Mississauga, Ontario
Omaha, Nebraska round trip


Day 1 - Friday, September 16 - Mississauga, ON to Council Bluffs, IA


0.07:15Leave home, I was driving
31.6 End of 403 at Hwy 2 west, but 403 continues to 401 ... saw some bison in the field at a bison farm before getting to Brantford, in fact just before the Onondaga turnoff
68.48:32 Leaving 403 to join up with 401 - Exit 232 is the one before the one we came on at
98.99:01Leaving 401 for 402 to Sarnia
156.69:59Change drivers, so LP would drive over the border
161.410:05$1.25 toll for bridge to States
162.110:06Middle of bridge - Welcome To Michigan
162.710:18US Customs
163.710:21 - 10:29Welcome Center
164.1 GAS - Port Huron, MI - $1.159/gal - 13.804 gals. - $16.00
165.210:40Back on highway, i.e. I-69
226.211:40Flint City Limit
261.011:45 Big GM plant - truck and bus group ... [5 hours ... Av. 52.2 mph]
268.712:22Leave I-69 for Business Loop I-69 through Lansing
275.812:3584° on entering Lansing, MI
283.712:51 Back on I-69 after having driven through Lansing, and passing another GM plant, both sides of the road.
308.51:156 hours ... Av. 51.4 mph.
319.01:25 - 2:12 Lunch at Rest Area ... on leaving here I am driving again.
352.42:45 Just passed the exit at which I think I left to get gas at Portage in 1992. That was the first gas after leaving Mississauga.
397.73:29 Came to a stop and now progressing slowly - traffic held up, not sure what town it is but getting close to Lake Michigan.
426.64:04 Indiana Welcomes You. When crossing into Indiana we also cross the time line and enter the Central Time Zone thus the time is now an hour earlier.
437.24:159 hours ... Av. 48.6 mph.
452.54:30Indiana 249, Portage, Exit-19.
471.44:50Just crossed the Illinois State Line.
479.24:59 Toll 30¢ as we turn left onto I-80 to go west to Iowa.
486.15:08Coming to a standstill.
487.05:1510 hours ... Av. 48.7 mph.
489.25:39We are making a little progress now.
492.15:43 According to my calculations we should be exactly half way between home and Omaha. It will be interesting to see how close that is!
524.16:1511 hours ... Av. 47.6 mph.
542.96:33Off the highway to get gas.
543.36:35Stopped to get gas in Ottawa, IL (82°)
543.66:45 GAS - Ottawa, IL - $1.199/gal - 12.924 gals. - $15.50
543.86:49Back on I-80.
571.47:1512 hours ... Av. 47.6 mph.
631.98:15 Crossing the Mississippi River and Welcome To Iowa - Davenport - 303 miles to the Nebraska State Line!
631.98:1513 hours ... Av. 48.6 mph.
653.48:35Leaving the highway to stop for supper.
654.08:38 - 9:44 We have Alaska and Nova Scotia parked on either side of us at Gramma’s Kitchen, Walcott - fantastic food. (Tip $2.50, supper $15.88).
9:45Back on the highway.
690.910:19 This is for IA-1 where I joined in I-80 in 1992 coming down from Dubuque.
783.811:19 Stopping at a Rest Area for LP to have a stretch - he has been driving since we had supper, and before that too, I think.
11:29Setting off again.
810.912:22 am First sign for Omaha.
12:50Just saw my first Nebraska car.
We have a Rest Area coming up and we are going to stop so we can change drivers.
830.91:01Just left the highway.
1:06About to pull out to carry on.
926.32:15 Leaving I-80 for the motel, Heartland Inn, Council Bluffs, IA - exactly 19 hours.
927.0End of a very long day!

The day’s total - 927 miles
Trip Total - 927 miles

Day 2 - Saturday, September 17 - Omaha, NE


927.010:20Leave motel, Heartland Inn.
927.3 GAS - Council Bluffs, IA - $1.169/gal - 12.834 gals. - $15.00
931.211:39Nebraska, The Good Life.
934.011:43 - 12:00Information Center.
947.912:22 - 12:41Stopped for lunch.
976.82:29The big shopping mall near AAA.
977.03:26Leave the mall.
994.44:27Lake Manawa State Park.
999.65:47Back at motel
1,007.9Back from supper.

The day’s total - 81 miles
Trip Total - 1,008 miles

Day 3 - Sunday, September 18 - Omaha, NE

1,007.910:33Leave motel.
1,052.12:55Stopped for lunch.
1,053.81:48 Arrive at the office to meet Jake. He took us for a drive around the city and showed us various apartments (Georgetown Apartments, south of Dodge, Whitehall Condos, Wycliff and quite a number of other places).

The day’s total - 46 miles
Trip Total - 1,054 miles

Day 4 - Monday, September 19 - Omaha, NE to Davenport, IA


1,067.010:08Leave motel.
1,079.710:24Arrive AIC office.
{Travelers' checks 3 x $50.00 to pay Heartland Inn - $143.85 + $5.00 tip for room service (Cash notes $138.00 - $13.00 for lunch = $125.00}
1,092.44:47Leave AIC office.
1,221.66:59 - 7:39AIC office in Des Moines.
1,237.58:45 GAS - Des Moines, IA - $1.23/gal.- 11.299 gals. - $14.00 (45¢ cash discount)
8:48On I-80.
9:13 - 10:16Supper ($14.66 + $2.00 tip).
1,390.212:14Heartland Inn, Davenport, IA.

The day’s total - 336 miles
Trip Total - 1,390 miles

Day 5 - Tuesday, September 20 - Davenport, IA - Mississauga, ON


1,390.29:18Leave motel (Davenport)
1,402.49:31Middle of the Mississippi River - Welcome To Illinois
1,405.59:37We turned off I-80 onto I-88, the East-West Tollway.
1,448.710:14Start of the Tollway.
1,458.710:23Stopped to pay a 95¢ toll.
1,495.010:57Stopped to pay another 95¢ toll.
1,520.811:21 40¢ toll - exact coins. Speed limit changed from 65 mph to 55 mph.
Just after paying the toll we went around a corner, then “Bingo” we were suddenly into a lot of traffic as we entered the outskirts of Chicago.
1,540.811:4340¢ toll.
1,560.012:20 Crossing the main bridge over the Chicago River after having come down Michigan Avenue.
1,565.712.41Back on the freeway
1,605.9 GAS - Chicago, IL - $1.059/gal. - 12.100 gals. - $12.81
1,630.01:24 Leaving I-94 to get gas. A couple of miles back we departed from I-90 and I-80 east and with that went many of the trucks. Thank Goodness!
We are stopping at Portage where I stopped in ‘92
1:39Going back onto the highway after getting gas. LP is now driving.
1,632.8Entering Eastern Time Zone.
1,633.0Michigan Welcome Center
1,633.22:07 - 2:49Rest Area - Welcome Center, the first in the nation.
2:50Pass the Welcome to Michigan sign again.
Interesting signs for road construction - first sign for 5 miles of road construction had a very sad face; at 4 miles the mouth was not turned down as much; 3 miles a little less turned down; 2 miles starting to turn up; sign “Only 1 more mile” a happier face, then a very Happy Face for End of Construction!
1,703.93:56 - 4:06Rest Area.
1,738.5Exit 108 for I-69 to Lansing.
1,898.87:11-7:20 GAS - Port Huron, MI - $1.149/gal. - 9.526 gals - $10.95
1,900.27:26 - 7:36Duty Free ($16.00 for 1 bottle of Scotch).
7:39-7:55In line.
1,964.59:00ON-402 to ON-401
1,989.19:25 - 9:49Rest Stop
1,994.910:01On the ON-403 cutoff

The day’s total - 671 miles
Trip Total - 2,062 miles