Lincoln, Nebraska
Ontario, Canada and return


Day 1 - Friday May 19 - Lincoln, NE to Davenport, IA

0.011:00 Pulling out of the driveway.
11:2770th and "O" St. after leaving film.
12:05Nebraska Crossing ($15.96).
55.212:49 - 12:57AAA, Omaha.
62.91:23 - 2:16 Old Market, Omaha, and Garden Café for lunch ($15.38) and 50¢ for parking meter.
76.3 GAS - Omaha, NE - $1.229/gal. - 10.784 gals. - $13.25
84.83:01Mormon Bridge over the Missouri River.
114.13:30Junction with I-80.
(For LP's (my husband) information there is a Copper Kettle at Exit-29 and a Country Kitchen at Exit-60.)
264.45:56Grinnell, IA.
305.96:36 - 7:58 Amana Colonies. Had supper at the Holiday Inn Seven Villages Coffee Shop ($18.93) and bought a mug at one of the gift shops ($6.53).
380.89:22 Arrive at the Best Western ($59.48 / 2) in Davenport, Iowa. After taking our things into our room we took a shuttle bus to "The President", a riverboat gambling casino ($10.00)
380.8End of day

The day’s total - 381 miles
Trip Total - 381 miles

Day 2 - Saturday May 20 - Davenport, IA to Kalamazoo, MI

We had breakfast ($6.09 ÷ 2) at the Best Western before setting out for the day.
380.89:33Leave motel.
382.89:49 - 11:21 Mississippi River Visitor's Center, Rock Island, IL, where we watched barges going through the lock.
416.312:04 - 12:49Coffee stop and lunch - (salad: $11.20).
478.91:56 - 2:05 GAS - Ottawa, IL - $1.249/gal. - 12.434 gals. - $15.53
514.32:42Junction with I-55.
546.73:18Leave I-55.
562.64:00 - 6:30 Sight seeing and had dinner at the South Carolina Crab House, North Pier, Chicago, ($32.50 - Parking $9.00).
664.08:32 It was really 9:32 as we had crossed the time line into Eastern Time Zone! There were no vacancies at the Ramada.
696.69:15(10:15) Paw Paw. We left the Interstate here because Mary thought it would be fun to stay in Paw Paw, but we couldn't find any motels!
714.69:39(10:39) Finally, we found accommodation at the Days Inn in Kalamazoo ($49.51).
714.6End of day

The day’s total - 334 miles
Trip Total - 715 miles

Day 3 - Sunday May 21 - Kalamazoo, MI to Mississauga, ON

714.69:13Leave Days Inn.
744.79:45Junction of I-94 and I-69. Here we turned north on I-69.
792.110:50-11:28Lansing. We took a break at Beaner's Cafe ($4.24).
816.712:10-12:14 GAS - Perry, MI - $1.259/gal. - 7.954 gals. - $10.01
913.51:52-2:43Bridge Restaurant for lunch (me $6.19, $2.00 from kitty).
914.92:47-2:52 U.S./Canada border, (bridge toll - $1.25) and Canadian Customs.
1,078.95:51 Arrive Mississauga, ON (from where we moved to Lincoln). Saw old neighboors right away and learned that word had come for me to attend my Canadian Citizenship exam on the 31st May. We would have to return to Mississauga thus our route back to Lincoln was decided for us. However, this was better than having to fly back in the middle of Mary's and my later trip.

The day’s total - 364 miles
Trip Total - 1,079 miles

Day 4 - Monday May 22 - Mississauga, ON

1,078.9 Went to the Credit Valley Fruit Market for groceries ($16.90).
1,098.8 GAS - Clarkson, ON - 56.9¢/lt. - 47.46 lts. - $27.00
1,109.56:25Back "home" (chocolate $1.13 and added $40.00 to the kitty!).

The day’s total - 31 miles
Trip Total - 1,110 miles

Day 5 - Tuesday May 23 - Day Trip to Niagara Falls, ON

1,111.7 Back from the mall, to find LP arrived a day early, took the Shadow and Mary and I had the van.
10:45 Leave "home".
11:07 Leaving from Tim Hortons with donuts ($5.00) and cleaned the windshield!
1,131.1 11:52 - 12:01 Donut Stop, Sioux Lookout Park, Burlington.
1,149.8 12:38 - 1:01 Stopped near Grimsby - shopping (groceries $10.14 and Uremol 20 psoriasis - self $12.64).
1:42 First stop below the Brock Monument.
1,178.9 Brock Monument.
1,184.7 2:54 - 5:51 Parked at the Whirlpool. From here we travelled via People Mover ($8.00) into Niagara Falls, visiting various locations of interest.
1,199.5 6:57 Leave Lock 3 on the Welland Canal.
1,236.5 7:58-9:00 Dinner ($21.00 from kitty).
1,262.9 9:38 Beckers (milk - $3.29 from kitty).
1,263.2 9:43 "Home".

The day’s total - 154 miles
Trip Total - 1,263 miles

Day 6 - Wednesday May 24 - Day Trip to Toronto, ON

1,299.81:25 - 3:45 Parked Downtown Toronto Lunch ($8.75) Lunch - me ($17.26) and Mary ($21.74); Uremol 20 ($11.15); Thank You card - $2.47
1,314.24:25Cooksville Dodge to have van serviced ($22.97).
1,337.38:11"Home". Put $40.00 into kitty.

The day’s total - 74 miles
Trip Total - 1,337 miles

Day 7 - Thursday May 25 - Mississauga, ON

1,337.3Start of the day.
After going to the post office we bought flowers for Kay at Loblaws (kitty - $3.44) , then to Kay's for coffee and rhubarb muffins. Stopped Sherwood Forest "Bird's Nest" shop for gifts and ($8.00 for Dee's birthday (me) and a gift for Martha (kitty - $6.85) Then we went to the Price Club (me - $53.47 for latex gloves and cookbooks) before going to Martha's for lunch.
1,346.1 GAS - Mississauga, ON - 55.9¢/lt. - 59.21 lts. - $33.10
We then went to Tender Touch for a free car wash, Mississauga Greenhouses for a plant for our host ($13.79), and Sunkist for supplies ($5.96). After a quick supper I went for a hair cut.
After this I had a quick visit with old next door neighbors. Back at the house I looked over the maps with Mary before she went to bed. I waited up to go to the airport for Stu.
1,408.9Back from the airport.

The day’s total - 72 miles
Trip Total - 1,409 miles

Day 8 - Friday May 26 - Mississauga to Kingston, ON

LP arrived back in Mississauga this morning with Papa in tow. We exchanged cars once more as Mary and I were to have the Shadow for the rest of our Ontario trip.
1,408.911:02Leave "home" and stopped in at Tim Hortons ($5.05).
11:30Ran into a build up of traffic.
1,488.712:48Left ON-401 for ON-2 at Port Hope.
1,526.02:20Left after lunch via Brighton Road Bridge.
1,530.3 GAS - Quinte Isle, ON - 59.9¢/lt. - 41.75 lts. - $25.00
1,564.93:29 - 3:55 Lake on the Mountain. Enjoyed a coffee ($3.00) in historic building.
1,566.35:00Disembarking from the ferry.
1,592.3 Passing Clarks by the Bay, where we would be returning for Stu's Graduation Dinner.
1,592.36:00Arrive at the Ramada in Kingston.

The day’s total - 183 miles
Trip Total - 1,592 miles

Day 9 - Saturday May 27 - Kingston, ON

Stu's Graduation took place in the morning and in the afternoon Mary and I looked around Kingston.
1,607.6 Back at the Ramada to prepare for dinner. We drove the van to go to Clarks by the Bay for dinner.(Distance to Clarks and back - 17.0 miles)
1,624.6Back at the Ramada.

The day’s total - 32 miles
Trip Total - 1,625 miles

Day 10 - Sunday May 28 - Kingston, ON to Ithaca, NY

1,624.68:15 Leaving Ramada.
1,642.59:00 - 1:57Gananoque and Thousand Island boat cruise.
1,653.2$Can 2.00 toll.
1,660.02:29New York Welcome Center.
1,769.95:00Turn onto NY-89.
1,805.3Turn off to Knapp Winery.
1,837.06:50Ithaca bridge.
1,842.67:15Motel ($55.50).

The day’s total - 218 miles
Trip Total - 1,843 miles

Day 11 - Monday May 29 - Ithaca, NY to Coopers Plains, NY

1,842.69:30 Leave motel. Drove out to Six Mile Creek Winery, but it was closed.
1,848.4 GAS - Ithaca, NY - $1.299/gal. - 10.007 gals. - $13.00
Forest Home, settled 1794. Cornell U.
1,857.010:40Leaving NY-79.
1,881.611:30Watkins Glen.
1,885.511:43 - 12:09 Lakewood Winery (Wine gifts for Kay - $28.87). I also bought some seasoned olive oil ($18.57).
1,889.71:23 Leaving Watkins Glen. We paid $3.00 to park at the bottom of the glen. We hiked up the glen, but not to the top, then had a picnic lunch (standing) upon returning to the car.
1,910.01:56 - 4:20 Corning Glass Museum (Coffee $1.68). I let Mary visit the museum whilst I sat in the car studying "Canada", history, geography and current affairs, ready for my citizenship interview.
1,923.35:15Stiles Motel ($44.06), Coopers Plains.
1,925.7Perkins for supper ($14.86).
1,928.17:12Back at the motel for the end of the day.

The day’s total - 86 miles
Trip Total - 1,928 miles

Day 12 - Tuesday May 30 - Coopers Plains, NY to Mississauga, ON

1,928.19:03 Leaving motel (room tip - $2.00) at Coopers Plains via NY-415.
1,981.9Pictures between Nanda and Oakland.
1,991.1Portageville - Genesee River.
1,991.910:48Enter Letchworth State Park.
1,997.11:08 - 1:42Wolf Creek for picnic lunch.
2,009.12:25 ark boundary - leaving at the north end - Mt. Morris, founded 1794. Turn left onto NY-36 (Mount Morris Road), then west on Alt. US-20..
2,049.03:23Junction with NY-400.
2,072.94:03 - 4:10 GAS - Buffalo, NY - $1.279/gal. - 8.998 gals. - $11.51
2,152.45:55Arrive Kay's, Mississauga, ON.
In the evening we went with Kay and an other friend to a Victorian Tea at a church, the programme for the annual meeting of UCW (United Church Women).

The day’s total - 224 miles
Trip Total - 2,152 miles

Day 13 - Wednesday May 31 - Mississauga, ON to Lansing, MI

2,152.49:55 Leave Kay's for Mississauga City Centre. I was nervous about my interview because so much depended on it. Moving to The States for longer than six months would deprive me of my landed immigrant status. Hence if anything happened to LP I would be forced to return to Australia!
The interview went well. I think that I was asked more questions about Australia than any relevant to Canada. Anyway I was told that I was ready for the next step, that is to attend a swearing in ceremony. This could have been the 1st of July, Canada's birthday, but I asked for a later date as I would be travelling with Mary.
11:35Leaving Square One.
12:33Leaving Erin Mills Town Centre.
2,192.41:45Leave McMaster University, Hamilton.
2,213.62:22 - 3:07 Picnic lunch by the Grand River at Pauline Johnson picnic ground, Chiefswood Park (entry $3.00).
2,224.43:36Leaving Tim Hortons ($2.08) in Brantford.
2,286.05:38Turning onto ON-402 to Sarnia.
2,344.46:35 Stopped in traffic to pay toll for bridge to the US - stopped dead (could see long line of traffic on bridge).
2,344.56:43Paid toll.
2,346.77:03 - 7:56Bridge Restaurant for supper ($15.72).
2,356.0Turned around at Exit-266 - we got onto I-94 by mistake!!
2,361.28:18Back on I-69 and going west.
2,476.710:23 GAS - Lansing, MI - $1.179/gal. - 13.570 gals. - $16.00
2,476.8End of day - Best Western.

The day’s total - 324 miles
Trip Total - 2,477 miles

Day 14 - Thursday June 1 - Lansing, MI to Lincoln, NE

2,476.87:48Leave the motel.
10:00Sign: "90 minutes to Chicago"
2,623.710:14 Indiana State Line and time change (Central Time Zone) - now 9:14.
2,626.59:19 - 9:26Rest Area.
9:49 - 10:03Portage, IN, - coffee ($1.00).
2,661.110:15Traffic jam.
2,665.410:30End of jam.
2,669.7Illinois State Line.
Toll - 30¢.
2,782.212:49 - 1:32Lunch stop.
2,836.02:24Iowa State Line.
2,897.7 GAS - Coralville, IA - $1.299/gal. - 12.9 gals. - $16.80
3,105.8 Turn onto I-680 at Exit 30.
3,116.97:14 - 7:20Pit Stop.
3,134.77:39Nebraska State Line.
3,195.88:50Home - end of day

The day’s total - 719 miles
Trip Total - 3,196 miles

We spent Friday, 2nd June at home, doing laundry and packing ready for our next and much longer trip, which was going to last the best part of two months.