I was living in Canada at this time of this trip and then I measured driving distances in kilometers (km) but in this document the corresponding miles will also be given following in brackets.

Day 17 - Tuesday June 29 - Vancouver


I had a very lazy day, mostly trying to put my things away and continue tidying the apartment. Whilst Anna was at work, I went for a long walk, going as far as the Burrard Street Bridge and back, to be become accustomed to and get a feel for the area. I thought that Anna's location in a pleasant residential area was very good. It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed seeing all the lovely flowers in people's gardens.
When Anna returned from work she wanted to take me for a drive to show me her favorite haunts, including the Granville Market where she loved to shop for fresh fruit and vegetables. It was obvious that she loved Vancouver.
I just knew that I was going to enjoy myself both being here with Anna and being in Vancouver. Before the day ended I had a phone call from Merrie and Charles and arrangements were made for me to visit them on Vancouver Island the next evening!

Day 18 - Wednesday June 30 - Vancouver to Vancouver Island

1993_06_30.jpg This morning it was essential that I have the car serviced before any further galavanting. Whilst the car was left for service I was able to return home in a taxi, courtesy of the dealership. This gave me time to pack and prepare for my trip to Vancouver Island.

I left Anna's at 1:20 and arrived at the Tsawwassen ferry terminal thirty-five minutes later, but had over an hour's wait before boarding the ferry. The trip from Tsawwassen to Schwartz Bay took an hour and three quarters, most of which I spent out on the deck enjoying the wonderful scenery. Upon leaving the ferry I drove to the Smiths, so I would know where to go later (I was not expected until after supper).

From here I drove into Brentwood Bay to try to find the Morgans. An elderly gentleman in the house next to where they used to live gave me their new address in Sidney. Returning north to Sidney I found their new home only to discover they were in Ontario, spending the summer in Ottawa!

On the way back to downtown Sidney I noticed a magnificent rose garden next to the local library and stopped to take some pictures. The roses were so beautiful and I wished I knew how to take better photographs of flowers. After this I found a pleasant place to have a fish dinner, the Squid Roe Pub and Restaurant.
By now it was time for me to go to the Smiths. It was really good to see Charles (a groomsman at our wedding) and Marie again after so many years. We had a most pleasant evening and Marie showed me through their gorgeous home. Before retiring for the night there was some discussion on what we might do the next day, but no decisions were made. I was to sleep on the suggestions!

Day 19 - Thursday July 1 - Victoria and sailing near Sidney, Vancouver Island


When I came down for breakfast I was offered Marie's special home-made granola and fresh strawberries picked from their own garden that morning.

Charles also presented an alternative suggestion which he had omitted the night before. "Would I be interested in going sailing?" I really jumped at this, because that was what I most wanted to do but had not wanted to ask! Charles and Marie also wanted to go sailing, it being their favorite pastime, but they did not want me to feel obliged to please them, especially if I had my heart set on sightseeing! That cleared up to the satisfaction of all parties the day's plans were then made.

The wind usually comes up in the afternoon, so I was taken for a drive in the morning, stopping first at Mount Douglas. We climbed to the summit with it magnificent 360° view over Victoria and the surrounding area. We drove to Oak Bay and around the coast until we had to detour, the road being closed for Canada Day celebrations at Beacon Hill Park. Leaving downtown Victoria we went back up the Saanich Peninsula to the Yacht Club and marina north of Sidney, where the Smiths keep their boat.

What a wonderful afternoon I had! We had our lunch on board before doing any serious sailing. Charles gave me a turn at the wheel and Marie had me standing right up in the prow of the boat. We sailed in and out among the islands and I just had the greatest time. It took about an hour to wash down the boat and put everything away when we returned to the marina. Unable to help, I walked around the marina looking at all the different boats.
Arriving back at the house, Marie had a rest before preparing supper and I wandered around their lovely garden and took some pictures. Then I sat and had a chat with Charles. We were all feeling pleasantly tired after our hours in the fresh air, so following supper we were ready for an early night.

Day 20 - Friday July 2 - Victoria and return to Vancouver

1993_07_02.jpg Charles had already left for work when I came down for breakfast, having packed ready for my departure. Again I had granola and fresh fruit. I did not intend to return to Vancouver until the afternoon so drove into Victoria. After parking the car I walked around the Inner Harbor, picked up some tourist literature at the Information Center and did a quick tour of the Parliament Building.

From here I went to Beacon Hill Park where I walked through the gardens, and, having noticed some baby peacocks, I also went into the Children's Petting Zoo. By now it was lunch time, so I went back downtown, parked the car in The Bay parkade and went to The Golden Palace, a Chinese restaurant which Marie had recommended.

After lunch I headed north to Schwartz Bay, and arriving there at 12:55 only had a half hour wait until cars started boarding the ferry. I loved being on the ferry, which made me think of the trips I had done across the Pacific and how fortunate I had been to have had such trips.

The ferry docked at Tsawwassen shortly after 3:00 It was a glorious day, and driving away from the terminal, I could see that "The Lions" were in sunshine. So often the mountain tops are shrouded in cloud and "The Lions" are hidden from view.

I arrived back at Anna's around 4 o'clock to find that she had decided that we were going to eat out. We had dinner at Chianti, an Italian restaurant on 4th. Avenue, and afterwards drove to the Jericho Sailing Club where Anna is a member and where she took her sailing lessons. We made one more stop before returning home, namely the Superstore, to shop for certain groceries which cannot be purchased elsewhere!
Day 21 - Saturday July 3

I had a very quiet morning, having slept in until about 8 o'clock. I made myself a cup of coffee and, from the rough notes made during the trip, I spent some time writing my journal until Anna stirred.
After breakfast we went shopping in Richmond to look around the many furniture stores there for a bed chesterfield. We decided against buying one until we had done some further exploring, but Anna did get some shelving, which she put together when we arrived home. We also bought a special cord for the TV so we could hook up the video camera and watch the tapes we had taken en route across the country. This I started to do in the evening whilst Anna was out at Michelle's party.

Day 22 - Sunday July 4

This morning we went to the service at St. David's United Church (across Lion's Gate Bridge and at the foot of British Properties).
In the afternoon we went back to Richmond, and Ikea in particular, still looking for furniture. By now Anna had decide against getting a bed chesterfield, not only because it was costly, but because it would be bulky and very heavy for moving. Instead she found a lightweight settee which took her fancy. It was not in stock, however, so she had to order it and would have to wait until it came in. The problem of not having a spare bed remained unsolved!

Day 23 - Monday July 5 - Lynn Canyon (North Vancouver)

We had some banking to do this morning, also some shopping, and went to Granville Island. The shopping excursions here are ever so much more interesting than just going to a mall to do all one's messages!
After lunch I took off, not quite sure what I was going to do. First I went to the Price Club to see if I could use my Ontario membership there and be able to write checks. From here I made my way across the Second Narrows Bridge as I had decided to look for Lynn Canyon. I could not help wondering if it would still be as beautiful and as unspoiled as it was thirty-five years ago!
With the map to help me I found the park and was not disappointed. It was more or less as I had remembered, and I truly enjoyed my next three hours of exploring.
I crossed the swinging bridge and followed the trail through the woods upstream to one of the deep pools where a number of young people were swimming and jumping off the rocks into the pool. From here I hiked down the trail to the bridge below the Twin Falls. Surrounded by forest with only the natural sounds of birds and tumbling waters, it was hard to believe that bustling Downtown Vancouver was only 16.1 km (10) away! From Twin Falls I had a long, steep climb back to the upper level and car park.
Fifteen minutes after leaving Lynn Canyon I was in the midst of four lanes of traffic approaching Lions Gate Bridge, the four lanes becoming two and the two lanes becoming one! It seemed dreadfully congested and quite slow, but in fact I was over the bridge within seven minutes, which I thought quite good. What a lovely day!

Day 24 - Tuesday July 6 - Vancouver - U.B.C., Kitsilano and Stanley Park

This morning Anna drove me to U.B.C. (University of British Columbia) to show me around the campus, and her buildings in particular. Then, before returning home, we went to the Price Club.
After lunch Anna had to go to work and I went to see if my films were ready (but they were not in). I drove to and walked around Granville Island, just to browse, then, on the way home, I went back to the 4th. Avenue stores to buy a large container for the cereal we had made from Marie's granola recipe. The drug store phoned to say my pictures were in, so I picked them up when I went out again.
I drove as far as Jericho Beach and back, looking for the pool where Anna swims, and waited for her to arrive from work. I tried to watch her swimming, but could not pick her out. The Kitsilano Pool, located at Kits Beach on English Bay, is a 150 metre long pool of salt water mixed with fresh water. The sloping grassy bank above the pool affords a lovely view over it and the bay to Downtown Vancouver.
Anna made a tasty chicken stir-fry for supper, then suggested we go for a drive. After crossing the Granville Bridge, very different from how I remembered it in 1958, she drove up Seymour Street, where we saw all the prostitutes hanging out, and on to Gastown, an old but rejuvenated part of the city. Then from here we went to Stanley Park and followed the scenic drive around the park.

Day 25 - Wednesday July 7 - Vancouver Aquarium and downtown

First thing this morning Anna took her bicycle in for service and I went to pick her up. She checked the wind for sailing, but decided there was not enough. Instead we went to Stanley Park to visit the Vancouver Aquarium, of which Anna is a member. Here we spent most of our time watching the whales. After driving Anna to work for 2:00 I returned to the Aquarium to look at the many other attractions.
Then I went Downtown to the Vancouver Travel Information Center and walked over to Canada Place, where I passed the time until going to pick Anna up from work. She dropped me at home and drove to Jericho to go sailing. I made a salad for myself for supper after which I went on writing the titles on my pictures, something I was doing each morning with an early cup of coffee whilst waiting for Anna to rise and shine!

Day 26 - Thursday July 8 - Vancouver - Queen Elizabeth Park and Kitsilano

The morning was spent doing errands: kitchen store for folding chairs and another cereal container, the foam store for a mattress, and the bicycle shop for Anna to collect her bike.
In the afternoon I drove to Queen Elizabeth Park, where I enjoyed a long walk and spent time photographing flowers! Afterwards I met Anna at the Kitsilano Pool as I had promised to watch her swim. I stopped at the drug store on the way home to pick up more pictures.
For supper Anna and I went out to the ONA Restaurant on Cornwall Street. We both ordered the bouillabaisse, which was delicious.

Day 27 - Friday July 9

It was one year ago this morning that Anna left Mississauga for Vancouver. It has been a happy move for her and I can see why she probably wont want to move back to Ontario. Vancouver is very suitable for her active lifestyle. I have to be happy for her, but at the same time, am sad that my family is so spread out.
Today being pay day, I had to attend to some banking, and after this Anna and I went to Granville Market, a favorite place to buy fresh produce, fish and chicken.
My cold was starting to get me down and I didn't feel like doing anything! I hoped that it would not hang on for too long as there was so much I wanted to do. I phoned both Kelly, who used to be one of our neighbours, and Sally (from A.C.O.R.N. and Monday afternoon bridge). I chatted with both of them and promised to call back and arrange visits when I was feeling better.
Anna cooked supper, a beef stir-fry, before going out with her friends to celebrate one year in Vancouver. I worked on numbering my photos for a while, but took advantage of having an early night.

Day 28 - Saturday July 10 - Vancouver - downtown, Kerrisdale and Marine Drive

This morning Anna had banking to do and groceries to buy and I wanted to get two extra Chinese bowls to match those she already had.
Although St. Paul's Hospital is downtown it is only 4.2 km (2.6) from Anna's apartment and she usually rides her bike. I drove her to work this afternoon as I intended to spend some time downtown. However I changed my mind and decided to go to the camera shop in Kerrisdale (49th. Avenue) to buy a set of lenses for close-up work. There were so many beautiful flowers begging to be captured on film!
From Kerrisdale I went to Marine Drive, stopped at an Overlook above the Fraser River estuary (North Arm) and again at the U.B.C. Botanic Gardens. It was still too early to go to the hospital so I returned downtown for a while.
I met Anna outside St. Paul's at 8:15 and we drove straight home. We had a light supper and watched some of the videos.

Day 29 - Sunday July 11 - Vancouver to Pender Harbour, Sunshine Coast


We had a slow start to the day, but finally got on the way for our two-day trip to the Sunshine Coast. We took 16th. Avenue to Granville Street, went over the Granville Bridge, and at the corner of Smithe and Howe Streets Anna remarked that we were only 5 km (3.1) from home and emphasized how lucky she was have such a great location.
After crossing the Lions Gate Bridge Anna took me on a lovely drive through British Properties, where we had stayed with the MacLeans in 1980. We saw many fine homes, some being magnificent mansions with wonderful views over the harbor. Then we went to Horseshoe Bay, arriving at the ferry terminal at 12:18.
The ferry toll was $34.50, for which we could go to Langdale and back to Horseshoe Bay or go to Langdale and take the next ferry from Earls Cove to Saltery Bay.
Whilst waiting for the ferry departure we spent the time walking around in Horseshoe Bay. We sauntered through the park and looked in the stores. Anna found and bought two books containing volumes 1 to 5 and 6 to 10 on the history and legends of the Sunshine Coast. I do not know why, but I am amazed and excited about the interests Anna is developing. I suspect that for the first time in our relationship I am getting to know a grown up daughter, as we have spent more time together this summer than we have since she left home to go to university.


The ferry left Horseshoe Bay at 1:30 and thirty-five minutes later we disembarked in Langdale. From here it was a short drive into Gibsons, made famous by the TV series "The Beachcombers". We called in at the Tourist Information Center, where we were able to book ahead for accommodation. We also had a fish and chip lunch in Gibsons before heading up the coast.
Having been in the area on her sailing trip and also having had a week-end on the Sunshine Coast previously, Anna was feeling very good at being able to show me around for a change! I also felt very good seeing the pleasure she was getting from sharing her trip with me.
Leaving Gibsons we drove out Gower Point Road and along Ocean Beach Esplanade looking out on the Strait of Georgia. We stopped at Chaster Provincial Park, to look at the cairn which marks and commemorates the spot where Captain James Vancouver did some sightseeing in 1792.
From here we got onto Highway 101 to Sechelt, took a look at Snickett Park on Trail Bay, then continued north to Redrooffs Road. This took us closer to the coast around Halfmoon Bay with glimpses of the Strait of Georgia all along the way. Taking this narrow, winding and hilly road gives one a better feeling of what life on the Sunshine Coast is all about, whilst Highway 101 could almost be any road anywhere!


There being so many bays and coves, many of the roads have no outlets, so one has to return frequently on the same route back to the highway, but Redrooffs Road was an exception. Our next detour from the highway was Brooks Road to Smugglers Cove.
Arriving at the parking area we discovered we could not see the cove without a two kilometer round trip hike through the woods. Anna felt that we did not have time for this, and, although disappointed I realized that she knew what she wanted to do before reaching our night's destination.
We did drive to the end of Brooks Road, however, before returning to the highway. Here we found a beautiful little cove, looking out onto Halfmoon Bay, with some houses above the rocks around it. At the end of the cove there was a huge stump, the remains of a one-time forest giant. The tide was going out and walking along the shoreline we could see intertidal marine life, especially small crabs. Here, also, we enjoyed picking and eating fresh ripe blackberries. They tasted so.o.o good! We left the highway again to take Francis Peninsular Road on Beaver Island. Near a fishery looking over Pender Harbor, I took some pictures, and although I did not know it at the time they were views looking towards Garden and Hospital Bays, the area where we were going to spend the night. Back on 101 we drove into a marina at Madeira Park, the largest community on Pender Harbor.
At the next exit, we turned onto Garden Bay Road, which passed through a lovely pastoral area, meandered around the shore of a fresh water lake, and took us to Hospital Bay by 6:23 Here we had no trouble finding our lodgings at the Sundowner Inn.
Formerly the St. Mary's Hospital building until the hospital was relocated in Sechelt in 1964, the Sundowner Inn looks out over Hospital Bay. The room sizes vary considerably (we were shown several rooms from which we could choose) and thedoors to the rooms were wide enough for hospital beds - a most interesting building.
As soon as we had unpacked and freshened up we walked down to the marina, where Anna said they had tied up overnight on her sailing trip. One cruise boat, the biggest one there, was registered in Park City, Utah! We walked along the docks, watched fresh caught salmon being cleaned and stopped in at the local general store. Here, even 'though it was a Sunday, people could buy beer, wine or hard liquor! Then we strolled over to nearby Garden Bay, where we had our dinner at the Garden Bay Pub, looking out over the water.

Day 30 - Monday July 12 - Pender Harbour to Vancouver


I awoke early, dressed and went for a walk, leaving Anna to sleep in. It was such a beautiful morning as the sunlight filtered across the mountains.
We had our breakfast in the dining room of the Sundowner Inn, waited on by the proprietor. It was very relaxing and most enjoyable with a beautiful view looking out across the bay.
After leaving the Sundowner Inn and before returning to the highway to go south, we drove to Irvings Landing near the entrance from Malaspina Strait to Pender Harbour.
Going south we detoured along Sans Souci Road to Secret Cove, another place Anna had been on her sailing trip. We did not stop here as there was nowhere to pull up, there being so many parked cars! An advertisement for the Jolly Roger Inn states "A Hidden Treasure in Secret Cove", and I am sure that Secret Cove would have been a delightful place to see if only we could have seen it!
We did stop in Sechelt, however, where Anna wanted to go to a certain book store. Here I bought a biography of Pauline Johnson, the Indian Princess from Six Nations near Brantford, Ontario, then leaving Anna there I walked down to the beach at Trail Bay on the Strait of Georgia. Afterwards we drove to the Government Wharf on Porpoise Bay. Sechelt is a town located on a one kilometre (0.6) stretch of land between the two bays, Trail and Porpoise.
Leaving the highway after Sechelt, we were able to drive along Beach Avenue to the quaint little community of Roberts Creek. We wandered onto the beach, strewn with logs, and we watched the tide coming in against the water flowing down Roberts Creek. We also visited the general store with its much used bulletin board.
Back at Gibsons we enjoyed a lunch at Gramma's Pub, near Molly's Reach, looking out over the water. We arrived at the Langdale ferry terminal at 1:50 ready for the return trip to Horseshoe Bay, where we disembarked at 3:22 A lot of traffic was entering Lions Gate Bridge, but again, it only took about six minutes to reduce to a single lane for proceeding across the bridge.
Enthraled with my brief sojourn on the Sunshine Coast I was looking forward already to a return trip. More than ever I was determined that when LP and I left Vancouver at the end of our stay we would travel up the Sunshine Coast, continue to Powell River and cross to Vancouver Island from there.
On the way home we went to the Granville Market to purchase items for supper, and were home by 4:45 We then had 2½ hours in which to prepare dinner for company, Cris and his fiancee, Helen. The meal was great - hot and sour soup, a stir-fry with rice and a scrumptious dessert of fresh berries, simmered in wine and served over ice cream - hard to believe we had been away for two days!
Anna and I decide that it would be appropriate to give Cris and Helen their wedding gift, a carved loon, which proved to be a huge success. They both loved it, especially Cris, it being a reminder of the cottage back home on Loon Lake.

Day 31 - Tuesday July 13 - Vancouver - Stanley Park and Jericho Sailing Club


This morning I was still thinking of the wonderful trip Anna and I had enjoyed so much and I was looking forward to going to the Sunshine Coast again!
After breakfast we drove to Richmond to pick up Anna's settee at IKEA and she spent the afternoon putting it together - she was really pleased with it.
I decided to go into town, but unable to park within the vicinity of "The Search", a statue of a lady sitting on a park bench near the corner of Denman and Georgia Streets and searching through her handbag, I went on to Stanley Park. I strolled through the area where a number of artists had their easels set up for displaying finished work, and for doing portraits or caricatures for people on the spot. Continuing on I went to see a grouping of totem poles, then to Hallelujah Point, so named because in the early days the Salvation Army held services here and their singing (Hallelujahs) could be heard across the water in Downtown Vancouver. At Brockton Point I took time out to read and photograph the history of The Port of Vancouver.
By this time I was sure that Anna would be out sailing, so I drove to Jericho in the hope of seeing her, but did not do so until after she had come in and was looking for me. We sat on the balcony of the clubhouse and enjoyed a beer!
Anna made pizza bread for supper before borrowing the car to go out with her friends to a movie. Her landlady, Joanne, who lives upstairs, invited me to play some bridge with her and friends. At the end of the evening we had ice cream and fresh berries, raspberries and blueberries, and it was about midnight when I went to bed.

Day 32 - Wednesday July 14 - Vancouver - Gastown and Chinatown


I started off the day by taking in some films for developing and doing some banking and shopping. Then I decided to call the other person in the Vancouver phone book with our last name. I explained who I was and Flo sounded very excited about hearing from me and invited me to go for supper that night. Anna wanted to take me to Gastown and Chinatown. She drove through Downtown and along West Pender, where she parked the car within walking distance of both. We went to Chinatown first, looking for soup bowls to match those she already had, but we spent most of our time in historic Gastown. This old section of Vancouver had become very rundown, but has been refurbished and is now a popular tourist area. Of particular interest is the steam clock.
After we left Gastown we drove through Downtown, looking at various buildings and their interesting architecture. Anna also pointed out that many of the Vancouver couriers use bicycles as this is a more expedient way to get around the traffic-congested city with its one-way streets and no left turns! The police were clamping down, however, on the couriers' apparent disregard for road rules!
We arrived home about mid afternoon and I got ready to leave for my visit with Flo and Kirk. On the way I was able to stop at the Price Club to replenish my film supply! With map in hand, it was fairly easy to find my way from the Price Club to Port Coquitlam. My only problem was running into peak hour traffic!
I spent four hours with Flo and Kirk and was really pleased that I had contacted them. Fran served a great chicken dinner, with all the trimmings, the type of meal LP's mother used to prepare! I had taken some of my photographic cards, and both Flo and Kirk were thrilled with them. Krk brought out the old family photo album and he let me take pictures of some of the photographs, which I felt would be of interest to LP's father. It was a most pleasant visit and before leaving I promised to go again after LP arrived in Vancouver.

Day 33 - Thursday July 15 - Vancouver - Visiting friends


Today was a busy day in that I had managed to co-ordinate three visits, more or less in the same direction! I left home shortly after 9 o'clock and spent 2½ hours of the morning with Auntie Joy (sister of LP's father), whom I met for the first time - I felt that I could really get along very well with her. I enjoyed looking at her paintings and she liked my albums. Whilst there we also phoned her brother, my father-in-law, for his 79th. birthday.
From Auntie Joy's I went on to see Sally, with whom I also spent about 2½ hours. Sally showed me through her beautiful new home and made a delicious lunch for us, including home-made bread.
My third visit for the day was with Kelly and daughter Kathy, who seemed to be particularly excited about someone visiting from her old neighborhood. [Kathy has CP, but is a very social person, and although I have great difficulty in understanding her verbally, I can tell when she is happy]. Kelly invited me to stay for supper, so I could see Don when he came in from work.

Day 34 - Friday July 16 - Vancouver - Granville Island and Queen Elizabeth Park


This morning we went to Granville Island for fruit and vegetables, also squid, and to the supermarket, all before Anna had to go to work.
It was a beautiful day, so I decided to return to Queen Elizabeth Park where I wanted to try out my new lenses on the fuchsias in the hanging baskets there. On my previous visit to the park I had been impressed with the great variety of fuchsias.
Anna cooked a delectable dinner as usual, and I had a quiet evening at home. I rather liked these times to number photos and put titles on them or to view what I had put on the video each day.

Day 35 - Saturday July 17 - Vancouver - Chinatown, Canada Place and Stanley Park

This was the day Anna went with her friends to Agazzi for the Midnight Oil concert, so I had the entire day to myself. I decided to go to Chinatown to see the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, which was modeled after private classical gardens developed in the city of Suzhou during the 1368-1644 Ming Dynasty. It is a very beautiful and peaceful garden, a true oasis in the midst of a bustling city.
From here I went to Canada Place at the Harbourfront, where two cruise ships were docked, one on either side. From the terraces at the end one has a wonderful view looking over the harbor.
Today I was also able to find parking within walking distance of the statue, "The Search", so finally got the pictures I wanted. Going on I again spent some time in Stanley Park. The sound of a foghorn alerted me to the fact that one of the cruise ships was preparing for departure and I was able to watch the P & O "Crown Princess" back out from Canada Place, turn around and sail down the harbour. It was a beautiful sight and I wondered if I would ever be able to afford a trip to sea again!
After the ship left I continued around the Seawall Walk to the statue of "Girl in a Wet Suit" on a rock offshore. A man, taking his dog for a walk, instructed it to swim out to the statue, fetch a ball which he threw into the water, then called the dog back to shore and ordered it to shake off the water. Then man and dog proceeded on their walk!
After spending some time watching several people fish unsuccessfully from the marine wall, I decided to return home. Besides I had run out of film! I did stop to buy some fresh Coho salmon, which Safeway was selling on special.

Day 36 - Sunday July 18 - Vancouver - Kitsilano and Jericho Beach

Having been away for the whole day yesterday, Anna wanted to spend some time with me today and took me for a drive. We ran into heavy traffic, however, due to a Folk Concert in Jericho Park!
Later in the day I took Anna to work, and went for a drive myself. I went back up Broadway to a house I had noticed when out with Anna in the morning. It looked like an old English cottage with the same style of roof as those built in Shakespearean times. Then I went further up the hill, which provided a wonderful view of English Bay and Downtown Vancouver. There were wild sweet peas growing at the side of the road and I tried to get some really good photographs!
Back home I filleted the salmon, marinated one side in a teriyaki sauce, froze the other side, and made a fish stock with the head, tail, fins and bones. I also had time for a visit with Joanne before returning to St. Paul's to pick up Anna after work. We drove directly to Jericho Sailing Club, and walked from here to Locarno Beach and back.
Today was a truly beautiful day, with a clear sky and the mountains free of their usual cloud cover. We had an incredible view at sunset of the mountains, layer upon layer - BUT I did not have my camera with me!!
We really enjoyed our salmon supper when we got home, and Anna was pleased that I had made fish stock for her.

Day 37 - Monday July 19 - Vancouver - Richmond and Steveston

We had a few errands to run first thing in the morning and went to the camera shop in Kerrisdale for Anna to buy her new camera. Business out of the way Anna drove to Richmond, where she goes cycling. We went through the airport area on Sea Island and across Middle Arm Fraser River, took No. 3 Road to Westminster Highway then went west to the end of the road at the Middle Arm river delta. Here we passed many big new homes, all of different designs, but I could not help noticing that they were built on lots below the levee along the river!
We then went south to Steveston Fishing Village, where we walked along the main street and past the old historic cannery. This is to be opened eventually for tours, but in the meantime there are signs around the fence and these explain the different areas of the cannery. We walked along the waterfront and stopped for lunch at Daves.
Leaving Steveston Village, Anna drove past the 1890 Britannia Heritage Shipyard, also being restored, then followed the route she takes from Steveston when cycling along the Fraser, past dairy farms and new homes.
On returning to Vancouver, she took SW Marine Drive and went down into an area where there were a number of horse stables. It was really surprising to see this within the city limits. Also one of the roads was closed for filming! This was not the first time we had seen film trucks and police barriers. Because of escalating costs in California, Vancouver is proving to be an excellent location for film making.
We stopped at a second-hand book store with an unbelievably large collection of books, all placed on shelves according to category, or by author - a great place to browse. [I keep repeating the word "browse" and will have to continue doing so because, even with the help of the thesaurus, I cannot find a suitable alternative! - and I do not have enough money to purchase!!!]
After this it was time to take Anna to work, and instead of going for my usual drive after dropping her off, I went home to do some laundry and finish labeling her photos. I only had one more day to relax before LP's arrival!
Whilst at home I could hear a train whistle many times, yet I thought the nearby train track was no longer in use. Anyway when I went out later for gas, I saw an engine, a box car and a caboose! I was told "they" run this up the line every so often just to say the line is used and to prevent it from being closed!
When I met Anna after work, we decided to drive to Spanish Banks, hoping for another beautiful sunset. Although not as impressive as the sunset of the previous evening, it was still quite lovely. On the way home we went to "The Eatery on Broadway for a Sushi supper. I really loved the pickled green ginger which was served with the sushi and wondered if this was something I could make at home!

Day 38 - Tuesday July 20 - Vancouver - downtown

Anna had an early shift at work this morning and took the car to do some shopping after she came home. I had started to prepare the cereal and had made a list of those ingredients which we still needed.
In the afternoon we drove Downtown, parked the car on Alberni Street, and walked along Robson Street, through Eatons, the Mall, The Bay, past the Vancouver Hotel and through Cathedral Tower.
Arriving back home again, I went out to do some shopping and went to Granville Island to buy fruit. Anna had supper ready when I returned, Spicy Chicken Stir-fry with Egg Noodles (p. 39 in the Australian Woman's Weekly Pasta Cookbook) and a vegetable medley of leeks, onions, mushrooms and okra.

Day 39 - Wednesday July 21 - LP arrived - Grabville Island and downtown

Today LP arrived!
Anna had to go to work for 6:00 , but wanted her apartment to look "just so" for her father's arrival. So, before going to the airport, I not only cooked the cereal, but did laundry, put Anna's temporary bed away and cleaned up all the dishes.
I reached the airport by 9:30 and, although LP's plane was not due in until 9:50 there was no listing regarding its arrival on any of the TV monitors. I think that I went around in circles trying to get some information, only to be told, finally, that the plane had landed at 8:30!!
Well, eventually, I found a lonesome figure standing near the exit wistfully waiting to be picked up! With all this delay Anna was already back from work by the time LP and I got there.
Having already put in a shift at work, Anna had the rest of the day at her disposal and wanted to show her father around. She parked the car near the H.R. McMillan Planetarium, just west of the Burrard Street Bridge, and from here we walked to Granville Island and back.
Then Anna drove Downtown to Stanley Park and took the scenic drive around the perimeter of the park and on returning to Kitsilano, drove along English Bay past the swimming pool, into the Jericho Sailing Club, along Spanish Banks and through the University of British Columbia.
It became apparent that LP was very tired and obviously was not enjoying the drive at all. It turned out that he had barely had any sleep the previous night!

VANCOUVER TOTAL (before LP's arrival) 1,492.5 km (927.4 miles)

Day 40 - Thursday July 22 - Vancouver - (TRIUMF, Aquarium and Gastown)

This morning LP and I drove to U.B.C. to do a tour of TRIUMF - TRI UNIVERSITY MESON FACILITY. I found it too scientific for me to understand but seeing the site was interesting and the work being done rather mind boggling!
After lunch we went to the Vancouver Aquarium for Anna to renew her membership, but other than this we did not spend any time here.
Later in the afternoon LP and I returned to U.B.C. as we had an appointment to see Dr. Vogt, who heads up the team working at TRIUMF, and whom LP had known in Ottawa back in the sixties. At that time, when LP was working on his master's degree under Bob Smith, he had done some computer work under contract for Dr. Vogt.
We had a reservation at a restaurant in Gastown for dinner and allowed ourselves enough time to walk around the area before eating. The restaurant we had chosen was opposite the steam clock and we were intrigued both during and after dinner by the activity around the clock - filming for a movie.

Day 41 - Friday July 23 - Vancouver - West Vancouver (British Properties) and visit LP's relatives

Today being pay day we had to attend to banking at both the Bank of Montreal and at Canada Trust before doing anything else. Then Anna went with us to the Price Club because she wanted films and photo albums.
After lunch LP and I went for a drive, crossing Lions Gate Bridge to West Vancouver and touring through British Properties. We had been invited to Flo's and Kirk's for dinner, so headed east from here. We crossed back to Vancouver via the Second Narrows bridge, then followed Hastings Street through Burnaby to Barnet Road and Lougheed Highway to Port Coquitlam.
It was great to see Flo and Kirk again and Flo had made another one of her delicious chicken dinners, just like LP's mum meals in Port Colborne. We had a most enjoyable visit and both Flo and Kirk were pleased with how well my pictures of the family photos had turned out. I also got additional names for the LP's family tree.

Day 42 - Saturday July 24 - Vancouver - Steveston and a wedding

With the better part of the day at our disposal before attending Cris's and Helen's wedding, LP and I decided to go to Steveston. I more or less took LP on the same route Anna had taken me, through the airport and along the Middle Arm of the Fraser. Whilst stopped at the end of the road I noticed two bald eagles sitting in a tree, but they were disturbed and flew away before I managed to set up my tripod for any good pictures!
After arriving in Steveston we walked around for a while and looked at the old Georgia Cannery. Then LP sat on a bench along the boardwalk and I went down onto the docks to look at the fishing boats and the fresh fish, including prawns and octopus, for sale. Meeting up with LP again we had fish and chips for lunch.
Steveston is a very pretty spot and could be visited on a regular basis, or in other words, I don't think that I would ever get tired of going here, and, if I lived in Vancouver permanently, it would be a place to which I would always take visitors.
On leaving Steveston we followed Anna's bicycle route along the Fraser River for some distance before turning north to Steveston Road for me to see the Bhudist Temple. Here visitors are welcome and can enter the temple, but as it would be considered disrespectful to the gods, pictures cannot be taken within the temple. (I had to be satisfied with buying some postcards!) The whole place was very ornate, lots of gold, and heaped plates of fresh fruit had been placed on all the altars.
We arrived home around 3 o'clock, giving us ample time to shower and dress for the wedding, which was to take place at a Golf and Country Club, only a few minutes drive from Anna's.
The day had started out somewhat overcast, but the clouds gradually cleared and the weather could not have been better for the 5:30 garden wedding. Following the service, there was a reception line, cocktails and dinner. This was a superb meal: salad with strawberry dressing, sliced chicken breast, and attractively arranged vegetables, including a deep-fried grated-potato basket, and for dessert some kind of square flummery with chocolate-dipped strawberries. After the speeches, some a bit long-winded(!), there was a dance which went on until one o'clock.
We had been placed at a table with a couple from Ontario, Eleanor and Gary, and a Vancouver couple, Phyllis and Tom, who invited us all to go to their place the next afternoon for wine and cheese. We discovered Cris and Helen had seated us with these two couples because the men were all home wine makers.
It was a truly lovely wedding and I was really glad that we were able to be there. I even got to take home one of the beautiful table Centerpieces.

Day 43 - Sunday July 25 - Vancouver - Queen Elizabeth Park and Grouse Mountain

This morning we went to Jericho to watch Anna sailing. It was a glorious day and we had our lunch overlooking English Bay from the deck of the clubhouse. What a pleasant way to spend some time relaxing and enjoying all the activity on the water! One of the things which really impressed me were the boats specially equipped for handicapped to be able to go out sailing.
We could not wait until Anna came in off the water as we were due at Tom's and Phyllis's at three o'clock. We met up with Gary and Eleanor there and another couple. The company was congenial and Phyllis had a variety of cheeses, crackers and pate, whilst Tom had several different wines for us to sample.
It was after 6:00 when we arrived back home and we certainly were not ready for any supper after the wine and all the cheese we had eaten. Because it was such a gorgeous day, with no clouds hovering over the mountain tops, LP and I drove to Queen Elizabeth Park. I wanted to try to get some better pictures from here looking over Downtown as my last ones had been somewhat disappointing! We parked the car below the Bloedel Conservatory and climbed the hill to get a good vantage point.
From Queen Elizabeth Park we decided to go to North Vancouver and take the Grouse Mountain Skyride in the hope of reaching the top in time for the sunset. I could not believe how expensive the aerial tram was. The cost for two people, including the GST was $31.03 EXCEPT we did not have to pay anything because of the coupons I had been given at Shoppers Drug Mart when having my films developed - a really good deal!
We arrived at the top of the mountain just in time to enjoy the spectacular view of the setting sun and the illumination of the city lights. However, there was one deterrent from spending too much time outdoors taking pictures, no matter how grand the view, namely the mosquitoes. They were really vicious.
Indoors there were two gift shops and we browsed around in both of these, but could not find any totem pole candles like the one LP had brought home for me in 1973 from Grouse Mountain. We still have it!!!
We departed on the ten o'clock Skyride and were in Downtown by 10:30, only half an hour from the summit to the Center of town! We stopped for pizza at the Flying Wedge in Kitsilano and arrived home shortly after 11:00 , having enjoyed this beautiful day from beginning to end.

Day 44 - Monday July 26 - Vancouver - Simon Fraser University

LP stayed home in the morning (to recharge his batteries!) whilst Anna and I went shopping. Then after lunch LP and I set out, not quite sure of what we were going to do! Our first stop was the old bookstore at the corner of Dunbar and 41st. Avenue. Here LP found a biography of Wagner in a four-volume set, which I bought for him for Christmas, but which he wanted to start reading right away! I found some of Laura Ingalls Wilder's books which I got for Anna.
We left the bookstore between half past one and two o'clock and drove to Simon Fraser University in Burnaby. We spent quite some time here walking through the area known as The Mall to the Academic Quadrangle. I also discovered that I could walk out on a boardwalk on the roof of the classroom complex, from which there was a wonderful view over Barnet Road (along which we had driven last Friday on our way to Port Coquitlam) and over Indian Arm, an expanse of water off Burrard Inlet.
Whilst at the university it was also suggested to us that we visit Burnaby Mountain Park, which we did next. [This is one of the reasons why I do not like to have trips, even day ones, planned down to the minutest detail]. Again, there were superb views to be had of Indian Arm, and towards Downtown Vancouver, too. I enjoyed looking at the magnificent show of roses in the rose garden, and the carvings entitled "Playground of the Gods". This consists of a grouping of carved poles which tell the story of Ainu, Japan's native peoples and of the gods who came down to earth to give birth to them.
By this time we had to think about having supper and stopped at a White Spot Restaurant where we had a pleasant meal before making our way to visit Don and Kelly. We sat around chatting at the front of their house for over two hours. It only took us half an hour to drive from their place back to Anna's.

Day 45 - Tuesday July 27 - Vancouver - Stanley Park and Aquarium

Today's plans were to meet Linda and Greg at Stanley Park and to have them back for supper. I had shopping to do in the morning: left films for developing, went to Granville market for fresh supplies and to Safeways. I also drove Anna to work because she did not want her bicycle as she was meeting up with Cris, Helen, Sal, Danni and others at Granville Island after work.
We met Linda and Greg at the Vancouver Aquarium, where we spent some time watching the whales and viewing the various exhibits, including the new section on the Amazon rainforest. From here we drove around Stanley Park, making a number of stops along the way - Totem Poles, Brockton Point and Hollow Tree.
Then we went back to Anna's for supper, a simple meal which Linda and Greg really enjoyed after all the restaurant meals they had been having and all the rich foods which they were not used to eating! I served cold cuts with salad items and fresh rolls, followed by dessert - ice cream and berries.
Their visit was most enjoyable and I thought it too bad that we had to travel so far to spend an evening together!

Day 46 - Wednesday July 28 - Circle tour via Sea to Sky Highway, Lillooet and Hope

The day dawned dull and wet but we decided to go ahead with our plans for our day's round trip, in the hope that the weather would improve as the day progressed. The previous three days had been quite lovely so the weather today was really disappointing.
We took Lions Gate Bridge to the North Shore and the Trans Canada Rte. 1 to Horseshoe Bay. From here we went north on BC-99, the Sea to Sky Highway, once known as the Goldrush Highway.
Although it was raining, we stopped at the 28 ha. (69.1 acre) Shannon Falls Provincial Park where LP and I followed the trail into the woods to see the Shannon Falls, which at 1,099 feet high, is six times the height of Niagara Falls. Fed by melting glaciers of the Coastal Mountain Range, Shannon Falls is the third highest waterfall in Canada and fifth highest in the world. Carling O'Keefe Breweries used the water of these falls in the making of their beer, because they recognized the purity of the fresh mountain water. It was too bad that the rain prevented me from getting any pictures!
We only spent a few minutes in Squamish (pop. 10,300/El. 16 feet), to see where the logs are gathered for the log booms which are towed from there. It was still drizzling and the clouds were hanging very low when we reached Brackendale, six kilometers (3.7) further north. This place is known for being the nesting grounds of the Bald Eagle, the annual count in January/February tallying up to 2,500 birds.
It was most disappointing being unable to see what was probably magnificent mountain scenery. We did stop for a couple of pictures before reaching Garibaldi to show the winding road. Our next detour, 37 kilometers (23.0)beyond Squamish, was into Brandywine Falls Provincial Park (148 ha. - 365.7 acre), where I had two walks through the woods to the falls, one to see the falls and two because I decided to return with my camera. The 216 ff falls were quite impressive.
On arriving in Whistler we tried driving around the Village, but there was so much construction going on, roads as well as buildings, we decided to continue with our trip and not to spend any time here.
At Green Lake I took pictures of the lake as well as two interesting signs in which the mountains were not hidden in cloud(!). We stopped again in the vicinity of Nairn Falls on Green River, a beautiful river flowing through the forest. At Pemberton (pop. 502), thirty-five kilometers (21.7) after Whistler, we took time out for a beer (LP) and coffee along with lunch at a pub restaurant. I also went to the local store to buy some supplies (cold cuts, cheese and bread) for making a meal further along the way.
Just out of Mount Currie, we came to the start of the unpaved Duffey Lake road, the unpaved section only lasting for about ten kilometers (6.2).

From the Reader's Digest "Canadian Book of the Road"

 "In summer drivers can take the challenging 93.5 kilometer (58.1) Duffey Lake Road leading from the rain forests of the valley where Pemberton is situated, over the Cayoosh Range, to the semiarid area around Lillooet."

From Beautiful British Columbia" Vol. 35 No. 1, Spring 1993

 "Until recently this dramatic 84.5 kilometer (54.5) route through the Cayoosh Range to the Cariboo was a challenging dirt road. Today, $22.5 million later, the Duffey Lake Road is paved and widened, except for the nine kilometer gravel stretch through the Indian Reserve.

 The Duffey Lake Road officially begins 9 kilometers (5.6) past Mount Currie, on Lillooet Lake's northern tip, where the Birkenhead River outflows

 The route traverses two climatic zones, from the Coast Mountains through to semi-arid ranchlands. The first half crosses the mountains (one memorable stretch has three double-backed switchbacks), eventually tracking the south shore of 6.5 kilometer-long (4.0) Duffey Lake, to its eastern point, 42 kilometers (26.1) from the start.

 The second half consists of a continued descent along Cayoosh Creek, some parts with a 13 percent grade.

 Then, there's a whiff of sagebrush in the air, and the road opens high on a vista of stunning green Seton Lake. Five kilometers (3.1) more and there's Lillooet."

A small patch of blue sky appeared through the clouds and we spotted a glacier through the trees near Joffre Lake. We pulled up several times to take pictures, wishing the weather would have been better! We realized that the above quote was an excellent description of the road over which we were traveling. About five kilometers after crossing Cayoosh Creek, we noticed a gap in the mountains ahead, and assumed that we would go through it. Near the "Welcome to Lillooet" sign we stopped for a view of beautiful Seton Lake. We bought gas in Lillooet (pop. 1,800/El. 951 feet) and stopped just prior to crossing the Fraser River (the gap we had seen earlier opened onto the Fraser Valley) to read the historic signs about the Fraser River and the Bridge of the 23 Camels. We crossed the Fraser River at 5:00 and turned onto Rte. BC-12.
From Lillooet to Lytton the fifty-seven kilometer (35.4) stretch of road followed the river and, quite literally, clung to its cliffs. In one spot we came to a sign: "1 kilometer - 30 kph" and here the road, winding around the cliff, was a single lane with passing bays!
We arrived at 6:00 in Lytton (pop. 300/El. 850 feet), a town located at the confluence of the Thompson and Fraser Rivers. It was here also that BC-12 joined the Trans Canada Rte. 1. We went through Kanaka (El. 1,087 feet), stopped briefly at a viewpoint, then to Boston Bar (pop. 500/El. 1,013 feet), a logging and trade Center. The road passed through the China Bar Tunnel a few kilometers before Hell's Gate.
Unfortunately we arrived here too late and the place was closed. In contrast to 1958, Hell's Gate now has an Airtram, which descends 502 feet across the Fraser River to the narrowest part of the Fraser Canyon and across Hell's Gate Fishways. This was quite different from my visit of thirty-five years earlier when we could clamber down the steep path to the bridge below.
Two million salmon annually swim upstream to their spawning grounds, and the building of the fishways was a joint project of the International Pacific Salmon Fisheries Commission, to help the fish in their upstream struggle against the rapids of the canyon. I was pretty disgusted with the commercial enterprise, which was so constructed that we could not see the fishways. I feel that interested people should be able to see both these and the Fraser Canyon without cost. If they choose to pay for the Airtram, that's fine, BUT the area should not be blocked off from anyone who just wants to view the place.
Upon leaving Hell's Gate we drove through a tunnel, but quickly did an about turn because we thought that we saw a small gap through the trees where I might be able to get a picture! On the opposite side of the road from where we pulled up there was a long, very old and damaged wooden staircase - I would like to know its history!
Our next stop was at a rest area where there were information boards about the historic Alexandra Bridge and from where a hiking trail descended to the bridge. In 1958 I would have crossed the Fraser River via the Alexandra Bridge, but now the Trans Canada crossed on a bridge which was opened in 1962.
Another change from my first visit was the Yale Tunnel, the road higher up the cliff and above the train line. My memory was of the road clinging to the water's edge with the train line going through a tunnel above it.
Although it was still daylight when we arrived in Hope, it was dark by the time we left! We parked outside the Tourist Information Center (closed), where a carving of a Mounted Policeman was located. This was a new carving in Hope, 1993. We made sandwiches at the back of the car, then went next door for coffee and donuts before setting out on the last stage of our trip.
We arrived back at Anna's at 10:30 . In spite of the adverse weather conditions, it had been quite a good day and we were glad that we had made the trip.

Day 47 - Thursday July 29 - Vancouver - Lonsdale Quay

This was to be our last day in Vancouver and I still had things I wanted to do!! Anna drove me to the North Shore and parked the car at Lonsdale Quay. I enjoyed walking around in the market looking at the fruit displays and how the fruit, stacked in individual containers, looks very attractive and quite mouth-watering.
I had particularly wanted to come here to see the totem pole being carved by Indians as a special project for Lonsdale Quay. Unfortunately the carved logs had been turned over about three days earlier and they were now being hollowed out ready for fitting together. Also it was raining quite heavily and whilst Anna stayed behind in the market I was stranded temporarily under the shelter over the carver and the totem pole!
On the way home we went for one last drive through Stanley Park, this time stopping briefly at Prospect Point, and also at Third Beach. After leaving Stanley Park Anna managed to pull up for me to get a picture of a tree growing against the wall of the Park Board Office. I had noticed it when driving by on several previous occasions and was fascinated with the way it had been pruned and trained.
Connie phoned when we arrived home, so we picked her up when we went out for a sushi lunch. First we drove to The Eatery because I wanted LP to see where Anna and I went for supper one night before he arrived. The place did not open until later in the day, however, so we had to find somewhere else! We went to Tama Sushi near Granville and Broadway, a very pleasant restaurant located upstairs. We discovered when deciding what to order that LP does not like sushi, but the rest of us all enjoyed it, especially the pickled green ginger!
After lunch Connie visited until it was time for her to leave for work. Anna drove her to catch a bus, then did a few errands whilst she had the car. Later I went shopping for supplies in preparation for our departure.
The weather started to deteriorate and a storm was setting in. During the evening I did some packing and organization of our things ready for transferring to the car. In the meantime the storm really developed with large hailstones beating down and covering the ground. Around ten o'clock, I think, I discovered that the carpet along the outside wall in Anna's bedroom was squelchy wet. Then we found the basement flooded!
The landlords were out for the evening, but when they returned home LP helped mop up the water. We also took up the carpet in Anna's bedroom. The whole apartment was turned into a chaotic mess as we had to move things out of the bedroom, her stuff as well as ours. It was a pretty stressful night for all concerned.

Day 48 - Friday July 30 - Vancouver - preparationa for return trip!

Today was no less stressful than last night, but for other reasons! Today was supposed to be our departure day and I was sad about leaving Vancouver, but more particularly about leaving Anna. Also the day developed in such a way that it became too late for us to leave!
I took the car around to the lane where I could reverse into the backyard, thus making it easier to pack. Most of the trunk was packed before I left to shop for last minute things, such as fresh bread. Anna also asked if we could go to Richmond for her to buy a dressing table or chest of drawers, something I assume she decided she needed after all the flooding the previous night. On the way home we called in at the Price Club for me to get more film and Anna more photo albums.
As soon as we got home Anna started constructing her set of drawers and I continued packing the car. It became obvious that it was getting too late to leave, so we decided to stay for an extra night(!!) but we did go to fill up with gas and have the car washed. When Anna finished her drawers, she asked us to go to Granville Island. We spent some time walking around the areas which I had not seen before, namely the floating houses and the Waterfront Theater.
We bought wine and ordered in a pizza for dinner, and in the evening Anna and I played Scrabble. We had a pleasant evening, but did not stay up late. Except for our suitcases which would go on the back seat, the car, parked in the backyard for safety, was ready for an early departure. We set the alarm, hoping to catch the first ferry at 7:30 from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale, our initial route being up the Sunshine Coast and a ferry to Vancouver Island from Powell River.

Mississauga to Vancouver - 7,232.1 km. (4,493.8 miles)
Vancouver, before LP's arrival 1,492.5 km. (927.4 miles)
Vancouver, after LP's arrival1,267.6 km. (787.7 miles)
Trip Total - 9,992.2 km (6,208.9 miles)