Traveling with my husband
Lincoln, Nebraska
Vancouver, British Columbia
wedding preperations while there
and back to Lincoln


The details below are a true record but the names of people have been changed to protect their identity.

The numbered points are only there to force the map generating program to reflect the actual route taken and need not necessarily have anything to do with the text.

Day 1 - Wednesday - July 31 - Lincoln to Sidney, NE

0.0 4:15 Leave home; drove to gas station, filled the tank.
4.4 GAS - Lincoln, NE - $1.299/gal. - 11.690 - $14.60
5.5 4:40-4:55 Stopped in at LP's (my husband) office, after which we were on our way.
Did not note time change from Central to Mountain Time between Exits 158 and 145!
We drove into a big storm, pouring rain and strong winds, and the day seemed to end very early. However, the storm passed overhead and we saw the sunset. It was actually a very strange feeling in that the view in the rear vision mirror was one of night-time darkness whilst ahead it was still quite light.
340.0 8:43 Stopped at Days Inn, Sidney, NE, but there were no vacancies.
341.0 8:50 Holiday Inn brand new hotel - got a really lovely room; had supper at Country Kitchen ($16.54 charged to room + cash $2.25 for tip - total: $90.46).

The Day’s total - 341.0 miles
Trip Total - 341.0 miles

Day 2 - Thursday August 1 - Sidney, NE to Evanston, WY

341.0 7:07 Leave motel; stopped at McDonald’s for breakfast cash $3.73.
7:27 Leave to return to I-80.
401.0 Crossed Wyoming border.
402.2 8:19 - 8:38 Pine Bluffs Rest Area.
403.0 GAS - Pine Bluffs, WY - $1.179/gal.- 17.505 gals. - $20.64
(5¢ discount for cash = $19.76 paid)
8:51 Back on I-80.
442.0 9:26 Leave I-80, Cheyenne.
444.0 9:31-10:20 Visit Wyoming State Capitol.
10:25 81°F (after stopping at Safeways where we were told we would have to go to a liquor store for beer and brandy.)
445.0 10:28-10:38 Liquor store Beer and ice - $11.42, pop - $3.70. From here we left Cheyenne via WY 210, a scenic byway along Happy Jack Road.
485.0 11:20 Rejoined I-80 near Happy Jack Rest Area, summit El. 8,640 feet. Travel down the long winding descent from the summit was very slow due to road construction.
495.0 11:40 Left I-80 at Laramie for WY 130 through the Snowy Range.
497.0 11:49 Centennial, Pop. 100, El. 8076 feet,
536.0 12:53-1:21 Libby Flat, Snowy Mountain Pass, El. 10,847 feet. We also stopped at the lookout for Medicine Bow Peak Medicine Bow Peak - El. 12,013 feet. Here I discovered nearby some relics of bygone mining days.
538.0 1:40-2:28 Mirror Lake Picnic Area - stopped for lunch.
565.0 3:21 Junction with WY 230 to Saratoga.
593.0 3:52 Back on I-80.
682.0 5:06-5:16 Rest Area - it was storming again, thunder and lightning and strong winds. The worst seemed to have passed by the time we left, but the sky darkened again and to the south, west and north lightning continued to flash. However, by the time we reached Evanston, the sky was clearing.
817.0 7:18 Arrive Prairie Inn Motel, Evanston $44.94. This was really a lovely motel and one to keep in mind for future trips.
818.0 Outpost Restaurant - a very tasty steak. ($16.01 + $2.00 tip).
819.0 GAS - Evanston, WY - $1.399/gal. - 17.291 gals. - $24.02
819.0 Back at motel - end of day. Postcards: $1.05.

The Day’s total - 478 miles
Trip Total - 819 miles

Day 3 - Friday - August 2 - Evanston, WY to West Yellowstone, MT

819.0 7:42 Leave motel, following WY 89..
831.0 7:57 Crossed the Utah border - route became UT 16.
860.0 8:32 Turned onto UT 30 to Bear Lake - stopped for pictures as we descended down a deep ravine.
874.0 8:54-9:01 Rest Area, Bear Lake.
881.0 9:12 Turned onto US 89 to drive to the summit, El. 7,800 feet, overlooking Bear Lake. Stopped for pictures on the way up.
887.0 9:25-9:45 Scenic overlook.
893.0 10:00-10:23 Garden City on the shores of Bear lake ...2 raspberry shakes made with fresh picked raspberries and hard vanilla icecream - $4.17, 2 jars raspberry jam - $7.16.
10:32 Leave Garden City Visitor Center to continue north on US 89.
897.0 10:44 Crossed the Idaho border.
905.0 10:54-11:12 Stopped for roadwork.
913.0 Paris - took pictures of Mormon Tabernacle.
921.0 11:42 Montpelier.
932.0 Geneva Summit, El. 6,938 feet.
940.0 12:11 Crossed back into Wyoming.
Salt River Pass, El. 7,610 feet. Smoot, El. 6,619 feet.
981.0 12:58-1:04 Star Valley Rest Area.
983.0 1:08-1:15 Star Valley Cheese Factory Cheese and curd - $7.59.
1,003.0 1:39 Junction of US 89 and US 26, just north of Alpine, and start of the Snake River Grand Canyon.
1,007.0 2:10 Leaving after watching rafts on the Snake River.
1,011.0 2:29 Leaving after watching more rafts!
1,035.0 3:02 Driving into Jackson - drove through without stopping.
1,050.0 3:29 Moose Visitor Center, Grand Teton National Park.
1,093.0 4:50 Enter Yellowstone National Park.
1,111.0 5:23 Cross Continental Divide, El. 7,988 feet.
1,115.0 5:30-5:55 West Thumb thermal area.
1,119.0 Continental Divide, El. 8,391 feet.
1,130.0 6:22-6:29 Kepler Cascade.
1,134.0 6:37-6:44 Old Faithful!! We had missed it by a few minutes and it was not due to blow again for another 70 minutes or so.
1,141.0 6:58-7:25 Another geyser area near Firehole River - only saw bubbling pools and boiling water running into river. The Excelsior Geyser produces 4,000 gals/min.
1,151.0 7:43 Madison elk.
1,163.0 7:58 Crossed Montana border.
1,165.0 8:02-8:05 West Yellowstone. Decided to stop here for the night and drove round for a bit looking for a motel.
1,168.0 8:10 Evergreen Motel $69.55. Buns and Milk $2.00.

The Day’s total - 349 miles
Trip Total - 1,168 miles

Day 4 - Saturday - August 3 - West Yellowstone, MT to Schrag rest area, WA

1,168.0 8:03 Leave motel, West Yellowstone, taking US 191 north for 8 miles, then turned onto US 287 to visit the Madison River Canyon Earthquake Area. I was interested in seeing this because the earthquake had occurred in 1959 when I was living in Alberta and had felt the tremor.
1,184.0 8:25 Hebgen lake.
1,189.0 8:47 Leaving the area of building and road destruction.
1,198.0 9:32-10:22 Visitor Center museum and informative talk. We drove up to a higher lookout and walked along the trail by rocks, the size of a house, which had been carried into the valley and up the other side without tumbling over!
1,199.0 11:11 Leave Overlook Spillway at end of Madison Canyon.
1,243.0 Ennis pictures.
1,252.0 12:09-12:19 Top of Pass, Bozeman Trail.
1,258.0 Norris, El. 4,840 feet.
1,277.0 Lewis and Clark Trail.
1,281.0 12:50-12:59 Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park. We continued through an incredible canyon, through which the "three R's" Road, Railway and River passed.
1,286.0 1:08 Lahoo - 2 historic markers, one for Lewis and Clark and one for Father De Smet.
1,288.0 1:15 Junction with I-90 Interchange 256.
1,303.0 Chain up area for trucks. The area was very rocky with big round boulders. Our speed, with cruise control in use, dropped back from 78 mph to 50 mph.
1,311.0 Reached the top, Continental Divide, El. 6,393 feet.
1,314.0 Area for "chains off".
1,318.0 1:45-1:52 GAS - Butte, MT - $1.349/gal. - 17,789 gals. - $24.00
1:55 Back on I-90.
1,358.0 2:28-3:15 Deer Lodge, lunch at 4B's Restaurant - $11.45 + $2.00 tip. LP had a great prime rib dinner for just under $6.00, and this included soup [best ever potato soup - I got the recipe for 2½ gallons!! from the manager]. After lunch we drove along the main street of Deer Lodge as far as the historic Montana Territorial Gaol.
1,362.0 3:34 Back on I-90.
1,448.0 4:44 Leave I-90 for US 93 north.
1,475.0 5:11 Turn onto MT 200 at its junction with US 93 - Ravalli.
1,503.0 5:42 Stop for a picture of the Clark Fork River.
1,509.0 5:58 Cross the river near Paradise.
1,539.0 6:34 Thompson Falls.
1,568.0 Picture of islands.
1,589.0 7:30 Cross state border into Idaho and the time zone, changing from Mountain to Pacific Time. Also we now had a change from Montana's no speed limit to one of 55 mph.
1,620.0 7:11-7:19 Kootenai - Headquarters for Coldwater Creek, where we enquired about their store in Sandpoint.
1,623.0 7:24 Entering Sandpoint.
1,624.0 7:30-8:05 Coldwater Creek stores, built on the historic Cedar Street Bridge, built in 1906 over Sand Creek. We purchased the picture of a tiger cub, which Anna (daughter) wanted us to get for Walt (son-in-law) from the Ecosong Store, and before leaving Tania, our sales assistant very kindly phoned around trying unsuccessfully to get us a motel. There was a big fair on in town and everything was booked!! We were advised to go 44 miles south to Coeur d'Alene. We again found everything booked due to an Art's Festival!! We decided to go west to a big city, Spokane.
1,687.0 10:19 Crossed the Idaho/Washington border. Once in Spokane we tried several motels but with no luck. The Ramada near the airport recommended we try Airway Heights west of the city - NOTHING!! But by this time we needed gas.
1,718.0 11:25 GAS - Airway Heights, WA - $1.439/gal. - 16.676 gals. - $24.00
We returned to I-90 and as we drove west we continued to look for a motel but with no luck.
1,809.0 1:30 We finally pulled into a rest area for what remained of the night. I tossed and turned, eventually dropping off to sleep about 3:15 A,M.

The Day’s total - 641 miles
Trip Total - 1,809 miles

Day 5 - Sunday - August 4 - Schrag rest area, WA to Yakima via Grand Coulee, WA

6:15 Woke up tired and cold! I tried to sleep more until LP awoke, then I got some coffee and cookies from the hospitality van. We were only 117 miles from Yakima, but not wanting to arrive too early we discussed alternatives and decided that we would take a circuitous route via Grand Coulee Dam.
1,809.0 7:33 Left the rest area, drove west to the next exit 196, then back tracked to Exit-206..
1,821.0 7:46 Left I-90 for WA 21, travelling north..
1,874.0 8:49 Wilbur.
1,898.0 9:45 After driving into Grand Coulee and across the dam, we stopped for breakfast - the cafe was closed!
1,898.0 9:52-10:40 Melody Restaurant - breakfast at last $12.70.
1,899.0 10:43-11:21 Grand Coulee Dam Visitor Center.
1,933.0 12:09-12:30 Dry Falls Visitor Center.
1,977.0 1:24 Rejoined I-90.
43,342 1:35-1:54 Echo and Wanapum Viewpoints overlooking the Columbia River.
1,993.0 2:03-2:18 Ghinko State Park.
1,994.0 2:23 Back on I-90, interchange 136 and starting a long climb out of the valley.
2,005.0 2:32 Reached the top, 2,535 feet Ryegrass!!
Exited I-90 at exit 110 onto I-82.
2,023.0 2:49 Left I-82 at exit 3 for WA 821, a scenic byway along the Yakima River and through the Yakima Canyon.
2,057.0 3:35 Arrive at our long time friends Sarah and Dan, Yakima.

The Day’s total - 248 miles
Trip Total - 2,057 miles

Day 6 - Monday - August 5 - Yakima, WA

2,057.0 Took car to Mr. B's Lube for an oil change - $30.16.
2,060.0 GAS - Yakima, WA - $1.199/gal. - 16.2 gals - $19.50
2,069.0 Back at the house after going shopping Southwest Illusions $28.59, and downtown with Anna and Walt.
We all went Dutch treat with Sarah and Dan to a Mexican restaurant for dinner $65.59.

The Day’s total - 12 miles
Trip Total - 2,069 miles

Day 7 - Tuesday - August 6 - Yakima, WA to Vancouver, BC

2,069.0 Leave Sarah's and Dan's.
2,200.0 11:37 Leave I-90, Renton.
2,201.0 11:40-11:47 McDonalds for liquid refreshment.
2,207.0 11:56 Leave I-90 at exit 10 for I-405 south.
2,221.0 12:15-12:19 Seattle Airport to drop off LP for his return flight to Lincoln.
12:35 Stopped for heavy traffic about a mile before I-90 junction.
12:42 Exit I-5 onto I-90; went through a tunnel, crossed the floating bridge over Lake Washington and through another tunnel.
12:49 At exit 9 left I-90 for Bellevue Way.
2,241.0 12:50 On Bellevue Way, travelling north..
2,244.0 12:56-1:50 Ariana Bridal Salon to pick up Anna's wedding gown ($180.00). She was very nervous about how it would fit and how it would look on her not easy buying something without trying it on first, and especially such an expensive item for such a special occasion! Anyhow, she looked absolutely beautiful, and happy once her hands stopped shaking.
2,245.0 2:00-3:03 Bellevue Square where we had lunch at Zoopa's $18.88. After lunch we drove along NE 8th Street East to I-405.
2,246.0 3:09 Junction with I-405.
2,262.0 3:26 Junction with I-5 north to B.C. Canada.
3:27 Ran into heavy traffic.
2,330.0-2,331.0 4:40-4:54 Left highway for coffee.
2,354.0 5:16 GAS - Blaine, WA - $1.289/gal. - 11.250 gals. - $14.50
2,355.0 5:37 Leave the Duty Free shop, pick up purchases at the side and proceed to the border.
5:39 Canadian border.
5:40 Over the border, no problems and heading for Vancouver.
2,387.0 6:28 Arrive at Anna's.
2,387.0 Took Sarah's daughter Amy for a drive to see Simon Fraser University - went along Broadway and the Lougheed Highway. We also went up on Burnaby Mountain and returned to Anna's via Hastings and the Cambie Bridge.
2,418.0 End of the day.

The Day’s total - 31 miles
Miles around Vancouver - 31 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 2,418 miles

Day 8 - Wednesday - August 7 - Vancouver

2,418.0 Drove Amy to the airport
2,445.0 10:15 Arrive at Viv's and Rob's (Walt's mother and her spouse) to unpack the car. From here I visited the Lonsdale Market for about an hour, wandering around browsing, then drove over to Granville Island.
I went to the Hospital for 2 o'clock to pick up Anna from work.
The first job on our list of things to do was to order the wedding invitations and this we did on our way home.
2,466.0 After supper we drove to the liquor store and back.

The Day’s total - 48 miles
Miles around Vancouver - 79 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 2,466 miles

Day 9 - Thursday - August 8 - Vancouver

2,466.0 After driving to Granville Island for the market I dropped Anna off at the hospital for work. Then I went to Viv's and Rob's again to pick up a few things I needed before returning to Anna's.
Picked Anna up from work.
2,514.0 End of day.

The Day’s total - 48 miles
Miles around Vancouver - 127 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 2,514 miles

Day 10 - Friday - August 9 - Vancouver

2,514.0 Leave Anna's to go to the hospital
2,517.0 Arrive hospital.
2,519.0 Arrive back at Anna's.
Whilst Anna was at work I made up the cards for the wedding invitations.
2,525.0 Back at Anna's for the remainder of the day, having picked her up at the hospital at 2 o'clock. On the way home we stopped in at Ming Wo on 4th. Avenue.

The Day’s total - 11 miles
Miles around Vancouver - 138 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 2,525 miles

Day 11 - Saturday - August 10 - Vancouver

2,525.0 9:18 Leave apartment for White Rock.
2,555.0 10:00 Arrive Roger's and Hilda's (Walt's father and spouse).
We drove around White Rock visiting various Bed and Breakfast establishments, which might be suitable for the night before the wedding. One place, very expensive, was absolutely gorgeous, but more suitable for a special get-away than for what we needed!
We looked at Hilda's garden and talked about where the ceremony would take place and where pictures could be taken. Had a lovely lunch with Hilda before returning to Vancouver.
Stopped in at Ming Wo's, #3 Road, Richmond, and at the liquor store in Kerrisdale.
2,603.0 Arrived back at Anna's.

The Day’s total - 78 miles
Miles around Vancouver - 216 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 2,603 miles

Day 12 - Sunday - August 11 - Vancouver

2,603.0 Leave with Walt to go shopping - Japanese store, SE corner of Clark & Venebles, and to Granville Island. Meantime Anna started preparations for a special meal and company to celebrate Walt's birthday.
With everything well under control we all went to see the proof of wedding invitation - it was just as well we had Walt with us as both Anna and I skipped right over a serious mistake, the spelling of Louise. It had been printed as Lousie!
2,620.0 Back at the apartment for the day. We had a really wonderful meal, homemade sushi and a double chocolate orange pie for dessert - 10 people for dinner.

The Day’s total - 17 miles
Miles around Vancouver - 233 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 2,620 miles

Day 13 - Monday - August 12 - Vancouver

2,620.0 Leave Anna's to go various errands.
2,629.0 Leave Anna's to go to Viv's.
2,642.0 Arrive Viv's

The Day’s total - 22 miles
Miles around Vancouver - 255 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 2,642 miles

Day 14 - Tuesday - August 13 - Vancouver

2,642.0 Leave Viv's.
2,655.0 Arrive Anna's - long route !! - various errands altimeter, invitations, lunch $8.00 downtown parking $2.00
2,673.0 Back at Viv's.
2,674.0 GAS - North Vancouver, BC - $0.609/lt. - 63.232 lts. - $Can 38.51
2,675.0 Back at Viv's to get Viv, Anna and Walt to go to the Wicks and Wax store re wax for making candles for the wedding and to Costco to price finger foods for the wedding.
2,698.0 Back at Viv's for supper. After this I drove up Mount Seymour for the sunset, but was a bit late for the best of it.
2,723.0 Back at Viv's for the night.

The Day’s total - 41 miles
Miles around Vancouver - 336 miles
TRIP TOTAL Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 2,723 miles

Day 15 - Wednesday - August 14 - Vancouver

2,723.0 Leave Viv 's.
Arrive Anna's.
2,782.0 Arrive at friends Cris's and Helen's, Abbotsford.
2,829.0 Back at Viv's ready to go to supper at the Black Tusk for Walt's birthday. Took Viv home afterwards Rob was working and could not go and I returned to Anna's for the night.
2,850.0 End of the day.

The Day’s total - 127 miles
Miles around Vancouver - 463 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 2,850 miles

Day 16 - Thursday - August 15 - Vancouver

2,850.0 Leave Anna's to drive to the airport.
2,858.0 Arrive at the airport to meet Beth, long time friend for Alberta, and her son, Craig.
2,866.0 Back at Anna's. We visited for a short time with Anna, then left for me to drive Beth and Craig around Vancouver a bit and through Stanley Park before taking them to Whistler.
2,890.0 12:25 Leave Horseshoe Bay after having a fish and chip lunch in the park overlooking the bay.
On the way to Whistler we made several stops: Shannon Falls, the granite Stawamus Chief, 2,139 feet, a popular destination for rock climbers, Brandywine Falls, and an information office on the outskirts of Whistler.
2,954.0 3:30-4:40 Whistler Market, where we parked whilst trying to locate Beth's and Craig's friends and find where they were staying.
2,990.0 5:34-5:46 Squamish $3.89 for coffee and snack at McDonald's.
3,029.0 6:39 Back at Viv's.

The Day’s total - 179 miles
Miles around Vancouver - 642 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 3,029 miles

Day 17 - Friday - August 16 - Vancouver

3,029.0 7:50 Leave Viv's to go to Anna's.
3,040.0 8:18 Arrive Anna's, and we left soon afterwards to go to White Rock as Anna had made some appointments for making wedding arrangements.
3,070.0 GAS - Surrey, BC - $0.609/lt. - 60.749 lts. - $Can 37.00
We visited a couple of party rental places to see what they rented and how much! Then we went to Laurie's a beautiful home with a magnificent back yard garden to discuss the flowers for the wedding. From Laurie's we went to Hilda's for lunch and to see her neighbour, who has a catering business.
Our next stop was the nearby "Pacific Inn", locally known as the Pink Palace! After a considerable wait we saw the manager father of someone who worked with Walt during the summer, resulting in a deal - $50 off each room - booked two rooms $75.00 and a suite $130.00 for the Friday night before the wedding for Anna and her two attendants, for Maurice, photographer, and Helen and for LP and myself.
3,104.0 5:18 Stopped for tunnel traffic - peak hour single lane.
3,104.5 5:46 Announcement on radio - a four-car crash!!
3,104.8 6:05 Two lanes opened through the tunnel and we began to move a little faster.
6:08 No more lane changes.
3,106.6 6:10 Out of tunnel.
3,119.0 6:39-8:51 After arriving at Anna's, she and Walt ordered Takeout sushi for supper.
3,129.0 9:21 Arrive back at Viv's.

The Day’s total - 100 miles
Miles around Vancouver - 742 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 3,129 miles

Day 18 - Saturday - August 17 - Vancouver to Nanaimo

3,129.0 8:55 Leave Viv's. This was soon after Anna and Walt arrived on the motor bike as the three of us were going to Nanaimo, Vancouver Island. We were going for Anna and Walt to meet Maurice and to discuss the wedding and what photos they wanted taken.
9:08 Stopped on shoulder for ferry traffic I was worried we might not make the ferry!!
9:40 Paid the ferry toll - $46.50
9:43 Drove onto the ferry. I spent most of the time on deck, walking from end to end and really enjoying the trip across to the island.
3,141.0 11:40 Disembark Nanaimo. Whilst still on the ferry but sitting in the car waiting to disembark we were watching a seagull with a starfish in its mouth, unable to swallow it and unable to spit it out - the starfish probably had taken hold with its suckers!!
3,144.0 11:46 Arrive Maurice's and Helen's.
Maurice showed examples of his work whilst Helen got a lunch ready for everyone. Afterwards Maurice showed Anna and Walt a couple of his photo essays. Then we all went in Maurice's car to Chemainus to visit the craft fair there and to look at some of the murals around the town.
Upon returning to Nanaimo, we took Anna and Walt to the ferry for their return trip Viv was going to meet them in Horseshoe Bay. Maurice and Helen took me out to dinner at Kelly's Irish Restaurant. The service was pretty long winded so it was bedtime by the time we reached home.

The Day’s total - 15 miles
Nanaimo Trip - 15 miles
Miles around Vancouver - 742 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 3,144 miles

Day 19 - Sunday - August 18 - Nanaimo

3,144.0 Leave with Maurice to go round Departure Bay and on to Piper's Lagoon Park
3,154.0 Back from morning drive and walk - beautiful and peaceful. Had breakfast, then went to visit Barbara and Don to take pictures of some of the flowers in their garden. Went back to the house to pick up more equipment, drove south to the Crow and Gate Pub on Cedar Road, where we had lunch.
3,177.0 Spent the afternoon at the seaside, near Jack Point, looking across the bay to Nanaimo. Helen gathered driftwood and shells whilst Maurice and I took lots of pictures.
3,187.0 Back at the house. Maurice and Helen prepared Indian food curries for supper. In the evening we drove downtown, walked past the stores along the waterfront, out the pier and around the park
3,190.0 "Home" - end of the day.

The Day’s total - 46 miles
Nanaimo Trip - 61 miles
Miles around Vancouver - 742 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 3,190 miles

Day 20 - Monday - August 19 - Nanaimo to Vancouver

3,190.0 Leave Maurice's to go to printer's to get some copies of camera club information, to the Nanaimo Tourist Bureau and to London Drugs to drop off a film Maurice had taken half a dozen pictures of me at the end of a film. We returned after lunch to pick up the film, and stopped at a rose garden at a senior residence to take some flower pictures. Back at the house Maurice showed me how to cut a matt by cutting one for a picture of an iris I had with me. Originally I had thought to have taken the 1:30 ferry back to the mainland!!
3,200.0 3:35 Finally left Maurice's and Helen's to go to the ferry.
3,202.0 Joined the ferry line up.
3,203.0 On the ferry.
4:30 Ferry departed Nanaimo. I phoned Anna from the ferry to let her know what time I would be back. She wanted me to come over for supper.
6:14 Disembark Horseshoe Bay.
3,211.0 6:26 Reached Marine Drive off Taylors Way - lots of traffic
6:40 Finally in a single lane.
3,218.0 6:59 Arrive Anna's - stayed the night.

The Day’s total - 28 miles
Nanaimo Trip - 89 miles
Miles around Vancouver - 742 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 3,218 miles

Day 21 - Tuesday - August 20 - Vancouver

Anna and I walked to Granville Street to pick up the wedding invitations from The Write Shop between 12th. and 13th. Streets and stopped in at the Bagel City Cafe for a coffee and bagel, smothered in cream cheese with artichoke and dried tomatoes - simply delicious.
3,218.0 Left Anna's for further afield messages: London Drug $8.90 -shoe polish and digestive cookies.
Then we drove to Wicks and Wax, but when Anna presented her wedding invitation for the 10% discount she was advised not to get the wax or make the candles until much closer the wedding date as the wax tends to dry and crack if kept for too long!
Our next stop was at IKEA to look at tables and chairs. We spent a long time here and finally found a table that would be suitable, but more than planned.
3,255.0 Back at Anna's. After supper we returned, with Walt in toe this time, to IKEA. He liked the table Anna had chosen and it came home in the van with us.
3,276.0 Back at Anna's, where Walt immediately set about assembling the table. I left them to it.
3,288.0 Half an hour later I was back at Viv's.

The Day’s total - 70 miles
Nanaimo Trip - 89 miles
Miles around Vancouver - 812 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 3,288 miles

Day 22 - Wednesday - August 21 - Vancouver

3,288.0 9:54 Leave Viv's.
3,299.0 10:21 Arrive Anna's. Anna and I went for a walk in her neighborhood, first to Safeway, then a gift store where I bought some table mats and napkins for the new table, and to Shoppers Drug Mart.
Then we drove to the liquor store bought four bottles of wine two to take over for Rob and a bottle of green ginger wine ($43.00); we drove to Chinatown to buy sushi-making supplies, and the Japanese store for pickled ginger and daikon sprouts, and lastly Granville Island for crab and prawns ($7.89).
3,312.0 Back at Anna's. I helped Anna prepare and roll sushi, which was the planned supper for Rob's and Viv's visit!! I stayed the night, so we could have an early start next morning.

The Day’s total - 24 miles
Nanaimo Trip - 89 miles
Miles around Vancouver - 836 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 3,312 miles

Day 23 - Thursday - August 22 - Vancouver

3,312.0 Leave Anna's to go to White Rock.
3,342.0 9:30 Arrive Hilda's. First we looked at wedding items at Turkey's, Cloverdale ($6.49), made some purchases, and stopped for coffee before heading south. There was an hour's delay at the border and by the time we reached Bellingham we were famished; decided on having lunch McDonald's (US$14.16) before doing any shopping.
At Michael's we were able to get most of the ribbon Laurie wanted for the wedding flowers, also ivy garlands to decorate the lattice archway the day of the wedding.
3,381.0 Leave Fabricland, where we went for the rest of the ribbon.
3,402.0 GAS - Blaine, WA - $1.289/gal. - 16.294 gals. - $21.00
3,406.0 3:28 Back at Hilda's; left 6 minutes later. As we would be in the peak hour traffic we took BC-91 and the Alex Fraser Bridge. This route brought us very close to IKEA so we made a 10-15 minute detour to purchase a bag of tea lights for Viv ($15.91).
3,440.0 4:41 Arrive Anna's, and left soon after to pick up Connie, a cousin, then Jenn, a friend, as arrangements had been made with them to look for shoes for the wedding before Connie left for Japan.
3,449.0 6:07-6:35 Bridal shop on East Hastings - unable to find anything suitable!
3,455.0 6:55-7:56 Downtown mall and The Bay ($4.00 for parking). The girls found some shoes they liked but we had them put aside until Saturday when The Bay was having a Scratch 'n Save day!
3,459.0 8:15 Back at Anna's, having dropped Connie and Jenn home - an extremely long day and Anna had done all the driving!! Anna was quite tired and very stressed out!!
8:39 Left, first bought a sandwich ($1.38) for my supper at Safeway!!. I vowed that I would not cross the harbour the next day!
3,470.0 9:08 Arrived at Viv's.

The Day’s total - 158 miles
Nanaimo Trip - 89 miles
Miles around Vancouver - 994 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 3,470 miles

Day 24 - Friday - August 23 - Vancouver

As proclaimed the day before, I stayed in North Vancouver all day. I wrapped all my Christmas gifts: I stacked the wedding napkins, alternating white and blue; I glued the wedding invitations whilst watching my soaps trying to catch up with what was going on!!; I went shopping ($4.75 - sponge cloths) at Safeways with Rob -went in his convertible fun.
Rob's brother and sister-in-law from Castlegar were expected, but as they had not arrived, Rob and Viv took me out for supper at "MYTHOS", a Greek restaurant on Lonsdale Avenue just south of 19th. Street. What a great dinner! - Greek pita with tzatziki sauce and humus, steamed clams and a lamb entrée. When we got back home, Rob and I played cribbage out on the deck.

The Day’s total - 0.0 miles
Nanaimo Trip - 89 miles
Miles around Vancouver - 994 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 3,470 miles

Day 25 - Saturday - August 24 - Vancouver

3,470.0 8:32 Leave Viv's.
3,481.0 9:00 Arrive Anna's. We then drove downtown to The Bay to pick up the shoes for the wedding we had had them held until today to take advantage of The Bay's Scratch 'n Save day $116.28. Anna had a few other errands to do before going over to the North Shore.
3,493.0 Arrive Viv's. Drove to Save on Foods - $9.11 groceries and again to go to Safeway $10.27.
3,500.0 End of the day at Viv's. I let Anna and Walt take the van home for the night, so they would have it for the next day to bring their contributions for Sunday's meal it saved me a trip.

The Day’s total - 30 miles
Nanaimo Trip - 89 miles
Miles around Vancouver - 1,024 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 3,500 miles

Day 26 - Sunday - August 25 - Vancouver
3,527.0 Anna and Walt back with the van.
Rob's brother and sister-in-law arrived along with their two children. I helped Viv with preparations for dinner - we were also expecting Viv's father, an aunt and her brother! With things well in control, Vic and I went to the Price Club to check their selections. When Anna and Walt arrived they brought Salmon Pâté, marinated chicken kebabs and a Double Chocolate orange Pie. Walt's sister, and her son, came for dinner, too, bringing the total for dinner up to fourteen.

The Day’s total - 27 miles
Nanaimo Trip - 89 miles
Miles around Vancouver - 1,051 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 3,527 miles

Day 27 - Monday - August 26 - Vancouver

3,527.0 Leave Viv's, pick up Anna and take her to work. Then I went to the Australian Consul (parking - $3.50) to confirm that I had lost my Australian citizenship. This meant that I had to do something about a Canadian passport and had better get onto it quickly! I went to the BCAA in North Vancouver where I was able to get a passport form and have the necessary pictures taken $7.98.
3,554.0 Back at Viv's, where I filled in the form and had lunch whilst watching soaps until it was time to pick up Anna from work.
3,562.0 Back at the hospital via Lion's gate Bridge. We went back to North Vancouver via Second Narrows: went to Viv's and to Lonsdale for another form to make some corrections - eye colour!. Returning over the Second Narrows we went downtown to The Bay, then home to Anna's.
I filled in the new form, then it was off to Purolator ($10.65 and parking $1.00), near Oak and Broadway, before they closed at 5 o'clock. I went to Purolator to send the form to Charles, who was a groomsman at our wedding and was a doctor, so that he might witness my passport application
3,589.0 Back at Anna's - end of day.

The Day’s total - 62 miles
Nanaimo Trip - 89 miles
Miles around Vancouver - 1,113 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 3,589 miles

Day 28 - Tuesday - August 27 - Vancouver

3,589.0 Leave Anna's; went to Canada Trust; parked on Broadway 0.25¢ whilst at Microsoft store; went into town - up Seymour stationary store for filing cabinet rack ($0.45 envelope), then parked downtown. We visited the Renaissance and Cloud Nine Restaurants, both revolving, to make enquiries about their menus and charges for a group - we were still trying to decide where to have the family dinner the night of the wedding.
3,600.0 Back at Anna's before the next series of errands.
Went to Granville Island where we had lunch at Pastels ($15.87) before going to the market for ginger and mixed peel for the wedding cake (also lime leaves - $2.24). Our next stop was the Super Store ($26.91), after which we returned to Anna's.
3,642.0 Arrive Viv's.

The Day’s total - 53 miles
Nanaimo Trip - 89 miles
Miles around Vancouver - 1,166 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 3,642 miles

Day 29 - Wednesday - August 28 - Vancouver

3,642.0 Leave Viv's.
3,653.0 Arrive Anna's. Before going up to the apartment I walked around the corner and bought some roses ($2.00) for Anna. Today was to be a day for finishing up a lot of odds and ends; decided on which guest book for wedding ($29.62) and bought that at a store on Broadway on our way to Purolator ($8.51) to pick up the package returned from Charles, with passport form and pictures ($2.00 parking). With this in hand we could go downtown to the passport office ($60.00). Stamp - $5.03 We stopped for lunch ($22.00) at a sushi restaurant on 4th Ave. - my last chance to have sushi for a while!!
3,661.0 Back at Anna's.
We walked down Broadway to Lens and Shutter where I bought some frames and ready-cut matt.
I stayed at the apartment whilst Anna and Walt drove to the airport to pick up Amy, our friend Sarah's daughter.
3,679.0 Back from airport.
We waited for a long time for Dan and Sarah to arrive with LP, but finally Anna made some pasta for supper - it was so late that we assumed they would have eaten!
They got in around 10 o'clock, and didn't stay for long. LP and I left soon afterwards to go to the North Shore. Ginger ale - $1.79
3,689.0 Arrive Viv's. Rob was already in bed asleep when we got there and Viv went to bed shortly afterwards.

The Day’s total - 47 miles
Nanaimo Trip - 89 miles
Miles around Vancouver - 1,213 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 3,689 miles

Day 30 - Thursday - August 29 - Vancouver

3,689.0 Leave Viv's.
LP stayed in the apartment when Anna and I went shopping on foot (fruit for cake. $13.77. Safeway - $17.32). LP came with us when we went to the Greek store for Palmin ($7.18) needed for plastic icing and to the university. Anna wanted to show us her office and to check her mailbox. On 4th. Ave. LP went to the book warehouse where he bought a composer biography. It was while he was doing this that I discovered that my new bank card would not work for me to get any cash!! Fortunately LP's did work.
The it was over to Viv's as Walt was going there after work so we could all have supper together before Viv and Rob left next day for their vacation.
3,722.0 Arrive Viv's.
3,723.0 GAS - North Vancouver, BC - $0.609/lt.- 64.87 lts. - $39.51
From the gas station I went to Safeway to do some shopping for the seafood for supper.
3,726.0 Back at the house for the day.

The Day’s total - 37 miles
Nanaimo Trip - 89 miles
Miles around Vancouver - 1,250 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 3,726 miles

Day 31 - Friday - August 30 - Vancouver

3,726.0 Left to pick up Anna and LP stayed at Viv's. We loaded all their camping gear in the van, then ran a few errands before returning to Viv's (Starbucks - $3.00, Kinko's copying - $2.77, London Drugs - $19.42.
After Viv, Rob and Anna got away, LP and I went to Anna's to pick up something, then to the Super Store, ($12.97, also went to Safeway - $7.69) as I wanted to get some more mixed peel
3,778.0 Back at Viv's.
Later I went to the North Vancouver Safeway to get some extra seafood to add to the previous night's leftovers and some ginger beer ($15.76).
3,780.0 Back "home".

The Day’s total - 54 miles
Miles whilst Vancouver (including Nanaimo trip) - 1,393 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 3,780 miles

Day 32 - Saturday - August 31 - Vancouver to Mara Lake
3,780.0 6:21 Leave Viv's and Rob's.
7:34 Leave the highway at Bridal Veil Falls - rest stop.
3,852.0 7:37-7:40 Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park
3,853.6 7:45 Back on highway.
8:03 Leave highway at Hope - drove around a bit.
3,875.1 8:10-8:20 Coffee ($1.25) and rest stop.
3,877.1 8:24 Back on highway.
3,905.2 8:52 Coquihalla Pass - 1244meter(4,081.4 feet).
3,908.6 8;55 Toll - $10.00.
3,968.3 9:49 Clapperton Creek Summit - 1445 m. (4,740.8 feet) ... Surrey Lake
3,998.4 Junction for the turn off for Jasper.
10:18 Kamloops - badland type country along the river.
4,009.2 10:30 2-way traffic.
4,056.0 11:21 5 hours after leaving Rob's and Viv's.
11:30 Salmon Arm.
4,064.0 11:32-11:40 McDonald's - rest stop and coffee 42¢.
4,082.7 12:03 Sicamous.
4,084.0 12:04-12:10 Liquor store - case of beer $32.20!!!
4,084.0 GAS - Sicamous, BC - $0.569/lt. - 52.73 lts.- $30.00
12:20 Turn onto BC-97A.
4,091.0 12:29 Arrive Hummingbird Resort, on Mara Lake - met Rob in the parking lot, and he helped us unload our thing into our room before going to the trailer. Viv and Anna arrived a little later from their shopping trip into Salmon Arm.
Spent the rest of the day with everyone at the trailer.

The Day’s total - 311 miles
Miles whilst Vancouver (including Nanaimo trip and Mara Lake) - 1,704.0 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 4,091 miles

Day 33 - Sunday - September 1 - Mara Lake

Day 34 - Monday - September 2 - Mara Lake

No travel. Spent the days with everyone at the trailer.

Day 35 - Tuesday - September 3 - Mara Lake to Vancouver

4,091.0 8:21 Leave Hummingbird resort for return trip to Vancouver.
4,127.5 9:13 Entering Vernon.
4,134.0 9:25-9:32 Viewpoint over Vernon.
4,161.0 10:08-10:30 Kelowna - breakfast at McDonald's $6.29.
4,182.0 11:04-11:07 Pictures of Okanagan Lake.
4,191.3 11:20-11:22 Summerland Visitor Center.
4,206.0 11:45-11:50 Pictures of Skala Lake.
4,209.0 11:54 Turn onto BC-3A 389 km (241.7 miles) to Vancouver.
4,228.5 12:17 Junction with BC-3 at Keremeos.
4,246.0 12:38-12:49 Hedley stopped here to try to phone Stu, our son.
4,247.0 12:51-12:54 Picture - gold and nickel sign.
4,283.2 Deer at side of the road.
4,290.8 Sunday Summit - 1,282 m. (4,206.0 feet)
4,316.0 Allison Pass - 1,342 m. (4,402.9 feet).
4,336.0 2:40-2:43 Pictures, Engineers Road.
4,343.1 2:50-2:56 Hope Slide.
4,349.0 Junction with Rte. 5, the Coquihalla Highway.
4,354.0 3:12-3:55 Hope - lunch, Rollie's Restaurant $20.50.
4,401.2 4:44 Passing Exit-92, Abbotsford.
4,439.9 5:25 Turn onto Grandview Avenue.
4,448.0 5:55 Arrive Anna's.
Took Anna and Walt out to dinner at Milestones - $100.00. After taking them home we did not stay late as I still had the car to pack with the things I had left at Viv's.
4,460.0 9:53 Arrive at Viv's and Rob's. I packed the car ready for our departure next morning.

The Day’s total - 369 miles
Miles whilst Vancouver (including Nanaimo trip and Mara Lake) - 2,073.0 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 4,460.0 miles

Day 36 - Wednesday - September 4 - Vancouver to Mara Lake

4,460.0 8:51 Leave Viv's and Rob's,
4,462.0 GAS - Lynn Valley Road, North Vancouver - $0.609/lt. - 58.50 lts. - $35.63
4,471.0 9:29 Parked downtown across from Canada Place, and walked to the Sinclair Center to pick up my Canadian passport.
4,471.0 9:51 Leave Downtown Vancouver.
4,494.8 10:47 Maple Ridge - we were going to stop at the White Spot restaurant to have something to eat, but it was closed as they were on strike.
4,536.0 11:48-11:51 Pictures of the Fraser River, then I backtracked 0.4 miles to take pictures of a spring.
4,546.0 12:11-12:15 Leave Old Settler Pub!!! Harrison Hot Springs.
4,550.4 12:30 Junction with BC-7 and BC-9.
4,571.0 12:56-2:08 Hope for lunch - great restaurant at the corner of Wallace and Fraser Streets a buffet with Japanese food, including sushi - $24.80.
After lunch we watched for a while Hope's chain saw carver working on a new piece on the opposite corner from the restaurant.
Upon returning to the car we found a note on our windshield asking us if we could obtain and send some sets of Nebraska licence plates!! Never did respond. Oh Well!!
4,576.0 2:17 Junction with BC-5, the Coquihalla Highway.
4,587.3 2:29-2:32 West Entrance Manning Park.
4,589.5 2:39 Leave Engineers Road - more pictures.
4,645.0 3:45-3:47 Ponderosa Pine!!
4,652.0 3:56-4:00 Princeton information sign.
4,652.8 4:03 Junction with BC-5A north.
4,691.0 4:47 Junction with BC-97C.
4,706.0 We had been climbing for a while and I thought that we had reached the summit but we started to climb again.
4,721.0 5:17 Penask Summit - 1,728 meter (5,669.3 feet). This was higher than either of the two summits on the Coquihalla expressway.
4,739.6 Visitor Center above Peachland.
4,741.0 5:43 Junction with BC-97.
4,750.0 5:57 Instead of crossing Okanagan Lake and going into Kelowna, we we left the main highway and turned north on the road to Bear Creek. This proved to be a very scenic byway along the west shore of the lake.
4,753.6 Pictures 3.
4,790.0 7:01 Junction with BC-97 from Kamloops.
4,800.3 7:11 Junction with BC-97A, north of Vernon.
4,827.0 7:53 Hummingbird Resort.
We made three trips between Vancouver and Hummingbird Resort with three different routes. The millage fore each trips is as follows:
Via Coquihalla - 311 miles
Via Penticton - 357 miles
Via Bear Creek - 356 miles
Viv and Rob were by the motel when we drove in and they had a message for us from Stu to call him at midnight his time. Viv and Rob also had supper for us so we drove to the trailer and back a couple of times.
4,827.0 End of day.

The Day’s total - 367 miles
Miles whilst Vancouver (including Nanaimo trip and Mara Lake) - 2,073.0 miles
Trip Total Vancouver to Lincoln - 367 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 4,827.0 miles

Day 37 - Thursday - September 5 - Mara Lake to Golden, BC

46,180 Down to the trailer to say good-bye to Viv and Rob.
4,828.0 9:25 On our way, heading for home, but this was the beginning of MY HOLIDAY - sightseeing and taking pictures and not worrying about wedding plans!
4,834.0 9:35-9:50 GAS - Sicamous, BC at the corner of BC-1, the Trans Canada.
- $0.569/lt. - 58.656 lts. - $33.38
4,850.0 10:10-10:30 "The Last Spike", Craigelatchie
4,877.0 11:02 Entering Revelstoke.
4,878.0 11:07-11:11 Visitor Center. Almost immediately after this we turned off to go into Mount Revelstoke National Park, where there was a sign: 0 km. - El. 498 meter - (1,633.9 feet).
4,880.0 Park Entrance - We were told that it was 15 miles to the end of the road and that it was snowing at the top.
Not knowing how long we would be spending in Canada's National Parks we paid $C24.00 for what we thought would give us three days. We finished up with three separate one-day passes, each valid until 4:00 p.m. the following day!!
4,885.0 Monashee Lookout, El. 850 m. (2,788.7 feet).
4,887.7 Snow Forest Viewpoint.
4,893.5 Started to see some snow on the ground.
4,895.0 12:24-1:45 End of the road. There was about 2" of fresh snow on the ground, but it had stopped snowing and as the sun appeared occasionally from behind the clouds, the snow was melting quickly. A shuttle bus took us further up the hill and from here we went on the meadow trail. There were supposed to be lots of flowers in the meadow, but the fresh snow had flattened many of them. Returning to the car I saw a Columbian ground squirrel.
4,909.2 2:23 Back at the park entrance.
4,910.3 Back at the Trans Canada.
4,928.7 Picture of train and tunnel.
4,938.8 Avalanche shed, train, etc.
4,939.2 Enter Glacier National Park.
4,952.0 3:26-3:35 Summit, Roger's Pass.
4,952.9 3:38-4:27 Glacier Park Lodge for lunch soup and sandwiches - $14.98! and Roger's Pass Visitor Center, housed in a building representing the snow sheds along the railway - great models of the mountains and good display of story of the building of the railway.
4,959.1 Purcell Mountains.
4,966.0 4:47 5:47 Leaving Glacier National Park.
Change to Mountain Time, so we have lost our first hour and it is now 5:47!
4,997.2 6:23 Entering Golden, where we had decided we would spend the night. We drove around a bit before deciding on staying at the Super 8 Motel quite new and still not landscaped.
5,003.0 6:40 Booked in at the motel. I went out and bought some ginger ale $1.75 and we had a quiet drink before walking across the road for supper $33.00.

The Day’s total - 176 miles
Miles whilst Vancouver (including Nanaimo trip and Mara Lake) - 2,073.0 miles
Trip Total Vancouver to Lincoln - 543.0 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 5,003.0 miles

Day 38 - Friday - September 6 - Golden, BC to Radium Junction, BC

Super 8 complimentary breakfast.
5,003.0 9:02 Leaving motel in Golden.
9:15 Leaving Golden, having stopped to take some picture of some mountain sheep, which were wandering along and crossing the road!
5,018.7 Yoho National Park.
5,037.0 9:56 Turn off the main highway for Natural Bridge and Emerald Lake.
5,042.0 10:05-10:35 Emerald Lake, elevation 1302 meter (4,271.7 feet).
5,047.0 10:42-11:02 Natural Bridge, elevation 1207 meter (3,960.0 feet).
5,048.5 11:05 Back on BC-1, the Trans Canada.
5,049.0 11:07-11:18 Field Information Center.
5,051.2 11:21 Turned off the main road again onto Yoho Valley Road.
5,053.0 11:26-11:41 Viewpoint for Upper Spiral Tunnel. We were able to observe a train entering and exiting the tunnel.
5,053.3 Stopped again at the "Meeting of the Waters", El. 1366 m. (4,481.6 feet), the confluence of the Yoho River with its milky coloration caused glacial silt from nearby glaciers, and the Kicking Horse River with its clearer green water, the glacial silt having settled out in a series of upstream lakes.
5,060.0 12:05-12:12 End of the road. Between our last stop and this, the road had climbed a hillside by switching back and forth with several sharp elbow turns - had to drive slowly and carefully - nowhere to stop or be able to take a picture!! It was raining by the time we reached the end of the road and snow was falling in big scattered flakes, but it was still beautiful to look at the Takakkaw Falls, literally leaping out of the mountain.
5,068.0 12:35 Mountain - 2 pictures!!
5,068.5 12:38 Mountain - 2 pictures!!
5,071.0 12:44-1:15 Lower Spiral Tunnel Viewpoint but no trains.
5,072.0 1:23 Leave OLD BRIDGE ON BIG HILL.
5,074.8 1:27 Turn off on BC-1A, the old highway to Lake Louise LP: "Why are we going this way?" SELF: "Just 'cos!"
5,076.6 1:30-1:35 The Great Divide log arch over the highway, El. 5,332 feet, where we left Yoho National Park and British Columbia and crossed into Alberta and Banff National Park. Now we could see a good reason for going this way!!
5,079.0 Stopped along the road for about twenty minutes observing and photographing a bear, which apparently oblivious of all the tourists it had attracted kept munching away on low shrubs or another good reason to be taking this route.
5,082.0 2:06 Lake Louise.
5,086.6 2:21-4:41 Bought two Ride and Dine tickets - rode the gondola to the restaurant at the top where we had a late buffet lunch.
5,090.9 4:52-5:24 Lake Louise - walked to the waterfront of the lake.
5,099.5 5:47-6:06 Moraine Lake I enquired the price for a night at the Moraine Lake Lodge, but I didn't really want to know!! - $250.00!!
5,108.4 6:27-6:32 Back in Lake Louise Village. From here we continued east towards Banff.
5,124.0 6:51 Castle Junction at the foot of Castle Mountain - turned onto BC-3 south.
5,130.1 7:00 Continental Divide, re-entered British Columbia, leaving Banff National park and entering Kootenay National Park.
Passed some signs at which I would probably have stopped had it not been so late and we wanted to be out of the National Park before quitting for the day!!
5,187.0 8:05 Motel in Radium Junction.
5,188.0 Back from supper - end of the day.

The Day’s total - 185 miles
Miles whilst Vancouver (including Nanaimo trip and Mara Lake) - 2,073.0 miles
Trip Total Vancouver to Lincoln - 728.0 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 5,188.0 miles

Day 39 - Saturday - September 7 - Radium Junction, BC to Spring Coulee, AB

5,188.0 8:49 Leave "The Gables" Motel, Radium Junction didn't wake up until 7:45!!
5,194.0 9:26 Back in Radium Junction, having driven up through the canyon and past Radium Hot Springs.
5,194.0 GAS - Radium Junction, BC - $0.599/lt. - 57.60 lts. - $Can 34.50
9:34 On our way, driving south on BC-95.
5,195.6 9:46 Leave James Sinclair sign.
5,223.0 10:16-10:22 4 pictures of Columbia Lake, the source of the Columbia River, two looking south, the first setting the camera at aperture 22 and the second, on automatic, one looking north, and one of information about the area.
5,230.5 10:34 Canal Flat two pictures.
5,248.9 Cross Kootenay River.
5,256.0 11:02-11:06 Wasa Rest Area one picture south, Kootenay river
5,272.0 11:26-12:32 Fort Steele bread - $3.50 and 25¢ phone call to Cranbrook.
5,275.4 12:38 Junction with BC-3 east.
5,360.0 2:07-2:10 Crowsnest Pass.
5,360.5 Alberta/British Columbia border.
5,374.9 2:30 Leave highway.
5,376.0 2:32-3:00 Frank Slide.
5,393.8 3:28-3:33 Cowley.
5,402.0 3:43-4:10 Pincher Creek A & W lunch - $11.93.
5,453.0 5:10-5:13 Cardston.
5,477.0 5:55 Arrive Beth's, after having driven around Spring Coulee a bit, looking for her place!!

The Day’s total - 289 miles
Miles whilst Vancouver (including Nanaimo trip and Mara Lake) - 2,073.0 miles
Trip Total Vancouver to Lincoln - 1,017.0 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 5,477.0 miles

Day 40 - Sunday - September 8 - Spring Coulee, AB to Polson, MT

5,477.0 9:15 Leave Beth's after a sour dough pancake breakfast.
5,483.0 9:25 Junction with AB-5, Spring Coulee.
5,524.2 10:25 Waterton entrance.
5,528.7 10:32 Information Center.
5,537.5 11:17-11:32 Cameron Lake deer in parking lot, sheep running alongside road on our way back.
5,547.5 12:04-12:14 Cameron Falls.
5,560.3 12:49-1:04 Red Rock Canyon.
5,568.9 1:21 Back to where we turned off to go to Red Rock Canyon.
5,571.6 1:25 Leave Waterton National Park.
5,578.0 1:32-1:35 Scenic Lookout - "Where the Mountains Meet the Prairies".
5,588.0 1:49 Cross Canadian/US border.
5,589.0 1:53-1:56 "Big Chief" mountain.
5,600.9 Junction with US-89.
5,614.0 2:29-3:16 GAS - St. Mary, MT - $1.499/gal. - 16.676 gals. - $25.00
Lunch - Buffalo burgers.
5,628.0 4:05-4:10 Glacier - Jackson Glacier has been disappearing, since 1939, at the rate of 9-30 feet/year - may be gone by the year 2,200.
5,633.0 4:35-5:04 Logan Pass, 6,680 feet - Continental Divide ... Now for the trip down the other side.
5,664.0 6:41 Leaving Glacier National Park.
5,664.9 Junction with US-2. East of Columbia Falls we took MT-40 to US-93.
5,685.9 7:13 Junction with US-93 11 white crosses in 5 miles!!
5,745.2 8:34 Polson Days Inn - $47.35.
4 B's for dinner - $12.40 + $2.00 tip.
5,756.0 10:15 Back at the motel at the end of the day.

The Day’s total - 279 miles
Miles whilst Vancouver (including Nanaimo trip and Mara Lake) - 2,073.0 miles
Trip Total Vancouver to Lincoln - 1,296.0 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 5,756.0 miles

Day 41 - Monday - September 9 - Polson, MT to Billings, MT

5,756.0 9:03 Leave Days Inn, Polson.
Hudson Bay Post, Mission Valley, just south of Polson.
5,788.0 9:42 Back to where we turned off US-93 Ravalli onto MT-200 37 days ago, on the 3rd. August
5,815.0 10:08 Junction with I-90.
5,887.0 11:07-11:16 Rest Area pictures of historic signs about gold & railway.
5,948.9 Continental Divide - 6,343 feet.
5,970.5 12:26 Interchange 256, where we joined I-90 outward bound.
6,023.0 1:08-1:43 GAS - Bozeman, MT - $1.389/gal. - 16.8 gals - $23.33
Gas and lunch.
6,034.9 1:53 Bozeman Pass, El. 5,750 feet.
6,046.3 2:04 Exit 333, I-90 in Livingston for US-89 south
6,099.0 3:00 Enter Yellowstone National Park.
6,101.8 3:11 Cross the 49th parallel, also the MT/WY border.
3:20 Mammoth Hot Springs, El. 6,239 feet.
3:33 Leave after toilet stop.
3:39 Finally leave after viewing elk in town.
Tower Junction, El. 6,278 feet.
6,123.5 4:07 Turn off for Yellowstone's NE entrance Cooke City - 33 miles.
6,131.5 Lamar Valley picture.
6,138.9 4:38-4:43 Soda Butte.
6,139.9 4:55 Leave after watching buffalo roam across the road.
6,149.4 5:10 Cross back into Montana.
6,151.2 5:13 NE Entrance, Yellowstone National Park - Hwy US-212.
6,152.5 Marker on road "Mile 1'.
6,160.1 Road re-enters Wyoming.
6,168.0 5:55 Leaving scenic overlook 3 pictures.
6,175.0 6:14 Pilot Index Outlook 1 picture.
6,183.9 One picture with water.
6,185.2 Three pictures 1 → , 2 ← and 3 ↑.
6,187.4 6:45-6:53 Three [pictures + one telephoto.
6,187.7 6:54 West Summit, El. 10,947 feet.
6,188.5 7:10 The Bear's Tooth, leave after two pictures.
6,194.0 7:16 Crossed back into Montana! Marker "Mile 45".
6,196.9 7:21 Back to tree line.
6,199.8 7:29-7:34 More road pictures.
"Mile 58" reached the bottom of the valley, but the road continued to go downhill.
6,211.0 7:53 "Mile 62".
6,214.0 "Mile 65" - Just as the darkness of night descended we exited from the valley through what appeared to be a big rock gateway out onto open prairie.
6,259.2 8:55 Joined I-90 at interchange 434, but soon left the Interstate in Billings to look for accommodation!
6,274.7 9:09 Billings, Days Inn - no vacancies.
6,275.0 9:15 End of day, Super 8 Motel $56.05.

The Day’s total - 519 miles
Miles whilst Vancouver (including Nanaimo trip and Mara Lake) - 2,073.0 miles
Trip Total Vancouver to Lincoln - 1,815.0 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 6,275.0 miles

Day 42 - Tuesday - September 10 - Billings, MT to Deadwood, SD

6,275.0 7:39 Leave Super 8 Motel. Decided to go north and do a U-turn as it was peak hour traffic and it didn't look as if we would get out!! Then we looked for a suitable restaurant for breakfast!
6,279.6 7:54 !! - we were back at the same stop sign decided it was just as well we had not gone looking for a restaurant the night before!!
6,281.0 7:58-8:37 Perkins breakfast $12.74 + $2.00 tip.
On entering I-90, there was construction for a few miles.
6,312.0 9:10-9:17 Rest Area.
6,388.5 10:17 Entering Wyoming 554½ miles across Montana!!
6,413.0 10:38-10:59 Rest Area, Sheridan, WY.
6,421.0 11:05-11:11 Viewpoint.
6,449.0 11:36-12:02 GAS - Buffalo, WY - $1.269/gal. - 17.2 gals. - $21.82
Cash - $17.93 for deli cheese, meat, bread, tomatoes and ice.
6,479.1 12:32-1:15 Powder River Rest Area for a picnic lunch.
6,548.4 Caught sight of Devil's Tower to the north.
6,595.9 2:56 WY/SD border.
6,597.0 2:57-3:10 Rest Area.
6,613.4 3:28 Leave I-90 Exit 17 for US-85 south to Deadwood.
6,622.0 3:41 Arrive Hickock House Best Western, Deadwood,
6,625.0 Back at the motel at the end of the evening, having gone downtown to do some gambling and have dinner. At one of the casinos we were given a coupon to receive, free, a $1.00 token, that is one pull on a dollar slot machine - on my one play I won $40.00, and I continued to have reasonably good luck throughout the evening, whilst LP kept saying, "Losing isn't any fun!"

The Day’s total - 350 miles
Miles whilst Vancouver (including Nanaimo trip and Mara Lake) - 2,073.0 miles
Trip Total Vancouver to Lincoln - 2,165.0 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 6,625.0 miles

Day 43 - Wednesday - September 11 - Deadwood, SD to Lincoln, NE

6,625.0 9:02 Leave Hickock House $67.07 ... Followed US-14 to Sturgis.
6,637.7 9:23 Entered I-90.
6,770.0 11:14-11:24 Rest Area.
6,794.8 11:45 Entered the Central Time Zone, thus losing an hour - now 12:45.
6,818.0 1:04-1:17 GAS - Hwy US-83, SD - turn off for Pierre -
$1.359/gal. - 17.0 gals. - $23.11
Coffee like mud and undrinkable! - 50¢, Mountain Dew - 90¢
6,824.0 Fields of sunflowers.
6,869.0 2:03-2:59 Chamberlain Rest Area.
6,935.6 3:54 Leave I-90 to go into Mitchell.
6,938.6 4:04-4:38 Visited the Corn Palace.
6,940.8 4:45 Back on I-90.
6,970.5 5:10 Leave I-90 Exit 364 for US-81 south.
6,924.4 6:00 Yankton.
6,926.3 Cross the Missouri River.
7,029.0 6:10 Cross SD/NE border.
7,060.1 6:42 Cross US-20.
7,130.0 7:52-8:37 Columbus Village Inn for supper - $13.02 + $2.00 tip.
7,185.6 9:47 Enter I-80 ... In Lincoln we stopped at Russ's for milk.
7,213.0 10:20 Arrive Home.

The Day’s total - 588 miles
Miles whilst Vancouver (including Nanaimo trip and Mara Lake) - 2,073.0 miles
Trip Total Vancouver to Lincoln - 2,753.0 miles
Trip Total Lincoln to Vancouver - 2,387.0 miles
Trip Total - 7,213.0 miles