when you consider how cold it is with the amount of snow still lying on the ground - lots of snow and all these beautiful flowers.
2,117.2 11:21 Rainy Pass, El. 4,855 ft.
2,117.4 6% downgrade for 4 miles. There are a few, but not many out-of-state tourists out today in this weather ... lots of lupines flowering along the roadside, but on the east side of the mountains there seems to be a much greater variety of flowers.
2,123.2 11:27 Now 42 miles from Winthrop ... Spanish moss hanging from the trees is appearing on this side of the pass ... there are so many lupines in flower that the embankment is just a mass of color ... again road is descending fairly rapidly, and it seems to me that it would be quite a hard drive going west to east ... obviously, if this is the case, it would be better to drive east to west.
2,130.7 Picture of the valley ... creeks, streams, waterfalls, all white because the water is pounding so quickly.
2,131.1 11:39 - 11:40 Stopped momentarily for pictures - stream and the canyon.
2127.8 Road enters the canyon and is winding around the hills.
2,133.3 Signs: “Slow vehicles us turnouts for the next 25 miles” ... “Wildlife Viewing Areas for 30 miles”.
The creek or river at the side of the road is becoming bigger and bigger as it continues down the canyon ... waterfalls under waterfall.
2,136.0 Road disappearing into cloud ahead ... the weather has certainly deteriorated ... lovely bridges over side canyons with cascading creeks
2,139.3 I think that I can see a bit of a lake out to the right, probably Ross lake, but it is raining and is so cloudy it is not worth stopping ... that I have ever seen anything so magnificent - far surpasses many of the parks in Canada.
2,142.6 11:55 Turning into Diablo Lake Overlook ... it really isn’t worth it - too much cloud - so I guess I’m just going to continue ... interesting seams in the rock where it has been cut away for the road ... can see a bit of the lake below as I drive down.
2,143.2 Burlington is now 71 miles ... incredible green color of the water in Diablo lake ... the road is descending down to lake level.
2,144.1 11:59 The road actually crosses Diablo lake ... after crossing the lake the road starts to ascend again ... the rain has really set in for the day.
2,146.3 12:02 I can see the Diablo Dam below me.
2,148.2 12:04 Crossing Gorge lake and the turnoff for the Skagit Tours Diablo Seattle City Lights ... I had thought about doing this boat tour, but not in this weather ... maidenhair ferns growing on the rock cliffs along this part of the highway ... there are huge power lines going through the canyon which would be for the hydro power generated at the Diablo Dam ... of course, this spoils the scenery!
2,150.2 The road is even going through a small tunnel.
2,150.8 Bridge over Gorge Creek ... Oh! Unbelievable! I have turned around momentarily.
2,151.1 12:10 - 12:21 Stopped after having turned around on the other side of the bridge and come back ... Gorge Creek ... a waterfall dropping into a canyon and then out into the lake ... the bridge is a metal bridge ... wouldn’t need to drop anything because it would be gone forever!
2,152.1 Entering another tunnel, this thre or four times as long as the last one.
2,152.3 Leaving the tunnel ... the canyon is becoming narrower and I am surrounded by waterfalls. There were a lot of waterfalls in Glacier National Park but there are far more here,
2,153.8 12:27 Entering Newhalem ... the canyon opens out ... there’s a beautiful park at the side of the road - trees, grass, picnic table ... Skagit General Store ... sign for Skagit Tours which start in Diablo 7 miles to the east.
2,154.7 12:28 Turning off to go into the Visitor Center ... turning onto a one-lane bridge over the river, Skagit River, to the North Cascades National Park Visitor center.
2,155.4 12:31 - 1:10 Visitor center where I saw a wonderful slide show - fantastic photography. When leaving I had to stop for a red light at the one-lane bridge.
2,156.3 1:14 Back on the highway.
2,156.9 1:15 Marblemount 13 miles, Junction with I-5 60 miles ... milepost 110, so that is 50 miles beyond I-5 ... lots of wildflowers in bloom - fireweed, daisies and now foxgloves ... creeks bursting out from behind the trees ... back into some fog or cloud again ... forest right up to the edge of the road, trees overhanging ... mist is rising up off the racing waters of the Skagit River, which is alongside the road.
Three different signs: “Roadwork Ahead” - “Be Prepared To Stop” - “Flagman Ahead” ... Masses of tall fireweed, dripping wet, leaning out over the road, almost touching the cars as they go by ... the mist off the water is so thick you can barely see the water.
2,166.5 Back to mailboxes, house and cattle - back out of the wilderness!
Really heavy rain is falling now. Some fellow is trying to hitch a ride - not a very pleasant looking fellow - I guess he is hoping I will feel sorry for him out in the rain!
2,169.1 The valley has opened up and there looks to be farmland in this area.
2,169.8 1:32 Entering - Welcome to Marblemount ... wonderful wooden statues at the Marblemount Trading Post.
2,170.0 1:33 Burlington 46 miles ... the road is alongside the Skagit river with fields to the right, then cloud covered mountains beyond that ... cattle grazing ... the road is so close to the river now that I am driving through the fog or mist coming off the water.
2,177.2 1:42 Slow for road construction - people are working in this rain!! ... Berries are grown through here - a number of signs for raspberries.
2,178.1 1:43 Entering Rockport - I think that Rockport must be situated along the road that went off to the left.
2,179.0 I-5 junction 35 miles.
2,184.5 More amazing wooden carvings.
2,185.8 Entering Concrete.
2,186.2 1:52 Crossing the Baker River ... Sign for elk next 3 miles .
2,191.5 The road has leveled off quite a bit and now there are long straight stretches ... passing two cyclists with all their gear, even in this weather!
I have a logging truck in front of me which I have been following for several miles, but I will not attempt to pass because there are too many cars without their lights on coming in the opposite direction, and the visibility is not very good. Actually I find it unbelievable the number of cars without their lights on!
2,202.0 Traffic coming to a stop for a flagman, almost that is, then continuing very slowly.
2,207.7 Even surveyors are working in the rain.
2,208.9 2:19 Welcome to Sedro Woolley.
2,209.1 Junction with WA-9 to Sumas ... rain seems to be a little lighter now.
2,209.2 Burlington 5 miles, Mt Vernon 10 miles ... still lots of cloud around, but the sky does seem to be brightening a bit ... maybe the clouds will scatter by the time I get away from the mountains ... the logging truck has turned off.
All through here, since coming into the last town, it is well built up with house all along the road ... I suspect it will be like this all the way into Burlington ... a magnificent deep blue hydrangea loaded with blooms
2,213.8 2:20 Burlington City Limit.
2,214.5 2:31 - 2:41 GAS - Burlington, WA - $1.219/gal - 17.118 gals - $20.87
[Unleaded $1.219 ... Power Plus $1.359 ... Power Premium $1.459]
2,214.7 2:42 Stopped for a red light, waiting to go on the ramp to enter I-5 north to Vancouver.
2,214.9 2:42 On I-5.
2,221.7 Vancouver 71 miles.
2,233.5 Entering Bellingham - terrible condition of road.
2,235.9 3:03 Leaving I-5 at Exit-252 to go into Bellingham.
2,236.9 3:07 - 3:23 McDonald’s Arch deluxe meal - $3.98 ... I got off the freeway at the wrong exit, so now I have to return to I-5 to look for Michael’s Arts and Crafts store! What a mess! I don’t know where I am - it is hard following signs in this confounded town.
2,238.0 3:29 Back on I-5.
2,241.9 3:33 Waiting at a traffic light after exiting from the freeway again ... of course I had to hit this at peak hour, so I will be running late all the way through!
2,242.3 3:37 - 3:57 Michael’s ... bought gladioli for Anna ($33.56) ... return to freeway.
2,242.9 4:01 Back in I-5.
2,244.9 Blaine 18 miles.
2,261.2 4:18 Leaving the freeway at the truck exit, Exit-275.
2,262.1 4:20 Stopped - there’s quite a long lineup for Customs and Duty Free.
2,262.2 4:23 - 4:29 Duty Free.
4:30 Have now picked up the duty free purchase.
2,262.3 Stopped in line waiting to go through Customs - 5 lanes open - a lot of cars going through, mostly BC cars.
2,262.4 4:37 I’m through - “Thank Goodness” ... I really hate border crossings.
2,265.5 4:44 Arrive at Hilda’s and Roger’s, but, as there was no one at home, I will continue on to Vancouver.
I have turned off on the Annasis Highway. Since there is only one lane open north through the tunnel, I have decided to go straight to North Vancouver. The top of the Alex Simon Bridge is covered with light cloud.
2,292.7 5:32 Almost at a standstill ... am on the highway leading to the Second Narrows bridge not far from the Hastings Street exit.
2,299.0 5:45 Arrive at Viv’s and Rob’s, 1.0 miles short of 2,300 miles.
I had supper with Viv and Rob, then drove over to Kitsilano to see Anna and Walt.
2,321.0 Back at Viv’s and Rob’s - end of the day.

The day’s total - 241 miles
Trip Total - 2,321 miles

Day 8 - Wednesday, July 9 - Vancouver, BC

2,321.0 Start of the day ... drive through Stanley park, pick Anna up at St Paul’s Hospital, drive to the Royal Vancouver Hospital, then to the apartment for dinner.
2,358.0 Back at Viv’s and Rob’s - end of the day.

The day’s total - 37 miles
In Vancouver total - 37 miles
Trip Total - 2,358 miles

Day 9 - Thursday, July 10 - White Rock, BC

2,358.0 Leave from Viv’s and Rob’s to drive to White Rock.
Went to see Doug, friend from Anna's high school, but he wasn’t there, drove down to Marine Drive, back to Royal bank (see Doug), then shopping mall for a sushi lunch and up to see Roger. From there I went to Revelstoke Lumber (for hose fittings) ... then Starbuck’s Coffee (M/C $39.85 - Stainless steel tumbler (coffee mug) ... Mail Boxes to send to Jen - $40.00 - too expensive!!
Then I went back to the waterfront where I sat transcribing my tape until time to meet Hilda at 5:00 PM ... looked at pictures, then went for supper - Rosa Luca’s (Mexican)
7:35 Left to return to North Vancouver ... realized that I had left my purse behind and had to drive back!
10:20 Arrived back!

I did not note the mileage

Day 10 - Friday, July 11 - Vancouver, BC

Drove to 126 E 15th Street (near Lonsdale) to apply for pension and social security, then to Save-On-Foods on Brooksbank and up Mountain Road to the Post Office.
2,508.0 Back at Viv’s and Rob’s.
Drove to the hospital to pick up Anna at 5:45, then to the apartment.
2,528.0 Back at Viv’s and Rob’s - end of the day.

The day’s total - 170 (2-day total) miles
In Vancouver total - 207 miles
Trip Total - 2,528 miles

Day 11 - Saturday, July 12 - Vancouver, BC

2,528.0 Leave. Drive via Lion’s Gate to Anna’s and back via Hastings.
2,553.0 Arrive back at Viv’s.
2,555.0 Lonsdale Quay.
2,568.6 “Ping”.
2,569.2 Mount Seymour.
2,578.0 GAS - North Vancouver (Mt. Seymour) - $0.539/lt - 59.549 lt - C$32.10
2,583.0 Home for the day.

The day’s total - 55 miles
In Vancouver total - 262 miles
Trip Total - 2,583 miles

Day 12 - Sunday, July 13 - Vancouver, BC

2,583.0 Leave to go to Anna’s.
2,593.6 Arrive Anna’s via Lion’s Gate Bridge.
2,598.1 Stanley Park ($5.00) ... Boat House ($60.00).
2,603.6 Back at Anna’s apartment.
2,645.0 Back at Viv’s for the night.

The day’s total - 62 miles
In Vancouver total - 324 miles
Trip Total - 2,645 miles

Day 13 - Monday, July 14 - Vancouver, BC

2,645.0 Start of the day ... Safeway - groceries $7.04.
2,646.8 Back at the house.
4:00 Went to Cap Mall, then South Park Royal and on to Ambleside park.
2,653.0 5:45 Ambleside Park - walked for 45 minutes ... watched 4 cruise ships leave.
2,659.0 Back at Viv’s.

The day’s total - 14 miles
In Vancouver total - 338 miles
Trip Total - 2,659 miles

Day 14 - Tuesday, July 15 - Vancouver, BC

2,659.0 This morning I discovered that I had a flat tire ... Rob took it off for me and and took it to be fixed (small screw in it) - plug $6.00.
I walked to Safeway at Lynn Valley Mall and back ... watched soaps ... sorted wedding photos and transcribed tapes onto paper.
After Viv came home from work we went to Park Royal (closed at 6:00 PM) and back to an Italian restaurant on Lonsdale (Da Gino Restaurante Italiano - beautiful meal (I had shrimp with Pernod sauce - excBetht) - my treat

The day’s total - 0 miles
In Vancouver total - 338 miles
Trip Total - 2,659 miles

Day 15 - Wednesday, July 16 - Vancouver, BC

2,659.0 Leave Viv’s for various errands.
2,665.2 Back at Viv’s.
2,672.1 Parked on Broadway (near Anna’s).
2,678.0 11:05 “Home” - end of the day.

The day’s total - 19 miles
In Vancouver total - 357 miles
Trip Total - 2,678 miles

Day 16 - Thursday, July 17 - Vancouver, BC

2,678.0 Start of the day.
Took the Sea Bus then the Sky Train to King George and back to New Westminster Quay (submarine), Granville - Centennial Fountain.
2,684.0 Back to house after picking up reprints from Japan Camera.
Viv went with me over to Anna’s .
2,704.0 Back at Viv’s.

The day’s total - 26 miles
In Vancouver total - 383 miles
Trip Total - 2,704 miles

Day 17 - Friday, July 18 - Vancouver, BC

2,704.0 Leave to go to Lonsdale ... then to Cap Mall and back for pictures ... got matts for Viv’s pictures ... new cap for my camera ... took negatives to Japan Camera ... framed Viv’s pictures ... went to Costco with Viv and out for supper on Lonsdale.
2,733.0 End of the day.

The day’s total - 29 miles
In Vancouver total - 412 miles
Trip Total - 2,733 miles

Day 18 - Saturday, July 19 - Vancouver to Nanaimo, BC

2,733.0 Start of the day - leave Viv’s
2,743.6 Arrive Anna’s and Walt’s ... drove downtown, parked under Eaton’s - shopping for Anna at Eaton’s and Fairweather’s.
Then we drove to the airport to meet Maurice - airport parking $3.00.
Walt bought Harvey’s hamburgers for supper!!
Returned to Kitsilano, then to Horseshoe Bay ... Granville Street bridge to Georgia (congested) - detoured through Stanley Park and thence onto Lion’s gate Bridge - otherwise would never have made the 7:10 ferry. Maurice’s plane was due in at 5:05 - arrived 5:10, then it was about 20 minutes before the baggage came down ... had to return to the apartment for Anna to get her motor cycle clothes and Walt to get his motor cycle.
2,782.0 Arrive Horseshoe Bay ... Anna drove the car back to Viv’s and I went with Maurice to Nanaimo.
It was a very windy ferry crossing - Helen met us at the ferry ... home for a curry dinner, then to bed.

Day 19 - Sunday, July 20 - Nanaimo to Vancouver, BC

Slept in until 9 o’clock!! (Had a restless night) Breakfast, then Maurice and I went over the wedding pictures ... took photos of water lilies in their backyard pond ... out for lunch - Mexican roll-ups - then to shopping mall to buy two cans peppers (the kind used in the roll-ups! - sauce: 2 cups mayonnaise to 1 can peppers).
Back at the house we looked at some of Maurice’s pictures ... took pictures of neighbor’s flowers, then to the ferry, “Queen of Cowichan” ... am sitting at a table right at the front - decided that I didn’t want to be buffeted by wind for the entire trip. The day is hazy and not suitable for pictures. BC ferry rides are truly delightful - I always think of my trips across the Pacific and dream of another sea voyage.
Anna and Walt met me at the ferry terminal, Horseshoe Bay ... back to Viv’s for a barbecue supper, after which I drove Walt's sister and her son home.
2,827.0 End of the day.

The day’s total - 94 (2-day total) miles
In Vancouver total - 506 miles
Trip Total - 2,827 miles

Day 20 - Monday, July 21 - Vancouver, BC

2,827.0 Leave for errands.
2,834.0 Bee Cee Wicks & Wax.
2,835.2 Corner of Willingdon and Lougheed.
2,839.3 Costco.
2,844.4 Back at Willingdon (after Canadian Tire) ... took Willingdon to Hastings, then west to the freeway ... stopped at Park & Tilford to return Starbuck’s tumbler, then to Lynn Valley Starbucks for cups for Anna and from there home.
2,856.0 Home ... leave for more errands - Post Office, Canada trust.
2,875.0 Anna’s.
2,881.6 Ping! - need gas.
2,885.0 Back at Viv’s

The day’s total - 58 miles
In Vancouver total - 564 miles
Trip Total - 2,885 miles

Day 21 - Tuseday, July 22 - Vancouver, BC

2,885.0 8:50 Leave Viv’s.
2,885.9 8:53 - 9:25 Safeway and Zellers (citronella candles and blouse).
2,887.0 9:28 - 9:33 GAS - North Vancouver, BC - $0.499/lt - 20.05 lt - C$10.00
2,888.0 9:35 Back at Viv’s.

The day’s total - 3 miles In Vancouver total - 567 miles
Trip Total - 2,888 miles

Day 21 - Tuesday, July 22 (Continued) - Vancouver, BC to Yakima, WA

2,888.0 Leaving from Viv’s for my return trip 69° along Boundary Road.
2,919.0 10:21 - 10:39 Stopped at Duty Free to get GST rebate ($26.88).
2,995.0 GAS - Whitby Island - $1.199/gal - 16.678 gals. - $20.00
3,209.0 8:55 Arrive at my dear Yakama friends.

The day’s total - 321 miles Return trip total - 321 miles
Trip Total - 3,209 miles

Day 22 - Wednesday, July 23 - Yakima, WA

3,209.0 10:37 Leave to go downtown.
3,215.3 Downtown, waiting for Dan.
3,223.4 Back from the airport.
3,234.0 Back after taking Dan to work.
Went with Sarah in her car - mountain pictures, wineries, Costco.
3,234.0 End of day.

The day’s total - 25 miles Return trip total - 346 miles
Trip Total - 3,234 miles

Day 23 - Thursday, July 24 - Yakima, WA to Rock Springs, WY

3,234.0 Leaving Sarah’s after a pleasant breakfast on the balcony - toasted croissants, cantaloupe, orange juice, grapes and coffee. It is a beautiful morning.
3,295.6 8:43 One hour from Sarah’s and I have done 61.6 miles.
3,332.2 A glimpse of Mount Adams.
I am approaching the Columbia River and will be going over the old original bridge, that is pre-interstate bridge..
3,338.0 9:19 On the bridge,
3,338.6 9:20 Welcome to Oregon.
3,349.0 9:29 Junction with I-84 to Pendleton and La Grande.
3,350.5 9:30 Pendleton 29 miles, La Grande 78 miles.
3,353.0 9:33 Ontario 193 miles,
9:51 I missed noting the second hour and how far I have come!
3,375.9 9:52 The first Pendleton exit.
3,377.0 9:53 2 hours 10 minutes from Sarah’s, i.e. 143 miles in 130 minutes.
3,380.8 9:57 La Grande 49 miles.
Looking ahead I realized just coming out of Pendleton where we approach this new ridge and the up and down traffic is separated by quite a lot and can’t see one from the other at times. It is a big, long climb to the top of the ridge ... just a sign by the road - right lane is closed ahead 6 miles, so it will be a real pain on the hill I believe as so many trucks travel this route.
This big hill is really chewing up my gas and I will have to be on the lookout for somewhere to get gas before I reach La Grande!
3,393.3 37 miles to La Grande ... I am now more or less at the top of the long climb.
3,394.7 End of road work and pretty well right on top now.
3,398.1 La Grande 32 miles, Baker City 76 miles, Ontario 147 miles ... it is a bright sunny day with not a sign of a cloud.
After getting to the top of the long climb we go across part where, when I came over for the wedding it was very windy and signs were posted that motor homes should stay off the road.
3,403.5 Ping! Need gas and at
3,403.8 La Grande is 26 miles so I will make it to La Grande.
3,409.7 10:24 Blue Mountain Summit, El. 4,193 ft.
After coming up the big hill the scenery gradually changes and the road is now passing through pine forests.
I remember that the road will be going downhill through a canyon into La Grande.
3,412.7 10:26 Boise 191 miles.
I have just come over the top of a hill, but am descending into La Grande and I can see a little snow on the mountains ahead, probably the mountains you can see from Baker City.
3,419.9 Descending quite rapidly now and will be going into the canyon shortly.
Now have Five Point Creek alongside the road, also railway - river, road and railway, side by side, winding through the canyon. There is not as much water in the river as there was when we came through here with Jen, or on my way to Vancouver in April ... Grande Ronde River.
3,427.1 10:40 Leaving the Interstate to go into La Grande for gas. Everything is very hazy.
3,427.8 Pop. 12,072.
10:41 Stopped at historic marker.
3,428.0 10:43 Six miles short of 200, i.e. 194 miles in 180 minutes (3 hours).
After leaving the Interstate there was a sign for the Chevron gas station 2 miles ahead so I am still following the road through the downtown area ... stopped for gas.
3,429.0 10:47 - 10:52 GAS - La Grande, OR - $1.319/gal - 18.344 gals - $24.20
3,430.3 10:57 Back on the Interstate. La Grande is located at the exit from the canyon and after leaving La Grande the road is fairly straight and flat for quite some distance ... it has large sloughs and ponds, lots of reeds, also a wildlife viewing area, the Ladd Marsh Wildlife Management Area. There is also some farming - cut hay, some baled, some ready to be baled. Then there are hills ahead where the road will enter another canyon, Ladd Canyon.
3,437.6 Entering Ladd Canyon.
3,442.7 11:08 Baker City 31 miles, Ontario 102 miles.
3,455.4 11:19 45th parallel, that is half way between the Equator and the North Pole. There is a five mile speedometer speed check section and I took note of the mileage at the beginning and at the end and my daily one was reading right on.
3,461.8 Passing a rest area and before coming into Baker City looking out to the left I can see buildings on top of a hill and I am presuming they are the Oregon Trail Center where we visited with Jen. It seems a beautiful area situated between two mountain ranges ... lots of hay ... lots of cattle grazing ... very lovely but quite flat.
Yes, I am coming into Baker City and that would be the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center.
Baker City is 3 hours and 50 minutes from Sarah’s and 236 miles.
Just passed Baker City and there is some bearded, disreputable, bare-chested guy standing at the side of the road with a sign for Charlotte, North Carolina.
3,482.8 11:43 I have now been on the road for four hours and have done 249 miles, i.e. 249 miles in 240 minutes.
The hills are pretty bare now except for a bit of sagebrush, there are a few junipers here and there and there are lots of wild sunflowers blooming alongside the road. In parts the sunflowers are very thick and the more there are the bigger the splash of color - quite beautiful.
3,495.1 11:53 Boise is 107 miles (at 393 I should be there). I just heard on the news that it was 77° in La Grande and in Baker City.
3,516.3 First view of the Snake River ... this is in the area where we tried to get off the Interstate to have lunch somewhere, but not to pay the entry fee.
3,517.3 12:13 Entering the next time zone, i.e. Mountain Time so now it is 1:13.
3,520.7 The road is right alongside the Snake River now.
Exit-356 for OR-201 coming up - this is the exit we left with Jen when looking for a place to have lunch.
3,522.1 1:17 Junction with Exit-356.
3,533.8 1:28 300 miles from Sarah’s ... the road is sort of up in the hills looking over the Snake River and ahead must be Ontario, and I am now 300 miles from Sarah’s in 285 minutes.
If I remember correctly LP, Jen and I had lunch near the river shortly before coming into Ontario.
3,539.1 1:32 Ontario next two exits.
3,540.3 1:33 Junction for OR-201, possibly where we rejoined the Interstate.
3,542.4 Junction with another interchange. However, when I look at it, I am pretty sure the last one was where we rejoined the Interstate.
3,543.5 Boise now only 57 miles.
3,543.8 1:36 Crossing the Snake River.
3,544.1 1:36 Entering Idaho and the speed limit has increased from 65 mph to 70 mph.
3,590.6 2:16 Boise, pop. 145,987 the next 5 exits.
Just noticed a beautiful church with lots of spires - it looks as if it could be a Mormon Temple - truly a beautiful building.
3,596.2 2:22 Leaving the Interstate ... 40 minutes over the 6 hours. I think it is 362 miles - 5 hours and 40 minutes, i.e 340 minutes.
A big canal full of water skirting around the city.
If it is 700 miles to Rock Springs, then I’m half way there or if it is 800 miles then I’m not quite half way!
Boise appears to be a pretty low key city, no really high buildings - lovely bell tower on a church as I drive down Capitl Boulevard towards the State Capitol - a big crane where a tall building. maybe about 12 storeys high is being built.
3,600.5 2:37 - 3:13 State House.
3,602.7 3:33 Leaving McDonald’s (Arch Deluxe Meal and an extra coffee).
3,604.5 3:41 Back on the Interstate going towards Twin Falls.
3,606.1 3:42 121 m ... 1 m = 48 secs if speed 75 mph.
A road repairs for next 6 miles - two-way traffic on one side of the Interstate - speed 55 mph ... the sky is quite strange in front.
3,653.1 Not black, but darker blocking out the hills ... almost looks as if it could be raining or something. However, where I am the sun is still shining with a beautiful blue sky and fluffy clouds. It will be interesting to see what I drive into.
You can sort of see escarpments that seem to be following around to various coulees ... the road is partly cut through this ... we are descending, probably something to do with the Snake River Valley ... just like a big coulee or basin ... lots of green fields and cattle.
3,669.8 4:35 Near Glenns Ferry ... extremely strong winds blowing.
3,671.2 Crossing Snake River.
3,677.4 Crossing Snake River again - this time much lower down in the gorge - one side has precipitous rock cliffs.
3,680.4 4:43 446 miles in 7 hours (420 minutes). The sky looks quite stormy - behind me is blue sky and white clouds - ahead and to the south and to the west the sky looks quite menacing.
3,695.3 Just crossed over Malad Gorge, a very narrow but extremely deep gorge and glancing off to the west there appeared to be quite a high waterfall.
Jerome Exit-165 end of construction - speed has been 65 mph since before last exit - now 11 miles to Twin Falls.
3,716.5 5:13 There are now some rain spots on the windshield. I have now been on the road for 8½ hours and I have done 483 miles.
3,721.3 5:17 Exit-173 at the junction with US-93 into Twin Falls and south to Wells, Nevada.
I hope this rain clears up later on because I don’t want to be driving in rain at night and I am certainly going to have to do some night driving today - I’m rather tired already!
I now know that the black rocky outcrops are lava.
5:29 Only a few spots now and some parts of the sky look clearer - maybe that’s it! - let me hope so!
Apparently driving southeast and to the south it is still very black and I can barely see the hills for the clouds. It’s a very mixed sky with rain falling to the east as well as heavy clouds to the south.
3,754.8 5:43 That is 521 miles in 9 hours (540 minutes and I haven’t done 540 miles) - lost time through that construction area.
3,759.8 5:30 Ogden 149 miles, so that is over two hours to go and it is already 5:30, therefore 7:50!
3,763.8 5:52 Just crossed a very wide .?. with the brim of the Snake River.
3,768.4 5:56 Junction of I-84 to Ogden with I-86 to Pocatello ... lightning immediately ahead ... Ogden 138 miles.
3,779.8 Took two pictures from the car to show the difference in the sky at present - took a fourth one as well!
3,784.0 Two more pictures - I opened my window and there is a beautiful fresh herb sort of smell - don’t know if it is the rain on the sagebrush or not but it is very refreshing.
3,790.8 Just passing the exit for Sublet and a sign “SEVERE STORM AREA for next 20 miles” ... showers to the right, showers to the left and blue sky ahead. From there to ...
3,793.5 I took several more pictures.
It is also raining to the back of me - only blue sky and white clouds in front of me and I am driving south at the moment.
There’s a part of the sky where the rainbows were which is now very black - still lightning there.
3,803.9 6:25 Just came over Sweetzer Summit. El. 5,530 ft.
The sky to the east is black except for lightning bolts.
3,810.8 I think that I will quit taking pictures from the car ... Ha .. Ha .. Ha - I say that because I have just taken one looking backwards again - and before + another trying to capture the dark and the white clouds.
It looks as if I am driving out of the storm area now because better weather sky is sort of a 180° angle now.
3,816.8 Driving in sunshine again.
3,821.4 6:39 Now in Utah and it is 7 miles to Snowville.
3,825.8 6:43 10 hours from Sarah’s, that is 600 minutes - have done 592 miles.
3,827.9 6:44 Leave Interstate at Snowville to get gas.
3,830.0 6:46 - 6:59 GAS - Snowville, UT - $1.329/gal. - 17.308 gals. - $23.00
3,830.8 7:00 Back on the Interstate - Ogden 70 miles, so if I do 70 mph I will be there by 8 o’clock - not sure what the rest is!
3,835.7 Only 104 miles to Salt Lake City.
Two-way traffic - road construction - speed limit 55 mph - south bound lanes are going over to the north bound - construction for 11 miles. This is what will hold me up! And really ruins my mileage! - Two-way traffic for 11 miles and the speed is 65 mph - the 55 mph was only for the crossover.
There was a sign along here for road damage - in spots the damage is quite severe - I surmise that when they finish rebuilding the south bound lanes, they will rip up and rebuild the north bound ones as well.
Going up a hill, single lane, behind a slow truck - 30 mph! .. 25 mph! ... 55 mph, so hopefully crossing back to our own side and can resume normal speed.
The hills are getting higher and the valley deeper now ... we are back on the road and resuming normal speed - just by Exit-32.
3,856.1 Coming down into a beautiful valley, golden fields, green fields, surrounded by mountains - it would be the top end of the Great Salt Lake, probably gorgeous views coming into the valley.
7:28 The Monte Cristo mountain range and the valley with all the greens and golds below them, look glorious in this early evening light. The settlement here is Tremonton and it has just a beautiful backdrop of mountains.
Junction with I-15 coming up in 1 mile.
3,862.4 7:30 Exit to go north to Pocatello, i.e. I-15 North.
3,863.4 7:31 Junction with I-15 coming south from Pocatello.
3,864.9 Picture of the mountains.
3,865.4 Another picture of the mountains.
3,868.6 Still another picture - what a beautiful time of day to drive along here in fine weather with blue skies above. It would be particularly nice if I had planned on staying in Salt Lake City, then I could take my time along here instead of having to rush or keep going!
3,874.4 11 hours - 660 minutes ... 645 miles (670.0) 15 miles short of averaging 60 mph. Also at ...
7:45 I can now see the north end of the lake, i.e. Great Salt Lake.
3,884.1 Picture of mountains with sun shining on light color.
3,884.9 Eight alongside the lake now ... it is just a gorgeous evening, sun still shining, beautiful blue sky, mountains - just gorgeous!
3,892.9 7:54 Ogden 5 miles, Salt Lake City 39 miles ... approaching Ogden the speed is reduced to 65 mph.
3,900.3 8:00 I-84 East exit I-15 South - it has been a magnificent drive down the valley.
3,902.6 8:02 Evanston 76 miles.
3,908.8 8:08 Entered canyon, reduced speed because road is very winding, also in shade now - sun still shining on top of the mountains which are to high to let the sun into the canyon.
3,911.2 Passing a pleasant Rest Area by the river. The last time I came through here was on my way to Vancouver on April 3. There are still some small patches of snow on the mountains to the west.
This road at the moment is going straight south.
3,924.4 Evanston 50 miles, Cheyenne 425 miles ... driving in this direction you get quite a different perspective of the countryside.
The distances to Cheyenne and Evanston were just after Morgan which was in a more open valley with the sun shining and then the road enters another canyon.
3,927.6 There are twin tunnels for the railway line at this point in the canyon.
3,929.7 8:26 Fantastic rock formations in this area.
3,930.2 8:27 - 8:29 Stopped at the Devil’s Slide.
3,934.8 Just passed the exit for Echo.
3,935.6 8:34 Evanston 37 miles, Cheyenne 410 miles.
I-84 , which starts in Portland, Oregon, ends at I-80 ... just passing some weird rock formations sticking up out of the hills.
3,939.1 8:37 Junction with I-80 ... won’t be long before it is dark now!
3,952.1 8:47 Have done 717 miles in 12 hours 4 minutes (724 minutes) - I have just about made up my average again!
Top of the long climb from Echo Canyon - not really dark yet - part of the sky is still quite bright although the sun has now set.
3,968.5 9:00 Wyoming “Like No Place On Earth” State Line - my 5th state today.
9:08 Now it’s really starting to get dark.
9:20 Sign: Highway Construction for next 13 miles, and there are all these trucks going slowly - I will lose time once more because it is a single lane.
9:22 Switching over to two-way traffic on the west-bound lanes.
3,994.1 Two-way traffic for 12 miles, speed limit 60 mph, which is just fine if the trucks can keep up that speed!
9:34 End of construction.
4,009.0 Right lane closed - more construction - switching over to west-bound lanes again - two-way traffic for next 6 miles ... just crossed a bridge and on the easr-bound lanes the work crews are actually working there in the dark.
9:39 Quite a bit of pink in the sky out to my left, whatever that might be!
9:42 Switching back over to the east-bound lanes - end of construction - Rock Springs now 56 miles.
4,015.8 9:43 13 hours now, so that is 780 miles in 780 minutes.
9:47 There appears to be some lightning ahead, unless it is something else that is flshing.
9:49 Still a pretty sky to the west (just checked and the road is going north).
9:52 Looking ahead the sky is quite dark now, and yes, there is an occasional flash of lightning. However, if you look to the west there is still a hint of pink in that part of the sky.
10:09 The road is wet so this will be from the storm for which I could see the lightning.
10:11 Now I am starting to run into a bit of rain - the road is already wet - more road construction as I get near Green River.
10:13 Crossing over to the west-bound lanes again before going into the tunnel - two-way traffic for 1 miles. There are big cement barriers up so it is like going down a toboggan run.
10:15 Crossing back over again.
10:15 Entering the tunnel above Green River.
10:18 Rock Springs 11 miles, Rawlins 119 miles.
4,056.1 The road is dry again ... 63°.
4,066.9 10:28 Exit I-80.
4,067.5 10:30 Arrive Best Western Outlaw Inn, Rock Springs ... 13 hours 47 minutes, that is 827 minutes and have done 832 miles.
Everything was booked out and I was sent across the road to Econo Lodge.
4,074.0 10:45 In my room at Econo Lodge.

The day’s total - 840 miles Return trip total - 1,186 miles
Trip Total - 4,074 miles

Day 24 - Thursday, July 25 - Rock Springs, WY to Lincoln, NE

Now I am ready to leave. Breakfast at the restaurant was $3.66 + 50¢ tip.
4,074.0 8:42 Leaving - an hour later than I left yesterday!
4,074.8 8:44 On I-80.
8:45 Already more construction - going to be one of those kinds of days! Switching over to the west-bound lanes again ... maybe not ... slowing everyone down to 45 mph for a small section of road... and now I am on my way again!
At least by leaving at this time the sun is well up in the sky rather than shining in through my filthy windshield.
Have seen a few oil pumps ... not a sign of any antelope anywhere!
4,203.0 10:26 - 10:34 GAS - Walcott, WY - $1.399/gal - 16.0 gals - $22.40
4,492.0 2:24 GAS - Ogallala, NE - $1.299/gal - 13.256 gals - $17.22
4,765.0 7:15 Arrive home.

The day’s total - 691 miles Return trip total - 1,877 miles
Trip Total - 4,765 miles