Lincoln, Nebraska
Vancouver, British Columbia
daughter's wedding


The details below are a true record but the names of people have been changed to protect their identity.

The numbered points are only there to force the map generating program to reflect the actual route taken and need not necessarily have anything to do with the text.

Day 1 - Wednesday, April 2 - Lincoln, NE to Rock Springs, WY

0.0 8:40 Leave from home.
8:48 - 8:54 McDonalds to get coffee and breakfast ($2.30).
8.4 9:00 Entered I-80.
Drizzling rain around Grand Island.
Sandhill Cranes in the fields before reaching Grand Island, all the way to Kearny and beyond to Overton.
11:30 Gothenburg.
240.0 Snow on the ground just before Sutherland.
251.9 12:24 Changing from Central to Mountain Time, so the time is now only 11:24.
273.6 11:42 Leaving I-80.
274.1 11:44 Pulled into a gas station, had trouble trying to get the gas to pump, so decided to go elsewhere!
274.3 11:47 - 12:01 McDonalds ($3.50) - P stop, too! It was freezing out, well not quite but 35° felt like it!
274.7 12:03 - 12:10 GAS - Ogallala, NE - $1.369/gal. - 17.168 gals. - $23.50
275.2 12:11 Back on I-80.
298.2 12:30 Junction of I-76 to Denver (Denver 187 miles) - the hills are snow covered.
301.5 Snow in the median.
Clump of trees white with snow.
340.0 1:05 Sidney exit - Cabalas roof covered with snow.
350 I suddenly realized that there was no snow!
3704 More snow!
393.5 I saw a lone buffalo.
399.4 1:53 Wyoming State Line.
2:06 News on the radio: 28" of snow fell this morning in Wyoming. Interstate 80 west of Laramie closed!
436.8 2:24 First Cheyenne exit. There was a lot of fresh snow around Cheyenne and just west of the city the pine trees were laden with snow as well.
A flashing sign across the road warned motorists of heavy fog ahead.
447.3 2:32 I noticed my first herd of antelope.
454.7 Fog starting. Mind you, Laramie is only about 35 miles away and between here and there I have to cross the highest point on Interstate 80.
464.0 As a truck drove by I noticed there were icicles hanging all along the side of the truck.
466.6 Pine trees heavy with snow.
467.8 Point of Interest (Tree in rock) - there was too much snow in the median for people to be able to stop.
473.4 Left lane snow covered. Everywhere looked like a winter wonderland, which it shouldn't be at this time of year. It really does look very beautiful, but it's supposed to be springtime!
The road is down to one lane, the left lane closed for construction.
477.1 Happy Jack exit.
477.8 Flashing sign warning of icy road ahead as the road starts the long descent down into Laramie.
The fog is lifting, but there's still a lot of snow; the sagebrush looks a blueish green against the thick white snow.
483.2 3:08 First of four Laramie exits.
489.0 Flashing sign - "I-80 closed. US-30 open.
489.5 3:15 Off I-80 and the road is jammed with trucks ... going to be quite a headache, I think. Just a string of trucks ... huge travel center and road blocked with trucks entering at a traffic light!
3:19 Finally through that light and now crawling, stopping, crawling, stopping ... a mile of trucks ahead!! Something happening further up! Can see US-30 from where I am and traffic is moving along there slowly ... probably will be OK once out of town and on the highway.
490.1 3:24 0.6 miles in 9 minutes! No fog, but a little light snow.
490.5 3:31 0.4 miles in 7 minutes!
490.7 3:35 Have reached the lights where we turn.
490.8 3:36 Turning onto US-30.
508.8 3:55 Bosler, elevation 7,074 feet.
510.0 US-30 becomes a divided highway.
524.9 4:09 End of divided highway.
527.3 4:12 Rock River, pop. 192, El. 6,892 feet,
531.0 4:16 Snow blowing across the road from drifts at the side of the road ... the sky is cloudy but there is no fog.
538.2 4:23 - 4:27 Stopped at an Historical Marker ... quite a hill - pretty drive ... again when I-80 is open and there are no trucks!
Just entering Medicine Bow, pop. 393, El. 6,563 feet ... quaint village with interesting buildings.
560.5 4:49 Patches of blue sky and the sun shining through the clouds, though snow is still drifting across the road,
568.1 4:55 I have just noticed high mountains to the left of me (south, that is) ... there are still a few trucks coming towards me, but not as many as earlier. To the south in front of the mountains it almost looks as if some trucks are traveling along a road there, so maybe I-80 is now open!
Walcott junction 8 miles/ Rawlins 29 miles.
573.3 5:00 Trying to listen to the 5 o’clock news but the road entered a very hilly area and is winding through a ravine - a lot of static on the radio.
580.6 5:08 Walcott Junction - return to I-80.
581.0 5:08 Back on I-80.
Approaching Rawlins I am going to get off the interstate at the first exit as I need a break!
599.6 5:24 Exit I-80.
600.5 5:25 - 5:33 GAS - Rawlins, WY - $1.199/gal - 13.343 gals - $16.00
It was bitterly cold!
600.7 5:34 - 5:50 McDonald’s - $3.87.
601.5 5:53 Back on I-80 ... sunset ... some icy patches on the road.
7:24 Left I-80 at Exit-104, Rock Springs.
709.9 7:24 Arrive Best Western Outlaw Inn.
710.0 7:30 In room ... phoned LP.

The day’s total - 710 miles
Trip Total - 710 miles

Day 2 - Thursday, April 3 - Rock Springs, WY to Yakima, WA

710.0 7:00 Leave B/W Outlaw Inn, Rock Springs.
Leaving Rock Springs on I-80, I am following a sanding truck, doing about 40 mph at the moment. The left lane is quite icy so I’m just taking things slowly for a while and will see what happens as I go along.
Apparently the road east from Rock Springs to Rawlins is still not in very good shape. It has snowed during the night ... I had to clear the snow off the car before opening the door and packing it this morning.
Whilst still driving through Rock Springs on I-80, the road looks as if it is becoming quite dry and the sanding truck is not spreading sand any more at the moment, but I am just going to sit here until I have cleared the city.
717.5 On the outskirts of Rock Springs - have just passed the last exit and the sanding truck is still in front of me. Although the road has deteriorated it is still not really bad, but I’m just going to take it cautiously.
723.2 7:23 First exit for Green River and approaching the tunnel under Castle Mountain. Sign (flashing): “ ROAD ICY THROUGH THE TUNNEL. REDUCE SPEED”.
At least I have a truck in front of me which has slowed down to 30 mph, so I am not being pushed, and the trucks behind me are well back and moving slowly.
Uh! Uh! Here comes a clown now and passing everyone!
728.0 Just came around a corner and there’s the sun shining on the hills, hills with very little snow on them.
728.8 7:30 Crossing the Green River and approaching the Covered Wagon Road which I believe is the road Mary, a friend from Australia. and I took north from Green River when on our trip in 1995. Actually I don’t think it is the road - it seems to disappear ... have just driven into sunshine and the road is dry. However there are some clouds ahead so it may not stay this way!
731.6 Exit-83 - the road Mary and I went out on north from Green River. Coming over the top of a hill Kemmerer 61 miles, Evanston 79 miles. I can see two huge power stations belching great clouds of smoke into the atmosphere ... actually there are three, two close together
745.5 7:43 Am just passing Little America.
748.0 7:48 Passing exit for US-30 to Pocatello, ID and Kemmerer, WY ... in this area there is a lot of badland type erosion.
Just 144 miles to Salt lake City from this point.
I was just thinking that I haven’t seen any more antelope since that first group I saw and that is rather disappointing as they are one of the things I rather enjoy looking for when driving across Wyoming.
781.8 8:13 Salt Lake City 108 miles ... rather interesting - I was driving very slowly leaving Rock Springs and allowing all sorts of trucks to pass whilst I was following the sanding truck, but over the course of time, I am actually passing a lot of them now! The trucks are being held back on steep grades in the mountains whereas my car is maintaining its set speed. I guess I really haven’t lost any time by taking it easy on the icy road out of Rock Springs.
793.6 8:23 It’s really very beautiful coming through these deep cuttings, the soil being a reddish color and with the white snow and now a number of juniper trees along the hillsides, all making for a lovely combination of colors, also patterns and shades of the deep snow drifts. Although it is cloudy the sun is shining through in various places, thus creating shadows ... all very pleasant. Also in spots there are aspens, patches of small aspens mixed in with the junipers, still no leaves on them, of course, but I’m pretty sure that’s what they are.
801.0 8:30 The clouds seem to be breaking up a bit and there is some beautiful blue sky to be seen - just a gorgeous morning
806.9 8:34 Have just passed the first Evanston exit (it is also the exit for Prairie Inn, the motel I like to stay at and where I was supposed to stay had I been able to leave Lincoln earlier yesterday). Evanston is just 81 miles from Salt lake City.
813.7 8:39 Just crossed the Wyoming/Utah State Line. The road is dry and clear, but there is heavy snow on the hillsides or mountains
818.5 The sky has suddenly darkened, the sun hidden behind clouds and the tops of the mountains ahead disappearing into the clouds - actually makes me wonder if it is snowing in the mountains!
From the sign saying Echo 20 miles, I-80 is a long, long descent down through the canyon with its beautiful red colors. I am just thinking about the early pioneers and the trek they had finding their way across the mountains and through canyons looking for their destined land.
836.7 8:58 Passing a cliff face or cutting oozing with icicles - still descending through the canyon, but the canyon has closed in considerably and now there are double railway tracks and what looks to be a small creek as well as I-80.
838.4 Historical sign for Echo Canyon ...I think I’ll pull inti the rest area to see if I can get a picture of the red cliffs with the snow at the back, but I won’t waste too much time!
839.9 9:00 Pulled off I-80.
840.6 9:10 Back on I-80.
842.1 9:12 Turning onto I-84 to Ogden ... the speed now is only 70 mph, not 75 mph as it was on I-80 ... beautiful valley - wider than a canyon ... snow at the higher elevations ...red cliffs and formations ... green grass showing and cattle grazing ... trees with buds ready to burst into leaf getting that new spring color ... just beautiful ... sun shining again and a blue sky above
848.7 Just at the exit for Henefer and the hills are closing in again and the road possibly going through another canyon
850.8 9:19 - 9:24 Stopping to see the Devil’s Slide

     Why take your kids to an ordinary playground slide at the park, when you can go to the slide named after the Devil himself? Unfortunately for sliders, Devils Slide is not a real slide, but an unusual geological formation located in northern Utah's Weber Canyon, near the community of Croydon in Morgan County. Devils Slide is a classic example of how different rock layers, depending on their composition, are affected by weathering and erosion. The slide consists of two parallel limestone strata that have been tilted to lie vertical, protruding 40 feet (12 m) out of the mountainside. Intervening layers have eroded more quickly, forming a channel some 25 feet (7.6 m) wide running hundreds of feet down the mountain.


I wish Stu, my son, was with me - all these geological formations, faults, etc. - would just love to share this with him, or showing him this wonderful drive through here ... but somehow I guess Stu and I will never travel together again. That makes me sad because he and I share many things that we enjoy, or perhaps I should say that we enjoy many of the same things.
Since leaving Devil’s Slide the canyon is fairly narrow and the road is winding through the canyon, the speed being 55 mph.
Have just seen a sign for Twin Falls, ID 172 miles, so it looks as if I could be there by lunch time.
What a glorious sight as I drive out into another wide valley - rushing mountain stream, green grass, cattle grazing, horses, some farms and snow-clad mountains forming the backdrop - what a glorious sight!
Sign: Nordic Recreation Valley - Snowbasin/ Powder Mountain.
869.7 9:40 Highway speed reduced to 60 mph ... with only 8 miles to Ogden the road enters another canyon after the beautiful valley I’ve just driven through.
Ogden Area next 7 exits.
871.7 The median is actually a rushing mountain stream, maybe a river, possibly the Weber River or a tributary.
872.4 Approaching US-89, which I believe to be the highway that Alice and I took from Salt Lake City north in 1992 ... the mountains are now changing to hills.
883.1 Just as I pass the exit for US-89 the land seems to be flattening out, quite a bit now and, of course, as I come to the junction with I-15, I will be following for a short distance the shoreline of the Great Salt Lake
874.2 Just passed a sign for Boise, ID 310 miles.
I think I saw a sign for an air force base a little way back and driving along here I’ve seen three armed forces type planes so far take off one after the other. Actually I can’t see the planes taking off, but I guess there are more - I can hear them overhead.
880.3 9:50 Have just merged onto I-15 north ... as I look east across to the mountains which serve as a backdrop to the city of Ogden, I’m wondering which canyon Alice and I drove through when we went to Logan and on to Montpelier - we were on our way from Salt Lake City to Yellowstone National Park.
885.8 9:56 Speed increases to 75 mph.
888.2 Have just seen a dear little dog running alongside the road - I sure hope it stays there because I am reminded of the time when Stu and I were in Florida - a dog ran across the expressway, was knocked by a car and got a broken leg and what a mess that was!
Going up onto an overpass over a railway line and another road, and, finally, I can see the water of Great Salt Lake - won’t be able to see it for long unless the road comes up ...wait ... will be driving right alongside it. I can see ahead and it looks so pretty.
It really is just so good to be on the road again. I think this is the most relaxed and happiest times of my life now, just traveling and seeing so many wonderful places. It is just so exhilarating to be on the road.
901.2 10:08 Exit-364 for the road which goes to Brigham City and on up to Logan ... it says To US-89 ... this is where Alice and I left the highway to go through Logan canyon.
I seem to be passing a lot of Alberta vehicles, cars, motor homes and motor homes with cars in tow. I guess that it’s time to go back to the farms after being snow birds in the south somewhere!
Just passed a Viking rig with three trailers, something you don’t see further east - trucks hauling three trailers!.
The split of the interstate coming up, I-15 to Pocatello and I-84 to Boise.
Still passing some Alberta vehicles but I suspect most will be going north on I-15 which goes up through Montana - Helena and Great Falls and on to Alberta.
918.3 10:22 The highway is dividing now and I’m taking I-84 heading for Boise ... what a glorious day it is! I can’t see any snow on any of the hills - just gorgeous
The road passes through a fairly lonely sort of an area, ranch-type country - I suspect big holdings. The hills are bare - devoid of trees ... little clumps of grass, maybe very small sagebrush here and there, but not much growing to speak of.
Interesting! I was just trying to find a radio station and pressed the scanner - just raced all the way from the highest frequency down to the lowest, then back to the highest and down to the lowest again - it did this about four times and finally found a station - not one I wanted to listen to. I guess I will have to turn it off.
945.6 10:44 Looking south (the road is going west at the moment) through a wide valley I can just see a point of a lake and looking ahead I can see snow-capped mountains. However the road is still passing through bare hills, a little more sagebrush on the slopes now.
952.3 10:49 Exit for Snowville - this is where LP and I got gas when we covered this route before ... going through wide open land.
956.2 10:52 Burley 72 miles, Boise 224 miles.
959.6 10:55 Utah/Idaho State Line, so now I am in my third state for the day and it’s not even lunch time yet!
965.5 11:00 Just passing the Rest Area where LP and I stopped for our lunch ... have just gone by a second sign warning drivers it is a Dust Storm Area ... seems strange to see such a sign with snow on the mountains to the left.
Going through a big basin area surrounded by snow-capped mountains.
991.5 Actually it’s a vast, fairly flat area, ranch land, I think... still seeing signs about dust storms ... the road is going in a northwesterly direction now and towards the north there are some really high mountains. I remember now seeing these last time and wondering what range it was??
998.8 Burley 27 miles, Twin Falls 70 miles ... there’s not another car or van or truck or anything in sight,
0000 11:27 A row of four nines - 9999, and now four zeros - 0000, 1,000 miles from home!
1,007.2 Burley 19 miles.
1,008.0 11:33 “Ping” - I guess I will be getting gas in Burley.
Approaching I-86 and US-30 ... I was on US-30 yesterday for that detour off I-80 between Laramie and Walcott.
1,011.8 11:37 Exit-222 for I-86 and US-30 to Pocatello. Going west I remain on I-84, which now is also US-30 ... it is also part of the Oregon Trail Auto Route
1,018.2 11:42 Crossing the Snake River - there’s quite a current.
1,025.8 11:48 Exit-208 for Burley.
1,026.5 11:49 - 12:02 GAS - Burley, ID -
$1,34.9/gal - 17.976 gals - $24.25 + coffee (39¢ + tax Total $24.66)
Filled with gas - can breathe again - Ha! Ha! Ha!
1,027.2 12:04 Back on I-84.
1,033.2 I guess I can see where dust could come from now - the fields are all bare and look as if they have already been worked ready for planting crops - there are a few little dust storms here and there!
I believe I am coming into Twin Falls now. I would like to have stopped here and seen the falls - Shoshone Falls, which is a scenic attraction in this area. However, I think that since there is a good chance of my reaching Yakima tonight, I had better stay on the highway and push forward. Maybe I could stop to see the falls next time, or maybe I might decide to come back this way. Goodness knows what will happen.
Now there’s another sign for twin Falls - 15 miles, maybe it was the first exit you could leave the interstate and go past Shoshone Falls - will have to check it out (need my AAA Tour Book for Idaho)
1,037.6 I am now passing through an area that looks like black lava scattered all over the fields, I guess from a previous volcanic era, similar to some of the country you drive through when following the Columbia River.
1,079.9 12:47 Boise 100 miles. I have passed quite a number of feed lots, but some of them look more like dairy cattle rather than beef cattle.
The weather seems to be warming up quite a bit ... the sky is still blue and the sun is shining ... and I’m beginning to feel quite hot!.
Of interest to me - though not a continuous row, there are snow-capped mountains in any direction you look and there have been for the past couple of hours
1,099.9 1:03 A white cross at the side of the road which reminds me of the many white crosses I’ve seen when crossing Montana.
1,105.6 Crossing the Snake River which seems to be in a fairly deep gorge.
1,111.8 1:13 Crossing the Snake River again, this time just before the exit for Glenn’s Ferry.
I wish I knew how to, or had the words to describe this country - very broad deep cuttings and the land on top looks to be fairly flat, sometimes with a wall of rock, battlement-type thing, before it slants down to the river, which I can see at the moment. Just amazing country - the road is actually following the valley of the river.
1:21 Ontario, OR 113 miles ... now driving across fairly flat country which is the top of the wide ravines around the river, and on the horizon surrounding this basin there are still the mountains in the distance.
Just saw a sign for some truck place which calls itself Idaho Great Basin, so maybe this whole area which I felt was a basin is called The Idaho Great Basin!

     Great Basin Desert Location

     The Great Basin Desert is located in the Western United States. It covers part of four states (Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Utah) and approximately 210,000 square miles (the total US area is 2.26 billion acres). The Great Basin Desert is centered in Nevada but extends into the other states. The basin is unusual because of its differing biomes, unique drainage system, diverse animal life, and minerals that are found in this relative small area.



     The Great Basin Desert is called a "cold desert" because it is generally cooler and its dominant life is not subtropical in origin. Deserts usually get less than 10 inches of rainfall per year. The evaporation rate is greater than the average precipitation. Lack of moisture in the soil and low humidity in the atmosphere allows most of the sunlight to penetrate to the ground. Whirlwinds of dust often form over the land. These are called "dust devils".


The road I am on, I-84, is also US-20, US-26 and US-30.
1,176.0 2:04 Sign: Boise next 5 exits ... trees in back yards are covered in blossom.
1,208.0 Resuming normal speed again. The area is quite built up with a number of towns this side of Boise.
1,212.0 About 100 miles to Baker City, OR ... just passed a huge ranch house being built on top of a hill to the left of the road whilst to the right there is such a huge junk pile you could barely see the house for the junk lying around it! Talk about a contrast! The house on the hill does have a view, however, to the east of beautiful mountain scenery in the distance.
Interesting channel or canal that is following along the right side of the road, but it is very winding as it follows the contours of the hills.
The weather sure is different from when LP and I came this way a year and a half ago (American Thanksgiving the year before last.
1,231.0 2:51 Crossing the Snake River and on the other side of the bridge a sign: “Welcome to Oregon” so now I’m in my fourth state for the day!
1,233.4 Baker City 71 miles, Portland 374 miles. The speed limit of 65 mph in Oregon, which after the 75 mph in the other states, feels as if you are just crawling along! The last time we did this stretch of road it was starting to get dark and it was also foggy and raining!
The hills are covered in a scrubby sort of sagebrush - no trees and very similar to the hills going into Yakima from Ellensburg.
1,249.2 3:07 Downgrade for the next 3 miles, and it looks to be fairly steep, too.
1,252.8 At the bottom of the long hill and driving along the bank of the Snake River.
1,257.8 3:15 Leaving Mountain Time and entering Pacific Time Zone, so now the time is only 2:15 and just as I changed the clock there were some lovely yellow flowers blooming on the embankment. A lot of green is showing on the hills, but also you can see red below the green which means the soil is quite reddish ion color. There are a lot of daisy-like bright yellow flowers on the hillsides.
The protruding rocks are quite white and since there’s a town around here called Lime, I suspect the rocks are limestone!
1,271.0 A narrow canyon and the road is very winding, some of the corners being very sharp. The train line goes through a tunnel.
1,276.5 2:32 Passing a large cement plant and in so doing, the canyon is opening up into a wider valley. It sure isn’t a very easy route and I keep thinking of those early pioneers following the Oregon Trail through here!
1,290.7 Around a bend and snowy mountains are to be seen again. I’m getting fairly close to Baker City and am thinking that the snowy mountains must make a lovely backdrop to the city.
1,300.9 2:53 Passing the first exit for Baker City.
1,303.3 2:55 The next exit which we used when staying at the Best Western Sunridge Inn. The weather had forced us to stop here - rain and thick fog making driving very difficult, and the following morning when we got up, you couldn’t see anything for fog. If I remember correctly, leaving there we traveled through heavy fog most of the way until we got within reach of the Columbia River. At least daylight made it a little easier, but we missed seeing this beautiful wide valley, which is fairly flat, with mountains to the east and to the west.
A tumble weed just went tumbling across the road ... a farmer is ploughing and raking his field ... lots of seagulls are following him ... there is some dist blowing up, too
1,311.7 Just passed a rather nice looking Rest Area called Oregon Trail Rest Area.
1,312.5 3:04 Have just seen the very first police car since leaving home.
1,318.7 3:09 The 45th Parallel - so I am halfway between the Equator and The North Pole.
1,319.8 Big lighted sign across the road:
There’s a lot of dust in the air - probably fields being ploughed.
1,328.3 Chain Up Area - this is just before the sign for Ladd Canyon - 4 miles.
1.329.9 Not sure if this is the summit or not before going down, but it certainly is a summit! The road has leveled of a bit, and now going round a big bend - I don’t know what is around the corner.
Sign: Ladd Canyon 1 mile and now the road appears to be going down, so will probably descend towards the canyon. It would appear that there is an exit for Ladd Canyon so I’m guessing that I don’t actually go into the canyon. The sign earlier about mobile homes was to let people know they wouldn’t be able to go there
This road is descending, so I might see something of the canyon - I don’t know! There are a lot of pine trees on the hillsides now. I seem to remember that we went through forested areas before, but we couldn’t see what we were passing through because of the rain and the fog.
Steep descent for 3 miles - steep descent and the road winding through a canyon ... another very nice Rest Area as the road exits the canyon ... the road continues to descend with La Grande ahead at the foot of another mountain.
Visibility in the valley to the right is very poor - I don’t know if it is dust, smoke, clouds or a combination of all three.
As the road levels off it is going across the center of the Ladd Marshlands, and as I approach La Grande there is another sign: “Freeway West Closed To Mobile Homes” Although still sunny there are large clouds in the sky and the atmosphere seems to be a bit different. I’m not sure if there is a change in the weather, or if it is just what is going on around here. If the road is closed to mobile homes the winds could be blowing in bad weather!
The day has been quite warm, but now when driving into the shadows of a clouds I can feel a chill in the air. I can see the trees blowing around in the strong wind.
1,347.7 50 miles to Pendleton - soon after that I think I leave I-84 for I-82 to Yakima.
There sure are strong winds through this canyon which is completely filled with double railway tracks, four lanes of the interstate highway and the Grande Ronde River.
After jockeying back and forth in lots of traffic congestion coming up the hill, trucks passing trucks, I seem to be at the top and now am in thick pine forest. Also we have climbed to a higher elevation because there is snow among the trees.
1,362.0 Strong winds are blowing along the road as it descends again.
1,369.6 3:56 Storm clouds are gathering above and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if I run into rain ahead. My mileage on this stretch won’t be as good as it was before because of all the climbing and the vying with trucks I am not able to maintain a steady speed.
Out in sunshine again ... the black clouds still there ... maybe the wind has blown them over and maybe I’m going to miss them - I hope so.
1,375.1 1st Warning - 6 miles 6% downgrade.
We are certainly very high up and there’s just a wonderful view. The road still feels to be going up a little so I don’t think I have quite reached the summit yet.
2nd Warning - 6% downgrade. So much for mobile homes not coming this way - I have just passed 4!
1,378.5 Last warning for downgrade and here it starts. Come to think of this I now remember LP and I stopping at the scenic viewpoint!
Just passing 2 more mobile homes and 2 UPS rigs, each pulling three trailers.
It was just ahead here at the end of the downgrade that I think we stopped so I could try to take a picture looking back up to where we had come from - it was at the Arrowhead Truck Plaza.
The sky is ominously black to the NNE - maybe that’s where the rain is falling!
1,394.5 4:19 Leaving I-84 to get gas.
1,394.8 GAS - Pendleton, OR - $1.359/gal - 15.45 gals - $21.00
Oregon is the state where you aren’t allowed to pump your own gas, but I was glad to have help this time, because the wind is absolutely terrible - could hardly stand up in it and everything is rattling around here at the service station as if things are going to go flying at any time.
1,395.5 4:27 Back on I-84 and immediately climbing again. According to the compass I am traveling west again, which means the blackness is all to the north.
1,400.0 4:32 I have just passed the UPS three-trailer rig again and the other one is still in front of me
1,401.1 4:34 Passing the second UPS rig.
Flashing sign: Blowing dust ahead. Visibility poor. DO NOT STOP ON HIGHWAY and guess what? Right ahead of me is a motor home,towing a car, which has just pulled off to the side of the road. Ha! Ha!
Just passing a rest area which appears quite attractive, green grass all around it, very refreshing looking.
1,414.1 4:47 Another motor home stopped at the side of the road (from Maryland).
Junction with I-82 coming up in 3 miles ... I can’t remember how far I still have to drive to get to Yakima, but I’m getting anxious to know how far it is now.
1,419.3 4:52 Exit-179 for I-82.
1,420.4 Yakima 109 miles, so no trouble making Yakima today.
The slight difference in mileage between what we did at Thanksgiving in 1995 and now would be taking US-30 from Laramie to Walcott - that is probably where the little extra has come in!
1,427.4 5:00 Now I can see the bridge over the Columbia River.
1,428.2 5:00 Crossing the Umatilla River - white water as it rushes down towards the Columbia.
1,429.6 5:02 Start of the bridge over the Columbia - the new section of the bridge because it doesn’t have the overhead structure as on the route going in the opposite direction, which would have been the original bridge over the Columbia.
1,430.0 5:02 Entering Washington, my 5th state for the day.
1,430.3 End of the bridge and the speed increases from 65 mph to 70 mph.
Richland 32 miles, and though there isn’t a sign for Yakima I have the feeling I should be there around 6:30.
The winds are still very strong and from time to time a tumble weed will rush across the road in front of the car.
1,450.0 5:19 Yakima 80 miles ... it is quite a pretty drive from Richland, and as the road wends its way around steep rolling hillsides I am look down on the shimmering water of the Yakima River.
1,484 Vineyards and trellises for hops - must be acres and acres of hop trellises both sides of the road and extending as far as the eye can see.
6:00 Sign for Yakima 31 miles.
1,508.6 6:08 Exit for Toppenish.
1,510.5 6:10 Another exit for Toppenish, also a sign for the murals and for the Yakima Nation Cultural Center.
1,522.3 6:20 Crossing the Yakima River as coming into Union Gap.
1,528.8 6:26 Leaving I-82 on US-12 W towards Naches and White Pass - strong winds blowing.
1,531.4 6:28 Exit US-12 at N 40th Av.
1,532.1 6:30 Stopped at the first traffic light.
As I turned onto Englewood Av. daffodils were blooming ... in fact daffodils, forsythia and magnolia were all in flower.
1,534.2 6:34 Pulled into Sarah’s and Dan’s.

The day’s total - 847 miles
Trip Total - 1,557 miles

Day 7 - Tuesday, April 8 - Yakima, WA to Vancouver, BC

1,549.9 7:05 Leave Sarah’s and Dan’s.
1,586.0 7:40 I-82 just ended and I’ve merged with I-90 in Ellensburg, west to Seattle.
It is a beautiful morning, sun shining, some low-lying clouds covering some of the mountain peaks in the Stuart Range, but there were beautiful views of both Adams and Rainier as I drove north out of Yakima ... lovely day for traveling.
1,622.9 8:13 A herd of elk grazing on the grass right at the side of the interstate. The clouds are covering the mountain tops and according to the weather station there will be some rain at the summit of Snoqualmie Pass ... there is a lot of snow at the side of the road, banks of snow where the snow ploughs have cleared the road and where it is more compacted,
1,628.0 8:18 Though it is not raining at the moment the road is wet.
1,635.2 No blue sky to be seen now ... a very slight spitting of moisture (not even really a drizzle), but there are spots on the windshield.
1,639.5 Still have 2½ miles to go to the East Summit ... drizzle a bit heavier now.
Near Exit-53 the snow banks are so high they are covering the signs at the side of the road ... radio with current weather and road conditions in Snoqualmie Pass - “the temperature is in the mid 30's and there is rain in the summit area. The roads are mostly bare and dry, but is wet in places.”
1,642.5 The rain is heavier ... just passed Snoqualmie Pass - 3,022 feet ... looks to be 4 feet high snow banks at the side of the road and coming down from the pass the banks where they have been cut show the strata of all the different snow falls through the winter - layer after layer like we used to see in Ottawa (capital of Canada).
1,643.9 Driving into fairly thick fog.
1,647.8 8:36 The road has dropped low enough that it is now out of the clouds and the drizzle has lightened somewhat and it probably won’t be long before I’m out of the mountain or Snoqualmie Pass weather.
1,661.8 8:49 The first North bend exit.
On Sunday Dan, Sarah and I drove to the Outlet Mall in North Bend and went on to Snoqualmie to see the Snoqualmie Falls. Whilst there we took a look at the Salish Lodge, a magnificent hotel overlooking the falls area. Also on that trip we went into Roslyn, plus went up a dead end road where the snowmobiles were ... had to return to Roslyn, so drove a lot further than necessary!
The sky is stating to brighten a bit, and I’ve seen a small patch of blue sky, so maybe (Seattle is only 30 miles away) once I am out of the mountains it will be back to being a very pleasant day
1,678.5 Passing by a turnoff for Renton and speed limit is reduced to 60 mph ... suddenly the traffic is much thicker ... there appears to have been an accident on the other side, fire engines and someone being put into an ambulance - Time to take extra care and be aware of everyone around me, not that I’m not always careful.
1,682.0 9:08 Entering Bellevue ... approaching Exit-10 to take I-405 N to I-5, the main highway to Vancouver. I can see some tall buildings in the west - Downtown Seattle
1,684.2 9:10 Exiting I-90 for I-405 N ... it is still cloudy but there are large patches of blue sky.
1,694.5 9:20 Sign: Vancouver 136 miles.
1,702.9 9:30 Leaving I-405 for I-5 to Vancouver.
1,707.8 9:33 Bellingham 66 miles, Vancouver 121 miles.
1,720.2 Speed 70 mph resumes.
1,724.5 The sky is quite cloudy once more and it has just started to rain again.
1,733.3 9:55 Ping! Time to get gas and I don’t think I’m going to make it to Bellingham where I had hoped to stop for gas.
1,748.3 10:09 Leaving the interstate to fins a gas station.
1,748.9 10:10 - 10:25 GAS - Mt. Vernon, WA - $1.219/gal -
17.224 gals - $21.00 - ($21.53 incl. Coffee)
1,749.4 10:27 Back on I-5 ... a very light sprinkle again, but it wasn’t cold whilst I was pumping gas so the temperature is quite pleasant.
As I reach the outskirts of Bellingham, the sky is brightening again ... there are some white fluffy clouds, but also blue sky.
11:10 - 11:19 US Customs ... back in Canada and circle around.
I made a mistake at Immigration and have had to turn around, by going around the end of the building to come out to get to the other border crossing, i.e. the truck crossing, with the result that I had to go through Customs and the guy there wondering what all the stuff in the car was??!! He asked, “How long have you been in Canada?” and gave me a bit of a hassle!!! Still, everything was OK.
I had to go to Immigration because, as a Resident Alien without a Green Card I needed to make sure I had the proper paperwork for returning to the USA.
Back on I-5 going south and trying to find an exit into Blaine. I don’t know where I am, but I guess I’ll just go south until I can exit - there are entrances, but no exits other than the one immediately after Customs which I missed.
I don’t know how far south I’ll have to go before I turning around to go north again - all this to get some cigarettes and a bottle of brandy! What a pain!
Ferndale 10 miles - a long backtrack, unless there is an earlier exit before then.
It looks as if I might be lucky - Exit-270 for Linden and Birch Bay coming up, so only 5 miles back!
1,801.8 11:31 Leaving I-5 at Exit-270.
1,807.9 11:38 - 11:43 Duty Free.
Talk about a nervous wreck trying to get across this border into Canada - I’ve got into the wrong lane and am mixed up with all the trucks, but guess I’ll get out of it!!
11:51 I’m through and I can’t believe that I’m OK. Being in the truck lane the Canadian Customs officer was in a higher booth for being able to talk to truck drivers, so I had to look up to him and he had to look down to me ... maybe not such a bad thing since I was carrying so much stuff for Anna’s wedding, much of which I would be taking back home with me - hard to explain had I been pulled over for inspection. My biggest worry was the wedding cake since I had already put on the almond marzipan and fondant icing.
1,813.7 12:07 Royal Bank, White Rock to see Doug, a high school friend of Anna , who was to keep the framed picture of Anna and Walt walking through the forest at Lighthouse park, Point Atkinson and the framed needlework until he brought them to the wedding, May 10.
1,819.2 12:54 - 1:16 HilLda’s, where the wedding would take place, to drop off the wedding cake - I would be returning for a day or two to complete the decorating .. the sun is shining and it’s a gorgeous day ... flowers in blossom - bulbs, pansies, violets ... everything looks absolutely beautiful.
1,820.8 1:20 On the highway north to Vancouver.
1:45 Entering the City of Vancouver ... took the wrong turn off the bridge following signs for city center, so now going north on Cambie and will have to work my way back over to Granville. I’m OK.
1,846.1 1:50 Turning onto 49th Av. And that should take me across to Kerrisdale!
1,851.0 2:05 Just arriving outside Anna’s door.